Chapter 546 – A Flaw In The Mortal Emperor Armor! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye took a step forward. In an instant, the figures of all those extraordinary experts had frozen on the spot, and then their expressions changed drastically as shock appeared in their eyes.

“Mince!” Yang Ye stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion. Countless rays of light flashed throughout an area of around 1km around him. The rays of light crisscrossed and interweaved together, causing the 20 extraordinary experts within his Sword Domain to be astounded and hurriedly join forces against the rays of light.

“It’s the Sword Domain! It’s the energy of a Domain!” Countless profounders in the surroundings felt extremely shocked as they gazed at those extraordinary experts who seemed to be surrounded by rays of light that seemed to have come from a sword. This included those members of the devil race and Divine Gold Dragon Clan, all of them revealed astounded expressions as well. Never had they imagined that Yang Ye didn’t just possess 8th level Sword Intent, he’d even comprehend the legendary Sword Domain!

“No wonder he dared to face Luo Jun’s forces on his own!” Mo Xuan had a solemn expression on his face.

That robust man from the Divine Gold Dragon Clan clenched his fists tightly while an extremely solemn expression filled his eyes. He wasn’t able to maintain his calm any longer when he recalled what Yang Ye had said just now. Should we retreat or stay here to take advantage of the situation?

An Nanjing and the others heaved sighs of relief instead. An Nanjing was very well aware of how terrifying Yang Ye’s Sword Domain was. Even if Yang Ye couldn’t win, his Sword Domain guaranteed that he would be able to escape.

After Yang Ye activated his Sword Domain, those independent cultivators who’d stayed behind just now hadn’t hesitated to turn around and leave immediately. They’d only stayed here because they felt that Yang Ye would definitely die. But at this moment, they didn’t know whether Yang Ye would die, all they knew was that Yang Ye was absolutely capable of killing all of them before he died. So, they hadn’t hesitated to turn around and leave immediately!

No matter how tempting the treasures were, those treasures would be worthless to them if they were dead!

Luo Jun’s countenance turned ghastly pale when he saw his strongest subordinates being trapped within the Sword Domain. He’d thought that he’d thought very highly of Yang Ye’s strength, but reality told him that he’d really underestimated Yang Ye’s strength instead, and it would make him pay a painful price. Because two leaders of the 10 regiments had already been annihilated within the Sword Domain!

The 3 Monarch Realm experts in the air were watching the battle on the ground below.

The Grand Elder of the devil race and the Dragon Emperor instantly revealed mocking expressions when they saw Yang Ye reveal the Sword domain. Even though Yang Ye was a human, Yang Ye was a sword enemy of Luo Jun’s. So, Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t a bad thing to the demon race and devil race, and it was a good thing instead. Because they could watch as the humans killed each other!

In any case, it was beneficial to them regardless of whether it was the Sword Emperor or Mortal Emperor who died in the battle!

On the other hand, Luo Tian’s face was gloomy. He hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye had actually concealed his strength so well. The Sword Domain…. The Sword Domain! Only the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor was able to comprehend it all those years ago, but someone has comprehended it again 10,000 years later. All those years ago, the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor made my Exalted Han Empire pay a horrible price. Is history about to be repeated?No! Yang Ye must die right now!

Luo Tian slowly clenched his right fist. Right at this moment, the Demon Emperor suddenly appeared here. Luo Tian’s expression changed upon noticing the Demon Emperor, and he laughed coldly. “Demon Emperor, what a coincidence!”

The Demon Emperor glanced at Luo Tian and said indifferently, “If I still didn’t come, then someone might act shamelessly against a junior of mine!”

“Demon Emperor! Yang Ye is a human!” Luo Tian gritted his teeth and spoke in a low voice.

The Demon Emperor chuckled and said, “Luo Tian, is that important?”

Luo Tian’s face turned gloomy, and he remained silent for a short while before he laughed coldly. “Then let’s just continue watching. I refuse to believe that his Sword Domain has arrived at a point that it can render him invincible!”

The Demon Emperor didn’t pay any attention to Luo Tian. He turned around to look at the Dragon Emperor before he said, “Dragon Emperor, I know you’re displeased that Yang Ye killed one of the members of your clan. However, if you don’t want even more Divine Gold Dragons to be killed, then it’s best if you order those kids below to immediately return to the demon territory. Moreover, don’t think of acting against Yang Ye!”

The Dragon Emperor’s expression changed, and he said, “Demon Emperor, are you threatening me?” Even though he was the Demon Emperor of the entire demon territory, it didn’t represent that he could truly control the entire demon territory. At the very least, the four divine beast clans refused to acknowledge the Spatial Mink Clan’s leadership.

“That’s all I’ll say!” The Demon Emperor said, “It’s your problem whether you listen to me or not!” The Demon Emperor hadn’t forgotten that Yang Ye possessed another form of extraordinary backing. Even though the Undertaker had never stepped forward to help Yang Ye, the Demon Emperor believed that the Undertaker would definitely not stand by idly if Yang Ye was really in danger!

After that, that person had no clansmen or responsibilities, and with his terrifying strength, he was absolutely not someone that any race could afford to offend.

The Dragon Emperor grunted coldly and didn’t speak further.

On the ground below.

Four ninth rank Exalt Realm experts had perished within the Sword Domain, whereas, the remaining 16 experts didn’t dare hold back at all. All of them revealed all their abilities, and they’d been able to resist the attacks of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain.

“We can’t allow this to continue!” The Pavilion Master of the Dark Pavilion spoke in a low voice. They’d severely underestimated Yang Ye’s strength. Moreover, they could even be said to have looked down upon him. Because as far as they were concerned, the joint forces of the 20 of them was even capable of crushing the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect at such a realm of cultivation. After all, Yang Ye was only at the Exalt Realm!

However, they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye had already comprehended the Sword Domain of legend. It had caught them off guard, and it actually caused the deaths of a few of their companions. Besides feeling furious and embarrassed by this, it made them reevaluate Yang Ye’s strength.

The Shadow Pavilion’s Master said, “Let’s join forces and strike a single point to destroy the Sword Domain!”



Right when they were about to strike the same point, a wisp of a ferocious expression arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. At the same time, Lag appeared in his right hand while Void Flash resided in his left. Yang Ye suddenly swung Lag before he swung Void Flash, and then the head of one of the leaders of the 10 regiments had soundlessly left his body!

The expressions of the others within the Sword Domain changed drastically!

Yang Ye swung both the swords again, and then the head of another expert in the Sword Domain flew off into the air.

“Both of his swords are Dao Artifacts. Gather around and stand with your backs against each other and help each other!” The Dark Pavilion’s Master was astounded and spoke hastily.

The others didn’t hesitate to gather together when they heard him. Right at this moment, the pupils of the Shadow Pavilion’s Master constricted abruptly because the tip of a sword had appeared before his forehead. He was just about to evade when he felt his surroundings suddenly stop for a moment. The Shadow Pavilion’s Master was horrified. Right at this critical moment, a dagger struck the tip of the sword, causing it to be deviated to the side.

The Dark Pavilion’s Master withdrew his dagger, and he gazed at Yang Ye as he said in a low voice, “His sword is very mysterious. We must be careful!”

The Shadow Pavilion’s Master took a deep breath and said, “We’ll be in a terribly passive position if we allow this to continue. We must destroy the Sword Domain, otherwise, we’ll be crushed sooner or later!”

“Let’s join forces and destroy it!” The Shadow Pavilion’s Master spoke in a low voice.

The others nodded and were just about to strike a single point together when their entire bodies suddenly felt free. The energy of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain had vanished, and it made them feel astounded. Yang Ye removed the Sword Domain?

“Shit!” Right at this moment, the Dark Pavilion’s Master was astounded.

All of the others looked towards Yang Ye, and they saw an enormous sword formed from Natural Treasures floating in the air in front of Yang Ye. Even though they hadn’t witnessed its might, their intuition told them that it was terrifying to the extreme. All of them seemed as if they were facing a great opponent.

“Watch out! Dodge it! Quickly!” Meanwhile, Luo Run roared furiously. He’d personally witnessed the might of this attack. Even a member of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, a member of the Dragon Race that possessed terrifying physical defense had been forced to activate his Divine Dragon Armor. So, how could Luo Jun’s subordinates possibly resist the might of this attack?

“It’s too late now!” A wisp of a ferocious smile appeared on Yang Ye’s pale face. The enormous sword in front of him shot forward like a bolt of lightning, and it instantly arrived before the Dark Pavilion’s Master and the others.

All of their expressions changed drastically, and the Dark Pavilion’s Master hurriedly shouted. “It’s too late to evade it. Join forces to resist it!” As he spoke, he slapped his palm forward and executed the Spatial Cage technique.

The others hurriedly nodded and quickly created spatial cages as well.

The enormous sword was instantly frozen in midair when facing the overlapped spatial cages of over 10 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts. The space around the enormous sword was impregnable like a fortress, and it caused the enormous sword to be unable to move in the slightest.

All of them instantly heaved sighs of relief.

Yang Ye’s face fell instead. He wanted to utilize both the Sword Domain and Sword of Elements at once, but regardless of which technique it was, both of them exhausted too much profound energy. Even if he possessed extreme-grade energy stones, they were far from sufficient to let him execute both these techniques at once!

“Die!” Right at this moment, the Dark Pavilion’s Master flashed over to Yang Ye, and a dagger carried countless rays of cold light as it swept towards Yang Ye.

The others flashed towards Yang Ye as well because this was the best opportunity to kill Yang Ye, and they naturally refused to miss such an opportunity.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as he waved his right hand, and then 12 Gold Guards appeared and instantly surrounded the Dark Pavilion’s Master. The Dark Pavilion’s Master’s expression changed, and he was just about to retreat when a figure flashed over, and then his eyes opened wide with disbelief before fresh blood slowly seeped out from his chest!”

“These shoes really are great!” Yang Ye gazed at the shoes on his feet before he waved his right hand, and then the Dark Pavilion’s Master’s corpse was placed in the space within the ancient sheathe. After that, Yang Ye looked towards the next ninth rank Exalt Realm expert who was charging towards him, and then a wisp of a savage smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. He suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then his figure vanished on the spot. He was already behind that expert when he appeared once more, and that expert fell slowly to the ground.

When they saw the 12 Gold Guards Yang Ye summoned had instantly killed 2 leaders from the 10 regiments, the faces of Luo Jun and the 12 remaining Exalt Realm experts turned gloomy.

“Ignore those 12 golden freaks and kill Yang Ye first!” The Shadow Pavilion’s Master shouted in a grim tone, and then he stretched his hand towards Yang Ye and executed the Spatial Cage Technique.

At the same time, the others did the same!

The space around Yang Ye instantly froze, and Yang Ye’s figure which had just started moving was frozen on the spot as well.

“Die!” Right at this moment, Luo Jun suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye, and the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand stabbed straight through the spatial barriers and stabbed towards Yang Ye’s back.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he activated the Mortal Emperor Armor, and then a layer of golden scales appeared around him.

However, the Mortal Emperor Sword wasn’t obstructed at all when it stabbed the Mortal Emperor Armor, and it just pierced through the armor and stabbed through the spot where Yang Ye’s Dantian resided!

“Are you aware of the Mortal Emperor Armor’s only flaw? Its only flaw is that its effects are negated by the Mortal Emperor Sword. Just die you fool!” Luo Jun’s complacent and frenzied voice resounded from behind Yang Ye.

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