Chapter 545 – The Battle Begins!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he appeared here, the mountain within their fields of vision which was originally where the ruins resided had just vanished into thin air. This scene caused all of them to feel even more certain that Yang Ye had obtained the inheritance of Saint Liu Yun. In other words, all the treasures of Saint Liu Yun had fallen into Yang Ye’s hands!

Besides An Nanjing’s group, practically every other profounder in the surroundings gazed at Yang Ye with a hostile gaze. Moreover, the devil race, Divine Gold Dragon Clan, and Luo Jun’s groups revealed undisguised killing intent in their eyes.

They didn’t want to interfere in the enmity between Yang Ye and Luo Jun, but how could they be willing to let Yang Ye take possession of all the treasures?

However, out of consideration for the strength Yang Ye had revealed just now, no one dared to step forward and be the first to attack!

Yang Ye chuckled as he gazed at them, and then the Ninth Hell Swordwings appeared on his back. At the same time, the Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning appeared by his sides.

Next, he stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion before Void Flash appeared in his right palm. Yang Ye walked forward slowly with Void Flash in his hand, and every single step he took would cause a level of fierce Sword Intent to erupt from within him. 8th level Sword Intent was raging through the surroundings after Yang Ye had taken 8 steps forward, and many were pressures by the Sword Intent to the point they didn’t even dare look him in the eye.

Yang Ye stopped, glanced at the independent cultivators, and said, “This battle today is to settle enmity between me and Luo Jun. If all of you dare to interfere, then I’ll definitely pay a visit to all your clans and sects if I survive the battle. At that time, I’ll slaughter every single member of your clans and sects. If I do die, don’t get happy as well because there’ll be others to help me do it!”

The expressions of those independent cultivators changed when they heard Yang Ye. They were staying here because they intended to take advantage of the situation, but many of them had the intention to retreat when they heard Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s strength was beyond doubt, and sects and clans without Monarch Realm experts were simply like lamb waiting to be slaughtered by him. They had practically no strength to resist!

Even though Saint Liu Yun’s treasures were tempting, one needed to be alive to enjoy them!

Many independent cultivators had left, but there were many who stayed behind. Because the temptation of those treasures had made them chose to stay behind and take a risk!

An independent cultivator stepped forward and gazed at Yang Ye as he said, “Yang Ye, all of us came here from far away for Saint Liu Yun’s treasures, yet you’ve taken them all. Aren’t you afraid that it’ll be too much for you? Allow me to be frank, hand over a portion of the treasures to us, and we’ll leave immediately and avoid interfering in the enmity between Luo Jun and you, alright?”

Many other independent cultivators hurriedly chimed in when they heard him.

“Who do you think you are?” Yang Ye grunted coldly and flicked with his finger. A strand of sword qi shot forward violently, and that independent cultivator hadn’t even been able to react before it shot through the center of his forehead. His figure crashed to the ground on the spot.

Clamorous noise resounded as countless independent cultivators gazed at Yang Ye with rage and fear. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually kill right away. So, while they were furious, they felt even more terror. Because that independent cultivator had been an Exalt Realm expert, yet such an expert hadn’t even been able to resist a single attack from Yang Ye!

Many independent cultivators didn’t even hesitate to turn around and leave, and it wasn’t long before only a little over 10 of them remained.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he paid no further attention to them. He looked at the members of the devil race and Divine Gold Dragon Clan instead before he said, “Looks like all of you intend to attack and steal from me? That gold dragon over there! Yes, I’m talking to you! Have you forgotten what your Dragon Emperor told you? Didn’t he tell you not to look for trouble with me?”

The robust man had quite an unsightly expression on his face, and then he grunted coldly and said, “I’m naturally clearly aware of the Dragon Emperor’s instructions, so there’s no need for you to make noise about it. You should be more concerned about the current situation you’re in. Let me see if you’re able to survive if Monarch Realm experts don’t interfere in the battle!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced up into the sky and said, “Take a good look. It’s your Divine Gold Dragon Clan that’s looking for trouble with me. I won’t hold back when I slaughter dragons later!”

“Slaughter them if you have the ability.” The Dragon Emperor’s voice resounded from high above in the sky.

Yang Ye laughed coldly, and then a strand of killing intent flashed through his eyes as he glanced at the members of the demon and devil race.

“Alright, Yang Ye, you’ve shown off enough!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun who’d been silent until now said, “There’s only a single path left before you. Hand over the World Portrait to me, allow me to place a restriction on your soul, and submit to me so that I’ll allow you to live. Otherwise, today will be the day of your death. Trust me, no one can save you today!”

Yang Ye’s gaze swept past Luo Jun’s group, and then he smiled. “Luo Jun, you’re really so sad because your confidence comes from others and not yourself. I truly don’t quite understand why the heavens would choose you to be the Mortal Emperor? Just take a look at yourself. Do you think you’re worthy of commanding all territories?”

“What? Since when have you, Yang Ye, liked to engage in a dispute of words?” said Luo Jun in an indifferent tone.

Yang Ye smiled. “Right, it’s truly meaningless to waste my breath on you. Since it’s like that, then bring it on! Oh, so will you be choosing your subordinates in succession to fight one-on-one battles with me or will you be choosing to let them besiege me at once? I think you’ll definitely not dare to carry out one-on-one battles with me. Hahaha!”

Yang Ye roared fearlessly with laughter while his eyes were filled with disdain as he looked at Luo Jun’s group. It was like all of them were lambs waiting to be slaughtered by him!

“What exactly does he intend to do!?” Yin Xuan’er gazed at Yang Ye and was slightly angry. “Is he infuriating Luo Jun’s group on purpose?”

An Nanjing said, “He has aroused killing intent. Luo Jun wants to kill him, and he wants to kill Luo Jun as well.”

But Luo Jun has over 20 extraordinary experts standing behind him!” Yin Xuan’er said, “Practically every single one of them can go against 10 others in the same realm of cultivation. Does he really think that he’s invincible?”

An Nanjing said, “Just watch. Since he dared to come out here and face Luo Jun, then he’s definitely confident in his ability!” However, a wisp of worry had still flashed through her eyes because not to mention that Yang Ye was all alone, it was impossible to resist all of those experts even if she joined forced with Yang Ye. After all, those ninth rank Exalt Realm experts weren’t ordinary independent cultivators that Yang Ye could kill with a swing of his sword.

Luo Jun shook his head and said, “Yang Ye, I’m truly unable to figure out why you’re still so confident until now? Or perhaps you think the Demon Emperor can save you? To tell you the truth, the experts of my Exalted Han Empire are prepared to stop the Demon Emperor. So, you don’t have any backing now, understand?”

Yang Ye said, “Do you think that I’m you and would need backing for everything? Cut the crap! Give all of your dogs the command to attack!”

Luo Jun’s face became cold, and he said, “I want him dead!”

All of the experts behind and by Luo Jun’s sides flashed towards Yang Ye.

They were swift like bolts of lightning while their auras were powerful like dragons. Even the expression of a figure like An Nanjing would change in the face of 20 extraordinary experts like these!

A wisp of a ferocious expression surged onto Yang Ye’s face while he watched them flash towards him.

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