Chapter 566 – The Physical Body of a Half-Saint?

Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 566 – The Physical Body of a Half-Saint?

A Monarch Realm expert? Killing intent flashed through both the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor’s eyes as they stood high above amidst the clouds, and they slowly clenched their fists. However, it was long before they relaxed their fists again because the skeleton wasn’t a Monarch Realm expert!

“What exactly is that monster!?” The Beast Empire revealed a solemn expression.

The Founding Emperor shook his head and said, “I’ve never seen or heard of something like that!”

“I wonder if Yang Ye will be able to deal with it!” The Beast Emperor wasn’t really confident in Yang Ye this time because while the skeleton wasn’t at the Monarch Realm, it was truly too unusual.

“Let’s just watch for now!” said the Founding Emperor.

The skeleton below gazed at the refined man and said, “That’s the person you wanted me to kill? The Sword Emperor? How weak. Alright, I’ve killed him, so give me blood and souls!” Right at this moment, the skeleton suddenly looked towards the direction which Yang Ye had been blasted towards and said, “Interesting!”

The others looked along the gaze of the skeleton and saw Yang Ye flying slowly towards the skeleton, and they noticed that Yang Ye was actually completely fine!


The skeleton waved his hand, and then a ray of blood red light tore through the sky and shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye grunted coldly, and then he swung Lag. A strand of sword qi collided with the blood red light.


Both of them rumbled as they exploded apart, and then countless blood red threads and threads of sword qi shot towards the surroundings. In an instant, numerous shrill cries resounded from below. Because all those who were struck by the threads of blood red light or sword qi had been instantly blasted apart, and it was the same even for some Exalt Realm experts. They were utterly unable to resist the blood red threads and threads of sword qi!

Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression because that strand of sword qi carried his 10th level perfect Sword Intent. However, it was exactly such an attack which had actually only been an equal match for the skeleton’s attack!

What sort of monster is that skeleton?

The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged violently. He had to fight seriously, otherwise, he might really make a careless mistake and suffer a horrible defeat!

“Perfection in Sword Intent?” The skeleton’s voice carried a trace of surprise before it said, “Not bad. Even if it were during the ancient times of over 20,000 years ago, you would still be a monstrous genius amongst the human race based on your ability to attain perfection in Sword Intent at such a young age. Now I understand why Zhuge would have revived me. It’s because there really isn’t anyone beneath the Monarch Realm who can kill you!”

Yang Ye said, “Are you a Monarch Realm expert?”

The skeleton said, “I’m not….”

“Then what are you acting all arrogant about?” Yang Ye interrupted the skeleton. As soon as he spoke that last word, he relied on the speed boost from the Stellar Shuttle to instantly arrive before the skeleton, and then he stabbed Lag at the skeleton’s chest!


A resounded sound of metal colliding resounded!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because Lag had actually curved! He didn’t hesitate to flash 300m away, and his expression was unprecedented solemn as he gazed at the skeleton.

Lag was a Dao Artifact. Even though it was an Artificial Dao Artifact, it was still a Dao Artifact. This Dao Artifact of mine is actually not as solid as that pile of bones?

Meanwhile, the skeleton said, “Even though I’m not at the Monarch Realm, my physical body is comparable to the physical body of a Half-Saint. Not to mention a mere ant at the Exalt Realm like you, even ordinary Monarch Realm experts wouldn’t be able to break through my defenses with ease. Alright, I don’t want to waste my breath on you anymore, just die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, two strands of flames sprayed out from the skeleton’s eyes. The flames expanded as they moved forward, and they instantly transformed into 2 almost 3km long flame dragons that swallowed Yang Ye.

The skeleton said, “These flames of mine are mysterious flames from outer space. You’ll definitely die even if you possess perfect Sword Intent….” Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly.

Because the 2 enormous flame dragons had suddenly roared furiously, and their roars carried traces of pain. After that, Yang Ye charged out from within the enormous dragon while a flaming vest that seemed as if it was made from flames covered Yang Ye. Those 2 flame dragons roared furiously without end as they gazed at the flaming vest, but they didn’t dare try to swallow Yang Ye as they had just now!

“Nether Ghostflame!” The flame dragons flew back into the skeleton’s eyes, and he said, “I really underestimated you a little. I never expected that you would possess the Nether Ghostflame. However, it’s useless even if you possess the legendary Heaven Incinerator because you’re dead!”

As he spoke, the skeleton suddenly swung the blood red saber in his hand, and then an almost 3km long blood red pillar of saber qi blotted out the sky as it slashed down towards Yang Ye. As soon as he executed this attack, many disciples of the Origin School and troops from the Exalted Han Empire were instantly knocked unconscious by the bloody aura within the saber qi.

The entire Origin School was enveloped by the aura of blood!

Countless profounders fled madly towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye was just about to activate his Sword Domain when the Pearl of Baleful Blood suddenly appeared at the center of his forehead. After that, a ray of red light enveloped Yang Ye before a blood red vortex appeared in front of him.

The skeleton’s blood red saber qi entered directly into the vortex, and then Yang Ye’s hair instantly turned scarlet red while his eyes became blood red again. Fortunately, Yang Ye hurriedly utilized his Sword Domain to suppress this aura of blood, otherwise, he might go mad or explode on the spot because of this aura of blood!

“How… how could that be possible!?” The skeleton’s voice carried undisguised shock and bewilderment.

“Do you know what my other nickname is? It’s the Sword Demon. You’re a demon, but so am I. Understand?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye had appeared before the skeleton, and Lag swept horizontally towards the skeleton’s throat.


Sparks shot towards the surroundings, but Lag wasn’t able to leave even a mark behind on those bones!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was about to retreat when the skeleton smashed a punch against his chest. Yang Ye was blasted flying once more. However, he merely flew for 300m before he stopped.

It would really be great if An Nanjing were here. Her Skysplit would definitely be able to blast this pile of bones apart! Yang Ye thought in his heart while he gazed at the skeleton.

The skeleton said, “You’ve really surprised me. I never expected that your physical body would actually be so formidable as well. Even though it’s inferior to mine, it’s probably comparable to some Monarch Realm experts who have utilized the might of divine lightning to temper their bodies. Alright, let’s cut the crap. I still have to go devour fresh blood and souls, so you should just die right now!”

The skeleton took a step forward, and the space beneath his foot instantly collapsed while he pointed his blood red saber at Yang Ye. In an instant, the blood red saber seemed as if it had come to life, and a strange skull actually appeared on its tip. In the next moment, the blood red saber swished forward like a bolt of lightning and instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly while he swiftly swung Lag. A snow white strand of sword qi shot forward. However, that strand of sword qi which carried 10th level Sword Intent was instantly blasted apart by the skull!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. He suddenly stomped his right foot down as he activated his Sword Domain. In an instant, the skull stopped, and then Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grasped while he shouted. “Mince!”

Countless rays of light flashed incessantly within his Sword Domain.


The skull’s howl resounded from within the Sword Domain.

“The Sword Domain! You’ve actually comprehended Sword Domain….” The skeleton’s voice carried terror as he said, “How could that be possible? You’re only a little over 20. How could you have possibly comprehended Sword Domain? How could that be possible?”


The skull was minced apart to the point it exploded apart within the Sword Domain.

The Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor finally heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this because they felt that Yang Ye was in an invincible position with the Sword Domain at his disposal.

As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was extremely important right now. Because he was the one and only person who could restrain the Monarch Realm experts of the central territory, and he was the only one capable of going against Luo Jun. If Yang Ye were to die or lose, then it would be a calamity to the southern territory!

On the other side, the faces of Yuan Tian and the others twitched incessantly. Moreover, it was especially so for Qian Huagu.

“Yang Ye must die! He must!” Yuan Tian clenched his fists tightly as he spoke in a low voice. After all, if Yang Ye didn’t die and was given the time to mature, then he would definitely become a figure like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. At that time, wouldn’t it be beyond easy for him to annihilate the Origin School?

“If he doesn’t die now, then we’ll be the ones who die in the future!” The Ghost King of the Ghost Sect revealed undisguised killing intent.

The Sect Master of the Brightmoon Sect, Kuang Yue, said, “He has a master at the Half-Saint Realm! Anyone who kills him will die as well!”

All of them instantly fell silent.

A short while later, Qian Huagu said, “Luo Jun desires his death more than we do!”

Zhao Zhangfei and the refined man’s expressions weren’t composed and indifferent any longer when they saw Yang Ye reveal his Sword Domain, and there was only shock left in their eyes!

The Sword Domain! That’s something which only the legendary Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect comprehended, yet Yang Ye has actually comprehended it as well. My god! Even the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had only comprehended it at around the age of 100. But how old is Yang Ye?

Even the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor can be considered to be trash when compared to him!“Everyone heed my command! Attack at full force to kill Yang Ye!” Right at this moment, Zhao Zhangfei’s voice suddenly resounded in the sky above the Origin School.

Over 3,000 Exalt Realm experts flashed through the sky. Right at this moment, the skeleton swung his blood red saber at those Exalt Realm experts, and a ray of blood red light shot out violently from it. The expressions of countless Exalt Realm experts changed drastically, and they hurriedly joined forces and created spatial barriers before they were finally able to stop that blood red ray of light!

“Don’t you fucking interfere! I’m going to crush him myself!” The skeleton’s sonorous voice resounded through the air above the Origin School.

Zhao Zhangfei’s expression changed, and he shot a glance at Zhuge.

Zhuge said, “Listen to him. He was once a Saint Realm expert at any rate. Even though he isn’t even at the Monarch Realm right now, he’s not weak to the point of even being unable to kill an Exalt Realm profounder.”

Zhao Zhangfei nodded.

“Palm of Doom!” Right at this moment, the skeleton roared furiously.

An enormous black colored palm seemed like it was descending from the sky as it appeared in the sky above the Origin School. Moreover, the formidable pressure emanated by the enormous palm instantly blasted the grand hall below into powder.

“Everyone move 3km back! No, move 5km back!” Zhao Zhangfei’s fearful voice resounded in the sky above the Origin School.

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