Chapter 529 – The Sword Emperor and the Mortal Emperor!

Almighty Sword Domain

A strand of sword qi flashed by.


The head of that man who spoke just now had flown off his neck before he could even react, and a fountain of fresh blood sprayed from his headless corpse.

“You….” The other two gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment, and their bodies had even started to tremble.

Right at this moment, a large group of people walked over from behind the two of them.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly because he recognized a few of the people who were in the front of the group, and he saw Luo Jun and An Biru amongst them.

“Yang Ye, I truly never expected that you would arrive at the wilds so quickly, and it just so happens to be when the Saint Ruins is about to be opened. Moreover, I never imagined that you would actually dare to openly show yourself here. As expected of the Sword Emperor. Oh, right, I should call you the Sword Demon.” Luo Jun spoke with a smile on his face, and it was like he’d met an old friend.

“That’s the Sword Demon, Yang Ye? Tsk, tsk. He’s actually so young. It’s truly difficult to imagine that he’s actually able to kill Exalt Realm experts!” One of the independent cultivators standing at the side exclaimed with admiration.

“What a sharp gaze. His attainments in the Sword Dao have definitely arrived at an inconceivable height. Even if he’s that far away, I’m still able to sense the faint Sword Intent he emanates. Alas, such a figure actually came from the southern territory.”

“Who cares where he’s from? All I know is that the Mortal Emperor Luo Jun will cease to have a monopoly of things in the Saint Ruins now that he has arrived. Even though the Mortal Emperor declare it, can’t all of you sense it? He has taken himself to be the owner of this place. Hmph! He’ll probably reveal his true face when we enter the ruins.”

“Indeed. That isn’t beneficial to all of us, independent cultivators, at all. Forget it, let’s just watch. I wonder if Yang Ye will be able to resist Luo Jun. After all, Luo Jun has 15 Exalt Realm experts by his side!”

“Since he dared to come here, then he should have some ability or assistance. Let’s just wait and see!”

Yang Ye pointed Void Flashed towards the ground and said, “Cut the crap. Are you going to make your subordinates attack me one by one, or will they come at me in groups? I suggest that you send all of them together!”

Arrogant! Extremely arrogant!

That was the first impression everyone had of Yang Ye.

Only a few people revealed admiration in their eyes. Even though Yang Ye’s actions were arrogant to the extreme, if one looked at it from another angle, one would be able to notice that Yang Ye wasn’t someone who only had brawn but no brains. Because Luo Jun was the Mortal Emperor, at any rate. So, how could he send a group against Yang Ye when Yang Ye had provoked him like that in public?

If Luo Jun did that, then wouldn’t it be like indirectly stating that the Mortal Emperor was inferior to the Sword Emperor!

At the same time, if Luo Jun did that in this world where the strong were respected, then many people here would look down upon him.

“Mortal Emperor, allow me to fight this Sword Emperor of legend!” A middle aged man bowed slightly to Luo Jun and spoke respectfully.

“Are you confident?” asked Luo Jun in a flat tone.

“I won’t embarrass you, Mortal Emperor!” The middle aged man spoke with confidence.

Luo Jun nodded. Even he wanted to see how much Yang Ye had grown during this period.

The middle aged man walked over to stand not too far away from Yang Ye before he said, “Li Yonggang, a team leader of the 10th battalion under the Mortal Emperor’s command and a fifth rank Exalt Realm profounder. My cultivation is superior to yours, so I’ll allow you to attack me three times so as to prevent others from saying that I bullied the weak.”

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he glanced at Luo Jun and said, “Will you really not send them all at me? I really have good intentions!”

“Even though this subordinate of mine is weak, if it’s against you, then he should be….”

Luo Jun hadn’t finished speaking when the tip of a sword had suddenly pierced through Li Yonggang’s neck, and then Li Yonggang’s head rolled down to the ground and just happened to stop before Luo Jun.

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed drastically.

He instantly annihilated a fifth rank Exalt Realm expert with just a swing of his sword?

Their minds had practically gone blank, and they gazed at him with astonishment.

An Biru took a deep and long glanced at Yang Ye before she lowered her eyes. No one knew what she was thinking.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “See, I really had good intentions. Now, I’ll give you the same suggestion again. Ask all of them to attack me at once.”

The composure and indifference on Luo Jun’s face had vanished, and he spoke with a slightly unsightly expression on his face. “You’ve attained the Exalt Realm!”

If Yang Ye hadn’t attained the Exalt Realm, then it would be absolutely impossible for Yang Ye to instantly annihilate Li Yonggang, but he’d accomplished it with ease right now. So, the only explanation was that Yang Ye had attained the Exalt Realm!

Yang Ye disregarded Luo Jun. He waved his sword and two strands of sword qi shot out violently before they instantly beheaded the other two of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory. After that, he swept his gaze towards the others in the surroundings and said, “I, Yang Ye, am right here. If anyone wants my head to exchange it for the bounty, then you can come over here right now.”

Besides Luo Jun’s group, no one else dared to meet Yang Ye’s gaze as they were extremely afraid of offending that madman.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Luo Jun in the end, and he said, “What about you?”

Luo Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly while his hand slowly moved up to the Mortal Emperor Sword on his waist. He was just about to speak when an old man on his right suddenly said, “Mortal Emperor, you’re a noble figure, so allow yourself to be reduced to fighting such a villain? Since he intends to court death, then allow me to send him on his way.”

“Elder Yun, how could I allow you to act against him?” A middle aged man behind the old man stepped forward and smiled. “The Sword Emperor? Haha! I, the Old Drunkard, have killed countless people throughout my lifetime, but I’ve never killed the Sword Emperor. Elder Yun, please don’t fight me for such an opportunity.”

Elder Yun nodded slightly, and then he closed his eyes and didn’t say another word.

The Old Drunkard bowed slightly to Luo Jun, and then he raised the wine gourd at his waist and took a huge mouthful of wine. Only after he finished drinking did his gaze descend onto Yang Ye before he said, “Ignorant kid! You think you’re invincible in the world just because you have some ability? I, the Old Drunkard, will make you realize that there’s always someone stronger in the world!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying imposing aura surged out like a storm from within him!

“The ninth rank of the Exalt Realm!”

Countless independent cultivators exclaimed with shock.

Yang Ye lightly tapped the tip of his right foot on the ground while the profound energy within him surged into Void Flash. He was accumulating strength while waiting for the battle to begin. Even though he hadn’t fought the middle aged man, Yang Ye was able to sense how strong the middle aged man was. That fellow, the Old Drunkard, who was a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert was much stronger than the ninth rank Exalt Realm experts he’d fought in the Flower Palace.

Yang Ye didn’t fear the middle aged man, but he refused to underestimate his opponent as well.

“Obliteration Fist!” The Old Drunkard shouted while he suddenly smashed his fists towards Yang Ye from afar. In an instant, a pair of enormous fists that were around 300m in size had flashed into appearance, and they carried terrifying force as they smashed down towards Yang Ye. Moreover, even the space they passed by instantly collapsed from their might.

Yang Ye tapped the tip of his foot on the ground and soared up into the air before he swiftly slashed Void Flash forward. A strand of violet colored sword qi that was over 100m long and over 40m wide tore through the sky as it blasted against the pair of fists. The sword qi he executed seemed as if they were material from being enhanced by 8th level Sword Intent. Everywhere they passed, space was instantly slashed apart, and it remained like that for some time. The area of space which was slashed open by 8th level Sword Intent wasn’t able to recover immediately like the space that the Old Drunkard’s Obliteration Fist had blasted apart.

The sword qi and enormous fists collided against each other before the gazes of everyone.


It was like an enormous thunderclap had resounded from the nine heavens, and it caused the eardrums of countless people to hurt.

The sword qi instantly slashed the enormous fists apart. However, right at this moment, Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly before there was another pair of enormous fists behind the first pair.

“The Obliteration Fist technique is a mid-grade Heaven Rank technique, and it has a total of five levels. Every single level allows its user to instantly blast out a pair of enormous fists. Based on how the Old Drunkard executed two pairs of enormous fists with such ease, it seems like he has completely comprehended that technique. Haha! Let me see how that Sword Emperor deals with this technique!” A middle aged man behind Luo Jun chuckled lightly.

An Biru’s brows knit together slightly.

When the second pair of enormous fists collided with the sword qi, the two of them were instantly dispersed in midair and transformed into countless waves of energy which swept towards the surroundings. But another pair of enormous fists appeared in the next moment, and regardless of whether it was their strength or speed, they surpassed the two pairs of enormous fists from before. They arrived before Yang Ye in an instant.

That wasn’t the end of it. After this pair of enormous fists arrived before Yang Ye, two more pairs of enormous fists had appeared behind them. Each of these pairs of enormous fists were more terrifying than the last in both strength and speed, so they instantly overlapped with the pair of enormous fists that were already in front of Yang Ye. When these 3 pairs of enormous fists had overlapped, the terrifying might they contained simply made others feel like they could really obliterate the world!

How will Yang Ye resist this? At this moment, this thought had appeared in the minds of countless people.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Four rays of light shot out from the sword chest on Yang Ye’s back, and then they instantly arrived before the 3 pairs of enormous fists which had overlapped into one. After that, they started dancing about and countless rays of light flashed incessantly through the air.

The spectators watched in astonishment as those 3 pairs of enormous fists which had overlapped into one were sliced apart into pieces in less than three breaths of time, and they transformed into waves of energy that dispersed towards the surroundings.

The Old Drunkard’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye who’d just advanced into the Exalt Realm would actually be able to destroy his trump card with such ease. The Old Drunkard’s face burned with shame when he recalled what he’d said earlier, and then a savage expression flashed through his eyes. His figure shot up into the air, and then he suddenly used his right hand to make a grasping motion towards Yang Ye.

“Spatial Cage!” The space in an area of almost 100m around Yang Ye was frozen. Layer after layer of spatial walls surrounded Yang Ye incessantly, causing him to be unable to move at all.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as 8th level Sword Intent swept out from within him and struck those spatial walls. However, the spatial walls merely trembled slightly yet showed no signs of being broken by his Sword Intent.

The spatial cage of a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert really is formidable! Yang Ye muttered in his heart before he issued a command. The Nether Ghostflame, Violetcloud Lightning, Ninth Hell Cold Gale charged out from within him, and the joint forces of the 3 Natural Treasures and 8th level Sword Intent instantly blasted the spatial walls apart.

“Three Natural Treasures!” All the spectators exclaimed with shock.

The Old Drunkard’s expression changed once more. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would be able to break his spatial cage open with such ease. He knew that he’d underestimated Yang Ye. He was just about to attack again when he heard Yang Ye’s voice. “It’s my turn now!”

The hairs on the Old Drunkard’s entire body instantly stood on end when he heard Yang Ye. The tip of a sword suddenly appeared before his forehead, and it horrified the Old Drunkard. He forcefully moved his body away and appeared 300m away. However, there was a bloody hole at the center of his forehead, and beads of blood were dripping incessantly from it.

I would be dead if it went just a little deeper! Terror had appeared in the Old Drunkard’s eyes.

Right at this moment, the tip of a sword appeared behind his neck. This time, the tip of the sword had appeared even more swiftly than the last attack, and he wasn’t able to dodge it at all!

The Old Drunkard was horrified!


Right when that tip of a sword was about to pierce through the Old Drunkard’s neck, a fine gold needle had struck the tip of Void Flash, and then it was instantly deflected to the side. At the same time, Yang Ye’s entire arms shook violently. If it wasn’t for his formidable physical body, then this arm of his would have probably been crippled by the impact from that attack.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto an old man by Luo Jun’s side because it was that old man who’d attacked him just now.

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