Chapter 569 – The Southern Territory!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Alright! I like your character a little. Haha!” The Corpse Ancestor roared with laughter as he waved the blood red saber in his hand, and then a ray of blood red light flashed horizontally and instantly severed the heads of a few Exalt Realm experts in front of him.

When the experts under the City Governor of Ancient Domain City’s command heard Yang Ye, they continued attacking as well.

The black clothed woman’s eyes narrowed slightly while coldness flickered in her eyes.

However, she didn’t dare to attack!

Because Yang Ye really could destroy the An Clan now!

“An Clan! What are all of you still watching for? Quickly lend us a hand!” Zhao Zhangfei roared furiously.

After all, he’d already lost 500 Exalt Realm experts at the battle outside the Origin School. Even if the Exalted Han Empire was a huge power, it still couldn’t endure such losses! Now, those losses would grow even greater if the An Clan didn’t lend them a hand!

“From this moment onward, the Southern An Clan is withdrawing from the alliance with the Exalted Han Empire!” Right at this moment, the black clothed woman spoke abruptly.

Zhao Zhangfei’s expression changed. He was just about to speak when another voice resounded from Ancient Domain City. “From this moment onward, the Northern An Clan is withdrawing from the alliance with the Exalted Han Empire as well!”

“How dare you!” Zhao Zhangfei roared furiously. “My Exalted Han Empire will definitely annihilate you for this betrayal!”

The black clothed woman grunted coldly before she led the others away and vanished in midair. When Monarch Realm experts couldn’t act against Yang Ye, were there any other Exalt Realm experts who could stop Yang Ye?

How would the An Clan stop Yang Ye if he attacked it? The Northern An Clan had An Nanjing, but what about the Southern An Clan? They did possess a huge number of experts, but none of those experts could go against Yang Ye!

So, if they didn’t separate themselves from the Exalted Han Empire, then it would really be possible for Yang Ye to destroy them with the help of the City Governor’s Estate!

“Let’s go!” Zhao Zhangfei’s face twitched when he saw her leave, and then he issued the command to flee.

Yang Ye and the others didn’t give up on their pursuit as well, and they only stopped after chasing them all the way to the border of the Exalted Han Empire. Yang Ye wanted to continue pursuing but had no choice but to give up. Because there was an army of almost 500,000 at the border, and practically every single one of them was at the King Realm! The joint forces of 500,000 King Realm profounders and 2,000 Exalt Realm experts really was sufficient to kill both him and the Corpse Ancestor!

“Let’s continue the attack. There’s no need to fear them, those humans can’t do anything to us!” The Corpse Ancestor encouraged Yang Ye with all his ability. His body was equivalent to the body of a Half-Saint, so unless it was an expert at the Monarch Realm or above, ordinary people weren’t able to harm him at all!


Right at this moment, 500,000 armor piercing arrows shot into the air and enveloped down towards the three of them.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. Meanwhile, the Corpse Ancestor who’d been shouting about fighting them had immediately vanished on the spot.

He fled…. The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then his profound energy surged madly into the Stellar Shuttle before his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Even though Yang Ye’s group had left, Zhao Zhangfei and the others had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. His expedition to the southern territory could truly be considered as an enormous humiliation to him! Actually, if Luo Jun told him about Yang Ye’s true strength, then he wouldn’t have suffered such a miserable defeat. It was exactly because he’d misjudged Yang Ye’s strength that Yang Ye was able to catch him off guard!

Right at this moment, a soldier in golden armor appeared before Zhao Zhangfei, and he said, “General Zhao, the Mortal Emperor is aware of what happened in the southern territory. The Mortal Emperor asks that you disregard what happened in the southern territory, and the Mortal Emperor will deal with Yang Ye himself. Moreover, the Mortal Emperor has order General to lead troops to the northern territory to support General Zhang Meng and conquer the northern territory as soon as possible.”

Zhao Zhangfei bowed slightly and said, “Understood!”

After he finished speaking, he took a long glance at the direction Yang Ye left towards, and then he led the troops away!

Ancient Domain City, the Northern An Clan.

“Young Master Yang, my Norther An Clan has already declared its separation from the Exalted Han Empire. Could it be that Young Master Yang still refuses to let us go?” It was the Patriarch of the An Clan, An Ku, and he was An Nanjing’s father.

An Ku was rather displeased right now because he’d announced his clan’s withdrawal from its alliance with the Exalted Han Empire, but Yang Ye was trying to take a yard when given an inch and force his clan to leave Ancient Domain City!

Yang Ye gazed at him and said, “Patriarch An, the reason I’m here to notify you about this is out of consideration for An Nanjing.”

An Ku’s eyes narrowed slightly while his voice contained a trace of anger. “Yang Ye, aren’t you going a bit too far!?”

Yang Ye stood up and stared An Ku in the eyes as he said, “If it wasn’t for An Nanjing, I wouldn’t be standing here and talking nicely to you. I’ve never been benevolent to my enemies. The only reason the Northern An Clan is still fine and well is because I’m friends with An Nanjing!”

The geographical location of Ancient Domain City was very important. If Luo Jun’s army were to break through the Ocean of Anarchy, then Ancient Domain City would be the southern territory’s last barrier. So, he could only be at ease when Ancient Domain City was in the hands of an ally. Even though both An Clans had withdrawn from their alliance with the Exalted Han Empire, he wasn’t able to trust them completely. After all, if they were to suddenly side with Luo Jun again during a future battle and coordinate an attack from both within the city and outside it, how would they possibly defend the city?

“You….” An Ku was exasperated.

Yang Ye paid no attention to him and just left.

“Dammit!” An Ku slapped the table before him, and it instantly transformed into powder.

“Move the An Clan from Ancient Domain City!” Right at this moment, a voice resounded from outside.

An Ku’s figure trembled because it was the voice of the An Clan’s ancestor.

A short while later, An Ku laughed bitterly and said, “Ancestor, besides the southern territory and northern territory, practically the entire human world is under the Exalted Han Empire’s control. Where would we go?”

“The southern territory!”

An Ku was at a loss for words.

The Southern An Clan.

“If the Southern An Clan still remains within Ancient Domain City tomorrow, then be ready to bear the consequences!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded in the sky above the Southern An Clan and practically everyone within the city could hear him.

“He’s going too far!” The black clothed woman spoke in a cold voice within a room, and a strand of killing intent surged incessantly around her.

“We’ll just leave!” An Biru sighed lightly.

“Biru, when has our An Clan suffered such humiliation? Could it be that we’re going to just endure it?” said the black clothed woman.

“What else can we do?” An Biru laughed bitterly. “Presently, the southern territory’s Darkbeast Empire and Grand Qin Empire have formed an alliance, and even the City Governor of Ancient Domain City is standing on his side. Besides them, the Ding Clan in the Ocean of Anarchy and the Mo Clan have formed an alliance with him as well. How would we go against such an alliance?”


An Biru shook her head and said, “There are no buts. Even if those powers hadn’t allied themselves with him, just Yang Ye himself would be sufficient to strike a huge blow against us while under the condition that Monarch Realm experts can’t attack him!”

A short while passed before the black clothed woman sighed lightly and said, “Perhaps, we shouldn’t have chosen sides that quickly…. Otherwise, the City Governor’s Estate wouldn’t have been able obtain such gains so easily. After all, it has obtained the entire Ancient Domain City without even using a single soldier. Haha! Lu Yuanhao really knows how to seize opportunities!”

An Biru stood up and said, “Notify the clan that we’re leaving Ancient Domain City!”

“Where are we heading?”

“The southern territory….”

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