Chapter 533 – Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Sword Emperor of this era has perished just like that?

The minds of all the spectators had gone blank as they gazed at the enormous hold in the ground.

That collision from before was truly too terrifying. Not to mention the body of a human, even a mountain would have been blasted into pieces after the Divine Gold Dragon slammed himself against it. Under such circumstances, no one felt that Yang Ye would be able to survive.

“A Divine Gold Dragon with its Divine Dragon Armor can be considered to be invincible within the Exalt Realm. That fellow was really overestimating his ability. It would have been much better if he fled just now and waited until he attained the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm, or even the 5th rank of the Exalt Realm before he fought that Divine Gold Dragon again. Alas, it’s such a pity that he fought an ancient divine beast like the Divine Gold Dragon when he has only just advanced into the Exalt Realm.”

“It really is a pity. I thought that Yang Ye would be able to reproduce the power and prestige of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from all those years ago, but I never expected that….”

“Even though he’s dead, he can still be proud. After all, he forced a Divine Gold Dragon to utilize its Divine Dragon Armor.”

“It really is a pity. The Sword Emperor….”

Luo Jun revealed a wisp of excitement. Because even he felt that Yang Ye was quite troublesome to deal with now. Fortunately, Yang Ye was dead now, and he was even killed by the Divine God Dragon Clan. In that way, a gap would surely appear in the relationship between the Demon Emperor and the Divine Gold Dragon Clan. These were definitely two good things for Luo Jun.

The calmest person in the surroundings was An Nanjing. Even though Yang Ye had been smashed into the ground, she was very clearly aware that it was impossible for Yang Ye to die so easily. The Divine Gold Dragon had indeed become very strong upon utilizing the Divine Dragon Armor, and it was strong to the point even she wanted to have an intense battle with him. However, Yang Ye was very strong as well.

Even until now, she still hadn’t seen Yang Ye’s strongest trump card. Moreover, she was confident in Yang Ye!


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from the enormous hole.

Everyone’s eyes opened wide. Yang Ye is still alive?

The smile on Luo Jun’s face froze.


Right at this moment, a furious roar resounded from below.

It was the Divine Gold Dragon, and it was filled with pain.

“What exactly has occurred down there?” Some walked towards the hole.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Numerous roars resounded again, but it wasn’t long before they stopped abruptly.


A ray of light shot up into the air, and then Yang Ye flew slowly out of the hold. At this moment, he was in quite an embarrassing state. His hair was disheveled, his clothes had been transformed into rags, and a huge amount of swollen skin was exposed in the air.

Yang Ye glanced at Luo Jun and laughed coldly upon descending to the ground, and then he sat cross-legged at the side before he closed his eyes and recuperated.

The gold dragons in the sky transformed into over a dozen robust men as they descended to the ground. Their gazes were locked onto the hole. Moreover, it wasn’t just them, the gazes of everyone else in the surroundings was locked on the hole as well.

Yang Ye has come out already, so that gold dragon should have come out as well!

However, there wasn’t any movement from within the hole even after 15 minutes had passed.

Half an hour later, there was still no movement from below.

At this moment, the spectators had a faint guess of the outcome.

Luo Jun’s face turned gloomy.

Those robust men which the gold dragons had transformed into didn’t wait any longer, and they leaped down into the enormous hold. All of them charged out a while later, and the robust man with thick brows who led the group glared angrily at Yang Ye. “Human! Where’s my older brother!?”

“Dead!” Yang Ye didn’t even open his eyes and spoke casually.

“What nonsense! How could you possibly kill my older brother?” The robust man spoke furiously while a strand of Dragon Pressure shot out from within him.

“Go look for yourself if you don’t believe me. Besides that, stop using that laughable Dragon Pressure of yours against me. That Dragon Pressure of yours is even weaker than a fart when compared to my Sword Intent!” Yang Ye ceaselessly absorbed the energy within the extreme-grade energy stone in his hands.

“You’re courting death!” The robust man was just about to attack when a sword had appeared in front of him.

“Attack me if you think that your defenses are even greater than that older brother of yours. Let’s see if I’ll be able to take your head!” Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at the robust man.

When he recalled the scene from before, the robust man’s fists tightened, relaxed, then tightened again. But he didn’t dare to attack. His older brother’s physical body was over two times stronger than his before the Divine Dragon Armor was utilized, yet this human before him had still pierced through his older brother’s physical defenses. So, he wasn’t confident at all in his ability to resist this human’s sword!

“Human! What did you do to my older brother!” The robust man spoke furiously.

Yang Ye said, “I’ll tell you one last time. He’s dead.”

“Then where’s his corpse!?” The robust man roared furiously.

“I don’t know!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“You….” The robust man’s face turned livid with rage.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to the robust man. At this moment, the important matter at hand for him was to recover as soon as possible. If he hadn’t activated the Mortal Emperor Armor at the critical moment just now, then he might have been crushed into mush from the collision just now. Moreover, he still hadn’t gotten away unharmed even after he utilized the Mortal Emperor Armor, and countless bones within his body had been broken.

So, how did the gold dragon die?

Yang Ye hadn’t held back at all upon falling deep underground. He’d utilized his 9th level Sword Intent, the Sword Domain, the four Dao Artifacts within the blue sword chest, Void Flash, and the 3 Natural Treasures. It didn’t take him long to slash open a spot on the Divine Dragon Armor, and it was exactly where the Divine Gold Dragon’s reverse scale resided.

Needless to say, the Divine Dragon Armor was extremely abnormal. If Yang Ye’s Sword Domain’s strength hadn’t arrived at an extremely terrifying state, then he would have been utterly unable to break through the Divine Dragon Armor. Actually, he was able to break apart the entire Divine Dragon Armor while he utilized his Sword Domain, but the Sword Spirit had stopped him right before he could do it. So, he only damaged a single spot on it.

However, he’d still suffered enormous losses from the gold dragon’s counterattacks when the gold dragon was on the verge of death. For example, the blue sword chest and the four Dao Artifacts within it had been destroyed, and they couldn’t be utilized anymore!

But the price he paid was worth it because he had a Divine Gold Dragon as a Sword Servant. Moreover, it was a Divine Gold Dragon that still maintained a state of having the Divine Dragon Armor activated!

What did such a divine gold dragon as his Sword Servant represent?

Of course, he had a very serious problem to deal with right now, and it was that the Divine Gold Dragon Clan would definitely not let the matter rest. But he didn’t care. In any case, he’d become enemies with them, so he was determined to fight them if worse came to worse. He refused to believe that every single Divine Gold Dragon could transform like the one he’d fought!

“The Divine Gold Dragon is dead?”

The countless profounders in the surroundings were shocked upon hearing Yang Ye. No, they should be said to be astounded.

My god! That was a Divine Gold Dragon which had activated the Divine Dragon Armor, but it’s dead? Yang Ye killed it?

The eyelids of Luo Jun and the others twitched. Because if the gold dragon had died at Yang Ye’s hands, then they had to reevaluate Yang Ye’s strength.

Luo Jun nodded slightly to Elder Yun, and the latter flashed into the enormous hole.

A short while later, Elder Yun returned to Luo Jun’s side and said, “There are signs of an intense battle down there. But I didn’t find the dragon’s corpse.”

“It’s utterly impossible for Yang Ye to kill a Divine Gold Dragon with its Divine Dragon Armor activated. He’s definitely hiding something!” Luo Jun spoke in a heavy voice.

“He absolutely can’t be allowed to live!” Elder Yun said, “He has only just advanced into the Exact Realm yet is already so monstrous. If he’s allowed to attain the fifth rank or even the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm, then even our joint forces would be unable to harm him at all. He must be eliminated!”

“Why don’t we ask An Nanjing to deal with him?” The Old Drunkard suddenly said, “An Nanjing’s strength should be sufficient to deal with him!”

Luo Jun glanced at An Nanjing while a wisp of gloominess flashed in his eyes. He was naturally aware that An Nanjing was the only existence in the same realm of cultivation who could deal with Yang Ye! However, An Nanjing was extremely proud, so he was utterly unable to command her and didn’t dare force her by any means. Because it would definitely be an enormous calamity to the Exalted Han Empire if he pushed her over to Yang Ye’s side!

Luo Jun pondered deeply for a moment before he said in a low voice, “I’ll kill Yang Ye myself!”

Elder Yun remained silent. If it was before this battle, then he would still be extremely confident in Luo Jun. But now, if that Divine Gold Dragon had really been killed by Yang Ye, then he truly doubted whether the Mortal Emperor could kill Yang Ye!


“Yang Ye, you’ll suffer the frenzied vengeance of my Divine Gold Dragon Clan if you don’t hand my older brother over.” The robust man roared furiously.

Yang Ye stood up slowly, and then he walked towards the robust man. The robust man was shocked by this and unconsciously took two steps back.

Yang Ye said, “Looks like your Divine Gold Dragon Clan isn’t anything great, and you can’t accept your defeat just like the devil race!”


“What?” Yang Ye said, “It was your Divine Gold Dragon Clan which came looking for trouble with me, right? What? Now that your old brother failed at that and was killed by me instead, you intend to use your clan to threaten me? You still call yourself the prideful Divine Gold Dragon Clan? Let me ask you a question, what’s prideful about all of you? You use the seniors of your clan to threaten me as soon as you fail in a one on one battle. Is this the pride you speak of?”


Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Remember this, it was a one on one battle between me and your older brother. It was a fair battle. I wouldn’t have any resentment if I were the one to die, and I believe that your older brother would be the same. But you’re actually using the Divine Gold Dragon Clan to threaten his opponent. Do you realize that your actions are disrespectful to him? If he knew what you’d done, he would definitely be infuriated to the point of dying once more in hell!”

The corners of An Nanjing’s mouth twitched a little. When did this fellow learn how to talk glibly?

Yang Ye continued. “The Divine Gold Dragon Clan is a clan of ancient divine beasts. If your entire clan sets out against me or you send Monarch Rank dragons against me, then I, Yang Ye, admit that I wouldn’t be a match for that. But I’d like to ask whether your Divine Gold Dragon Clan dares to fight me in one on one battle? I’ll just leave it at this. If your clan wants to take revenge, then fight me in a fair fight, and I’ll fight you at any time. Of course, if your clan is afraid and insists on ganging up on me, then I can’t do anything about that as well.”

Provocation! The simplest form of provocation!

All the spectators felt that they had to reevaluate Yang Ye’s intelligence.

The robust man’s expression became extremely unsightly. A one on one battle? His older brother was the strongest in the younger generation of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, but even his older brother had been killed by Yang Ye. So, he wondered who would be a match for Yang Ye?

Could it be that we really have to do as this human said? Our dignified clan of ancient divine beasts will have no choice but to gang up on a human?

Isn’t that a little too embarrassing?

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