Chapter 565 – Corpse Ancestor!

Almighty Sword Domain

The skeleton raised its head and looked up into the sky.


Two blood red rays of light shot out from its eyes and surged into the sky.

At this moment, all the experts throughout the southern territory were shocked!

At the imperial palace of the Grand Qin Empire, The Founding Emperor was in a meeting when his expression suddenly changed, and then he glanced towards Kingly City before he instantly vanished on the spot.

All the other officials in the palace were shocked!

At the grand Myriad Mountains, the expression of the Beast Emperor who was cultivating had suddenly changed, and then he glanced towards Kingly City. In the next moment, he vanished from his palace.

Kingly City

“After tens of thousands of years…. The human… human world…. Blood… thick blood…. Souls… so many souls….” The skeleton glanced towards the surroundings while its voice carried coldness that instilled horror in the hearts of others.

“Corpse Ancestor, I used the blood and resentment of millions to revive you because I want you to help me do something. Accomplish it and I promise on behalf of the Mortal Emperor that you’ll be provided with the blood and resentment of billions to rebuild your body,” said the refined man.

The skeleton turned to look at the refined man, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before a ray of blood red light shot towards the refined man.

The refined man seemed to have expected it, and his expression didn’t change at all as his profound energy surged into the wooden tablet in his palm.

“AH!!” The skeleton suddenly cried with pain, and that ray of blood red light instantly vanished as well.

“Corpse Ancestor, since I dared to revive you, I’m naturally confident in my ability to deal with you.” The refined man spoke indifferently.

“A Soul Control Tablet….” The skeleton’s voice trembled slightly and carried shock as it said, “You… you’re from the Zhuge Clan.”

The refined man didn’t answer the question and just pointed at the surroundings before he said, “Corpse Ancestor, do you sense it? This world is filled with fresh blood and souls. If you want to rebuild your body, then adopt the right attitude. After all, you aren’t the same Corpse Ancestor from all those years ago!”

“Human, don’t think that you can order me around like a slave just because you possess that Soul Control Tablet. Do you believe me if I tell you that I can still kill you if I resolve to bring you down with me?” The saber formed from blood within Corpse Ancestor’s grasp spun incessantly.

“I dot!” The refined man nodded and said, “But why should we fight to the death? If we work together, then I can accomplish my goal while you’ll be able to rebuild your body. Isn’t that very good?”

If it wasn’t because they’d encountered a peerless monster like Yang Ye, he would never revive this fellow before him because it was too evil, immortal, and went against the balance of the world. It seemed to be fine now, but he was actually covered in bad karma now, and the punishment which the heavens would strike down upon him when he advanced into the Monarch Realm would be extremely terrifying. However, so long as Luo Jun unified the continent and utilized the Karmic Luck of the Mortal Emperor to cleanse the bad karma he possessed, then he would be able to endure a normal Heavenly Tribulation and advance like a normal person.

After a moment of silence, the skeleton said, “Who do I have to kill!?”

The refined man revealed a slight smile as he said, “The Sword Emperor!”

The Sword Sect.

At the moment the rays of blood red light had shot into the sky, the expressions of all the girls who were discussing the plan within Sky Hall had changed, and they flew out of Sky Hall and gazed towards Kingly City.

Su Qingshi asked. “What’s that? What a thick aura of death.”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent for a moment before her expression suddenly changed. “That doesn’t seem goo. Zhao Zhangfei and the others are definitely about to stop at nothing to besiege and kill Yang Ye. Yang Ye might be in danger.

Their expressions changed when they heard this.

Xiao Yuxi intended to charge out of Sky Hall without the slightest, but she was stopped by Ding Shaoyao who said, “He only might be in danger. With the strength that both he and that divine gold dragon possess, it’s impossible to kill him with just the joint forces of 3,000 Exalt Realm experts. You’ll only distract him by going there by yourself!”

“Then are we supposed to just do nothing?” said Xiao Yuxi.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and said, “Of course not. Immediately summon all the Exalt Realm experts and set out to the Origin School!”

All of the others were shocked, and Lu Jianyao said, “We’re going to fight an all-out battle right now?”

Ding Shaoyao said, “It can’t be helped. Even though I don’t know what they’re planning, based on Zhao Zhangfei’s character, he is definitely confident in his ability to deal with Yang Ye if he has made a move. If Zhao Zhangfei’s plan fails to deal with Yang Ye, then we’ll have a good chance of success even if we fight an all-out battle with them. However, if Yang Ye is killed or heavily injured by them, then all our plans would be meaningless. Thus, we must go there!”

All of the others didn’t object.

It wasn’t long before over 1,000 Exalt Realm experts tore spare apart and rushed towards the Origin School.

At the same time, over 300 Exalt Realm experts from the Grand Qin Empire and over 300 Exalt Realm experts from the Darkbeast Empire rushed towards the Origin School as well!

The Flower Palace, Ghost Sect, and Brightmoon Sect refused to show weakness as well. All the experts from their sects had set out towards the Origin School.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone within the southern territory had shot towards the Origin School.

The Origin School.


Yang Ye waved his hand, and then a strand of sword qi flashed out before the head of an elder of the Origin School instantly flew into the air.

Yang Ye laughed coldly, and he was just about to say something when he suddenly turned to look towards the horizon. Two blood red rays of light had shot into the clouds there, and it seemed like it could pierce holes through the heavens!

A slight feeling of danger arose in Yang Ye’s heart. He glanced down to the ground below, and then his heart shook. At this moment, he finally understood why members of the Origin School had come out incessantly to give their lives away to him. It was because they wanted to keep him here!

So, as soon as he thought up to this point, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate at all to issue a command, and the divine gold dragon roared furiously and was about to leave.

Right at this moment, 2,000 experts in dark golden armor appeared around him.

All of them were Exalt Realm experts!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly, and he thought to himself. As expected, they really were trying to keep me busy. Those 2 blood red rays of light are definitely from the scheme they’ve prepared for me!

“Yang Ye, it’s too late to try and leave now!” Meanwhile, Zhao Zhengfei appeared in midair with a group of experts, and he said, “Yang Ye, you could have avoided all of this, yet you just had to come and court death. No matter how monstrous you are, right here and now will be where you are buried.”

“With just all of you?” Yang Ye laughed coldly. “2,000 Exalt Realm expert? Haha! If I decide to leave, then what could all of you possibly do even if there was another 1,000 amongst you?”

“As expected of the Sword Emperor. You’re actually still so calm and composed even when facing 2,000 Exalt Realm experts.” Zhao Zhangfei smiled and said, “I know we’re unable to stop you as well, so I specially prepared an opponent for you!”

Yang Ye was just about to speak when an extremely thick smell of blood suddenly appeared in the air above the Origin School, and then everyone watched with astonishment as the sky above the Origin School actually turned blood red.

Meanwhile, a blood red figure flashed through the air towards Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically, and he was just about to counterattack but that blood red figure’s speed suddenly shot up explosively and smashed against his chest at a speed which he wasn’t able to avoid at all!


Yang Ye was blasted flying, and his body smashed against a mountain behind the grand hall of the Origin School.


The upper half of the mountain immediately collapsed.

All the spectators in the surroundings were astounded by this scene!


The Divine Gold Dragon roared furiously, but the skeleton suddenly appeared on the divine gold dragon’s back!

“That’s the Sword Emperor of this era? How weak….” The skeleton stomped with his feet as he spoke.


The divine gold dragon howled with pain. The golden scales it had around it which represented the Divine Dragon Armor had instantly cracked apart while its figure crashed towards the ground.


The divine gold dragon smashed a deep hole into the ground, and there was no further movement from it after that!

The spectators were stunned speechless by this scene.

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