Chapter 567 – Violet Light!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yuan Tian’s expression changed when that enormous palm appeared in the air, and he waved his right hand and instantly transported some of the disciples on the ground below by over 5km away. However, he wasn’t able to transport some of them away in time. They were instantly struck by the terrifying aura emanated by that enormous black palm to the point of death.

“That’s a Dao Technique of legend!” The Founding Emperor’s expression became extremely solemn while he spoke in a low voice.

The Beast Emperor’s eyelids twitched while shock filled his eyes. Because even he had only heard of Dao Techniques from legends. To be more precise, Dao Techniques had only existed during the ancient times, and it practically didn’t exist in the continent now!

“What exactly is that fellow’s origins? Why does he possess a Dao Technique?” The Founding Emperor clenched his fists tightly as he spoke in a low voice.

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “Will Yang Ye be able to resist it?”

The Founding Emperor said, “Be prepared to act!”

The Beast Emperor glanced at the Founding Emperor, and then he nodded.


“Human! You’ve never seen a legendary Dao Technique, right? Haha!” The skeleton’s voice was filled with complacency.

A Dao Technique! Yang Ye took a deep breath as he flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp before he sheathed Lag within it. Truthfully speaking, he really didn’t want to utilize the Heavenrend Drawing Technique because every single time he used it would represent the destruction of a Dao Artifact. The destruction of Void Flash really hurt, and he really didn’t want to lose Lag as well. But it couldn’t be helped because he would probably be unable to stop that enormous palm without Heavenrend!

Yang Ye stopped hesitating and suddenly exerted strength with his right hand!


A sword howl resounded through the entire southern territory while the world dimmed down!

“Heavenrend!” Yang Ye drew with all his strength before slashing swiftly, and then a ray of light shot into the air and stabbed that enormous palm. On the other hand, Lag exploded into countless pieces!


The enormous palm and the ray of light collided, and then it seemed like a star had exploded into pieces. The heavens and the earth trembled while countless strands of black colored energy and sword energy shot madly towards the surroundings. It simply seemed like the end of the world had arrived!

Zhao Zhangfei and the others were astounded. They hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye was actually strong to such an extent that even a Dao Technique of legend couldn’t kill him!

Is he really only around the age of 20?Is he really not a Monarch Realm expert?

The flames in the skeleton’s eyes surged incessantly as he said, “How could this be possible? You…. What sword technique was that? It was actually… actually not inferior to my Dao Technique!”

“Sword of Elements!” Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded, and then an enormous sword that was formed from Natural Treasures shot through the sky and smashed against the skeleton’s chest.

Yang Ye never had the habit of discussing things with his opponents while in battle!


Flames instantly enveloped the skeleton while countless bolts of violet lightning attacked him incessantly.


Meanwhile, the divine gold dragon that had been smashed into the ground just now had charged out and circled in the sky above Yang Ye. Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as he gazed at the divine gold dragon which was covered in injuries, and then he waved his right hand and sent it into the tiny vortex. The divine gold dragon was extremely helpful to him, so he refused to allow it to be destroyed!


A blood red ray of light shot out from within the ocean of flames, and the 3 Natural Treasures were blasted away.

Everyone in the surroundings watched as the skeleton walked out slowly with the blood red saber in his hand, and he said, “My body is comparable to the physical body of a Half-Saint, so how could it be destroyed by an ant like you?”

“What a headache!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot on the ground and shot forward explosively. He instantly arrived in front of the skeleton before smashing his fist against the skeleton’s head.


The skeleton was blasted flying. However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared before him again, and then Yang Ye stomped his foot against the skeleton’s throat. The skeleton was about to block this strike when a golden rope shot forward like a bolt of lightning from Yang Ye’s arm, and it instantly bound the skeleton.

After that….

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yang Ye’s fists and feet were like a raging storm that descended incessantly onto the skeleton….

Zhao Zhangfei and Zhuge’s expressions were unsightly to the extreme as they watched Yang Ye beat the skeleton around like a sandbag!

“That’s the ancient Corpse Ancestor you spoke of? That’s the existence you said was capable of obliterating the world during the ancient times? Mister Zhuge, are you kidding me?” Zhao Zhangfei spoke with a gloomy expression on his face.

Zhuge shook his head and said, “It’s not because he’s too weak, it’s because Yang Ye is too strong. We’ve really underestimated Yang Ye’s strength since the beginning. He must be killed, otherwise, he would absolutely be more terrifying than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor in the future. The Mortal Emperor can dream of unifying the continent while he’s alive!”

“If he were to assist the Mortal Emperor, then unifying the entire continent wouldn’t be difficult at all. What a pity….” Zhao Zhangfei shook his head.

“Order them to prepare themselves to join forces with the Corpse Ancestor to crush Yang Ye!” said Zhuge.

Zhao Zhangfei nodded. After all, anyone could discern that the skeleton wasn’t able to kill Yang Ye at all.


Yang Ye stomped his foot against the skeleton’s face, and he instantly stomped the skeleton deep into the ground. This time, Yang Ye didn’t pursue the skeleton anymore because he noticed that it was completely useless!

At this moment, his hands were swollen while his legs were slightly puffed up. Now, he really believed that the skeleton’s body was comparable to a Half-Saint.

If he had more Dao Artifacts to execute Heavenrend, then perhaps he would be able to kill the skeleton. However, he didn’t have a single one on him now, so he couldn’t execute Heavenrend at all.

How should I destroy this monster?

Yang Ye had quite the headache!


Right at this moment, a loud explosion resounded from within the hole in the ground, and then Yang Ye’s expression changed because he noticed that the Immortal Binding Rope had been destroyed!

What a loss! Yang Ye’s face turned gloomy because the battle with this monster had made him lose 2 Dao Artifacts! His heart was really bleeding!


The skeleton shot into the sky, and then he instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye and said, “Ant! You actually dared to humiliate me like that! I’ll drink you blood, suck out your marrow, chew on your bones, and take your soul!”

Meanwhile, 3,000 Exalt Realm experts appeared around them and surrounded them!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. The profound energy within him surged madly into the Stellar Shuttle as he was about to flee!

“Fuck off!” The skeleton roared furiously at those Exalt Realm experts, and he was about to attack them.

Right at this moment, the refined man on the ground below suddenly withdrew a wooden tablet, and then his profound energy surged into it. The skeleton in the sky above instantly screamed, and then he glanced at the refined man.

“Join forces with them to kill Yang Ye, otherwise, you can go back to deep sleep!” said the refined man.

The skeleton tightened his grip of the blood red saber in his hand, and then he hesitated for a moment before he roared and swung his saber at Yang Ye.

On the other hand, the 3,000 Exalt Realm experts pounced at Yang Ye as well!

The faces of the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor changed!

Yang Ye’s expression changed as well because he noticed that the space around him had been frozen, and he wasn’t able to flee at all!


Suddenly, a ray of violet light flashed, and then the wooden tablet in the refined man’s grasp had vanished!

The skeleton stopped moving.

The refined man was stunned.

Zhao Zhangfei was stunned.

But Yang Ye started smiling instead!

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