Chapter 527 – Chi Lian!

Almighty Sword Domain


An enormous explosion resounded as an enormous crimson colored snake suddenly emerged from the distant ground. The enormous snake raised its head and howled furiously, and then its barrel sized mouth opened wide as it charged at Yang Ye’s group.

An Exalt Rank Pit Viper?

Yin Xuan’er’s beautiful brows knit together slightly. Jin Sha understood her intentions, and his figure flashed as he returned to his original form before colliding forcefully with the pit viper.


An enormous bang resounded. The pit viper was no match for Jin Sha and was directly blasted flying.

Right at this moment, the sand beneath their feet suddenly started to wriggle violently. Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at the thing that was wriggling beneath their feet, and then his 9th level Sword Intent surged out from within him and shot into the sand. Two breaths of time passed before a shocked and furious roar resounded from beneath the sand, and then strands of fresh blood seeped up from below.

Po Kong and Po King revealed astonishment in their eyes when they witnessed this scene. They hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s Sword Intent would actually be so terrifying. It wasn’t just them, even Yin Xuan’er was quite shocked.


The sand in the distance suddenly exploded apart before an enormous snake that was extremely wide and almost 300m long appeared within their fields of vision. Moreover, there was a dense expanse of pit vipers around it. It was truly quite a terrifying scene to behold.

As soon as it appeared here, it suddenly swept its tail at Jin Sha. Jin Sha was horrified and didn’t dare act carelessly against it at all. Jin Sha opened his huge mouth and bit at the enormous snake’s tail. However, Jin Sha’s pupils constricted violently as soon as they came into contact, and a few teeth in his mouth were instantly blasted away. Moreover, he was swept over 100m away by the force from it.

The expressions on the faces of Yin Xuan’er and the others changed.

The enormous snake gazed at Yang Ye’s group and spoke furiously. “Human! You actually dared to kill a member of my Pit Viper Clan! I’ll swallow you alive!”

Yang Ye tightened his grip of Void Flash while Yin Xuan’er suddenly said, “I presume that you’re the Patriarch of the Pit Viper Clan, Chi Lian. I’m from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. We haven’t come to the Desert of Exile to attack your Pit Viper Clan, and we merely want to pass through your territory. Patriarch Chi, please make an exception for us!”

“A Nine-Tailed Fox!” Chi Lian’s gaze descended onto Yin Xuan’er, and he sized her up before he revealed a wisp of lust in his eyes. He said, “As expected of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. You’re so beautiful! Haha!! Since you’ve come here, then there’s no need to leave. My Pit Viper Clan just happens to lack a queen, and you’re perfect for that.”

“You’re courting death!” Po Xing and Po Kong were furious, and they were just about to attack when Yin Xuan’er waved her hand to stop them. She said, “You want me to be your queen? What a joke? Why don’t you take a look at what you are? Are you even worthy of making me your queen? I originally had no intention to get us into any extra trouble, but since you want to die that much, then I’ll annihilate your Pit Viper Clan today.”

“Annihilate my Pit Viper Clan? Haha!! You?” Chi Lian spoke with disdain. “Even though we’re all at the Exalt Rank, but trust me, I only need 3 moves to kill you!”

Yin Xuan’er paid no attention to Chi Lian, and she just walked over to Yang Ye’s side and forcefully pinched his waist as she pouted. “How can you actually remain indifferent when your wife is being teased by someone else. You’re so heartless! You can dream of getting into my bed in the future!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he said, “I wouldn’t be able to get into your bed no matter what, right?”

“That may not necessarily be the case. I can give it some consideration if you perform well!” Yin Xuan’er blinked.

“What’s considered as good performance?” asked Yang Ye.

“Like killing this huge snake!” Yin Xuan’er smiled.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “So it was that easy. Looks like I got a good deal!”

“AH!!!” Chi Lian raised his head and roared furiously before he said, “Human! What a vile and immoral pair! I’ll tear the both of you apart while you’re still alive!”

Yang Ye held Void Flash in his grasp as he walked slowly towards Chi Lian. Chi Lian laughed with disdain when he saw Yang Ye walk over, and he said, “Human, you think you can break through my defenses with your strength? Come! Come! I’ll let you strike me a few times and realize how weak you are!”

“Alas! What an idiot!” Yin Xuan’er shook his head. She could be said to have witnessed what courting death was like. Not to mention that Chi Lian was just a snake, even if he was a dragon, Yang Ye’s 9th level Sword Intent and Dao Artifact would absolutely be able to break through his defenses unless he’d attained the Monarch Realm. But he wasn’t a dragon and was just a snake.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected that this fellow would let him strike a few attacks. He felt that it was a good thing, and he naturally wouldn’t refuse it. Yang Ye stomped his right foot on the ground and shot forward like a cannonball, and he arrived before Chi Lian. Chi Lian’s enormous serpentine eyes were filled with disdain, and he even stretched his head towards Yang Ye in a display of strength. It seemed like he was telling Yang Ye to strike his head.

Yang Ye felt quite bad when Chi Lian did this. Because he felt that he was really bullying the fellow. Of course, he wouldn’t feel any pity and be unable to attack just because of that. Yang Ye flipped his palm and Frostlight appeared in his hand. His figure flashed over and slashed down towards Chi Lian from above. His sword practically encountered no resistance upon coming into contact with Chi Lian’s skin, and it descended all the way to the ground.

Chi Lian’s eyes had opened wide when Yang Ye’s sword had just touched his skin. He knew that he’d underestimated his opponent, and he wanted to evade the attack. However, it was too late. Chi Lian could only watch helplessly as the sword of that human before him struck down from his head all the way to his waist, causing a long gash to be split open there. Chi Lian didn’t perish from this attack because that gasp was quite insignificant when compared to his enormous body, but he’d lost at least 70% of his combat strength!

Chi Lian’s eyes surged with terror and horror as he gazed at this human who was able to break through his defenses with ease.

Yang Ye raised his head to look at Chi Lian as he said, “You said that you’d let me strike you a few times. I’ve only launched the first strike, so I’m going to execute the second. Hmm? What sort of expression is that? Could it be that you intend to go back on your word?”

The rage he felt caused Chi Lian’s eyes to almost bulge out from their sockets. Let you strike me a few more times? Isn’t that like giving my life away? How outrageous!

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Chi Lian’s stomach area and said, “I heard the gallbladder of a snake is very nutritious. I wonder if it’s true!”

“Kill him! Kill him!!” Chi Lian howled madly.

The pit vipers behind him immediately pounced at Yang Ye upon receiving Chi Lian’s command.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as he swung his sword. Sword qi that were thin like strands of hair transformed into an expanse of silver light that shot into the ground of snakes, and then numerous shrill cries resounded incessantly.

Almost a thousand pit viper corpses had appeared around Yang Ye in just two breaths of time, and the remaining pit vipers gazed at Yang Ye with terror and didn’t dare move forward at all.

A wisp of a strange glow flashed through Yin Xuan’er’s eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye. There was no doubt that the strong were always able to draw the attention of others in this world where the strong were respected.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Chi Lian, and he said, “Do you know why I still haven’t killed you?”

“Why….” Chi Lian spoke subconsciously but suddenly realized that it would be extremely embarrassing if he did. So, he immediately shut his mouth and just gazed at Yang Ye. However, the wild and arrogant expression he had in his eyes just now had vanished.

Yang Ye continued. “Let me ask you a question. Why did you come here and attack us?” This fellow and all the pit vipers had clearly come prepared. In other words, they were either used by someone or ordered to do so. Yang Ye wanted to figure it out.

“Would you let me go if I told you?” asked Chi Lian.

A cold glow flashed before a cry of pain resounded from Chi Lian. Another bloody scar had appeared on his body.

“You don’t have any room to negotiate with me,” said Yang Ye.

A wisp of a ferocious expression flashed through Chi Lian’s eyes. He was just about to refuse Yang Ye’s question, but he instantly yielded when he saw the sword in Yang Ye’s hand move slightly. He knew that this human standing before him was just curious about it and wasn’t determined to find out. If he dared to refuse, then this human before him would definitely kill him without the slightest hesitation.

Chi Lian didn’t hesitate for long before he had a decision, and he said, “It was the Scorpion Clan’s Ye Xie’zi. He told me that a group of humans have entered the Desert of Exile, and there were two gorgeous women amongst them. He said that the reason he hadn’t attacked the group was because there were four Exalt Realm experts amongst them who were extremely strong, so he intended to let me have them instead!” At this moment, Chi Lian had cursed generations of Ye Xie’zi ancestors in his heart because no matter how stupid he was, he knew that he’d been used!

“The Scorpion Clan has sided with Luo Jun as well?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “That fellow, Luo Jun, has really expanded his influence to reach so far!”

“It might not be Luo Jun!” Yin Xuan’er said, “Even though Luo Jun’s forces are huge, he doesn’t have much influence in the Desert of Exile. Because if they don’t show themselves and just hide at the bottom of the desert, then even ninth rank Exalt Realm experts would be helpless against them. Coupled with the sandtorms that rage all year round, I’m guessing that the Scorpion Clan hasn’t sided with Luo. That fellow, Ye Xie’zi, probably did this because he wanted both our sides to be injured in battle so that he can take advantage of the situation!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Yang Ye gazed at Chi Lian and said, “Where’s Ye Xie’zi?”

“You intend to go looking for him?” Happiness appeared on Chi Lian’s face as he said, “Come, I’ll take all of you to him!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly turned his head and looked towards the distance. He said, “There’s no need for that anymore!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure had vanished on the spot and appeared over 150m away, and then a ray of light flashed before a shrill cry resounded.


A figure shot out from beneath the sand, and it was none other than Ye Xie’zi. Moreover, there was a hole on his arm, and it was bleeding.

“How… how did you notice me!?” Ye Xie’zi spoke with shock.

Yang Ye wasn’t an idiot to answer Ye Xie’zi. He just flicked his wrist and a ray of light flashed out. Ye Xie’zi was astounded, and his figure flashed to avoid this attack. However, he was still a little too late, and a bloody hole appeared on his chest.

Ye Xie’zi was horrified when he saw that Yang Ye intended to swing his sword again, and he hurriedly said, “I surrender!”

Yang Ye didn’t stop. A ray of light flashed through Ye Xie’zi’s neck, and then the latter’s head rolled off onto the ground.

“You’re still so ruthless and decisive!” Right at this moment, a voice of a woman that was familiar to Yang Ye resounded from behind him.

“It’s you!” Yin Xuan’er and Lu Jianyao were extremely shocked when they saw the woman.

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