Chapter 535 – It’s Open

Almighty Sword Domain

Luo Jun’s face warped a little from being provoked by An Nanjing in public. The Mortal Emperor Sword trembled incessantly, and it was like it wanted to charge forward and strike An Nanjing.

Even though Luo Jun was beyond furious right now, he still didn’t allow his rage to overwhelm his mind. If he were to attack right now, then it would represent pushing An Nanjing to Yang Ye’s side. If Yang Ye were to join forces with An Nanjing, then could anyone below the Monarch Realm do anything to them?

Of course, there was another reason, it was that he wasn’t confident in his ability to defeat An Nanjing at all!

He was the Mortal Emperor, the representative of the world. So, he couldn’t lose. Once he did, then he would suffer a disastrous decline to his reputation, and it was very likely that those who followed him would become disloyal. Moreover, those who were still hesitant would definitely not choose him anymore. So, he absolutely couldn’t attack unless he was absolutely certain!

But if he didn’t act, then there would be no need to wait for the future because he would suffer a disastrous decline to his reputation right here and now!

At this moment, Luo Jun really wanted to whip the Old Drunkard’s corpse. If that fellow hadn’t acted on his own, then he wouldn’t have had to fall into such a dilemma.

“Luo Jun, aren’t you called the Mortal Emperor of the human world. You wouldn’t be afraid to even accept a challenge from her, right?” Meanwhile, Mo Xuan laughed coldly.

“The Mortal Emperor? What a pussy!” The robust man from the Divine Gold Dragon Clan glanced at Luo Jun with disdain. At this moment, he had a bad impression of the entire human race because of Yang Ye, and the sight of any human displeased him!

The human profounders at the side gazed at Luo Jun as well. Even though they didn’t speak out and mock him, their faces were covered in mocking expressions, and some even bluntly revealed their ridicule and disdain on their faces.

Luo Jun’s expression grew even more unsightly.

Right at this moment, the old man by his side, Elder Yun, said, “Martial God An, I’ve heard so much about you, so allow me to experience your ability!”

“Geezer, you’re really shameless!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly spoke loudly. “You’re at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm while An Nanjing has only just advanced into the Exalt Realm, yet you actually shamelessly challenged her. Could it be that your Exalted Han Empire doesn’t have anyone capable? Or perhaps, your Exalted Han Empire is filled with a bunch of trash who only know how to bully those who are weaker? Right, the experts of your Exalted Han Empire have always been like that!”

Elder Yun’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at Yang Ye, and he said, “You won’t be able to live for long.”

“Threatening me now?” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Right, your Exalted Han Empire has that many experts. What should I do if it were to dispatch a few thousand Exalt Realm experts to pursue and kill me?”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye gazed at Luo Jun and said, “Luo Jun, you call yourself the Mortal Emperor, but in my opinion, you’re just a piece of trash. Because all you know is to stand behind a group of experts and remain protected by them. To be a little arrogant, if you didn’t have all of those guards, then killing you would really be like slaughtering a dog!”

Killing intent surged through Luo Jun’s eyes!

“How presumptuous!” Elder Yun shouted furiously as he slapped his palm towards Yang Ye. The might of this strike was extremely formidable. Space directly collapsed in its wake. Moreover, the space in an area of almost 10m around his palm had started to crack like spiderwebs were forming all over.

Yang Ye had a cold smile on his face but there was a solemn expression in his eyes. The old man was much stronger than the Old Drunkard, so Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly and was just about to draw his sword. Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly stood in front of Yang Ye, and then she suddenly stabbed Skysplit towards that palm.

Elder Yun’s expression changed, and he swiftly withdrew his palm. There was a solemn expression in his eyes as he gazed at his palm which had fine cracks all over it.

An Nanjing pointed her spear at Elder Yun and said, “Didn’t you want to fight me? Come, let me see exactly how formidable a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert is!”

“let me do it!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun spoke abruptly. He knew that his reputation would decline if he didn’t make his stand clear.

“No!” Elder Yun and some of the experts by Luo Jun’s side exclaimed. Especially Elder Yun. Just that collision with An Nanjing allowed him to realize that Luo Jun was absolutely not a match for An Nanjing right now. If he were to fight An Nanjing right now, then it was very likely that Luo Jun would die, and even if he survived, he would definitely be defeated. Luo Jun could absolutely not be allowed to lose now, no matter what!

“Are you finally not going to be a coward anymore?” Mo Xuan laughed coldly and said, “Luo Jun, I’ve never seen the might of the Mortal Emperor Sword, so I hope that you don’t disappoint me. Otherwise, it would really be too boring.” He was one of the happies to see the humans fight each other.

Luo Jun glanced coldly at Mo Xuan before he took a step forward. Right at this moment, Elder Yun stood before Luo Jun’s path and obstructed him. “Mortal Emperor, you can’t act on impulse when your life is related to the lives of a myriad living beings! A little lack of forbearance will cause great plans to be spoiled. You’ll have the chance to fight An Nanjing and Yang Ye in the future, so why act on impulse now? Don’t forget the true reason why we’ve come here.”

“Elder Yun is right!” The old woman said, “Mortal Emperor, your method of cultivation is unlike all of us ordinary profounders. Wouldn't it be extremely easy to kill An Nanjing and Yang Ye once Zhao Zhangfei subdues the eastern territory? Of course, an emperor’s subjects deserve death for allowing their emperor to be insulted. So, we, your subordinates, deserve death. Please provide us with your punishment!”

Luo Jun took a deep breath while his grasp on the Mortal Emperor Sword slowly relaxed. Elder Yun heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He was worried that Yang Ye would say something insulting again, so he immediately flashed explosively towards Yang Ye. Moreover, the old woman followed closely behind him, and a few strands of silver light shot violently towards Yang Ye.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. It’s clearly An Nanjing who provoked Luo Jun, but these fellows aren’t looking for trouble with her and are coming for me instead? Could it be that I’m such an easy target to be bullied?

Yang Ye waved Void Flash, and a few light clangs resounded as those silver needles scattered on the ground. Meanwhile, Elder Yun had arrived in front of him. Elder Yun was just about to attack when An Nanjing appeared in front of Yang Ye again.

Elder Yun’s figure stopped moving when he saw An Nanjing. He was naturally not afraid if he were to face just An Nanjing or Yang Ye, but if the two of them joined forces….

“An Nanjing, do you really intend to go against the Exalted Han Empire?” said Elder Yun in a low voice.

An Nanjing said, “It’s all of you who are going against me!”

“The Old Drunkard is already dead, what else do you want!?” said Elder Yun.

“Like I said before, don’t offend me!” As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and gazed at Yang Ye. “Let’s go. I have many other things to ask you!”

Yang Ye’d heart felt slightly warm. He was naturally aware that this was a form of kindness from An Nanjing. He wasn’t even slightly confident in his ability to resist the joint forces of Elder Yun and that old woman. Moreover, there was a blacked clothed figure watching from the side as well. Of course, he was still able to deal with Luo Jun’s group if he were forced into a corner, and he would just have to expose the existence of his Sword Servants and some other trump cards of his!

Even though his trump cards were very important, it would be stupid not to use them even when he was in danger.

Yang Ye didn’t want to refuse her good intentions, so he nodded and walked off with An Nanjing. The corners of all the spectators including those from the devil race and demon race twitched when they witnessed this scene. If the two of them really do join forces, then would any other party be able to deal with them in the Saint Ruins? Even the proud members of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan had to admit that all of them would definitely be unable to fight back and would only be slaughtered if An Nanjing and Yang Ye joined forces!

Who the fuck said that the Sword Emperor and Martial God are fated enemies?

“Aren’t you afraid that Luo Jun would act against your An Clan?” asked Yang Ye.

An Nanjing glanced at him and said, “He wouldn’t dare. At least not for now. Or to be more precise, he wouldn’t dare until he has eliminated me.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the Monarch Realm experts of the Exalted Han Empire would attack you?” Yang Ye admitted that An Nanjing’s strength was very extraordinary, but no matter how extraordinary it was, it was impossible for her to resist Monarch Realm experts with her current cultivation. Exalt Realm experts surmounting a realm of cultivation to fight Monarch Realm experts? That was a joke! No one had ever accomplished it throughout the history of the continent. Because the gap between those two realms was really like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

“My An Clan has Monarch Realm experts as well!” An Nanjing said, “Moreover, it’s one of the strongest in the world. The Exalted Han Empire wouldn’t dare act against me while he’s still alive. Because even the Exalted Han Empire is unable to endure the revenge of such an expert. Especially at such a time.”

A supreme expert!

Yang Ye came to an understanding now. An Nanjing’s clan had an existence that was similar to the Demon Emperor. But if the An Clan had such a formidable existence, then why haven’t the two An Clan’s been joined into one?

An Nanjing seemed to know what he was thinking and said, “The Ancestor refused to pay any attention to the split in the An Clan. Actually, it can be said that he doesn’t bother about the entire An Clan. If it weren’t for me appearing within the clan, he would probably not even return to the An Clan.”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but smile bitterly and shake his head. Only now did he notice that regardless of how much of a monstrous genius one was or how terrifying one was, unless one had some backing and background, then it was utterly useless before the great powers of the continent. Because it was truly too easy for them to annihilate someone without any backing or background. Just like him. If he didn’t have the Demon Emperor’s support, then the Monarch Realm experts of the Exalted Han Empire would have probably annihilated him a long time ago.

“Those three fellows are all at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm, and they’re very strong. No matter if it’s you or me, we wouldn’t be able to resist their joint forces on our own. It’s best not to go head-on against them if you encounter them within the ruins,” said An Nanjing.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t do something like giving my life away. My target is the World Portrait, and I’ll leave once I get it. I won’t go looking for trouble with them. Of course, the precondition is that they don’t come looking for trouble with me.”

An Nanjing nodded. Suddenly, her gaze shot towards the mountain range in the distance and said, “Is the defensive grand formation around it finally about to be broken open?”

At this moment, everyone else in the surroundings had shot their gazes over to the mountain range.

Because the mist around the mountain range had actually started to flow swiftly, and the thin barrier had started to warp as well.

Right at this moment, the Dragon Emperor, the Grand Elder of the devil race, and a while haired old man appeared before the barrier. All of them clenched their right fists before forcefully smashing a punch against the barrier.

The others in the surroundings watched with excitement as an explosion resounded, and then the entire barrier exploded apart while countless strands of mist swept towards the surroundings.

“Charge!” Someone amidst the crowd shouted, and then countless figures charged towards the mountain range.

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