Chapter 556 – Rebellion!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Sword Sect.

It had practically no strength to resist the siege of four sects. Besides its main peak, the Sword Sect had lost all the other peaks.

At this moment, it had truly suffered heavy losses, and even if it were to survive this attack, it was utterly impossible for the Sword Sect to recover without over a hundred years of time.

Su Qingshi led the members of the Sword Sect to stand outside Sky Hall. Xiao Yuxi, Yang Yao, and Lu Wan’er were on her left while the disciples of the Sword Sect were standing behind them. However, there were only a few thousand disciples there, and most of them were injured.

“The grand formation won’t be able to hold on for long. Sect Master, should… should we surrender?” Meanwhile, one of the elders spoke abruptly.

Many disciples of the Sword Sect immediately glared angrily at that elder, but even more of them remained silent.

Su Qingshi turned around to look at that elder, yet that elder didn’t dare meet her gaze and lowered his head slightly. Su Qingshi glanced at the other disciples of the Sword Sect for a while before she said, “Even though all of you are disciples of the Sword Sect, all of you have the right to choose. If you want to leave, then feel free to do so. I won’t stop any one of you. However, if the Sword Sect survives this attack, then all of you will cease to be disciples of the Sword Sect and will be forbidden from utilizing any techniques that you’ve learned from the Sword Sect, otherwise, I’ll definitely kill you no matter where you run!”

All of them fell silent.

Quite some time passed before that elder who spoke earlier stepped forward, and then he sighed slightly. “Qingshi, I watched you grow up, but I don’t want to see you making the same mistake over and over again, and I can’t allow you to lead the Sword Sect to its destruction. Truthfully speaking, the Origin School’s members have contacted me, and they promised to spare the Sword Sect if we surrender. So, Qingshi, hand over the position of Sect Master!”

“Han Yu! You actually colluded with the enemy!” One of the elders shouted furiously.

A small group of disciples were exasperated as well.

“Elder Yu Heng, Elder Qing He, Elder Tie Jian, 2 out of the 3 strongest Exalt Realm experts of our Sword Sect are injured while the last one is dead. Besides that, we have less than 50 other Exalt Realm profounders. On the other hand, the joint forces of the 4 sects possess a few hundred Exalt Realm profounders at least. Qingshi, why don’t you tell me how we should fight them?” said Han Yu.

“Do you really think the Origin School and the others will spare us?” Qing He spoke furiously. “Even if the Origin School agreed to spare us, would the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace do the same? They are sworn enemies of our sect, so do you really think that they would spare us?”

Han Yu said indifferently, “They only want the lives of those related to Yang Ye!”

“How audacious!” Qing He drew his sword and pointed it at Han Yu as he said, “Han Yu, are you trying to hand the Sect Master over to the enemy? Aren’t you afraid of the previous Sect Master’s wrath?”

“He won’t be able to return!” Han Yu spoke in a low voice.

Qing He was exasperated, and he was just about to attack when Su Qingshi rubbed her bulging belly before taking a glance at the remaining members of the Sword Sect. She said, “How many of you are of the same mind as Elder Han?”

After a moment of silence, some of the disciples walked over to Han Yu’s side, and then more and more gradually went over to his side. It wasn’t long before less than a thousand disciples were standing on Su Qingshi’s side. Moreover, 35 of the 50 Exalt Realm experts here had stood by Han Yu’s side.

“All of you have no intention to leave and want me to step down from my position instead, right?” Su Qingshi spoke indifferently.

“Sect Master, please step down!” Han Yu bowed slightly to Su Qingshi. He didn’t dare to leave no room to maneuver as he still wanted to leave a way out for himself. Otherwise, he would have forced Su Qingshi to step down a long time ago.

“Sect Master, please step down!”

All the disciples behind Han Yu bowed slightly to Su Qingshi and spoke in unison.

“Sister-In-Law!” Little Yao revealed a fearful expression as she held tightly onto Su Qingshi’s hand and said, “Don’t worry. Big... Big Brother will return. Once he does, he’ll definitely kill all of these rascals who bullied you!”

Su Qingshi grinned as she rubbed Little Yao’s head.

The expressions of those disciples standing behind Han Yu changed when they heard Little Yao. Yang Ye was naturally not someone unfamiliar to them. Even though Yang Ye was only at the Spirit Realm, even Han Yu didn’t dare say that he was confident in his ability to defeat Yang Ye! Most importantly, Yang Ye had the backing of a Monarch Realm expert!

Would he let us go if we force his wife and younger sister to death?When they thought up to this point, many of them started to reveal hesitance.

Han Yu’s face changed slightly when he noticed that, and he hurriedly said, “Yang Ye won’t be able to return anymore.”

“That’s nonsense!” Little Yao glared angrily at Han Yu.

Han Yu laughed coldly and said, “The Mortal Emperor has gathered 20 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts to deal with him. Even if Yang Ye is possessed by the Founding Ancestor, he would still die for sure when facing 20 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts. Once the Mortal Emperor gains possession of the World Portrait, the Mortal Emperor’s army will arrive instantly at the southern territory. At that time, not to mention our tiny Sword Sect, even the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire will be destroyed. So, at this moment, our Sword Sect must side with the Mortal Emperor for its survival!”

The others behind Han Yu instantly heaved sighs of relief and seemed like a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi’s expressions changed slightly, and a cold glow flashed through their eyes.


Right at this moment, an enormous explosion resounded from outside the grand formation of the Sword Sect, and it caused the entire main peak of the Sword Sect to tremble violently. All of them looked over and saw 10,000 Spirit Realm experts launching a frenzied attack against the grand formation. At this moment, the grand formation which was already at a critical condition started to crack apart under the attacks of those 10,000 Spirit Realm experts.

“It’s the Souleater Corps! It’s the Souleater Corpse!” Meanwhile, Han Yu revealed an excited expression as he turned to look at Su Qingshi, and there was a ferocious glint in his eyes. “Sect Master, please step down, otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving you any face!” If Su Qingshi were to surrender now and allow him to open the grand formation, then he would definitely win recognition from the Origin School. But if they blasted it open by force instead, then he would have made no contribution. So, he’d lost all his patience!

“Sect Master, please step down!”

Countless disciples of the sword sect spoke in unison. All of them didn’t reveal any guilt from their eyes any longer nor was there any fear in their eyes. There was only a fierce glow in there.

Xiao Yuxi placed her hand on the hilt of her saber while the profound energy within her surged.

Some of the disciples behind Su Qingshi hesitated for a moment before they walked over to Han Yu’s side. It wasn’t long before less than 600 disciples remained on Su Qingshi’s side.

Han Yu was overjoyed when he witnessed this scene. At this moment, Su Qingshi could be said to have been rendered powerless, and she didn’t have the strength to resist anymore!

A wisp of sorrow flashed through Su Qingshi’s eyes. This is what the disciples of the Sword Sect are like? They would rather surrender just to live? If the disciples from the Sword Sect’s prime found out about this, would they be enraged to the point of crawling out of their coffins? How pitiable!

“Qingshi, out of consideration for our past relationship, I won’t make things difficult for you if you step down and don’t resist. I’ll just hand you over to the Origin School, and your fate will be up to your own luck. If you refuse to realize your errors and insist on leading the disciples of my Sword Sect to death, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” The grand formation was growing thinner and thinner, so Han Yu really didn’t have even a trace of patience left.

Su Qingshi drew her sword slowly and pointed it at Han Yu. She said, “The Sword Sect only has disciples that die in battle, and it has none who surrender. I declare that all of you aren’t disciples of the Sword Sect from today onward. If the Sword Sect survives today, then I’ll definitely reclaim everything that all of you have gained from the Sword Sect.”

“You’re courting death!” Han Yu had a ferocious expression on his face as he said, “Attack!”

An elder behind Han Yu had just drawn his sword when a cold glow flashed by, and then a strand of saber qi instantly shot through his neck before his head instantly flew off into the air!

Everyone here looked at Xiao Yuxi with astonishment.

Han Yu had astonishment in his eyes as well. He hadn’t expected that this woman who usually didn’t like to speak would actually possess such a terrifying strength. After all, that elder was a third rank Exalt Realm expert, yet he hadn’t even been able to resist a single swing of her saber!

“Who exactly are you!?” Han Yu shouted.

Xiao Yuxi didn’t speak, and she just kept her hand on the hilt of her saber.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi said, “It’s you who are truly leading the Sword Sect to destruction. Let’s put aside whether my husband has really died. Even if he did, once you lead the Sword Sect to side with the Origin School, then the disciples of the Sword Sect would definitely suffer even if they aren’t killed by the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace. Just ask yourselves this. Do you really think the Flower Palace and Ghost Sect will treat all of you well? Moreover, if my husband is fine yet all of you handed us over to the Origin School. I guarantee that it won’t be just all of you, even everyone related to all of you will be annihilated by him.”

Su Qingshi was very clearly aware that Yang Ye didn’t like the Sword Sect at all. The only reason why he’d spared the Sword Sect was her. It was because she was the Sect Master of the Sword Sect. Under such circumstances, Yang Ye would definitely not act against the Sword Sect, no matter what. However, if the Sword Sect were to hand her, Xiao Yuxi, and Little Yao over just to survive, she was certain that Yang Ye would kill every single member of the Sword Sect!

That wasn’t something she wanted to see happen!

It wasn’t just the disciples behind Han Yu whose expressions changed when they heard Su Qingshi, even Han Yu’s expression had changed. Even he was afraid of that madman, Yang Ye. After all, Yang Ye was an existence who dared to destroy the graves of the Flower Palace’s ancestors, so was there anything which he didn’t dare to do?


Right at this moment, the grand formation suddenly shook violently, and then countless cracks appeared on it.

The hearts of the Sword Sect’s disciples shook because the grand formation was about to be destroyed! Once it was destroyed, then the fate that awaited them was obvious!

There was no fear on Han Yu’s face, and he spoke ferociously. “Disciples of the Sword Sect, heed my command. Yang Ye is dead, and the Mortal Emperor will arrive at the southern territory soon. If all of you don’t want to die, then draw your swords and capture Su Qingshi. The Origin School and the other sects have promised me that they’ll only kill those related to Yang Ye. So, draw your swords for the sake of survival!”


Countless disciples drew their swords and pointed them at Su Qingshi and the others.

“Kill!” Han Yu roared fiercely as his figure flashed, and he charged towards Su Qingshi’s group with a few other elders.

Right at this moment, a colossus appeared in the sky above the Sword Sect.


A dragon roar resounded throughout the sky, and the pressure it emanated caused the figures of countless disciples to tremble and almost fall to their knees!

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