Chapter 555 – Unexpected Turn of Events!

Almighty Sword Domain

The southern territory.

At this moment, the Sword Sect was surrounded by the forces of the Origin School, Ghost Sect, Flower Palace, and Brightmoon Sect. If it wasn’t for the assistance of the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire, then the Sword Sect would have probably been conquered by now.

In the sky, Yuan Tian had his hands behind his back while three elders of the Flower Palace, the Sect Master of the Ghost Sect, and the Brightmoon Sect’s Master stood in front of him.

Yuan Tian said, “Elder Qian, are you sure that Yang Ye will definitely die?”

Qian Huagu had a gloomy expression on her face as she said, “He’s dead for sure. The Mortal Emperor has gathered over 20 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts to deal with him. Moreover, at least 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts of the Exalted Hand Empire have been dispatched as well. So it would be impossible to protect that little bastard even if Xiao Tianji and the Demon Emperor try to save him!”

“Hehehe….” The Ghost King laughed gloomily and said, “What extravagance! 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts. Looks like Yang Ye has even made the Exalted Han Empire feel threatened, otherwise, it’s impossible for it to dispatch 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts to deal with him and even offend the Demon Emperor!”

“The Exalted Han Empire doesn’t want another existence like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor to appear in the world!” It was the Brightmoon Sect’s Master who spoke those words, and his name was Kuang Yue. He didn’t want to participate in the enmity between Yang Ye and the Exalted Han Empire, but he had no choice when facing a colossus like the Exalted Han Empire. Even the Brightmoon Sect had no other choice because it was too weak!

Yuan Tian nodded slightly and said, “Once Yang Ye is dead, the Mortal Emperor will be able to obtain the World Portrait, and then the Mortal Emperor’s army would instantly arrive at the southern territory. At that time, the Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire would be nothing worth worrying about. Even if Yang Ye survives, so long as we conquer the Sword Sect and capture both his women and younger sister, then it would still end in his death!”

“Leave his women to me!” Qian Huagu had quite a ferocious expression on her face as she said, “He destroyed my Flower Palace’s Grave of Flowers that day. I’m going to make his women suffer endless torture. Haha! Actually, I don’t want Yang Ye to die right now because I want him to watch as his women are tortured and humiliated to death, and I want to watch the helplessness on his face.”

Yuan Tian glanced at Qian Huagu while a trace of coldness arose in their hearts. The Flower Palace truly wishes for nothing more than make Yang Ye suffer the most unimaginable torture!

Right at this moment, Yuan Tian suddenly looked towards the distance before a cold glow flashed through his eyes, and he said, “The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor really refuse to just leave!”

Space fluctuated before the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor appeared before Yuan Tian and the others.

There was resentment in Qian Huagu’s eyes when she saw the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor. If it weren’t for the two of them, the Sword Sect would have been destroyed over 10 times by now!

“Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor, Yang Ye’s fate is sealed. Once the World Portrait falls into the Mortal Emperor’s hands, then your Grand Qin Empire and Beast Empire will be annihilated in an instant. Now, both of you only have one last chance. Submit to the Mortal Emperor, allow the southern territory to be united, and allow the Mortal Emperor to obtain the Faith Energy of the southern territory. In that way, perhaps you’ll be able to preserve your bloodlines. Otherwise, hmph!” Qian Huagu spoke in a low voice.

The Founding Emperor glanced at them and said, “The thing I regret the most is that I didn’t risk everything and annihilate all of your sects after the destruction of the Shang Dynasty!”

“Stop talking big!” Yuan Tian grinned and said, “Founding Emperor, even though your Grand Qin Empire’s overall strength is superior to us, while we wouldn’t be able to destroy your Grand Qin Empire with our joint forces, it’s definitely possible for us to cripple your empire. Moreover, the Darkbeast Empire was eying your Grand Qin Empire with hostility at that time. So, it wasn’t that you didn’t annihilate us, but you didn’t dare to!”

The Founding Emperor said, “Yuan Tian, you’re the master of a sect at any rate. I really can’t figure out why you’re so willing to be Luo Jun’s dog?”

Yuan Tian smiled. “My actions of siding with the Mortal Emperor conform with the will of the world. How could I be considered to be his dog? Moreover, once the Mortal Emperor has conquered the southern territory, we won’t just be able to continue our inheritance in the southern territory, we’ll even be able to establish our sects in the central territory and the other territories. At that time, I’ll become the greatest Sect Master in the history of my Origin School!”

“Hehe! Yuan Tian is right!” Meanwhile, the Ghost King said, “Founding Emperor, all of you refuse to obey the will of the heavens and insist on defying the heavens. The consequences of that will probably be very horrible! Hahaha!”

Meanwhile, Qian Huagu suddenly said, “There’s no need to continue. We’re people of different beliefs, so there’s no common ground to understand each other. Let’s just annihilate the Sword Sect first!”

“Do you think you can do it just because you want to?” The Beast Emperor spoke with disdain.

Qian Huagu laughed coldly and said, “Beast Emperor, the amount of Monarch Realm experts on both our sides are almost the same. However, the joint forces of our four sects surpass your forces when it comes to Exalt Realm experts. Unless both of you are willing to dispatch all the elites of your Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire, otherwise, the Sword Sect will definitely be destroyed today!”

“They won’t dispatch all their elites for the Sword Sect’s sake!” Meanwhile, the Ghost King chuckled. “If Yang Ye was still alive and obtained the World Portrait, then I believe that they would definitely stop at nothing to protect the Sword Sect. Unfortunately, Yang Ye is dead, so it isn’t beneficial for them to continue helping the Sword Sect. So, they won’t be willing to suffer losses in order to protect the Sword Sect!”

The Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor fell silent.

Yuan Tian and the others laughed coldly without end!

A short moment passed before the Beast Emperor stretched out his hand and waved it. A command token shot into space as he said, “All Darkbeasts at the Exalt Rank within the Grand Myriad Mountains are to come to the Sword Sect. Those who disobey shall be punished with death!”

The expressions on the faces of Yuan Tian and the others changed! They hadn’t expected that the Beast Emperor would actually be so resolute and still dare to protect the Sword Sect at a time like this!

The Founding Emperor took a long glance at the Beast Emperor before he waved his right hand, and then a decree flew towards the Grand Qin Empire. At the same time, his voice appeared throughout the entire Grand Qin Empire. “All military officers of the Grand Qin Empire who are at the Exalt Realm, put aside everything you’re doing and come immediately to the Sword Sect. The price of disobedience is the annihilation of nine generations!”

“Good! Very good!” Qian Huagu’s face was livid with rage, and she said, “Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor! Since both of you want to send your forces to death, then we’ll fulfil your wishes.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Situ Hai appeared here, and 10,000 Spirit Realm experts appeared along with him.

The Souleater Corps! Both the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor’s expressions changed slightly when they saw those 10,000 Spirit Realm experts. They would naturally not be afraid if it were just 10,000 ordinary Spirit Realm experts. But these were no ordinary Spirit Realm experts. All of them had been painstakingly fostered by the Exalted Han Empire. Even though there was only 10,000 of them, their strength was definitely comparable to a few hundred Exalt Realm experts!

Situ Hai didn’t hesitate or waste his breath at all. “Kill!”

The wings on the backs of those 10,000 Spirit Realm experts flapped, and they flew towards the Sword Sect on the ground below.

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