Chapter 53 – The 20th Level!

Almighty Sword Domain

“A super genius comparable to that demonic woman has appeared in the sect!” No one knew who’d spoken these words, but it caused the entire Sword Sect’s outer court to seethe with excitement. Some outer court disciples that were originally not interested in the Outer Court Exam had rushed over to the Sword Servant Pagoda, and it was even to the extent that some disciples and elders in closed door cultivation had been dragged over by their respective friends.

For a time, the area outside the Sword Servant Pagoda was unprecedentedly bustling with excitement.

“A First Heaven Realm expert at the age of 16! Tsk tsk! That Jiang Yuan within the Sword Servant Pagoda really does deserve to be the most outstanding genius in Snow River City for the last 100 years!”

“Yeah, I was only at the sixth rank of the Mortal Realm at the age of 16, yet he’s already at the First Heaven Realm. Comparisons really are odious!”

“There are some people in the world that are called monstrous geniuses. Our Sword Sect already had a demonic woman, now it has this Jiang Yuan as well. My Sword Sect is about to rise!”

“There’s also that Labor Disciple, Yang Ye. He was able to persist within the pagoda for so long, and it’s sufficient to display his strength and natural talent. If nothing unexpected occurs, then he, Jiang Yuan, and Qingxue will participate in the next Ascension Rankings!”

“Life really is full of ups and downs! When he was reduced to a Labor Disciple that day, I’d even laughed at him with some other disciples. I never expected that in such a short period of time, he has already surpassed all of us!”

“Yes, I know about him as well. When a Technique Instructor was guiding me in a technique, and I wasn’t learning seriously, that elder asked me if I wanted to become the second Yang Ye! If he asks me such a question now, I would absolutely say that I do!”

“Hmph! So what if his natural talent isn’t bad? He’s bound to be like an accessory with Jiang Yuan taking the center stage!”

“Junior Brother, those words of yours sound like they carry some envy. However, that’s true as well. After the appearance of that demonic woman, all the other geniuses on the Outer Court Rankings dimmed in comparison and were unable to make a name for themselves. This time, there’s Jiang Yuan, so that Junior Sister Qingxue who had just advanced into the First Heaven Realm and this Labor Disciple can only serve as contrast for him.

When he noticed that more and more people had arrived, and the surroundings had become more and more clamorous, Cao Huo smiled bitterly and shook his heart. These fellows actually disregarded their own cultivation for the sake of seeing a genius.

However, he didn’t stop them because if he heard of such news, then he would definitely rush over as well.

“Geezer, when’s the little laborer coming out?” Meanwhile, Bao’er looked at Cao Huo while she asked with slight impatience. She’d been waiting for a long time, and if this geezer hadn’t said that Yang Ye would gain benefit from being within the pagoda, she would have entered it a long time ago and dragged him out.

As he gazed at the little she-devil before him, Cao Huo felt his head hurt slightly. Actually, he was very curious about why this little she-devil would be on so good terms with Yang Ye. Moreover, she even seemed to obey everything that Yang Ye said.

“Geezer, I asked you a question! The little laborer will be fine in there, right?” Bao’er was slightly worried.

Cao Huo hurriedly said with a smile, “Of course, of course. It’s an illusion formation that’s within the pagoda, so he’ll be fine even if he dies within the pagoda. As for why he still hasn’t come out, I’m not very sure as well. However, I estimate that he should be coming out soon!”

Cao Huo had just finished speaking when the symbols of the Sword Servant Pagoda flickered, and then a figure was teleported out.

“He’s out, he’s out, that Labor Disciple has come out….”

When he heard the voices of the disciples in the side, Cao Huo said with a smile, “Look, he has come out….”

Suddenly, Cao Huo’s voice stopped abruptly because the surroundings were too quiet, and that little she-devil had shot a hostile gaze at him again.

Cao Huo instinctively glanced towards the side. He noticed that everyone including the elders by his side had become extremely quiet, and they seemed as if they’d seen a ghost. Cao Huo frowned and looked towards that figure which had been teleported out, and his figure instantly froze on the spot when he saw the appearance of that person.

A strange scene had appeared outside the pagoda. The clamorous noise in the surroundings had vanished while everyone had become extremely quiet, and it was even to the extent that they could be said to be flabbergasted.

Jiang Yuan shook his head forcefully, and he opened his eyes when the dizzy feeling in his mind vanished. He was stunned as well when he saw the scene before his eyes. Everyone was looking at him, they were looking at him without even blinking, and it baffled him.

In next to no time, a brilliant smile appeared on Jiang Yuan’s face, and he thought in his heart. It’s definitely because my results are too extraordinary, and it shocked all of these people. Right, I’m a First Heaven Realm expert, and I’ve even overcome the 15th level. How could they not be shocked?

When he thought up to here, Jiang Yuan stood up, and then he walked over to Cao Huo and cupped his fist before he said, “Elder, I passed through the 15th level!”

When he spoke these words, Jiang Yuan’s voice was calm, but the pride revealed on his face was extremely obvious.

When he heard Jiang Yuan, Cao Huo finally returned to his senses. He didn’t answer Jiang Yuan, and he just gazed at the Sword Servant Pagoda as if he’d lost his soul. “How could this be possible? How could this be possible?”

“HAHA!!!!” Meanwhile, loud laughter resounded abruptly. It was none other than Elder Qian who was roaring with laughter. At the moment that he saw it was Jiang Yuan that was teleported out of the pagoda, his heart thumped violently, and now, when he heard Jiang Yuan, he’d become even more confident. At this moment, he’d used his laughter to vent the excitement in his heart.

This outcome had truly surprised everyone. Especially those elders. A Profounder at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm has arrived at the 19th level? What sort of notion is this?

Some were happy, some were shocked, some were puzzled, and some were anxious.

At this moment, Jiang Yuan was extremely puzzled. He was utterly bewildered. Because the cheers, the gazes of adoration, and the attempts to curry favor with him that he’d imagined hadn’t occurred. The elders had disregarded him, and the disciples in the surroundings shot strange gazes at him.

“Stop wondering and raise your head to look at the number on the pagoda!” Right at this moment, Qingxue that had already advanced into the First Heaven Realm had walked over to Jiang Yuan’s side and ridiculed him.

Truthfully speaking, she was extremely shocked when she saw Jiang Yuan, and just like the others, she’d thought that it was Jiang Yuan who was at the 19th level. Obviously, all of them were wrong. However, she was quickly able to come to accept it after her shock. Because compared to Jiang Yuan, she’d rather stand on Yang Ye’s side for no other reason than character alone.

Jiang Yuan didn’t mind Qingxue’s tone, and he raised his head to look at the pagoda. When he saw the two large characters ‘十九’ on the pagoda, Jiang Yuan’s eyes instantly opened wide. After that, the expression of his face was extremely colorful.

The anxious naturally referred to Liu Qingyu. At the moment he saw Jiang Yuan, he wasn’t surprised but shocked. He’d never placed his thought on Jiang Yuan, and he’d been constantly calculating how long Yang Ye was within the pagoda. Needless to say, these few days were undoubtedly torment for him, and every hour Yang Ye stayed within the pagoda was like a form of torture to him. Because the longer Yang Ye persisted, then greater his strength and potential were!

Now, it wasn’t torturing any longer, and it was a calamity!

The other disciples in the surroundings that were ranked on the Outer Court Rankings glanced at Liu Qingyu. When they saw Liu Qingyu had clenched his fists together tightly and had a gloomy expression, all of them shook their heads in their hearts. This is a perfect example of courting death.

However, this allowed all of them to understand a principle, and that was to never underestimate their enemies or give their enemies a chance. Otherwise, Liu Qingyu was the best example of the consequences.

At this moment, Liu Qingyu was filled with regret as well, extreme regret. If he knew that Yang Ye would attain such accomplishments, he would have disregarded everything to kill Yang Ye on that day. Unfortunately, it was all too late now. Not to mention whether he would be able to kill Yang Ye, so long as he dared to make a move against Yang Ye, then the elders of the Sword Sect would absolutely not spare him!

Liu Qingyu didn’t continue watching. He glanced deeply at the Sword Servant Pagoda before he turned around and left. He had no interest to know exactly what level Yang Ye ascended to now because he had to think of a way to deal with Yang Ye. Because he knew that with the enmity between the Liu Clan and Yang Ye, then if Yang Ye were to rise in strength and status within the Sword Sect, then Yang Ye would absolutely not spare his Liu Clan!

Now, he had to think about how to smother such a threat before it could mature.

After he meditated for over two hours of time at the 19th level, Yang Ye opened his tightly closed eyes, and a wisp of joy flashed in his eyes. He said, “I never expected that this battle would actually allow me to advance to the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm. Life and death battles really are beneficial!”

Yes, after the battle from before, he’d already become a Profounder at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm, and the improvement in his strength allowed him to be even more confident in his ability to deal with the Sword Servant on the next level!

Yang Ye stood up and stretched his limbs, and he nodded with satisfaction when he heard the ‘cracking’ emanated from all over his body. If he were to fight that First Heaven Realm Sword Servant from before once more, then he would definitely not use so much time to attain victory. Because not only had his cultivation improves, even his physical strength had attained an obvious increase.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to swiftly step onto the stairs towards the 20th level. Presently, he was filled with battle intent!

Yang Ye arrived at the 20th level, and he was directly stunned on the spot when he laid eyes on his opponent. After that, his eyes narrowed while his expression became even heavier than when he faced that Sword Servant at the First Heaven Realm!

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