Chapter 559 – Sister-in-law Is Gone!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Yang Ye, since you refuse to let us live, then we won’t let you have it easy as well!” Meanwhile, Han Yu roared ferociously as he charged at Yang Ye, Su Qingshi, and the others. His stomach started swelling up, and it wasn’t long before he seemed like he’d been pregnant for 9 months. Countless strands of violent energy surged incessantly from within him.

It was self-detonation!

The Exalt Realm experts behind Han Yu hesitated for a moment before more than 10 of them pounced towards Yang Ye’s group as well. Because as far as they were concerned, they had no chances of survival, so it was better to just drag Yang Ye’s group down with them!

The expressions on the faces of Su Qingshi and the others changed when they saw these Exalt Realm experts pouncing over with the intention of detonating themselves. However, a strand of invisible force enveloped all of them.

“Sword Domain….” Han Yu and the others seemed like they’d seen a ghost, and they gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief.

In the next moment.


An enormous explosion resounded as over 10 Exalt Realm experts exploded apart in unison. Numerous torrents of terrifying energy surged out like storms in front of everyone. However, the storms hadn’t been able to spread before they were frozen on the spot by an invisible force. After that, everyone here watched with astonishment as the storm shrunk bit by bit before it finally transformed into a ray of light and vanished into thin air!

Everyone here was astounded.

Even Su Qingshi had disbelief in her eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye!

Yang Ye has comprehended Sword Domain which is said to have only been comprehended by the Founding Ancestor?


Meanwhile, all the disciples who had betrayed the sect just now fell to their knees, and they ceaselessly begged for mercy from Su Qingshi. At this moment, they finally noticed that they didn’t have any ability to resist when facing Yang Ye. The precondition to trying to bring someone down with them was the ability to actually injure that person. But now, detonating themselves was only equivalent to committing suicide for Yang Ye to watch!

Su Qingshi shook her head and said, “Crippled their Dantians and expel them from the Sword Sect. The heavens will decide their fate!” Even though all of them had committed a terrible crime, they’d made contributions to the Sword Sect in the past. So, ordering their deaths would disappoint the last remaining disciples of the Sword Sect.

Yang Ye didn’t deny her decision, and he just nodded.

Dejection and despair instantly covered the faces of all those disciples.

Sky Hall. Su Qingshi sat upright at the seat of the host while Yang Ye was by her side. The remaining disciples of the Sword Sect were below, and there were less than a thousand of them. They were all the disciples that the Sword Sect had now.

Silence filled the entire hall as the faces of all disciples were covered in gloominess. Even though the Sword Sect had overcome the danger it faced, they were clearly aware that it was only temporary. If the Origin School and the other sects were to attack again when the Sword Sect only had so few disciples, then how would it even resist their attack? By relying on Yang Ye? Could he resist the joint forces of four great sects by himself?

Even though Yang Ye was very strong, no one felt that he could resist the Origin School and the other sects by himself!

Right at this moment, a figure appeared within the hall, and all of their spirits were raised upon noticing this figure because it was the one and only Monarch Realm expert of the Sword Sect, Su Muzhe.

Two days ago, Su Muzhe had been challenged by a Monarch Realm expert of the Origin School, and that expert had promised that the four sects wouldn’t dispatch Monarch Realm experts if he agreed to the battle. So, Su Muzhe had no choice but to accept. At that time, all the disciples of the Sword Sect were very clearly aware that Su Muzhe would probably be unable to return!

Yet now, he’d actually returned alive. That was undoubtedly like a pill of confidence for all the disciples of the Sword Sect!

Su Qingshi had happiness on her face as well while she said, “Father, are you alright?”

Su Muzhe shook his head and said, “It was all thanks to the Founding Emperor, otherwise, I might have really been unable to return!” As soon as he finished speaking, Su Muzhe gazed at Yang Ye and nodded. “You’re back?”

Even though Su Muzhe was the previous Sect Master of the Sword Sect, he was also Su Qingshi’s father, so Yang Ye didn’t want to make her unhappy. He immediately nodded and said, “Fortunately, Senior Su is fine!”

Su Muzhe nodded and said, “Go on with the discussion. Qingshi’s decision is my decision.” As soon as he finished speaking, Su Muzhe vanished from the hall.

Yang Ye frowned slightly because he noticed that Su Muzhe seemed to be injured!

Su Qingshi seemed to have noticed something as well, and the happiness on her face gradually vanished.

Meanwhile, an elder of the Sword Sect stepped forward, cupped his fists to Su Qingshi, and said, “Sect Master, only a few disciples of our Sword Sect are left, and even the Sect Guarding Grand Formation has been destroyed. Our Sword Sect can be said to be facing a hopeless situation. May I ask Sect Master what our Sword Sect should do right now? Of course, I’m willing to live and die with the Sword Sect regardless of what Sect Master decides!”

A trace of sorrow arose in Su Qingshi’s heart as she gazed at the disciples in the hall. She hadn’t expected that the Sword Sect would actually decline to the point of only having less than 1,000 disciples while it was under her command. Presently, the Sword Sect was probably even inferior to some clans. After all, what could it do when it only had such a small number of members? Not to mention resisting the Origin School and the other sects, even maintaining its inheritance was a problem!

At this moment, a strand of powerlessness arose in Su Qingshi’s heart!

Meanwhile, she felt her hand being grabbed, and she saw Yang Ye smiling at her, causing her heart to instantly feel warm. She said, “From this moment onward, Yang Ye is the Sword Commanding Elder of the Sword Sect. His orders are like mine. All disciples of my Sword Sect must obey him. Otherwise, the punishment is having your Dantian crippled and immediate expulsion from the Sword Sect!”

All of the disciples practically didn’t hesitate at all to bow lightly to Yang Ye before they said, “Sword Commanding Elder!”

Yang Ye didn’t refuse and nodded. He hadn’t intended to be the Sword Commanding Elder, but he didn’t want Su Qingshi to shoulder such pressure on her own. He said, “I know that all of you are quite lost when it comes to the future of the Sword Sect. But do not worry, while the Sword Sect is facing a hopeless situation right now, it’s far from destruction. Moreover, I personally feel that experiencing this tribulation was a blessing in disguise for the Sword Sect.”

That elder who spoke earlier bowed slightly to Yang Ye and said, “Sword Commanding Elder, please enlighten us!”

Yang Ye said, “I’m sure all of you are clearly aware about how the Sword Sect used to be. Most disciples had lost their edge, and they even lacked the courage to draw their swords when facing the disciples of the other sects. Just like what happened earlier. As disciples of the Sword Sect, they actually chose to surrender. Haha! What do all of you think the future of the Sword Sect would be like if the Sword Sect didn’t experience such a tribulation and those fellows were allowed to remain in the Sword Sect and become part of the Sword Sect’s higher-ups?”

“That elder laughed bitterly. “The Sword Sect would decline further!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “This tribulation can be said to be a process of elimination. Since all of you were able to remain here, it proves that regardless of whether it’s in terms of strength or loyalty, all of you aren’t lacking at all. So, I believe that with all of you as the foundation, the Sword Sect would only need a certain amount of time before it would definitely rise from the ashes!”

That elder from before continued. “Sword Commanding Elder, we’ve obtained information that all the disciples of the four sects have rushed over to our Sword Sect. How would we resist them with our current strength?”

Yang Ye smiled. “Don’t worry, we have reinforcements as well, and they’ll be here soon. Now, 500 disciples shall stay behind to bury their fellow disciples who sacrificed themselves for the sect, and the other 500 shall form a provisional patrol to patrol the various peaks of the Sword Sect. Immediately slaughter any disciples of the other sects who dare to try and sneak in!”

“Understood!” All of them withdrew from the hall.

Right at this moment, Little Yao suddenly ran into the hall and spoke anxiously. “Big Brother, Sister-in-law Yuxi is gone!”

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