Chapter 557 – The Horrifying Divine Gold Dragon!

Almighty Sword Domain

A Divine Gold Dragon!

All the disciples of the Sword Sect stopped what they were doing and looked up at the enormous golden dragon with disbelief!

A Divine Gold Dragon! That’s a Divine Gold Dragon! What’s it doing in the southern territory?

High above in the sky, the expressions on the faces of Yuan Tian and the others changed drastically, and it was especially so for Qian Huagu. At this moment, Qian Huagu’s face had transformed from shock to disbelief before stopping at resentment. Because she noticed that there was a person on the back of the golden dragon!

That person was Yang Ye!

The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor exchanged glances and smiled. Because they’d made the right bet. Since Yang Ye was alive, then the World Portrait was very likely to be in his hands. So long as it hadn’t fallen into Luo Jun’s hands, then it would be so easy for Luo Jun to conquer the southern territory.

“How could this be possible? How could this be possible? How could he still be alive!?” Qian Huagu muttered with disbelief.

Yuan Tian and the others gazed at Situ Hai while the latter revealed a gloomy expression because he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye was actually still alive. My god! Even 20 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts weren’t enough to kill that fellow, Yang Ye?

Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arrived in the space before Situ Hai.

It was a transmission!

Yuan Tian and the others noticed that Situ Hai’s expression was growing more and more unsightly. In the end, he even revealed terror on his face. The hearts of Yuan Tian and the others sank when they saw that.

A short while passed before Situ Hai spoke in a heavy voice. “Yang Ye has attained the Exalt Realm. The joint forces of 20 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts were almost annihilated by him because of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain! Besides that, Yang Ye has a master at the Half-Saint Realm. From today onward, the Monarch Realm experts of my Exalted Han Empire are forbidden from attacking him, and the Monarch Realm experts of all territories are forbidden from attacking him as well!”

What? A Half-Saint!? At this moment, all of their faces were covered in shock, and it included the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor.

What was a Half-Saint? Half-Saints were invincible existences in this world that was without Saints! What did Yang Ye’s master being at the Half-Saint Realm signify? It signified that even the Exalted Han Empire wouldn’t dare send Monarch Realm experts to kill Yang Ye!

“How could this be possible? How could this be possible?” Qian Huagu was ghastly pale. At this moment, she was really filled with regret, heartfelt regret. If they hadn’t killed Yang Ye’s mother and allowed both Yang Ye and his mother to join the Flower Palace, then the Flower Palace would instantly rise above the Origin School right now, and it wouldn’t even be difficult for the Flower Palace to move to the central territory right now! Because there was no sect or power that would dare to offend a Half-Saint!

But now, it was very likely that the Flower Palace would have to face the rage of a Half-Saint! So, unless the Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace returned, otherwise, how could it possibly resist a Half-Saint? The Exalted Han Empire did possess a Half-Saint, but would that Half-Saint lend the Flower Palace a hand?

It wasn’t very likely!

“So what if Yang Ye is still alive?” Meanwhile, Yuan Tian said, “We’re definitely destroying the Sword Sect today!”

Situ Hai nodded and said, “Even though Yang Ye is at the Exalt Realm, he’s all alone in the end. It’s impossible for him to resist the joint forces of a few tens of thousands of Spirit Realm profounders and almost a thousand Exalt Realm experts. Everyone, Monarch Realm experts can’t act against him. So, all of your disciples are probably going to perish here if you continue conserving the strength of your respective sects!”

Qian Huagu waved her right hand, and then a flower flew towards the Flower Palace while she spoke fiercely. “Disciples of my Flower Palace, come to the Sword Sect. All who disobey this command will be punished with death!”

The Ghost King didn’t hesitate at all, and he immediately sent an order back to the Ghost Sect for all its disciples to rush to the Sword Sect. He refused to give the Sword Sect a chance to rise up in the world no matter the cost.

Yuan Tian was slightly hesitant.

Meanwhile, Situ Hai glanced coldly at Yuan Tian and said, “Brother Yuan, the Mortal Emperor has given the order that the Sword Sect must be conquered no matter what, and it’s best if we’re able to capture Yang Ye’s loved ones. Your Origin School wouldn’t hold back at such a critical moment, right?”

Yuan Tian’s expression changed slightly, and then he said, “Of course not!” He immediately gave the order as he spoke, and he commanded all the disciples of the Origin School to travel to the Sword Sect.

The Sect Master of the Brightmoon Sect had no choice at all, and he ordered the disciples of his sect to rush to the Sword Sect as well.

Meanwhile, the Beast Emperor suddenly withdrew a command token and tossed it towards the Grand Myriad Mountains. “I order all Darkbeasts at the King Rank or above to come to the Sword Sect.” Once he finished giving the order, he chuckled and said, “The Sword Sect is right in front of my Grand Myriad Mountains, so my Darkbeast army will arrive very soon. Let me see how all of you’ll destroy the Sword Sect!”

The Founding Emperor had tossed a decree towards the Grand Qin Empire as well. However, he didn’t reveal how many troops of the empire would be coming.

Situ Hai and the others revealed quite unsightly expressions. If he didn’t possess the assistance of the Darkbeast Empire and Grand Qin Empire, then they would be able to destroy the Sword Sect regardless of how monstrous Yang Ye’s strength was. But if these two empires were to assist Yang Ye, then it wouldn’t be easy for them to destroy the Sword Sect even if they had the 10,000 Spirit Realm experts of the Souleater Corps. Of course, it would be an entirely different situation if the entire Souleater Corps were to be here!

“The Darkbeast Empire and the Grand Qin Empire will be annihilated in the future!” Situ Hai spoke in a low voice.

The Founding Ancestor smiled with indifference and said, “We’ll be waiting!”


Right at this moment, the joint forces of those 10,000 Spirit Realm profounders blasted apart the Sword Sect’s Sect Guarding Grand Formation, and pieces of it rained down throughout the surroundings.

The Souleater Corps flew towards Sky Hall.

“Haha! Perhaps we’ll be able to destroy the Sword Sect right now!” Situ Hai laughed coldly when he saw this.

A wisp of worry flashed through the eyes of the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor.

“AH!! We surrender! We surrender!” When they saw the Souleater Corps, Han Yu and all the disciples behind him quickly started to shout and proclaim their surrender. At this moment, they didn’t have even the slightest intention to resist when they saw the imposing aura emanated by the 10,000 Spirit Realm profounders of the Souleater Corps.

Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, and Little Yao’s gazes had descended onto the divine gold dragon because someone they were concerned about was standing atop it!

At this moment, all of them truly heaved sighs of relief because Yang Ye was alive.

Right when the swarm of Spirit Realm profounders from the Souleater Corps was about to arrive before Sky Hall, the divine gold dragon in the sky roared furiously, and then it dived down like a mountain.

The troops from the Souleater Corps were horrified, and they hurriedly knocked their bows and shot 10,000 armor piercing arrows into the sky. All of the arrows struck the enormous divine gold dragon!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A string of clear and melodious sounds of collision resounded. Everyone here watched with astonishment as those armor piercing arrows actually broke into two upon striking the divine gold dragon!


Meanwhile, the enormous divine gold dragon smashed down into the army of 10,000 Spirit Realm profounders from the Souleater Corps.

The entire main peak of the Sword Sect trembled as countless howls of pain resounded.

Besides those that had fled quickly and survived, just this collision alone had wiped out over 6,000 members of the Souleater Corps!

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