Chapter 530 – The Devil Race!

Almighty Sword Domain

Many independent cultivators who were watching from the side revealed expressions of disdain when they saw the old man lend the Old Drunkard a hand. He actually feels that a single ninth rank Exalt Realm expert against a first rank Exalt Realm expert isn’t sufficient, and even lent a hand. That Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun, is quite despicable. Even though they felt contempt towards Luo Jun’s actions, they didn’t dare to voice it out, and they didn’t even dare to spread what had occurred here today. The Exalted Han Empire was a colossus that they couldn’t afford to offend.

Luo Jun’s expression was slightly unsightly. He naturally knew what those independent cultivators were thinking, but he had no other choice. His subordinates would be disappointed in him if he didn’t save the Old Drunkard.

“Haha!” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Luo Jun, I told you just now to send them all at me. Otherwise, it would truly be a waste of time if you use tactics of attrition and send them against me, one by one.”

“Yang Ye! You’ll die!” Luo Jun spoke coldly.

“Then who will you send next?” asked Yang Ye.

“I’ll do it!” A voice arose from behind Luo Jun.

However, Luo Jun immediately glared at that person, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, I admit that you’re strong, but that’s useless because regardless of how strong you are, you’re all alone in the end. My subordinate lost today, so I won’t act against you again. Otherwise, others would say that my Exalted Han Empire doesn’t have anyone capable and tries to tire you out using numbers. But you’ll definitely die the next time we fight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Jun turned around and led his group away.

A solemn expression appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes as he watched Luo Jun’s group leave. There were at least three people in Luo Jun’s group that gave him an extremely dangerous feeling. That old man was one of them. Another one was the black clothed person who was covered in a black cloak and cape. The last person was an old woman standing behind Luo Jun. 16, 20

He sensed a strong feeling of danger from them.

“I never expected that you still came!” Meanwhile, An Biru walked over to Yang Ye, and that black clothed assassin was behind her.

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then his figure flashed past her and continued ahead. He had nothing left to say to her after the An Clan had sent assassins after him because it was meaningless to say anything. Since they’d become enemies, then it was better to just act completely like enemies. He didn’t want to be enemies with her yet still have a slightly ambiguous relationship with her.

A wisp of a bitter expression appeared in An Biru’s eyes.

Yang Ye had only taken a few steps forward before that black clothed woman appeared in front of him.

“Is there something you need?” Yang Ye tightened his grip on Void Flash. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t defeat her, Yang Ye would have chopped her into pieces by now.

“Perhaps we can all have a chat!” said the woman.

“A chat?” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule and said, “What is there to chat about? I don’t think there’s anything. We’ve been bound to be enemies since your An Clan sent assassins after me. I can be very frank and tell you that I’ll annihilate the entire An Clan if it’s possible. Trust me, I’ll definitely be able to accomplish it, and I believe that it wouldn’t be too long from now.”

“Do you think you’re the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor?” The woman revealed killing intent in her eyes.

“The Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor?” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Do you think I’m inferior to him? Do you believe me when I say that killing you would be like slaughtering a dog if I were to attain the Monarch Realm? Of course, that’s meaningless because I haven’t attained the Monarch Realm. I was just making an assumption.”

“Perhaps you’ll never be able to attain the Monarch Realm!” said the woman.

“You don’t dare to kill me, right?” said Yang Ye.

The woman fell silent before she said, “It wasn’t Biru who sent those assassins after you, it was I. If you want to hate someone, then hate me. It isn’t related to her or the An Clan. If I find out that you’ve acted against the An Clan or her, then while I might not kill you, what about the people you care about? Would the Demon Emperor protect them as well?”

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Ye tightened his grip on his sword.

The woman nodded and said, “Am I not qualified to?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath after a short while passed, and then he said, “Fine, as you wish. This is something between the two of us. I won’t act against the An Clan if it doesn’t act against me. But remember what I’ve said. The first person I come to kill upon attaining the Monarch Realm will be you. Don’t worry, I won’t make you wait for long.”

Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot after he finished speaking.

“Aunt, why do all of that!?” An Biru suddenly said after Yang Ye left, “He has resentment towards our An Clan, so it’s impossible for us to be reconciled. Even if he is willing to do so, it’s still impossible for our sides to be reconciled.

“We underestimated his strength and potential!” The woman spoke abruptly. “If I didn’t act against him like you’ve said in the past, then our An Clan would be in the same position at the Northern An Clan, and we would have a way out. Now, he has grown and has the protection of an extraordinary expert like the Demon Emperor. Not to mention us, even the Exalted Han Empire would find it difficult to eliminate him. Under the circumstances that Monarch Realm experts can’t act against him, there isn’t any power that can endure that madman’s revenge. He’s even more terrifying than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor because the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor wasn’t called the Sword Demon as well!”

“So, you threatened him on purpose so that the enmity between him and the An Clan would become a personal grudge between the two of you?” An Biru said, “Actually, there’s no need to do that. Even though you were mistaken, everything you did was for the An Clan’s sake. So, the An Clan will definitely endure everything with you!”

“Biru, are you worried that he would really be able to kill me upon attaining the Monarch Realm?” said the woman.

“It isn’t beneficial to the An Clan regardless of which one of you dies!” said An Biru.

The woman fell silent. Indeed, Yang Ye isn’t all alone now, and he has support as well. It’s difficult to say whether killing him would make those who support him to seek vengeance.

In the end, it was her decision on that day which had caused the An Clan to fall into such a bad situation. Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem if Yang Ye was eliminated by Luo Jun. But it was clearly quite difficult to accomplish!

“Let’s go and have a look at the best experts from the human, demon, and devil races in the current younger generation,” said An Biru.


There was a seemingly illusory mountain not too far away in the distance, and it was covered in milky white mist. Besides that, there was a thin barrier that rippled like water covering the mist.

That mountain was the ruins left behind by Saint Liu Yun.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and noticed that there were no less than 10,000 profounders in the surroundings, and practically all of them were Exalt Realm experts. These profounders had been basically divided up into countless small groups. After all, the ruins were filled with the unknown, so it was normal for them to form groups.

There were also some that were alone like him, but there were very few like that.

In next to no time, Yang Ye noticed An Nanjing in the crowd. She seemed to have noticed his gaze, and she raised her head to look at him before nodding slightly.

Yang Ye nodded as well, and then he withdrew his gaze.

“The devil race is here!” Suddenly someone exclaimed with surprise.

The crowd saw a group of robust young men from the devil race walking over slowly from afar. Yang Ye looked over as well. Yang Ye saw Mo Ke in the group, but Mo Ke wasn’t the one leading the group, and it was another man instead.

That fellow in the lead looked over to Luo Jun, and he sized up Luo Jun before he said, “The Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun?”

Luo Jun nodded lightly, and then he said, “If I’m not wrong, then you should be Mo Ke’s senior brother, Mo Xuan, right?”

“You’re quite well-informed!” Mo Xuan laughed coldly and said, “According to legend, the Mortal Emperor has to unite the continent. My devil race will be waiting for you to break open the barrier between our continents. Don’t shrink back when the time comes!”

“Don’t worry, that day will come very soon!” Luo Jun wasn’t willing to display weakness.

Mo Xuan laughed coldly, and then his gaze descended onto An Nanjing and said, “Mo Ke lost to you that day?”

“What? You intend to avenge him?” said An Nanjing.

Mo Xuan shook his head and said, “I’m not interested in you because you lost as well.” Mo Xuan swept the surroundings with his gaze and said, “Who’s Yang Ye!”

His voice reverberated like a bell and was deafening.

Everyone looked over at Yang Ye.

Mo Xuan gazed at Yang Ye, sized him up, and then said, “You’re the so-called Sword Emperor of the human race, Yang Ye?” 

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Have you come to look for trouble with me?”

“You’re absolutely right!” Mo Xuan said coldly, “Draw your sword, otherwise, you probably won’t have a chance to.”

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and pointed a finger at the Old Drunkard by Luo Jun’s side, and then he said, “See that? That fellow was as arrogant as you are right now. I left that mark on his forehead.”

The expressions of Luo Jun and the others became unsightly, and it was especially so for the Old Drunkard. Flames almost sprayed out from his eyes.

Mo Xuan glanced at the Old Drunkard and said, “He’s just a piece of trash. He isn’t even worthy of being compared to me! Yang Ye, I’ll give you one last chance, draw your sword. Otherwise, you won’t have another chance.”

The spectators in the surroundings gazed at Mo Xuan as if they were looking at an idiot. They’d thought that Yang Ye was very arrogant and haughty, but they hadn’t imagined that this fellow would be worse. He’s afraid that Yang Ye wouldn’t have the chance to draw his sword? Is there something wrong with this fellow’s head?“You want me to strike you?” said Yang Ye.

“No, I just want you to launch the first attack!” said Mo Xuan.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s begin.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stabbed Void Flash into the space in front of him, and then its tip instantly appeared before Mo Xuan’s throat. A wisp of surprise flashed through the latter’s eyes, but he didn’t dodge it. He stretched out his hand instead and just grabbed the tip of Yang Ye’s sword before he said, “A Dao Artifact? It’s nothing great. If you want to rely on a Dao Artifact, then I have to say that….”

“I don’t have the mood to listen to your nonsense!” Yang Ye suddenly spun Void Flash, and then Mo Xuan’s expression changed slightly as he hurriedly released his grip on Void Flash. There was a bloody cut on his palm and scarlet red blood was flowing slowly from the cut.

“You’ve injured me!” Mo Xuan’s face became ferocious.

In the next moment, Mo Xuan suddenly vanished on the spot and appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he swiftly smashed a punch at Yang Ye. Moreover, his fist was covered in a layer of black scales.

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