Chapter 528 – The Wilds!

Almighty Sword Domain

It was An Nanjing, and she had Skysplit in her hand!

Yin Xuan’er and Lu Jianyao seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

There were three individuals that were most terrifying amongst the current younger generation. One of them was the Sword Emperor Yang Ye, the other was the Mortal Emperor Luo Jun, and the last was the Martial God An Nanjing. The Mortal Emperor Luo Jun was terrifying because of the forces he commanded and his ability to converge experts to his cause. Conversely, Yang Ye and An Nanjing were terrifying because of their individual strength.

It could be said that unless Monarch Realm experts attacked, then no Exalt Realm expert would be able to harm them at all!

“Another beauty has arrived!” Chi Lian was instantly overcome by lust when he saw An Nanjing, and then he started sizing her up without the slightest fear or restraint.

Yin Xuan’er and Lu Jianyao gazed at Chi Lian when they heard him, and their eyes were filled with pity.

An Nanjing’s gaze shot onto Chi Lian, and she said, “Do you want to die?”

Chi Lian instantly spoke with rage upon hearing that. “Little Bitch, do you know who you’re talking to? I would have swallowed you with one gulp if it weren’t for the fact that you know that Big Brother over there!”

An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye, and then he shook his head and said, “I don’t know him. Feel free to do as you please!”

An Nanjing nodded. In the next moment, Skysplit flew from her grasp and carried a ray of golden light as it shot violently towards Chi Lian.

A wisp of happiness appeared in Chi Lian’s eyes when he saw her attack. He’d naturally not infuriated her on purpose because he’d only taken a liking to her beauty. She was clearly an acquaintance of that monster with a sword, so he felt that he could threaten that monster and flee once he captured this woman.

That was his entire plan.

Chi Lian didn’t dodge, and his gaze was filled with disdain. In his opinion, there would only be a single monstrous human like that fellow with the sword throughout the world. Even though this woman before him was an Exalt Realm expert, he didn’t believe that she could break through his defenses just like that fellow with the sword could.

At this moment, he’d thought about how he would tempt the woman to attack upon resisting this attack of hers, and he felt that it would be best if she would come close to him and attack. Because he felt that fellow with the sword was too abnormal, so he didn’t dare attack rashly.

Yang Ye shook his head when he saw Chi Lian refuse to dodge An Nanjing’s attack. He felt that he’d never seen someone who wanted to die that much. Because not to mention Chi Lian’s physical defense, even he wouldn’t dare resist a strike An Nanjing executed with Skysplit even with the physical defense he possessed which was also supplemented by the Mortal Emperor Armor.


The tip of Skysplit stabbed onto Chi Lian’s skin, and then Chi Lian’s eyes that were originally filled with disdain had instantly bulged out while filled with shock and terror.

“No!” Chi Lian let out his last hysterical and furious howl.

Jin Sha and the others watched with astonishment as Chi Lian’s skin…. No, it should be said that Chi Lian’s entire body had cracked apart, and less than 2 breaths of time passed before his entire body had cracked apart into countless pieces. A huge amount of blood and internal organs splashed all over the ground, and it caused Jin Sha, Po Xing, and Po King’s eyelids to twitch.

“As expected of the Martial God!” Yin Xuan’er spoke softly while she was shocked in her heart as well.

The Martial God!

Jin Sha, Po Kong, and Po Xing’s expressions changed drastically when they heard these words, and they gazed at An Nanjing with astonishment. They’d naturally heard of the Martial God, but they’d been quite indifferent towards it. After all, how monstrous could those monstrous geniuses of the human race be? But at this moment, regardless of whether it was Po Xing, Po Kong, or Jin Sha who was the strongest amongst the three of them, all of them weren’t confident in their ability to resist that attack An Nanjing had executed!

All three of them glanced at An Nanjing, and then they glanced at Yang Ye.

The Sword Emperor and Martial Emperor. Who is stronger?

“You’ve grown stronger again!” said Yang Ye.

“So have you!” said An Nanjing.

“Have you come to kill me on Luo Jun’s behalf?” Yang Ye stared her in the eyes as he asked this question.

“He isn’t qualified to order me around, no one is!” An Nanjing said, “I don’t want to get involved in the conflicts and trickery of the world. The An Clan has sided with Luo Jun, but it doesn’t represent that I’ve sided with Luo Jun. Yang Ye, you’re the only person who possesses strength and natural talent that I can take seriously, so I don’t want you to get swept into too much of these meaningless and trivial matters as well.”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “An Nanjing, your path and mine are completely different, and what we care about is completely different as well. The reason I want to become stronger is to protect the things I care about, and I’m not trying to become stronger because I want to be stronger. The things which are meaningless and trivial matters in your opinion just happen to be what I feel I need to do. Because all of that is related to the lives of the people I care about!”

An Nanjing fell silent.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “No matter what, I’m very happy to have seen you today because you didn’t come kill me on Luo Jun’s behalf. To be honest, I don’t want to become enemies with you because we’re friends after all!”

An Nanjing suddenly said, “I came here today because I don’t want you to continue forward!”

“Why?” The smile on Yang Ye’s face gradually vanished.

An Nanjing said, “The resources and reserves of the Exalted Han Empire exceed your imagination. Even though it’s very difficult for anyone to be a match for you in the Exalt Realm, it doesn’t represent that the Exalted Han Empire is helpless against you. Luo Jun is determined to obtain the World Portrait, so he won’t give you even the slightest chance. Perhaps he’s waiting for you to head to the wilds right now.”

“He wants to kill me, and I want to kill him as well” Yang Ye said, “I’m very curious. Since you’re not interested in all of this, then why are you heading to the wilds? Even though the Saint Ruins contains the inheritance of that Saint Realm expert, I think that it isn’t attractive to you at all.”

“You’ll know very soon!” An Nanjing said, “Don’t underestimate Luo Jun. He cultivates in the Karmic Luck of the Imperial Dao, and it’s a very mysterious path.”

Yang Ye nodded. Since Luo Jun could become the Mortal Emperor, he would naturally not think that Luo Jun was a weakling.

Right at this moment, An Nanjing suddenly vanished on the spot, and then a ray of golden light stabbed straight at Yang Ye.

The expressions of Yin Xuan’er and the others changed drastically as they hadn’t expected that An Nanjing would actually launch a sudden attack, and her speed was too swift. She’d just moved a moment ago yet was already in front of Yang Ye, so they couldn’t interfere at all.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the tip of Skysplit stabbing swiftly towards his chest. In the next moment, it stabbed straight through ‘Yang Ye’s’ chest. However, it was only an afterimage. A wisp of surprise flashed through An Nanjing’s eyes, and then she spun her spear swiftly and stabbed it backward.


The tip of her sword collided with the tip of Yang Ye’s sword.


Space trembled violently.

An Nanjing withdrew her spear, and then turned around to gaze at Yang Ye as she said, “So that’s how it is. I thought that you were still at the Spirit Realm, but I never expected that you would have actually advanced so quickly.”

“What would you do if I were still at the Spirit Realm?” asked Yang Ye.

“I’d send you back to the southern territory!” An Nanjing said, “However, it isn’t necessary now. Because I’m unable to send you back there when there isn’t a gap between our realms of cultivation.”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly. He hadn’t expected that An Nanjing would have actually been planning to do that. Fortunately, I’ve attained the Exalt Realm, otherwise, I would probably have been sent back to the southern territory by her. After all, he wasn’t the slightest bit confident in his ability to surmount a realm of cultivation and defeat An Nanjing.

An Nanjing glanced at Yin Xuan’er, Lu Jianyao, and the others, and then she said, “All of you are too weak!” She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

Lu Jianyao was almost overwhelmed with rage. She’s going too far!

The expression on Yin Xuan’er’s face was quite unsightly as well because it was the first time someone had said that to her face. Most importantly, she wasn’t able to refute it.

Yin Xuan’er suddenly said, “Let’s split up!”

“Why?” asked Yang Ye. Is this woman really feeling a sense of low self esteem because of what An Nanjing said?

Yin Xuan’er said, “Luo Jun will definitely target us if we go with you, and we’ll be in a very bad situation if we’re targeted by him with the strengths we possess. If we split up, then he’ll only target you. In that way, their gazes would be gathered on you, and it would allow us to do many things.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Alright. I can act as I please as well if he only targets me. All of you be careful. It shouldn’t be a problem to protect yourselves with the strengths all of you possess.” He hadn’t forgotten that Yin Xuan’er had 12 gold guards.

Yang Ye gazed at Lu Jianyao, and then he said, “Don’t run around on your own. With the strength you possess, others will treat you like a plump sheep that’s ready for the taking in the Saint Ruins. Follow Miss Xuan’er well and don’t act willfully. If you don’t promise me this, then I’ll knock you out right now and make someone send you back to the southern territory.”

Lu Jianyao glanced at Yin Xuan’er. She was slightly unwilling to follow this woman, but she didn’t dare disobey Yang Ye. She knew that this fellow before her would definitely do as he’d said, so she had no choice but to nod to him.

Yang Ye gazed at Yin Xuan’er when he saw Lu Jianyao nod, and he said, “Miss Xuan’er, I’ll be troubling you with taking care of her.”

They were about to part ways, so Yin Xuan’er didn’t have the mood to joke around as well. She immediately nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let her die in the Saint Ruins!”

Lu Jianyao was instantly infuriated when she heard this, and she glared angrily at Yin Xuan’er.

Yang Ye shook his head, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

“He’s rather concerned about you, huh!?” Yin Xuan’er spoke abruptly after she watched Yang Ye leave.

“What? Are you jealous?” Lu Jianyao wanted to infuriate Yin Xuan’er.

Yin Xuan’er chuckled lightly and said, “You really are a little girl. No wonder that he wanted me to take care of you before he left.”

“What are you trying to say!?” Lu Jianyao hated it the most when others said that she was immature.

Yin Xuan’er shook her head, paid no further attention to Lu Jianyao, and shot her gaze towards the distance. The wilds was in the direction of her gaze, and it was also where the ruins left behind by Saint Liu Yun resided. She was very clearly aware of what would be waiting for Yang Ye. Luo Jun had 15 Exalt Realm experts by his side in the open, but what about those who were hiding in the shadows? She didn’t believe that Luo Jun only brought such a small number of experts with him!

Yin Xuan’er remained silent for a short while before she said, “Let’s go!”


Yang Ye had just walked out of the Desert of Exile when 3 Exalt Realm experts were blocking his path.

“You’re Yang Ye? As expected of the Sword Emperor, you dared to traverse the Desert of Exile while only at the Spirit Realm, and you even succeeded. Oh, right. I forgot our introductions. We three brothers are profounders of the central territory, and we’re called the 3 outstanding geniuses of the central territory. We came here to look for you because we heard that your head is very valuable, and we just happen to be in need of money as well. Why don’t you do us a favor and lend us your head?” The middle aged man who was in the lead of the group chuckled as he spoke.

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “Who do you think you are?”

The middle aged man’s expression became ferocious as he said, “You’re courting death!”

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