Chapter 55 – The 21st Level!

Almighty Sword Domain


In a moment of carelessness, Yang Ye was forced to collide head-on with the Darkscale Rhino, and the outcome was obvious. Yang Ye was blasted flying without any doubt, and then he had an intimate encounter with the wall.

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth as he quickly stood back up, and then his right leg tapped lightly on the ground. He relied on the counterforce from this to soar into the air in order to avoid the Darkscale Rhino that had already arrived before him. At the instant he avoided the Darkscale Rhino, Yang Ye took advantage of this opportunity to descend onto the back of the Darkscale Rhino.

Yang Ye didn’t let this opportunity slip by. He held his sword with both hands before his Profound Energy instantly surged into the sword, and then he swiftly stabbed it towards the Darkscale Rhino’s back!


A resounding clang reverberated through the air, and Yang Ye’s hands felt numb. He didn’t have to look to know that he’d still been unable to break through the Darkscale Rhino’s defense. Right when he intended to strike once more, the Darkscale Rhino suddenly soared into the air, and then it flipped its body in midair before descending swiftly.

Based on the current situation, the Darkscale Rhino intended to squash Yang Ye to death.

Yang Ye was horrified, He didn’t even hesitate to slap his right hand onto the Darkscale Rhino’s back, and he relied on the force from this to flash away.


The mountain-like body of the Darkscale Rhino fell to the ground, and the entire level shook as if it was an earthquake.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he sensed the violent trembling from the ground. If he was a step slower, then no matter how formidable his physical body was, he would have probably become a pile of mush!

At this moment, Yang Ye truly had a deep feeling of powerlessness. The colossus before him was simply without any flaws. It possessed formidable strength, an abnormal defense, and a speed that wasn’t weak at all. How am I supposed to fight it?

At this moment, he really wanted to ask that fellow that had passed this level about exactly how that fellow had accomplished it.

If he could rely on an external source of strength like a high-grade Strength Talisman, then Yang Ye was confident in his ability to break through the rhino’s defense. However, the problem was that he couldn’t rely on external sources of strength here, so Yang Ye truly felt slightly powerless.

Right at the moment that the Darkscale Rhino stood up, Yang Ye’s brows suddenly knit together, and then for some unknown reason, his eyes had suddenly lit up. Right after that, he revealed an annoyed expression and said, “Little Fellow, why didn’t you say so earlier!?”

As he spoke, Yang Ye charged swiftly, and he transformed into a gale that charged towards the Darkscale Rhino that had just stood up.

Yes, just moments ago, the little fellow who was sleeping within his Vortex Dantian had woken up. After that, the little fellow told him about the Darkscale Rhino’s weakness. This caused Yang Ye to feel both delighted and depressed. He was delighted because he finally had hope of defeating the Darkscale Rhino, and he depressed because the unreliable little fellow had actually only told him now. If the little fellow had told him just a bit earlier, then would he have fallen into such a sorry state?

However, he didn’t have the time to deal with the little fellow now. He only had a single thought now, and it was to defeat this King Rank Darkbeast!

Yang Ye raised his speed to the limit. At the moment the Darkscale Rhino had just stood up, Yang Ye had already arrived before it. The Darkscale Rhino’s reaction towards this wasn’t slow at all. Its enormous figure immediately shot out violently towards Yang Ye, and it pressed down towards Yang Ye like an enormous mountain.

Right at the moment that they were about to collide, Yang Ye’s legs bent as he suddenly knelt down to the ground, and he slid on the ground beneath the Darkscale Rhino. Yang Ye didn’t dare miss this opportunity, and he held the sword that was suffused with a golden glow as he suddenly raised it up towards the Darkscale Rhino’s stomach!


The tip of the sword pierced through the Darkscale Rhino’s skin. However, Yang Ye didn’t even have the chance to feel happy when he noticed the tip of the sword was unable to move deeper at all, and the Darkscale Rhino actually intended to leap into the air to escape his sword.

Yang Ye was shocked, and he didn’t dare hesitate. The Profound Energy within his entire body surged towards the sword like a torrent, and then he utilized all his strength to suddenly spin the sword in his hand!


This time, his sword wasn’t obstructed again. It penetrated through the Darkscale Rhino’s stomach until only the hilt of the sword remained outside. Moreover, at this moment, the Darkscale Rhino’s body had just leaped into the air, but it was a bit too late.

The Darkscale Rhino’s body vanished slowly. As he watched it vanish, Yang Ye lay on the ground, and he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead as he said in his heart, What luck!

Yes, this victory could truly be considered as luck. If it wasn’t for the little fellow telling him about the Darkscale Rhino’s weak point, then besides admitting defeat, he wouldn’t have any other option. Moreover, this weak point of the Darkscale Rhino couldn’t really be considered as a weak point because his golden Profound Energy and the physical strength in his entire body were merely able to pierce through its skin. Needless to say, if his strength and speed were slightly inferior, then he would probably be squashed into mush!

After experiencing this battle, Yang Ye understood many things. Firstly, physical strength and defense were extremely important. Earlier, if his own physical strength wasn’t formidable, then his body would have probably fallen apart from a single collision with the Darkscale Rhino, and it would be impossible for him to attain victory. So, Yang Ye had decided that he would definitely train his body. With the golden Profound Energy, he believed that in terms of the improvement of physical defense and strength, he would be able to gain twice the result with half the effort!

The second thing he understood was that speed wasn’t almighty. At the very least, it wasn’t really effective against Darkbeasts. Just like the Darkscale Rhino from before. His speed was already extremely swift, and he was able to execute a few tens of strikes against the Darkscale Rhino within a breath of time. However, it was useless! He was unable to break through the Darkscale Rhino’s defense no matter how many strikes he executed with the sword.

So, he still had to improve his strength because only when an even stronger strength was combined with speed would it be able to pose a threat to Darkbeasts, otherwise, if he went against a King Rank Darkbeast, then he could only suffer a beating!

The third thing he understood was that he wasn’t skilled enough in the utilization of techniques. His Energy Split Sword Technique hadn’t been able to affect the Sword Servant at the 19th level or the Darkscale Rhino at all. Of course, it couldn’t be said that the technique was weak because he’d witnessed exactly how formidable the Energy Split Sword Technique was when Su Qingshi executed it.

He presently possessed five types of techniques, the Basic Sword Technique, Energy Split Sword Technique, Sword Control Technique, Sword Qi Finger, and Gale Steps. One of them was at the Earth Rank, one was at the mid-grade of the Profound Rank, and another was a high-grade Yellow Rank technique. It could be said that the quality of his techniques wasn’t low. However, besides the Basic Sword Technique, he didn’t possess high attainments in the others, and he could only be considered to have learned their basics.

All along the way, if he hadn’t cultivated the Basic Sword Technique to the point it was like a part of his instinct, and if he didn’t rely on these high ranked techniques, then he would have definitely been eliminated from the pagoda a long time ago.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye took a deep breath and laughed bitterly as he said, Looks like I still have many inadequacies! According to rumor, the geniuses amongst geniuses are ranked on the Ascension Ranking. With my current strength, I would probably be like an ant to them!

Yang Ye had never underestimated the southern territory’s Ascension Rankings. Yang Ye didn’t know how many people resided in the entire southern territory, but he was clearly aware of a single thing. There were definitely countless monstrous geniuses in the southern territory. If he desired to become eminent amongst those monstrous geniuses and fight his way into the top five, then the difficulty to accomplish it was absolutely unimaginable for him.

He’d already bragged, and he’d even said that to a beauty. So, if he couldn’t accomplish it, then not only would he lose his Dao Companion, he would lose face as well. So, he had to be harsh and strict towards himself.

Only with pressure is there motivation! Yang Ye smiled and stopped thinking about the future. Now, he ought to face the difficulties before him. There was a King Rank Darkbeast at the 20th level, so how terrifying would the 21st level be? Would he stop at the 21st level just like that genius from the last Outer Court Exam?

Yang Ye didn’t think about it any longer. He had to recover his Profound Energy now. He wasn’t confident in his ability to deal with the next level, but he wouldn’t give up. No matter what, he wanted to give it a try, and even if it was a Spirit Rank Darkbeast, he would still give it a try!

Four days had already passed since the Outer Court Exam began, yet not only had the people outside the pagoda not reduced in number, more and more people were converging here instead.

Especially when the news of a Labor Disciple at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm ascending to the 20th level had spread. It wasn’t just the Outer Court Disciples that converged outside the Sword Servant Pagoda, even some Labor Disciples from Labor Peak had come over.

Yang Ye was still a Labor Disciple now, and a Labor Disciple had shocked the entire Sword Sect. As Labor Disciples as well, those Labor Disciples on Labor Peak were even more excited than the other outer court disciples.

The elders of the Sword Sect didn’t drive those Labor Disciples away because that freak within the Sword Servant Pagoda was a Labor Disciple himself.

Something worthy of mentioning was that since everyone found out that the person within the Sword Servant Pagoda was Yang Ye, some people within the sect started speaking of Yang Ye as a role model of the sect.

They had reason to make Yang Ye a role model. For example, Yang Ye was from an impoverished family, had endured hardships since a young age, hadn’t given up even when he was reduced to a Labor Disciple, and so on and so forth. In short, everything bad about Yang Ye in the past had become extremely meaningful at this moment.

Moreover, Elder Qian was praised by all the disciples for possessing insightful eyes to discern a genius, and Elder Qian beamed from ear to ear when he heard this.

Presently, everyone outside the Sword Servant Pagoda was watching if Yang Ye would be able to break the record from the last Outer Court Exam and create a new record.

Under everyone’s gazes of anticipation, Yang Ye opened his eyes on the 20th level, and then he stepped foot onto the 21st level!

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