Chapter 54 – A Terrifying Opponent

Almighty Sword Domain

The opponent before Yang Ye wasn’t a Sword Servant, but a completely pitch black rhinoceros. The rhinoceros was extremely huge. It was around 3 meters in height while its figure was around four to five times Yang Ye’s size, and it had fist sized eyes. The most striking feature it had was the two horns on its head. The horns were around an entire half a meter in length. Especially the edges and the tip of its horns, they revealed a ghastly glow that caused one’s heart to feel cold. They were like two sharp scimitars that emanated a heavy and oppressive pressure!

Besides the two horns on the rhinoceros, Yang Ye was also afraid of its pitch black scales. Its body was covered in a scale armor that was like a suit of armor, and based on its thickness, Yang Ye didn’t have to touch it to know how hard it was.

“A King Rank Darkbeast, Darkscale Rhino! This pagoda really thinks highly of me!” As he gazed at the colossus before him, Yang Ye gasped as he revealed a wisp of a bitter expression.

A First Heaven Realm expert with a strength that wasn’t overstated at all was extremely formidable, and Yang Ye had already experienced it for himself. However, a King Rank Darkbeast with a strength that wasn’t overstated at all could absolutely be described as terrifying.

After all, in the southern territory, Darkbeasts usually crushed human Profounders at the same cultivation realm. Especially if it was humans that hadn’t attained the Spirit Realm. Because a human’s physical defense couldn’t compare to a Darkbeast at all. Especially when some Darkbeasts possessed innate abilities. So, if a human fought a Darkbeast of the same cultivation realm in close quartered combat, then the human wouldn’t have any chance of winning. Of course, this excluded some top-rate monstrous geniuses.

Humans only obtained an advantage when they attained the Spirit Realm because human experts at the Spirit Realm could transform Profound Energy into wings, fly in the air, and do battle in the air. Moreover, experts at the Spirit Realm even possessed some special abilities. With these special abilities and the ability to fight in midair, they were able to avoid being disadvantaged when fighting Darkbeasts.

Now, not only did Yang Ye have to fight a Darkbeast, he had to fight one that was two cultivation realms above his own cultivation. The difficulty of accomplishing this was obvious.

Yang Ye laughed with self ridicule. That day, I dared to fight a ninth rank Darkbeast while at the seventh rank of the Mortal Realm. Now, it’s only a King Rank Darkbeast, so what’s there to be fearful of? Moreover, don’t I yearn for battle? Isn’t this colossus before me a very good opponent?

After straightening out his thinking, Yang Ye’s expression as he gazed at the rhino wasn’t bitter as it was before this, and it was extremely calm instead. However, he didn’t dare be careless. He took a deep breath, and his sword slanted downwards as the Profound Energy within his body surged madly towards his sword.

Along with the Profound Energy surging ceaselessly into the sword, not only did it become gold in color, it even emanated a faint glow. At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly focused, and he slashed the sword towards the Darkscale Rhino before him.

“Energy Split Sword Technique!” Yang Ye shouted in a fierce voice as a strand of ferocious golden sword qi shot out explosively from the top of his sword. The sword qi was like a bolt of lightning, and it arrived before the Darkscale Rhino in the time of two breaths.

At the moment Yang Ye’s sword qi shot out, the Darkscale Rhino moved as well. It didn’t dodge the sword qi, and it charged forward swiftly instead and moved to collide with the sword qi!


The golden sword qi slashed onto the rhinoceros’ head. However, not only was it not injured, it blasted Yang Ye’s sword qi apart instead. Moreover, it didn’t slow down at all as it transformed into a black shadow that smashed towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he noticed that the golden sword qi actually hadn’t affected the rhinoceros at all. Its defense is even more formidable than I’d imagined!

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think any further. He poured his Profound Energy into his sword before he tapped his right foot lightly on the ground, and then his figure soared into the sky. He held the sword in his hand and slashed it down towards the Darkscale Rhino that was charging at him.


The sword slashed onto its head, causing sparks to spray into the surroundings, and the force that came from the Darkscale Rhino itself caused Yang Ye’s face to turn grim. In the next moment, this enormous force blasted Yang Ye flying, and he flew over 10m away before he smashed heavily onto a wall.

Yang Ye disregarded the roiling vital blood in his body as he hurriedly stood up, and as soon as he did, he saw a black shadow had already arrived before him.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. Even though his physical body was formidable, how could he dare collide with a King Rank Darkbeast?

He executed Gale Step instinctively, and he moved 6m to the side to avoid colliding with the Darkscale Rhino!

However, in the next moment, the Darkscale Rhino made a strange turn and charged once more at Yang Ye.

What swift speed! What a nimble Darkbeast! Yang Ye was slightly surprised when he saw the Darkscale Rhino charge once more at him. This Darkbeast’s speed and nimbleness had exceeded his expectations. He didn’t dare be careless, and he executed the Gale Steps once more. However, he didn’t dodge this time, and he charged forward instead to meet the Darkscale Rhino in battle.

He utilized the strategy he used against the Colossal Python King in Cool Breeze Gorge. He didn’t fight it head-on, and he moved nimbly around it while seeking an opportunity to attack.

After an hour passed, not only had Yang Ye failed to gain any results, he’d almost been stabbed by the Darkscale Rhino’s horns on many occasions. Because this King Rank Darkbeast’s speed and reaction were countless times better than the Colossal Python King, and even though its figure was enormous, it wasn’t cumbersome at all.

Moreover, its defense simply caused Yang Ye to be on the verge of despair. He’d slashed countless strikes onto the Darkscale Rhino’s body, yet it hadn’t caused any harm to the Darkscale Rhino. Conversely, his arm had become numb from the force that was transmitted back to him from the collision with the Darkscale Rhino’s scales.

Sword techniques were useless against the Darkscale Rhino while entering into closed quartered combat was no different than courting death, and even moving nimbly while seeking for an opportunity to attack was fruitless. As for fighting while disregarding his life, so long as there wasn’t anything wrong with Yang Ye’s brain, he would absolutely not do that.

Formidable strength and flawless defense!

Yang Ye was really in trouble this time.

He didn’t know that while he was going through hell here, someone outside the pagoda was going through worse. That person was none other than Elder Cao Huo.

As he gazed at Bao’er who’d spread out her little hands while grinning at him, Cao Huo was in a difficult situation. He really didn’t want to give that sword chest to Bao’er because he’d exhausted numerous years of Contribution Points from the sect in order to exchange for those 36 high-grade Yellow Rank swords within the sword chest! Especially the inscription on the sword chest, he’d paid an extremely great price to hire a Talisman Master to inscribe that.

It could be said that the sword chest wasn’t just something he utilized to protect his own life, it was his entire lifetime of savings. He was truly unwilling to give it to Bao’er just like that! However, he knew that if he dared to go back on his word, then unless he left the Sword Sect, he would definitely suffer horrifying consequences!

At this moment, Cao Huo’s insides had turned green with regret. If he knew that Jiang Yuan was such a good for nothing fellow, then he wouldn’t have mentioned that bet no matter what. Now, this was a perfect example of hurting one’s self by one’s own doing!

Elder Qian was regretful as well. He regretted not accepting Cao Huo’s bet. If he’d made the bet with Cao Huo, then wouldn’t he have obtained another treasure that could protect his life?

Unfortunately, there were no pills for regret in this world, otherwise, both of them would definitely buy one!

“Geezer, stop hesitating and quickly hand over the sword chest!” Bao’er gestured and spoke with slight impatience.

Cao Huo’s expression changed indeterminately. Right when he was considering if he should flee, he heard Bao’er say. “Geezer, you wouldn’t be thinking about going back on your word, right?”

When she spoke up to here, Bao’er felt that it was very likely, and she glared at Cao Huo as she said, “I knew that no one amongst all of you geezers in the outer court is good. I’m going to tell my grandpa and ask him not to inscribe for the geezers of the outer court!”

Now, it was serious. The teasing smiles on the faces of all the other outer court elders that were watching the show had vanished, and their gazes towards Cao Huo had turned hostile.

Feng Yu said, “Brother Huo, accept your defeat. Since you lost, then give the sword chest to Bao’er. Don’t lose face for all of us outer court elders!”

“Exactly, isn’t it just a sword chest? Brother Huo, quickly hand it over. Don’t spoil the reputation of us outer court elders!”

“Brother Huo, let me tell you that if you dare to go back on your word, then don’t blame all of us for not giving you any face!”

“Exactly, exactly! Quickly hand over the sword chest. Don’t make Bao’er angry….” For a time, all the elders had started to play ‘good cop and bad cop’ in order to make Cao Huo hand over the sword chest.

Cao Huo’s expression was utterly unsightly. What do all of you mean by it’s just a sword chest? What do you mean that I’ll lose face for the outer court elders?

Cao Huo truly wanted to slap all of these shameless fellows all the way to the Grand Myriad Mountains. Aren’t all of you just afraid of the little she-devil’s grandfather? Do all of you have to speak with such righteous indignation!?

All of them chose to disregard Cao Huo’s unsightly expression! What a joke! The outer court had already given this little she-devil a bad impression in the past, and the little she-devil was someone that would blame everyone for the mistakes of a single person. Moreover, trying to talk about facts and reason with the little she-devil was absolutely impossible. So, they could only sacrifice Cao Huo!

In the end, under the hostile gazes of all the outer court elders and Bao’er, Cao Huo’s face twitched without end as he withdrew the sword chest.

The sword chest was over 1m long and two palms wide. It was extremely huge and completely pitch black, and a strange set of symbols could be seen on the front of it.

Bao’er disregarded Cao Huo’s pained expression and grinned as she received the sword chest from him. After that, she sized it up briefly before she said, “There’s nothing great about it. If it was an Earthbale Sword Formation formed from Profound Rank swords and a sword formation inscription by my grandfather, then it could be considered to be not bad.”

Before Cao Huo could say anything, she continued to strike another blow to him. “Look at this sword chest of yours. I won’t say anything about these 36 trash swords because I know that you’re poor. But I have to say something about this inscription. Look at this symbol, its markings are lax and dim. It’s obviously the work of an incompetent Talisman Master, and his technique is even inferior to my own. In short, this sword chest of yours is a piece of trash! Yet you were actually so reluctant. Bao’er looks down on you!”

Cao Huo’s was angered to the point his chest rose and fell violently. How can she say such things!

For the sake of not dying from anger, Cao Huo turned around and left.

All the other elders watched Cao Huo leave with pity, and then they glanced at Bao’er and shook their heads. They really wanted to say — Rich little girl, do you really think everyone is as rich as all of you Talisman Masters!?

However, all of them very intelligently kept their mouths shut because they might be looked down upon once more if they did speak out.

Bao’er paid no attention to Cao Huo who’d been angered to the point of leaving. She gazed at the sword chest in her hand, and her eyes glowed as she said, “Even though this sword chest is a real piece of trash, it’s not bad for the little laborer to use. Yes, once he comes out, I’ll use this sword chest in exchange for the little fellow, hehe….”

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