Chapter 568 – The Little Fellow!

Almighty Sword Domain

A violet mink appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and it was holding a wooden tablet in its little claws. It was that exact same wooden tablet which the refined man was holding just a moment ago.

At the same time, the spatial barriers around Yang Ye had been instantly destroyed.

The violet mink gazed at Yang Ye, blinked, and then placed its little head against Yang Ye’s face before rubbing it incessantly.

Yang Ye took the violet mink in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. The little fellow’s round and chubby face instantly blushed red. Yang Ye was amused by this and kissed her on the forehead again before he smiled. “What is it? Little Fellow, are you embarrassed? Eh? Aren’t you supposed to be able to take human form after you received the inheritance? Have you still not received it?”

The violet mink glared at Yang Ye with embarrassment, and then she passed the wooden table to Yang Ye before she covered her face with both of her claws and hid behind Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye chuckled. He stopped teasing the little fellow and held the wooden tablet in his grasp before he sent a strand of profound energy into it just like the refined man had.

“AH!!” Meanwhile, the skeleton suddenly let out a shrill cry.

“Oops? What’s wrong with you?” Yang Ye gazed at the skeleton in an exaggerated manner and said, “You seem to be in great pain?” As he spoke, he sent another strand of profound energy into the wooden tablet.

“AH!!!” The skeleton rolled about incessantly in midair while roaring furiously. “Stop! Stop! Human! Stop! Otherwise… otherwise I’ll drag you down with me!”

“You’re even threatening me? Come give it a try, let’s see if you can bring me down with you!” Yang Ye sent another strand of profound energy into the wooden tablet while he spoke, and the skeleton started howling incessantly with pain.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Meanwhile, the refined man’s quite exasperated voice resounded from below. Just thinking about the Corpse Ancestor being in Yang Ye’s control made the refined man’s face turned ghastly pale. After that, that was undoubtedly a calamity to them!

“Spatial Cage!” The voices of 3,000 Exalt Realm experts resounded in midair, and then numerous spatial barriers overlapped each other around Yang Ye. However, the violet mink just waved her claw, and then those spatial barriers around Yang Ye instantly warped. Merely a moment passed before an explosion resounded as all the spatial barriers were instantly destroyed!

The expressions of Zhao Zhangfei and the others changed!

Yang Ye glanced at the little fellow. She revealed a complacent smile, and then she started scratching Yang Ye’s ears as if she were saying — “I’m amazing, right?”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he gazed at the skeleton and said, “Now, help me kill these Exalt Realm experts. Of course, you can choose to refuse, but it’s in your best interests to avoid doing that. Otherwise, I’ll make living worse than death for you. Besides that, don’t threaten me. Because unless you really attain the Half-Saint Realm or the Monarch Realm perhaps, otherwise, you can dream of taking me down with you!”

The skeleton’s body trembled incessantly as if he was hesitating.

Yang Ye’s gaze turned cold, and he was about to make the skeleton experience terrible pain. Meanwhile, the skeleton hurriedly swung his blood red saber at those Exalt Realm experts. Countless rays of blood red light shot out, and it instantly annihilated some of the nearby Exalt Realm experts!

“Corpse Ancestor! How dare you….” The refined man was furious.

“Dare my ass! You idiot!” The Corpse Ancestor was exasperated. If it were a choice between Yang Ye and Zhuge, he would rather Zhuge had the Soul Control Tablet. But he hadn’t expected that Zhuge would actually lose the Soul Control Tablet. How stupid does he have to be to let than happen? Every time he thought about how he would be controlled and enslaved by Yang Ye, the Corpse Ancestor was furious to the point he wished he could destroy the entire world!


Countless rays of blood red light shot incessantly towards the surroundings. Some Exalt Realm experts joined forces and were barely able to resist them, but the problem was that their attacks simply had no effect when they struck the Corpse Ancestor. He was completely unharmed!

So, how could they fight such a battle? The Corpse Ancestor’s physical body was invincible before Exalt Realm profounders!

“Kill!” Right at this moment, a furious howl resounded in the sky.

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this voice because it was Ding Shaoyao!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to issue a command in his heart, and his swords flew out and shot towards the Exalt Realm profounders of the Exalted Han Empire. The violet mink on his shoulder didn’t stand by idly as well, she waved her claws incessantly, and then numerous rays of violet light flashed off incessantly.

Practically every single profounder struck by the violet light perished immediately. Even though some profounders at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm and above were able to avoid death, they were heavily injured at least, and they’d completely lost their ability to fight!

No one was able to resist Yang Ye, the skeleton, or the little fellow. Everywhere they went, their enemies would either die or be injured!

After Ding Shaoyao led the Exalt Realm experts into the battle, it instantly became a one sided battle, and just around 5 minutes had passed when almost 500 Exalt Realm experts from the Exalted Han Empire had perished!

“Retreat! Everyone retreat! Immediately!” Zhao Zhangfei roared madly from below, and then he was the first to leave and lead a group towards the Exalt Han Empire. If there was no one to keep Yang Ye and the Corpse Ancestor busy, then even if they could win the battle in the end, they would have barely come out on top, and that wasn’t something he wanted!

“We’re finished!” Yuan Tian’s face turned pale as he watched Zhao Zhangfei and the others retreat, and his eyes were filled with the color of death. Once the Exalted Han Empire retreated, how could the Origin School possibly resist Yang Ye’s forces?

At this moment, he finally understood that the Origin School was merely a pawn that the Exalted Han Empire could abandon at any moment….

“Yang Ye, you’ve won. My Origin School surrenders!” Right at this moment, Yuan Tian’s voice resounded from the sky above the Origin School.

Everyone stopped fighting.

“How many Exalt Realm experts of the Origin School are left?” Yang Ye asked Ding Shaoyao.

Ding Shaoyao said, “Over a hundred!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “Kill! Kill all Exalt Realm experts of the Origin School. As for those below the Exalt Realm, kill any who dare to resist!”

Could Yang Ye trust the Origin School after it surrendered? The answer was no. Yang Ye believed if Luo Jun were to come to the southern territory again, then the Origin School would probably immediately pounce into Luo Jun’s arms again. So, if he didn’t annihilate this potential trouble when he had an absolute advantage, then even Yang Ye felt that he would be an idiot!

Ding Shaoyao glanced at Yang Ye while there was a trace of admiration in her eyes. She was afraid that Yang Ye would agree to Yuan Tian’s request. Because if that happened, then the Origin School would become an unstable variable. After all, it might betray them at any time. Moreover, Yang Ye had killed so many experts of the Origin School just now, and those experts definitely had friends, loved ones, or disciples in the Origin School. How could those fellows not hate Yang Ye?

Fortunately, Yang Ye didn’t show any shortsightedness or softheartedness.

“Kill! Kill them all!” Ding Shaoyao’s voice resounded in the air above the Origin School.

In an instant, countless howls resounded!

“Yang Ye!” Yuan Tian’s roar that carried resentment resounded from high above amidst the clouds.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Yuan Tian and just led both the Corpse Ancestor and the little fellow in pursuit of Zhao Zhangfei.

After Zhao Zhangfei’s forces had retreated, the Origin School wasn’t able to resist Ding Shaoyao at all, and it was practically a one sided slaughter. Countless disciples of the Origin School were falling one by one.

Yuan Tian’s expression was quite horrifyingly ferocious.

“Allow me to kill him!” Right at this moment, a Supreme Elder at the Monarch Realm who stood behind Yuan Tian flashed over towards Yang Ye.

“Don’t!” Yuan Tian roared furiously.

However, it was still a little too late. When that Monarch Realm expert arrived in the air above Yang Ye and was just about to attack, a palm had passed through space, instantly appeared above the old man, and then slapped down forcefully….


That elder and that expanse of space instantly vanished!

Yuan Tian and the others were astounded!

A Half-Saint Realm expert is actually formidable to such an extent!

Meanwhile, the members of the Origin School had been completely slaughtered, and the once number one sect of the southern territory had been annihilated just like that!

“Yang Ye, I’ll kill you or die trying! Luo Jun! Just you wait!” Even though he hated Yang Ye, he hated Luo Jun and the Exalted Han Empire even more. Because if the Exalted Han Empire hadn’t abandoned the Origin School, then it wouldn’t have been slaughtered at all. At the very least, it would be able to maintain some of its inheritance. But now, the entire Origin School had been slaughtered, and only a few Monarch Realm experts remained….

“Let’s go!” Yuan Tian took one final glance at the Origin School which was now a scene of desolation, and then he led the other Supreme Elders of the Origin School and vanished from there.

“Are we just going to let them leave?” said the Beast Emperor.

“Unless Yang Ye’s master makes a move, otherwise, we aren’t able to kill all of them!” said the Founding Emperor.

“It’ll lead to endless potential troubles!” said the Beast Emperor.

The Founding Emperor chuckled and said, “That may not necessarily be the case. Even though he wishes for nothing more than to kill Yang Ye, I think that he wishes for nothing more than to kill Luo Jun as well. After all, it really hurts to be abandoned.”

“Let’s pay more attention in the future so as to prevent him from playing any tricks!” said the Beast Emperor.

“Of course!” The Founding Emperor nodded.

When Zhao Zhangfei and the others fled to Ancient Domain City, countless black clothed experts had flown out from the city, and then they charged into Zhao Zhangfei’s group. Countless rays of cold light flashed before over a dozen Exalt Realm experts instantly fell from the sky!

“I’ve been waiting for all of you!” City Governor Lu’s voice resounded in the sky above the city.

“Lu Yuanhao! How dare you!” Zhao Zhangfei roared furiously. “Aren’t you afraid that my Exalted Han Empire would crush the entire Ancient Domain City?”

“I’ll be waiting!” said Lu Yuanhao.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye, the Corpse Ancestor, and the little fellow had caught up. They didn’t waste their breaths at all. They just charged into the group of Exalt Realm experts and killed any enemy who stood before them!

“Haha! Let’s kill to our heart’s content! Hahaha!” The Corpse Ancestor roared madly with laughter as he killed them.

Zhao Zhangfei’s face had warped as he watched Yang Ye’s group of 3 slaughter his forces, and then he roared towards Ancient Domain City. “An Clan, why aren’t you taking actions yet? Could it be that you intend to betray the Mortal Emperor?”

After a moment of silence, countless black clothed figures flashed out from the city.

All of them were ninth rank Exalt Realm experts, and there at least 100 of them.

A black clothed woman stood in front of the group of black clothed figures, and it was that Assassin Sovereign who was at the Monarch Realm!

Yang Ye didn’t even shoot a glance at them before he said, “Continue the slaughter. I swear that I’ll definitely annihilate the Southern An Clan today if they dare to attack us!”

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