Chapter 532 – Divine Dragon Armor!

Almighty Sword Domain

“No!” Yang Ye denied it decisively. It wasn’t that he was afraid of the Divine Gold Dragon, but he really hadn’t killed one. After all, that dragon hadn’t been killed by him.

“I smell the Blood Essence of my Divine Gold Dragon Clan from you. Human, you’re refined and absorbed the blood of a Divine Gold Dragon!” The extraordinarily huge dragon flicked its body in midair, causing the space around him to surge violently.

“That’s true!” Yang Ye spoke honestly. After all, there was nothing to conceal because he was sure that with the domineering attitude that the gold dragon had, that fellow would look for trouble with him no matter what.

The corners of all the spectators’ lips twitched when they heard Yang Ye admit it. This fellow has really killed a dragon! And it’s even the strongest Divine Gold Dragon Clan of the dragon race!

Luo Jun’s eyelids twitched. Even he wasn’t willing to rashly offend the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, but Yang Ye hadn’t just offended them, he’d even refined and absorbed the Blood Essence of their clansman. That was like utterly offending the Divine Gold Dragon Clan! However, that was exactly what he wanted as he felt that it couldn’t be any better than to have the Divine Gold Dragon Clan targeting Yang Ye.

“You’re courting death!” That gold dragon suddenly sprayed a torrent of flames, and it descended like a meteor towards Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye didn’t dodge it at all and just allowed the flames to envelop him.

The spectators were stunned, Is Yang Ye committing suicide?

In next to no time, Yang Ye walked out from amidst the flames while thin strands of flames covered him.

The Nether Ghostflame!

Some discerning people instantly recognized the origins of that flame barrier.

Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and then the flames from that dragon were instantly absorbed by the Nether Ghostflame, and then a ray of light shot out from the sword chest on his back. It instantly stabbed the golden dragon’s stomach, but it wasn’t able to stab through and was bounced back instead.

What formidable physical defense! The spectators were filled with shock when they witnessed this scene. That was a Dao Artifact!

“Ant! You think you can harm me?” The gold dragon’s voice was like a thunderclap that shook everyone to the point their eardrums hurt.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then that sword returned to his sword chest. After that, the Violetcloud Lightning and Ninth Hell Cold Gale shot out from within him, and then they quickly formed an enormous sword with the Nether Ghostflame. As Yang Ye’s violet profound energy surged into it, the enormous sword turned a strange violet color, and when he added 8th level Sword Intent into it, the energy contained within the sword simply caused the space around it to instantly collapse.

The expressions of all the spectators changed when they witnessed this scene, and even An Nanjing was visibly moved.

It was especially so for Luo Jun’s group. At this moment, their expressions could be said to be solemn to the extreme, and that included Elder Yun and Shadow. Because even they felt extremely danger coming from the terrifying energy contained within that enormous sword.

The eyes of that huge golden dragon constricted violently upon witnessing this scene. He’d attained an extremely terrifying level of physical defense, but it didn’t represent that his defense was invincible. There were many extraordinary weapons or Heaven Rank techniques which could break through his defenses. For example, the Martial God’s Skysplit or the technique that this human ant was executing!

The gold dragon didn’t dare underestimate Yang Ye nor did he dare go head-on against this Heaven Rank technique. A thin layer of golden light enveloped his entire body before he dived down towards Yang Ye while the spectators watched in shock. The Divine Gold Dragon’s enormous body made it seem like the sky was falling, and it caused countless profounders to run madly towards the surroundings.

A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he said, “I haven’t killed a gold dragon yet. I wonder how it feels! I’ll give it a try today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the enormous Sword of Elements shot into the sky shot into the sky.

When compared to the enormous dragon’s figure, Yang Ye’s huge sword seemed to be quite insignificant. However, the energy contained within it made it so that no one dared to underestimate its might. Because as it tore through space, the space it passed was torn apart, inch by inch. Moreover, the Sword Intent contained within it didn’t just cause space to be unable to repair itself, the rip in space was even growing in size!

The spectators watched with astonishment as the enormous dragon and huge sword collided forcefully with each other, and then a short moment of silence appeared before deafening rumbling that sounded like a thunderclap from the nine heavens resounded.

After that, everyone saw the gold dragon being enveloped by an ocean of flames. At the same time, there were countless arcs of electricity ceaselessly striking the gold dragon from within the ocean of flames. The Ninth Hell Cold Gale wasn’t being idle as well, and it formed numerous fine tornados that cut the gold dragon incessantly like blades made of wind.


The enormous dragon’s roar resounded in the sky, and it carried a trace of pain.

Yang Ye withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and placed it in his pocket while he held Void Flash tightly in his right hand. Moreover, his gaze was boundlessly solemn. The gold dragon had underestimated him, and he’d similarly underestimated the gold dragon. Based on its body that was wriggling incessantly in midair, perhaps the Sword of Elements had injured the gold dragon, but it hadn’t caused any lethal harm to the gold dragon.

This dragon’s physical defense was the strongest he’d ever encountered in the Exalt Realm!


Right at this moment, the gold dragon suddenly charged out from within the encirclement of the 3 Natural Treasures. Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then the Violetcloud Lightning flashed and transformed into an enormous violet colored pillar of lightning that was over 100m long, and it suddenly blasted against the divine gold dragon. At the same time, the Nether Ghostflame transformed into a ball of flames that struck forcefully against the dragon as well.

Besides them, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale returned to Yang Ye’s back and transformed into the Ninth Hell Swordwings.

Bang! Bang!

The collision with the two Natural Treasures blasted the enormous dragon out of the sky, and it fell into the ground.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning flew back to Yang Ye.

That Divine Gold Dragon lost just like that? All the spectators were dumbstruck.

An Nanjing frowned slightly while her gaze stared fixedly at the enormous hole in the ground.

The sword chest on Yang Ye’s back trembled slightly, and it seemed like the swords within it were about to charge out.


Right at this moment, the enormous gold dragon suddenly charged out from beneath the ground. The spectators who paid attention to detail immediately noticed that the dragon was much larger than before, and there was a layer of golden scales which seemed like armor covering its entire body and claws!

“Divine Dragon Armor!” Someone exclaimed with surprise.

According to legend, the Divine Gold Dragon Clan’s members were able to comprehend innate abilities upon their birth, and the most terrifying amongst those abilities was the Divine Dragon Armor. Because the Divine Dragon Armor could instantly improve their defenses by 5 times. The Divine Gold Dragon Clan’s physical defenses were already considered the most terrifying amongst the devil race, human race, and demon race. So, it was obvious how abnormal it would be once it was multiplied by 5 times!

It could be said that once this Divine Gold Dragon had activated the Divine Dragon Armor, then his defenses could at least endure two full force attacks from a Monarch Realm expert!

Of course, the Divine Dragon Armor wasn’t without its limitations. It could only be used once every 30 years, at least!

An Nanjing was obviously aware of Divine Dragon Armor, so her expression had become solemn while her energy started to slowly circulate within Skysplit.

“It transformed?” Yang Ye wasn’t aware of the Divine Dragon Armor, but he knew that this colossus hadn’t just survived his Sword of Elements, it had become even stronger than before. Now, not to mention the 3 natural treasures, even a Dao Artifact enhanced by 3 Natural Treasures would probably be unable to break through this fellow’s defenses!

Should I try the Heavenrend Drawing Technique? Or the Sword Domain? Yang Ye shook his head. He wasn’t willing to use those two techniques unless he had no other choice. Since he couldn’t use them, then he could only utilize the Ruin Sword Formation.

“Human! Very good! Very good indeed! You’ve succeeded at infuriating me! You really have! I’ll tear you apart!” The enormous Divine Gold Dragon raised his right claw and clawed at Yang Ye from afar. In an instant, an enormous claw that was over 300m in size had suddenly appeared, and then it smashed down forcefully towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw that enormous claw descend towards him. He swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground and instantly transformed into a ray of dazzling light that shot into the sky, and he stabbed the enormous claw with Void Flash.


Yang Ye’s arms trembled violently when Void Flash stabbed the claw, and his sword was almost blasted out of his grip. Yang Ye’s expression changed a little.

Right at this moment, the enormous claw suddenly pressed down towards him and an enormous force assaulted him. Yang Ye’s expression changed once more as he knew that he’d underestimated the gold dragon’s defenses and strength after it transformed itself.

He didn’t dare go head-on against it anymore, so the Ninth Hell Swordwings behind his body flapped and transformed him into a black shadow that appeared 300m away.

“Human, weren’t you very strong? Stop running away!” The gold dragon roared madly, but there was no complacency in its voice. Conversely, there was only boundless resentment and rage. After all, the Divine Dragon Armor was something that could only be utilized once in 30 years, and it was something to be used in the critical moment to save his own life. Yet now, he’d been forced to use it by this human ant.

That was absolutely an extraordinary humiliation to a proud Divine Gold Dragon!

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 200 swords shot out from within him, and then he commanded them to transform into rays of light that shot violently at the dragon. At the same time, the four Dao Artifacts in the sword chest shot into the sky as well, and they surged towards the Divine Gold Dragon.

Yang Ye believed that this transformation definitely had a time limit, and it would be time for that Divine Gold Dragon to die once the transformation was over. So, he intended to delay for now.

Actually, he had no other choice. Perhaps he could break through the gold dragon’s defenses if he utilized the Heavenrend Drawing Technique or the Sword Domain. But he would be exposing his trump cards before Luo Jun’s gaze if he did that, and that was a very stupid move.

“Human! You’re trying to rely on these pieces of trash to hurt me?” The gold dragon slapped his claw forward, and then countless swords were instantly blasted flying, but they immediately transformed into rays of light and shot towards him once again.

“He’s trying to buy time!” Right at this moment, the Old Drunkard by Luo Jun’s side spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at Luo Jun, and the latter revealed a cold smile.

How despicable!That was what all the spectators thought about the Old Drunkard. Most of them had almost been killed by the Dragon Pressure emanated by those Divine Gold Dragons, so they naturally didn’t have a good impression of the dragons. Now that they saw Yang Ye was capable of posing a threat to the divine gold dragons, they naturally hoped that Yang Ye would win the battle. But they hadn’t imagined that the Old Drunkard would be shameless to such an extent and expose Yang Ye’s strategy.

Only the gazes of a few descended onto Luo Jun. Because all of them were very clearly aware that it was most probably Luo Jun who ordered the Old Drunkard to do that. Of course, they didn’t dare voice out their suspicions.

The Divine Gold Dragon’s pupils constricted when he heard the Old Drunkard. He didn’t dare continue playing cat and mouse with Yang Ye. He immediately blew forward, and then a strand of Dragon Pressure surged out from his mouth and blew all of Yang Ye’s sword away. The Divine Gold Dragon didn’t give those swords another opportunity to attack him, and his figure shot over and transformed into a ray of golden light that smashed down towards Yang Ye.

This time, the Divine Gold Dragon’s speed was at least 2 times swifter than before. Yang Ye was caught off guard by this, and he was directly struck by it.

The spectators watched with astonishment as both man and dragon shot deep into the ground.

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