Chapter 534 – An Nanjing’s Pride!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Human! You’ll die a horrible death for offending my Divine Gold Dragon Clan!” The robust man refused to show weakness, so he could only continue threatening Yang Ye with words. However, he didn’t mention sending extraordinary experts of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan against Yang Ye again.

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Regardless of who your Divine Gold Dragon Clan sends to fight me in a one on one battle, I’ll fight those battles until the end. Of course, if you intend to send Monarch Rank dragons against me, then I admit defeat right now.”

The corners of the robust man’s mouth twitched.

“What a glib tongue!” Right at this moment, a middle aged man suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression changed because it was a Monarch Realm expert! No, he should be called a Monarch Rank expert!

“Lord Dragon Emperor!” The robust man and the others knelt down immediately with extremely respectful expressions on their faces.

Dragon Emperor?

Everyone else here was extremely shocked. Who was the Dragon Emperor? He was one of the few supreme experts on the continent. He was a true elusive figure. So, they’d never imagined that Yang Ye would have actually made the Dragon Emperor show himself.

The Dragon Emperor glanced at Yang Ye and said, “As expected of someone that the Demon Emperor admires. You’ve attained such strength at such a young age. Ao Kuang still died at your hands even after he utilized his Divine Dragon Armor. The Grand Elder of the devil race was right, you really are even more outstanding than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor.”

“Senior, you’re too kind!” said Yang Ye.

The Dragon Emperor suddenly said, “Do you know why I haven’t killed you?”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. So this fellow really intended to kill me.

The Dragon Emperor continued. “Even the Demon Emperor wouldn’t be able to stop me if I wanted to kill you. Moreover, I believe that he wouldn’t and would dare not fight my Divine Gold Dragon Clan to the death even if I killed you. Neither he nor I can afford to do that. There’s only a single reason why I haven’t killed you, and it’s because there’s irreconcilable enmity between you and the Mortal Emperor, Luo Jun. To put it simply, my demon race needs the two of you to fight and kill each other, and that’s the reason why you’re able to continue living. Understand?”

“Senior’s strength is extraordinary, so anything that Senior says goes!” said Yang Ye.

“You’re a smart person who knows how to exercise forbearance. You aren’t brave yet unwise like you seem on the surface!” said the Dragon Emperor.

Yang Ye said, “Everything is useless before absolute strength, right?”

The Dragon Emperor smiled and said, “Human, I admire you slightly even though you’re a human. I hope the Demon Emperor’s decision is right. Otherwise, you’ll definitely become a great enemy of my demon race.”

When he spoke up to this point, he turned around to glance at the other Divine Gold Dragons and said, “From this moment onward, all of you are forbidden from offending him, and avoid conflict with him in the human world. Understand?”

“Yes!” All of them spoke in an extremely respectful manner.

The Dragon Emperor’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye raised his head and looked up into the sky. The experts of the human race, demon race, and devil race are all here. I’m afraid it isn’t just for the sake of protecting the members of their respective races, right?At this moment, the gazes of everyone towards Yang Ye had changed. Some carried respect, some had envy in them, some were fervent, and there were also some which were gloomy and resentful.

Obviously, the name, the Sword Emperor Yang Ye, would truly spread throughout Profounder Continent from today onward.

10,000 years ago, the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect had reigned supreme over the devil race and demon race. Now, Yang Ye had done the same.

Regardless of the overall situation, Yang Ye had become the representative of the human race because only he was able to make both the devil race and Divine Gold Dragon Clan choose to make a concession. Especially the sword cultivators in the surroundings, all of them had forgotten that Yang Ye was from the southern territory.

All they knew was that Yang Ye was the true Sword Emperor, a true emperor amongst sword cultivators!

At this moment, Luo Jun had a slightly gloomy expression on his face. Yang Ye’s surging influence and reputation was definitely a very bad ting to him. Because it would affect his status. If everyone in the world knew the Sword Emperor yet didn’t know the Mortal Emperor, then how would he unite the continent? Since he was enemies with Yang Ye, then all those who intended to side with him would probably think of Yang Ye before they made their decision.

I should have stopped at nothing to eliminate him in the beginning! Luo Jun really felt quite regretful. He’d underestimated Yang Ye’s potential, thoroughly underestimated it. The price he would have to pay to kill Yang Ye in the beginning wasn’t very high at all. But now, he might not be able to kill Yang Ye with ease even if he paid a huge price.


As if it had sensed the mental state of its owner, the Mortal Emperor Sword in Luo Jun’s hand suddenly emanated a sword howl, and it caused the gazes of everyone in the surroundings to descend onto Luo Jun.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Luo Jun as well. Or to be more precise, Yang Ye’s gaze had descended onto the Mortal Emperor Sword in Luo Jun’s possession. Truthfully speaking, he was quite curious about it. It’s a Natural Dao Artifact, so it's definitely much stronger than Void Flash. I wonder how strong it is exactly!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye smiled, closed his eyes, and regulated his breathing. Because he knew that Luo Jun wouldn’t fight him until Luo Jun was completely confident in his ability to kill him. Moreover, Yang Ye hadn’t recovered completely from his injuries, so he didn’t want to fight anyone as well. In any case, a fight would definitely occur between them in the future!

“Mortal Emperor, don’t be rash!” Elder Yun spoke hastily. If Luo Jun were to challenge Yang Ye now, then while it would be fine if he won, the consequence of defeat was a disastrous decline in Luo Jun’s reputation. At that time, Luo Jun would probably be in a very bad situation.

Luo Jun placed his hand on the Mortal Emperor Sword and said, “Don’t worry Elder Yun, I won’t be rash. However, once General Zhao subdues the eastern territory, then I’ll slaughter him with my sword while everyone watches. Haha! A true Sword Emperor killed by a sword. It seems to have never happened in the past. I really look forward to that!”

Elder Yun and the others heaved sighs of relief. Truthfully speaking, they didn’t look favorably upon Luo Jun’s chances if he were to challenge Yang Ye now. Because Yang Ye wasn’t just formidable, he was very mysterious. No one knew how he’d killed the Divine Gold Dragon, and they didn’t know what he’d done with the gold dragon’s corpse!

At this moment, Luo Jun only possessed the Faith Energy of a single territory, so it was very risky for Luo Jun to fight Yang Ye now!

An Nanjing walked over to Yang Ye’s side and asked. “How did you kill that dragon?”

The gazes of countless people shot over when they noticed An Nanjing walking over to Yang Ye’s side, and all of them had quite strange expressions on their faces. Didn’t the legends say that the Martial God and Sword Emperor have always been fated foes? Why do the two of them seem to show no signs of being enemies, and they even seem like friends instead?

The expressions of Luo Jun and the others in his group became quite unsightly. An Nanjing was a member of the An Clan, and the An Clan had sided with Luo Jun. So, wasn’t An Nanjing’s actions of talking with Yang Ye in public like striking a slap on Luo Jun’s face?

“What a treacherous woman! Let me teach her a lesson!” The Old Drunkard spat, and then his figure charged forward.

Luo Jun and the others weren’t able to stop him in time, and they only heard him say. “An Nanjing, you should remember your identity. Your An Clan is a subject of the Mortal Emperor now, so you are the Mortal Emperor’s subject as well. Stop such treacherous actions or it might bring calamity to your An Clan!”

As he spoke these words, the Old Drunkard had even shot a glance at Luo Jun on purpose. He felt that this was what Luo Jun wanted, but Luo Jun was someone of high status, so Luo Jun naturally couldn’t speak these words himself. Since Luo Jun couldn’t speak such words, then a subordinate like him had to do it.

The Old Drunkard hoped to see praise from Luo Jun when he looked at Luo Jun, but he noticed that there was no praise in Luo Jun’s eyes, and there was only fury! The Old Drunkard’s heart twitched. Could it be that I made a wrong guess again?

That was also his final thought.


A strand of golden light tore through the sky, and then it took the Old Drunkard flying with it and flew for almost 300m before finally stopping. A spear was stabbed into the ground, and the Old Drunkard’s corpse was hanging at the middle of it.

The Old Drunkard’s eyes were opened wide, and his eyes were filled with disbelief!

An Nanjing actually dared to kill him? She dared to kill him? Luo Jun’s eyes were filled with disbelief. She struck a lethal attack right away? She didn’t even give me any face? What is she doing?

An Nanjing gestured with her hand and Skysplit flew back into her grasp. She glanced at the Old Drunkard’s corpse which had fallen to the ground and said, “My identity? A subject? What a joke! Can anyone in this world even make me, An Nanjing, submit?”

When she spoke up to this point, An Nanjing gazed at Luo Jun and said, “Luo Jun, my An Clan has sided with you, but it doesn’t represent that I, An Nanjing, have done the same. So, make your subordinates mind their words, otherwise, I’ll slaughter all of them!”

She was domineering and extremely prideful!

Earlier, everyone here had overlooked An Nanjing because of Yang Ye. At this moment, An Nanjing’s attack told everyone here what the Martial God represented!

“An Nanjing! What’s the meaning of this!?” The woman behind Luo Jun stepped forward and spoke with a low voice.

“You refuse to accept it?” An Nanjing’s brows raised, and then she pointed her spear at the old woman and said, “Then come give it a try?”

The old woman’s eyelids twitched, and she was just about to attack when Luo Jun stopped her. Even though he didn’t know exactly how strong An Nanjing was, he was clearly aware that she was absolutely not inferior to Yang Ye. Moreover, she was holding a Natural Dao Artifact which wasn’t inferior to the Mortal Emperor Sword he possessed. Under such circumstances, he felt that Grandma Rong might really be killed by An Nanjing!

Luo Jun gazed at An Nanjing and said, “Miss An, even though my subordinate was slightly disrespectful to you, it wasn’t necessary to take his life, right? Haven’t you gone a little too far by doing that?”

An Nanjing said, “Luo Jun, you have to get this straight. I, An Nanjing, am An Nanjing, and the An Clan is the An Clan. Don’t ever think that I, An Nanjing, have sided with you just because my An Clan has, and don’t ever think that I, An Nanjing, would hold back and hesitate because I’m afraid of you. Besides that, let me declare that the An Clan and I are two separate entities. So, if you or your subordinates offend me again, then I’ll annihilate you!”

A slap! A direct and undisguised slap to the face!

Yang Ye was overjoyed in his heart. She really is too domineering and too cute! Hahaha!

Luo Jun’s face became truly gloomy this time. He’d thought that Yang Ye was extremely arrogant and haughty, but he’d never imagined that there was someone even more arrogant and haughty than Yang Ye. How could Luo Jun endure having his face slapped in public?

Luo Jun’s hand moved slowly towards the Mortal Emperor Sword.

Void Flash reappeared in Yang Ye’s grasp, and excitement had appeared in his eyes as he gazed at Luo Jun. Moreover, he shouted incessantly in his heart. Do it! Luo Jun! Attack her! Attack and I’ll join forces with An Nanjing to kill you….

So long as An Nanjing kept those 3 fellows by Luo Jun’s side busy, then he was confident in his ability to kill Luo Jun in a very short time, and he wouldn’t hesitate to expose the strength of his Sword Domain to accomplish it!

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