Chapter 531 – The Divine Gold Dragon Clan!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s gaze turned icy cold when he saw that fist assault him. Even though he didn’t want to create trouble for himself, it didn’t represent that he was afraid of trouble. Mo Xuan was clearly coming for his life with this attack.

8th level Sword Intent surged out from within Yang Ye and instantly enveloped Mo Xuan. Mo Xuan’s punch slowed down upon being enveloped by Yang Ye’s Sword Intent, and then shock appeared in his eyes. But right at this moment, Yang Ye’s sword had stabbed his chest, pierced through his clothes, but didn’t stab into Mo Xuan’s body. Because there was a layer of dark scales on his chest.

“Human! You can’t break through my defenses!” Mo Xuan smiled ferociously.


However, Yang Ye suddenly spun Void Flash in the next moment, and then it stabbed into Mo Xuan’s body. Mo Xuan was horrified. He hurriedly held onto Yang Ye’s sword with both hands with the intention of breaking it. But how could he possibly break a Dao Artifact?

Yang Ye twisted Void Flash once more.

“AH!!” Mo Xuan shouted as his figure moved backward repeatedly because his index finger had been chopped off.

“Ah! Human! You’re courting death!” Mo Xuan roared furiously but didn’t dare to step forward.

Yang Ye revealed an expression of disdain and said, “Are all the members of the demon race such embarrassments?

Mo Xuan was furious, and he was just about to attack when an old man from the devil race suddenly appeared in front of him. The expressions on the faces of Mo Xuan and the others behind him changed when they saw the old man. After that, all of them including Mo Xuan bowed respectfully to the old man and said, “Grand Elder!”

The old man waved his right hand.


A palm print appeared on Mo Xuan’s face while his body was blasted over 100m away.

The expressions on the faces of all the youths from the devil race grew even more respectful.

The Grand Elder of the devil race glanced at all the members of the devil race and said, “I want all of you to remember that defeat isn’t terrifying because it will only end in death. But, there’s no one in my devil race who can’t accept defeat. Remember this well, all of you can die in the territory of the human race, but don’t disgrace my devil race while you’re here!”

“We’ll remember Grand Elder’s teachings well!” All of them bowed respectfully to the old man.

The old man turned around to glance at Yang Ye, and it caused Yang Ye’s heart to feel cold. Because the old man was a Monarch Realm expert, and his strength was definitely extremely formidable and probably on par with Xiao Tianji.

“What a Sword Emperor! You’ve attained such accomplishments at such a young age. You aren’t any weaker to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from all those years ago!” The old man’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart because the pressure the old man exerted upon him was too strong. He even wondered if the Demon Emperor would be in time to save him if the old man had attacked.

I’m still too weak! Yang Ye spoke with self-ridicule because he was still unable to fight back when facing the top experts of this world.

“You’re much stronger than before!” Right at this moment, Mo Ke walked over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye said, “Aren’t you the same?”

Mo Ke asked. “What about her?”

Yang Ye knew he was talking about An Nanjing, and he said, “I advise you to not challenge her because she won’t give you another chance to live.”

Mo Ke said with a heavy voice. “She’s already strong to the point others can only feel despair before her?”

Yang Ye said, “She really is, for some people!”

Mo Ke said, “The situation in the devil race is growing worse. Even if the Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun, doesn’t break open the barrier between the territory of our races, my devil race will do it. But we would have to pay a price. At that time, would you and her help Luo Jun if the human race and devil race enter into war?”

If the Sword Emperor and Martial God were to join forces with the Mortal Emperor, then not to mention the devil race, even the joint forces of the devil and demon races would probably have no chance against the 3 of them.

“No matter what, even if the human race is annihilated, I still won’t help Luo Jun. In my eyes, he is my enemy. If your devil race intends to act against those I care about, then your devil race will be my enemy as well,” said Yang Ye.

“I understand!” Mo Ke nodded, and then he turned around and left.

Luo Jun noticed Yang Ye and Mo Ke’s conversation from afar, and his expression was gloomy. It’ll probably become very troublesome if Yang Ye joins forces with the devil race. If it were any other person, then perhaps that person wouldn’t dare to collude with the devil race. But he was very clearly aware that Yang Ye was a person who was capable of anything.

“Mortal Emperor, he must be eliminated!” Elder Yun spoke abruptly from Luo Jun’s side.

“I agree!” The black clothed figure on Luo Jun’s left spoke as well.

“Should I head over and kill him?” The old woman behind Luo Jun spoke abruptly in a gloomy tony.

“Can you defeat the Old Drunkard with ease?” Elder Yun spoke abruptly.

The old woman’s face instantly turned gloomy, and she said, “Old Bastard Yun, what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that I can’t kill a little child who has just stepped foot into the Exalt Realm?”

Elder Yun glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t speak further.

The old woman was slightly furious. Meanwhile, Luo Jun said, “Elder Yun isn’t doubting your strength, Grandma Rong. But Yang Ye really isn’t someone that any Exalt Realm expert can defeat with ease right now. Perhaps he might not be a match for Grandma Rong, but what if he concentrates on fleeing?”

The old woman fell silent.

“I should have eliminated him before he advanced into the Exalt Realm!” Luo Jun said, “Even though he was still monstrous at that time, he could be eliminated with ease. But I never imagined that he would be able to attain the Exalt Realm in such a short period of time. That was a blunder of mine.”

“Mortal Emperor, you have the Faith Energy of a territory now, right?” Elder Yun spoke abruptly.

Luo Jun nodded and said, “Even though it isn’t very pure, it doesn’t affect my usage of it. I’ll be unmatched in the Exalt Realm if I’m able to obtain the Faith Energy of another territory…. Even if my opponent is Yang Ye or An Nanjing.” His voice was filled with confidence.

Elder Yun said, “Zhao Zhangfei still hasn’t conquered the eastern territory?”

“It should be done soon!” Luo Jun said, “There are a few stubborn powers in the eastern territory, and I’ve dispatched forces to deal with them. Once they’re dealt with, then the eastern territory will belong under the territory of my Exalted Han Empire as well. Right, Elder Yun, you mean that you want me to kill Yang Ye myself?”

Elder Yun nodded and said, “If we were to kill Yang Ye, then I would just have to join forces with Shadow. We would be able to kill him with ease even if he has attained 9th level Sword Intent. However, that’s meaningless because the world would only think that you’re inferior to the Sword Emperor. That’s quite disadvantageous to you. If you killed Yang Ye yourself, then your reputation would definitely arrive at an unprecedented height, and it would even be enough to deter those powers who aren’t loyal to our Exalted Han Empire!”

“But what if I it ends in defeat?” Shadow spoke abruptly.

Elder Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly but Luo Jun smiled with confidence as he said, “If I’m still unable to kill someone who has just stepped foot into the Exalt Realm while I possess the Faith Energy of two territories and the Mortal Emperor Sword, then wouldn’t I be an absolute failure as a Mortal Emperor?”

“It would be even better if the Faith Energy of the Exalted Han Empire was included!” Meanwhile, the Old Drunkard who stood behind them four of them spoke abruptly.

“Shut your mouth!” Luo Jun suddenly shouted. “I’ll beat you to death if you dare to utter nonsense again!”

The Old Drunkard pursed his lips. He felt quite indifferent in his heart but didn’t dare voice it out.

Luo Jun slowly clenched his right fist tightly. The Faith Energy of the Exalted Han Empire…. There was only a single way to obtain the Faith Energy of an empire, and it was to become the emperor of that empire. At this moment, the current emperor of the Exalted Han Empire wasn’t Luo Jun but his father.


Right at this moment, a dragon roar suddenly resounded from the horizon. When they looked over to its source, they saw over a dozen enormous golden dragons flying over. Their figures were so enormous that they simply seemed as if they were about to blot out the sky, and the Dragon Pressure they emanated was horrifying even from over 5km away.

“I never expected that it would be the Divine Gold Dragon Clan this time!” There was a solemn expression on Luo Jun’s face.

It wasn’t just Luo Jun, the expressions of many others in the surroundings had changed. After all, they usually only heard of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan yet had never seen them. Now that they had, they noticed that the Divine Gold Dragons were numerous times more terrifying than they’d imagined.

The Divine Gold Dragons seemed to be intentionally making a show of strength, so they moved about in midair before strands of seemingly material Dragon pressure rained down from midair. Some Exalt Realm profounders below them instantly slumped to the ground while being affected by the pressure, and some comparatively weaker experts even bled from all seven apertures and perished on the spot.

Regardless of whether it was the devil race or the human race, everyone had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. These Divine Gold Dragons are really too arrogant.

However, for some unknown reason, both Luo Jun and Mo Xuan didn’t have any intention to act against the golden dragons in the sky.

The dragons grew even more arrogant when both the humans and devils didn’t act against them. This time, they didn’t just emanate their Dragon Pressure, some even spewed flames. Some of the Exalt Realm experts in the surroundings didn’t even have a chance to avoid the flames before they were burnt into ashes.

Suddenly, a strand of flames descended towards An Nanjing. She frowned as she looked up at the Divine Gold Dragon in the sky which had shot that strand of flames towards her. In the next moment, Skysplit suddenly left her grasp and transformed into a ray of golden light which shot straight towards that dragon.

Skysplit didn’t encounter any resistance and pierced through its head. The dragon howled with pain in midair before it crashed straight to the ground, and an enormous bang resounded while the ground trembled violently. Even though her spear had pierced through its head, it hadn’t perished and was only heavily injured.

“Human! How dare you!” The extraordinarily large dragon who led the ground roared as he gazed at An Nanjing, and then endless Dragon Pressure rained down towards her.

An Nanjing gestured with her right hand, and then Skysplit flew back into her grasp. She held it in her hand as she raised her head to gaze at the dragon which was circling above her, and she said, “You’re disgruntled?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. She really is too… domineering.

That extraordinarily huge dragon was just about to attack when his gaze suddenly descended onto Skysplit, and then his huge pupils constricted as he said, “You’re the Martial God!”

An Nanjing withdrew her gaze and paid no further attention to him.

Killing intent appeared in his eyes from being disregarded by her, and he was just about to attack when he suddenly turned his head to gaze at Yang Ye. He said, “Human! I sense the aura of my Divine Gold Dragon Clan from you. Hmm, wait! You’ve actually killed a Divine Gold Dragon!”

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