Chapter 564 – A Skeleton!

Almighty Sword Domain


Yuan Che was about to continue ridiculing Yang Ye when a strand of fresh blood suddenly sprayed from his neck, and then his eyes opened wide while his last thoughts flashed through his mind. What’s going on? After that, his head tilted to the side and fell off towards the ground.

The surroundings were deathly silent!

Yang Ye instantly annihilated a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert just like that? He didn’t even have the strength to resist?

Is Yang Ye a Monarch Realm expert?

“Your Sword Intent….” The man in armor gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment, and he was just about to say something with a ripple shot through his neck, and it made his voice stop abruptly.

He’s annihilating ninth rank Exalt Realm experts with just a swing of his sword!

Everyone watching in the surroundings gazed at Yang Ye with terror, and the legs of some comparatively weaker disciples had even started to tremble.

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at all of the figures on the ground below, and then he said, “Too weak! Send another two up here!”

Zhao Zhangfei had an extremely gloomy expression on his face while his right hand clenched tightly onto the hilt of his sword that hung on his waist. The refined man by his side had an extremely solemn expression on his face as well, and his brows were knit together tightly. As for the other elders of the Origin School and the Exalt Realm profounders here, all of them had fear covering their faces while they looked at Yang Ye as if they were looking at a monster.

They were very clearly aware that Yang Ye was extremely strong, but they hadn’t imagined that he would be strong to such an extent!

“There isn’t a single Exalt Realm expert throughout the southern territory who can be a match for him!” An elder of the Origin School spoke after a short while passed.

“What should we do now?” One of the experts from the Exalted Han Empire spoke in a low voice.

Everyone shot their gazes towards Zhao Zhangfei.

After a moment of silence, Zhao Zhangfei revealed a ferocious expression as he said, “Zhuge, prepare the Grand Formation of Blood Sacrifice.”

Zhuge’s eyelids twitched, and then he glanced up at Yang Ye before he sighed softly and left.

Zhao Zhangfei looked up into the sky, and then he said, “Intermittently dispatch an Exalt Realm expert to fight him. He must be delayed here for 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, one of the elders of the Origin School spoke abruptly. “Will it be the Exalt Realm experts of the Origin School or the Exalted Han Empire?”

The hearts of the other elders shook when they heard this. Because all of them were clearly aware that anyone who is sent up there would be killed.

Zhao Zhangfei glanced coldly at that elder of the Origin School and said, “Since you’ve sided with my Exalted Han Empire, then you must understand your own status. If you don’t, then I wouldn’t mind personally making you understand.” After all, he’d annihilated countless sects like the Origin School while he conquered the eastern territory!

“What are you trying to say!?” The expression of that elder changed.

“I’m saying that if my Exalted Han Empire were to retreat, then what would your Origin School do?” said Zhao Zhangfei.

That elder’s countenance instantly turned pale. If the Exalted Han Empire were to retreat right now, then not to mention Yang Ye, just that divine gold dragon would be a huge problem for the Origin School. Moreover, if Zhao Zhangfei were to act against the Origin School, then how would the Origin School resist him?

Some of the elders had realized that, so their faces had turned paler. At the same time, they felt even more uncomfortable in their hearts.

What was it like to bring disaster upon one’s self? This was exactly it!

An elder of the Origin School appeared near Yang Ye.

“Sword Emperor, you’re invincible amongst those at the same realm of cultivation, so aren’t you bullying others by coming here and challenging the members of my Origin School? Wouldn’t it be bad for your reputation if news of this were to spread?” That elder spoke in a very polite tone, and he seemed to have no interest in fighting Yang Ye at all.

“Reputation?” Yang Ye laughed coldly. “They call me the Sword Demon. What reputation do I have? As for bullying…. Haha…. You’re at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm at least, right!? I’m only at the third rank of the Exalt Realm, so it should be you who is bullying me, right? Cut the crap and just attack!”

“You….” That elder was infuriated. He intended to continue speaking but Yang Ye suddenly moved his hand slightly. That elder was astounded by this development, and he didn’t hesitate to turn around and flee. In less than a breath of time, that elder had vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision.

Yang Ye was stunned. That fellow fled just like that?

All the disciples on the ground below were stunned. An elder of our sect fled just like that? He didn’t even have the courage to fight?

Countless disciples of the Origin School felt unbearably aggrieved. After all, when had the Origin School been humiliated like that?

When that elder returned to the hall, everyone within it looked coldly at him while their eyes carried undisguised ridicule. This even included most of the experts from the Origin School. They wouldn’t act like this even if he’d just exchanged two blows with Yang Ye before fleeing. After all, everyone had witnessed Yang Ye’s strength. But he’d actually turned around and fled before even fighting, and he was afraid of death to such an extent….

That elder’s face flushed red, but his face quickly returned to normal. He said, “I know that all of you look down upon my actions. Hmph! If you are confident in your ability to resist an attack from Yang Ye, then go ahead and give it a try.”

All of them were speechless because besides a few people here, all the others weren’t confident in their ability to resist even a single attack from Yang Ye!

“So the Origin School is actually full of such trash. This is the number one sect of the southern territory? Haha! But it still isn’t that bad. At least the Origin School has backbone unlike the Exalted Han Empire and dares to step forward to face me. However, the Exalted Han Empire only knows how to hide at the back and doesn’t even dare to step forward. Tsk tsk, the subordinates of the Mortal Emperor? What a joke!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s voice resounded from outside.

The members of the Origin School were infuriated to the point their faces turned livid when they heard Yang Ye, but it wasn’t long before it felt much better for them, and then they smiled coldly as they gazed at the members of the Exalted Han Empire.

“Motherfucker! That bastard, Yang Ye, is going too far. Let me fight him!” A fatty who held hammers in each hand spot on the ground and was about to charge out of the hall.

Zhao Zhangfei commanded. “Get back here!”

The fatty stopped, turned around, and gazed at Zhao Zhangfei as he said, “Big Brother Zhao, that fellow insulted us and insulted the Mortal Emperor. I truly can’t swallow such an insult. If worse comes to worse, I, Lao Fei, will just take him down with me!”

“You’re prohibited from heading out there!” Zhao Zhangfei gazed at Lao Fei as he spoke with a trace of anger.

The fatty’s face was covered in rage. He gazed at Zhao Zhangfei for a short while before he sighed softly in the end, and then he returned to where he stood earlier. He knew that he would definitely be punished according to martial law if he were to leave the hall. However, he was truly unable to swallow this insult and humiliation!

“Elders of the Origin School, head out and meet him in battle!” Zhao Zhangfei withdrew his gaze and spoke indifferently.

The expressions of all the members of the Origin School changed drastically, and their eyes were instantly filled with flames of rage. This fellow clearly intends for us to go and give our lives away!“General Zhao, are you trying to make the members of my Origin School give our lives away?” One of the elders spoke furiously.


Zhao Zhangfei suddenly slapped the table before him with his right palm, and it was instantly transformed into power. He glared angrily at that elder and said, “Members of the Origin School, I’ll only repeat myself once more. All of you must realize your status. Since you’ve sided with the Mortal Emperor, then you’re naturally obliged to obey the orders of my Exalted Han Empire. I’ll kill you on the spot if you dare to question my orders again. Your Origin School can try and see if the Mortal Emperor will uphold justice for you!”

The elders of the Origin School were almost overwhelmed with rage, but not a single one of them dared to talk back to Zhao Zhangfei!

Zhao Zhangfei spoke in a furious tone. “Immediately send someone out to keep Yang Ye busy. Don’t force me to make things difficult for all of you!”

The members of the Origin School were at a loss for words.

Kingly City.

It was a city of around 5 million inhabitants which was only a few hundred kilometers away from the Origin School. Even though Kingly City belonged to the Exalted Han Empire, it was in the control of the Origin School’s forces. So, the orders of the Exalted Han Empire were completely useless here.

At this moment, a thousand masked experts were carrying out a crazy slaughter throughout Kingly City.

Everywhere they passed, howls of sorrow resounded, and none could stop them. Because every single one of them was an Exalt Realm expert!

Just a single Exalt Realm expert was extremely terrifying, let alone a thousand. So, less than 10 hours passed before the entire Kingly City had been transformed into a city of the dead as all 5 million inhabitants had been slaughtered.

The aura of blood, evil, and resentment shot into the sky!

A refined man stood at the center of the city while numerous mysterious and scarlet red strings of blood resided beneath his feet. The strings of blood swept towards the surroundings, and it wasn’t long before the entire city was suffused by these strings of blood.

A black clothed figure arrived before the refined man, and he cupped his fists and said, “Advisor Zhuge, the inhabitants of the entire city have been annihilated!”

The refined man nodded and said, “Everyone leave the city and head back to assist General Zhao in trapping Yang Ye.”

“Yes!” Countless black clothed figures tore space open and vanished from Kingly City.

The refined man flipped his right palm, and then a skull appeared in his hand. As soon as it appeared in his hand, the energy of blood, evil, and slaughter surged madly towards the skull.

As it surged incessantly into the skull, a strand of monstrous killing intent and baleful energy appeared within Kingly City.

The skull revolved incessantly as it absorbed the energy of blood and evil in the city, and it actually started growing a body while it absorbed the endless energy.

After that, a blood red saber slowly appeared within its grasp.

Yet now, only half the energy of blood and evil within the city had been absorbed.

As he gazed at the skeleton in front of him, Zhuge had a solemn expression on his face, and he held tightly onto a wooden tablet in his right hand. If it wasn’t for the sake of killing Yang Ye, even he didn’t want to utilize such a ruthless and immoral grand formation to summon a terrifying being that shouldn’t exist in the world. However, it couldn’t be helped because there was probably no one in the world that could stop Yang Ye if experts at the Monarch Realm or above didn’t interfere!

A dark blue ball of flames gradually appeared in the right eye of the skeleton, and the skeleton itself grew even more wicked.

The refined man’s expression grew even more serious as well.

Two hours later, a fiery red ball of flames suddenly appeared in the skeleton’s left eye. As soon as that ball of flames appeared, the space before the skeleton instantly collapsed while the houses in an area of a few thousand kilometers around it were instantly transformed into powder.

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