Chapter 558 – Choice!

Almighty Sword Domain

“That’s a Divine Gold Dragon. Wait! That Divine Gold Dragon possesses the legendary Divine Dragon Armor! How could that be possible? How could a Divine Gold Dragon activate its Divine Dragon Armor to protect Yang Ye? Could it be that the Dragon Race is standing on Yang Ye’s side? How could that be….” Situ Hai muttered with disbelief.

A wisp of surprise flashed through the eyes of the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that a member of the Dragon Race would actually activate the Divine Dragon Armor of legend to protect Yang Ye!


The divine gold dragon roared at the Souleater Corps, and then a strand of dragon breath sprayed out, causing some of the nearby troops to be instantly blasted apart!

The remaining members of the Souleater Corps were astounded, but none of them chose to flee!

“Retreat quickly!” Meanwhile, Situ Hai spoke hastily from high above in the sky. After all, he wouldn’t be able to avoid being held accountable if all of these members of the Souleater Corps were to be wiped out here.

Right at his moment, a figure charged into the army, and then countless rays of light flashed incessantly. Just a few breaths of time passed before countless shrill cries resounded in the sky above the Sword Sect.

“Yang Ye! How dare you!” Situ Hao’s eyes almost split apart from rage. He was just about to act when he seemed to have thought of something and stopped once more. He had no choice but to watch with resentment as Yang Ye slaughtered them incessantly. A Half-Saint wasn’t an existence that he could defy!

The Founding Emperor grinned when he saw this. Yang Ye had the protection of a Saint Realm expert, so Monarch Realm experts couldn’t act against him. In other words, would there be any Exalt Realm profounder throughout the continent who dared to boast about being able to kill Yang Ye? Even the Martial God of legend would probably be unable to accomplish that! So, no matter what, Yang Ye was about to be the nightmare of all Exalt Realm profounders in the southern territory!

The joint forces of Yang Ye and the divine gold dragon took less than 15 minutes to annihilate all the remaining forces from the Souleater Corps! Both man and dragon stopped for a moment, and then they charged towards the disciples of the four sects that had surrounded the Sword Sect. All of these disciples were just weaklings who were even more inferior, so they didn’t have any ability to resist Yang Ye and the divine gold dragon.

It was a slaughter! A complete slaughter!

Yuan Tian and the others had terrifyingly gloomy expressions on their faces, yet they were helpless! Those disciples couldn’t fight Yang Ye and the divine gold dragon, nor could they flee from them. So, what else could they do?

“It’s Big Brother….” Everyone within the Sword Sect had seen Yang Ye’s face clearly when he charged into the Souleater Corps, and Little Yao even leaped with joy.

Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi revealed gentle expressions in their eyes, and their hearts felt indescribably relaxed when they saw Yang Ye. It was especially so for Su Qingshi. Because she was on the verge of collapse from the pressure of managing the Sword Sect and the hopeless situation she faced just now. Fortunately, Yang Ye had finally returned!

On the other hand, Han Yu and the others behind him had turned ghastly pale. Especially when they saw Yang Ye slaughter the Souleater Corps like he was slaughtering chickens. The facts before their eyes told them that Yang Ye hadn’t just survived, he’d become even stronger!

Suddenly, Han Yu revealed a ferocious expression and said, “Yang Ye is alive! I’m sure all of you are clearly aware of his character. So long as we capture Su Qingshi and his younger sister, only then would we have a chance at survival. Otherwise, it’ll be our turn once he’s done with them. Fight by my side if you don’t want to die!”

Han Yu was just about to charge forward when two elders standing behind him had suddenly crossed their swords in front of his neck.

This scene stunned all the disciples here!

Even Su Qingshi revealed a trace of surprise in her eyes.

Han Yu roared furiously. “Qing Yu, Qing Li, what are you doing!?”

Qing Yu paid no attention to Han YU, and he gazed at Su Qingshi and said, “Sect Master, we realize our crimes are unforgivable, but we’re willing to atone for our crimes. We don’t hope that the sect will take us back, and we only hope that Sect Master will spare our lives.”

“You….” Han Yu was furious.

The other elder, Qing Li, said, “Sect Master, even though we’ve committed a crime, we’ve made contributions to the sect as well. Moreover, we accompanied Sect Master to defend the sect until the last moment just now. I hope that Sect Master will consider all of that and forgive us. We’re willing to swear that we will definitely not go against the Sword Sect in the future!”

“Sect Master, please forgive us!” All of the disciples who had chosen to betray the Sword Sect just now bowed to Su Qingshi and spoke in unison.

A wisp of self-ridicule arose on the corners of Su Qingshi’s mouth as she gazed at these disciples because her influence as the Sword Sect’s Master was actually inferior to her husband. Even though it was like that, Su Qingshi felt even more pride in her heart because that person who they feared was her man!

“Haha!” Right at this moment, Han Yu suddenly roared with laughter while his face was covered with ridicule. He said, “Qing Li, Qing Yu, do you really think Yang Ye would let both of you go if you do this? He won’t! With his character, he won’t just kill all of you, he’ll even slaughter your entire families. How stupid! HAHAHA”

Qing Yu and Qing Li’s expressions changed, and then hesitance appeared in their eyes as they gazed at Yang Ye who had a ferocious expression on his face.

Su Qingshi was just about to speak some words and calm them when Xiao Yuxi stopped her, and then indicated that she should continue watching.

“Yang Ye is about to annihilate all of them. Once he’s done with them, all of us will be his next targets. So long as we join forces and work together now, then we’ll definitely be able to restrain Su Qingshi and his younger sister before he’s done. As long as we captured them, then would we have to worry about being unable to make Yang Ye hold back from killing us?” Han Yu continued trying to bring them back to his side.

“Let’s do it!” Qing Yu shouted and withdrew his sword. Qing Li hastily withdrew his sword as well when he saw this. After that, both of them and all the other Exalt Realm experts on their side created spatial barriers around Su Qingshi while the others on their side charged towards Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, and Little Yao!

At this moment, they’d chosen to risk everything for their survival!

Su Qingshi had practically no ability to resist when facing the joint forces of over 30 Exalt Realm experts. The space around her was instantly locked down, and the sight of this caused delight to appear on the faces of Han Yu and the others. Han Yu’s hand moved forward to grab Su Qingshi because he would only be at ease when he had Su Qingshi in his hands!

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared in front of Su Qingshi, and it caused Han Yu’s expression to change drastically. He was just about to withdraw his hand when Yang Ye had grabbed his hand, and then cracking resounded as Yang Ye forcefully tore off Han Yu’s hand.

Han Yu let out a shrill cry as he moved backwards repeatedly, and he gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.


Yang Ye smashed his fist forward, and then the spatial cages created by over 30 Exalt Realm experts was instantly blasted apart.

Everyone here gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment!

“Big Brother!” Little Yao leaped up and hugged Yang Ye before she spoke excitedly. “You’re finally here!”

Meanwhile, one of the elders of Sword Sect tore the space before him apart, and he was just about to flee. However, he’d only just torn space apart when a ray of light pierced through his head, and then it exploded apart!

All the others were horrified by this scene! He’s even able to annihilate Exalt Realm experts with ease! How strong is Yang Ye?

Yang Ye didn’t even spare a glance at that fellow, and he just stretched out his hand to rub Little Yao’s head, and then he looked at Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi. He revealed a slightly forced smile when he saw them, and he felt quite guilty in his heart. Both of them were proud geniuses, but he wasn’t able to provide a single one of them with his undivided attention. That was really unfair to the two of them!

“You’re back!” Su Qingshi smiled and spoke softly.

Xiao Yuxi just gazed at him and didn’t speak.

Yang Ye nodded. He walked over to them, took their hands, and said, “Let’s deal with our familial affairs once the matter here is resolved, alright?”

Both of their figures stiffened, and then they nodded.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they didn’t seem hostile to each other like he’d imagined, but he couldn’t say for sure. After all, they were both quiet and reticent women, so while they seemed very calm on the surface, no one knew what they were actually thinking!

Alas, it looks like the joys of having two wives isn’t so easily enjoyed! Yang Ye sighed lightly in his heart.

He shook his head, and then he turned around and gazed at Han Yu’s group. All of them instantly couldn’t help but take a few steps back, and the legs of some disciples had even started trembling.

Some of them had thought of fleeing, but they’d instantly abandoned such thoughts when they witnessed Yang Ye’s strength. After all, the fate of that elder in the Exalt Realm was the best example! Anyone who dared to flee right now would definitely die!

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at them, and he was especially disappointed by those Exalt Realm experts. Needless to say, these Exalt Realm profounders were really not just slightly inferior to those Exalt Realm profounders of the central territory, and it was especially so if they were compared to Luo Jun’s subordinates.

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Su Qingshi before he said, “You deal with them!” Since Su Qingshi was the Sword Sect’s Master, then she had to develop her ability to do so. It wasn’t beneficial to her at all if he were to make the decision.

Su Qingshi fell silent.

Those disciples who’d betrayed the Sword Sect just now knelt down immediately, and they begged. “Sect Master, please spare us. We’ll definitely not dare to do that again. Please spare us….”

Some of the elders at the Exalt Realm hesitated for a moment before they bowed to Su Qingshi and said, “Please forgive us, Sect Master!”

At this moment, an elder on Su Qingshi’s side hesitated for a moment before he said, “Sect Master, the other four sects will definitely not stop, and they’ll surely launch another attack. Our Sword Sect is in need of their strength right now. So, please….”

“Our reinforcements will be here soon!” Yang Ye interrupted that elder.

That elder’s body trembled as he understood Yang Ye’s intentions.

Everyone else here understood Yang Ye’s intentions.

The figures of those disciples who’d betrayed the Sword Sect started trembling even more violently. Some wanted to fight to the death, but they sadly lacked the courage to do so!

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she glanced at those disciples who were kneeling on the ground. There was still some hesitance in her eyes. After all, all of them were disciples of the Sword Sect in the past, and some were even her seniors. She was really unable to kill them.

“What do you think Husband would do if their rebellion succeeded and they handed you over to the Origin School or Flower Palace?” Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi spoke abruptly from the side.

Su Qingshi’s heart trembled when she heard this, and then the hesitance in her eyes vanished!

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