Chapter 570 – Summon The Ancestor!

Almighty Sword Domain

After they left Ancient Domain City, the Corpse Ancestor asked. “Hey, where are we going now?”

In the beginning, he was very displeased, but after going through all of this, he noticed that the way this human did things was really like him, so he wasn’t that against Yang Ye anymore.

“Continue killing!” Yang Ye held the violet mink in his arms as he flew towards the southern territory.

“Hehehe….” The Corpse Ancestor’s laughter was quite ghastly, and he said, “Kid, return that Soul Control Tablet to me, and then join me in the Devil Dao. With your character and natural talent, you’ll definitely be able to bring my Devil Dao to great heights.”

Yang Ye glanced at the Corpse Ancestor and said, “Is your Devil Dao as strong as my Sword Dao?”

“Of course!” Corpse Ancestor said, “The Sword Dao is nothing. During the ancient times, the Sword Dao was trash before my Devil Dao. No, it was even worse than trash.”

“What sort of monster are you?” asked Yang Ye. He was quite afraid of this monster who stood before him. After all, besides the Heavenrend Drawing Technique, Yang Ye didn’t have any other ability that could harm this skeleton’s physical body that was comparable to a Half-Saint. Moreover, even if he utilized Heavenrend, he would probably be unable to kill this fellow.

“You’re the monster!” Corpse Ancestor spoke furiously. “I’m the Corpse Ancestor, the ancestor of all corpses. Understand?” 

“The ancestor of all corpses? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it!” Yang Ye insulted him without holding back at all.

“How ignorant!” Corpse Ancestor’s voice was filled with contempt, and he said, “Allow this ancestor to give you a class today. All those years ago during the ancient times, a myriad of Daos vied for supremacy. There was the Sword Dao, Martial Dao, Saber Dao, Dao of Karmic Luck, Ghost Dao, and Devil Dao. I cultivated in the Devil Dao. The more I killed, and the more blood and souls I absorbed, the stronger I would become. All those years ago, my Devil Dao was the strongest beneath the Martial Dao!”

“Why don’t you just call it the Dao of Slaughter? It harms the balance of the world, so how could the heavens have tolerated your Devil Dao’s existence?” said Yang Ye.

“It didn’t!” Corpse Ancestor said, “It’s exactly because the heavens didn’t tolerate its existence that my Devil Dao has declined to the point of being on the verge of extinction. But it’s fine. I’ll definitely rebuild the Devil Dao once I’ve recovered my physical body!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Around how many people do you have to kill in order to accomplish that?”

Corpse Ancestor spoke casually. “Just a little over 100 million!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “We’ll head to the Exalted Han Empire if we have the chance, and then you can kill to your heart’s content, alright?”

“Really?” Corpse Ancestor’s voice carried undisguised excitement.

Yang Ye said, “Of course. We’re going to kill people right now!”

“Will you really not consider joining my Devil Dao? So long as you do, I guarantee that you’ll definitely become a peerless demon in the future. Even the heavens would be helpless against you!” Corpse Ancestor continued his attempts to tempt Yang Ye.

“Cut the crap. Do you best and kill to your heart’s content later!”

“Alas, what a pity!”

The Flower palace.

After the Origin School had been destroyed, countless disciples of the Flower Palace left the sect. Presently, it had less than 10,000 disciples, and their numbers were decreasing incessantly.

The entire Flower Palace was covered in a gloomy aura.

Flower Hall.

“Elder, almost 2,000 Exalt Realm experts have surrounded our Flower Palace. We… we aren’t able to escape!” A woman ran into the hall and spoke with a trembling voice.

Qian Huagu took a deep breath and said, “Yang Ye intends to annihilate us!”

“Let’s fight him to the death!”

“Those bastards from the Exalted Han Empire actually abandoned us. They really deserve death for that, otherwise, how could our Flower Palace be reduced to such a state?”

“Could it be that our Flower Palace is going to vanish from the southern territory today?”

The hall was filled with sorrow.

“Summon our ancestor!” A short while later, Qian Huagu spoke abruptly.

“What!?” Qian Huagu was shocked. “Senior Sister….”

Qian Huagu said, “Did you not see what happened to the Origin School? Do you think Yang Ye would let us go even if we surrender? He won’t! He’ll annihilate every single disciple of our Flower Palace. Since he wants to destroy our Flower Palace, then I’ll make him pay a terrible price even if he has a master at the Half-Saint Realm!”

Qian Hui said, “Senior Sister, do we really not have another choice?”

Qian Huagu shook her head and said, “Our Flower Palace isn’t able to resist him at all while Monarch Realm experts can’t join the battle. I know you can’t bear to do so, but does our Flower Palace have another way out? They are going to die anyway, so why not die a meaningful death? Perhaps the Founding Ancestor would even be able to avenge them!”

“Alas, we really shouldn’t have killed Feng Yu that day….” Qian Nianci sighed softly.

“It’s pointless to speak about all of that now!” Qian Huagu spoke coldly. “Qian Hui, activate the Hundred Flower Formation to slow them down, and then summon our ancestor.”

Qian Hui hesitated for a moment before she nodded.

It wasn’t long before countless multicolored petals appeared in the air above the Flower Palace and formed a barrier around it.


Outside Flower Palace. Yang Ye’s expression became slightly solemn when he saw that light barrier formed from petals. He was planning to lead his forces into the Flower Palace, but he hadn’t expected that these petals would appear around it.

“This is the Hundred Flower Formation, the strongest defensive grand formation of the Flower Palace!” Ding Shaoyao said, “I shouldn’t have waited for you before attacking. Alas, now it’ll be quite troublesome.”

After the Origin School was destroyed, Ding Shaoyao had immediately led the other experts to the Flower Palace. Because it was the best time to destroy the Flower Palace, Ghost Sect, and Brightmoon Sect. So long as these 3 sects were destroyed, then the southern territory could form into a united front that would make it countless times more difficult for Luo Jun to attack it in the future!

The reason she hadn’t given the order to destroy the Flower Palace was because she was very clearly aware of the enmity between Yang Ye and the Flower Palace. She knew that Yang Ye definitely wanted to destroy it himself. That was why she’d ordered them to surround the Flower Palace but not attack until Yang Ye arrived. But she hadn’t imagined that the Flower Palace would actually activate the Hundred Flower Formation to resist them until the bitter end!

Yang Ye said, “It’s fine. I’m annihilating the Flower Palace today no matter what!” At that time, he didn’t possess sufficient strength, and he could only leave with hate in his heart. Now, there was nothing that could stop him from annihilating the Flower Palace and avenging his mother.

Ding Shaoyao nodded and said, “I’ve ordered over a thousand Exalt Realm experts to attack the Ghost Sect and Brightmoon Sect. They would definitely be unable to stop our forces with the strength they possess. Now, only the Flower Palace remains. The disciples of the Flower Palace are easy to deal with, but it has four Monarch Realm experts….”

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to escape today!” Right at this moment, the Founding Emperor suddenly appeared by their side, and both Li Si and Bai Qi had appeared with him.

“I’m of the same mind!” Meanwhile, the Beast Emperor appeared here as well, and two more old men were standing by his side.

6 Monarch Realm experts!

“Count us in as well!” Meanwhile, Xiao Tianji and the white dragon appeared here as well.

“Senior?” Yang Ye was quite surprised as he hadn’t expected that the elusive Xiao Tianji would make an appearance here as well.

Ding Shaoyao walked over quickly when she saw Xiao Tianji, and then she bowed respectfully and said, “Greetings Senior, I’m a descendant of the Ding Clan!” If it wasn’t for Xiao Tianji, the Ding Clan would have been annihilated a long time ago. So, no one within the Ding Clan dared to forget Xiao Tianji’s kindness.

Xiao Tianji nodded lightly and said, “You’re Ding Shaoyao? The one who rejected the opinion of the majority and made the Ding Clan ally itself with Yang Ye?”

“Yes!” Ding Shaoyao spoke respectfully.

Xiao Tianji smiled and said, “Trust me, your choice is right!”

“I think so too!” Ding Shaoyao grinned. If their prospects were said to be bleak if they sided with Yang Ye before this, then the forces Yang Ye represented now could definitely rival the Exalted Han Empire. Even though its overall strength was inferior to the Exalted Han Empire, she believed that more and more would definitely side with them because of Yang Ye.

Luo Jun’s biggest mistake was to become enemies with Yang Ye for the sake of the Flower Palace. If Luo Jun had abandoned the Flower Palace or helped Yang Ye destroy it, then it would absolutely be extremely easy for the Exalted Han Empire to unite the southern territory. Because no power within the entire southern territory could stop the Exalted Han Empire’s footsteps without Yang Ye!

Unfortunately, Luo Jun had been too confident and felt that the Exalted Han Empire would definitely be able to destroy Yang Ye’s forces if it launched an attack against the southern territory. However, the facts proved that he was wrong!

“Senior, what are you doing here?” asked Yang Ye.

Xiao Tianji’s expression grew more and more solemn, and he gazed at the Flower Palace as he said, “I have a bad feeling!”

The expressions of everyone here changed upon hearing this.

Who was Xiao Tianji? He was a terrifying existence that was capable of predicting the future. But he actually said that he had a bad feeling! Could the Flower Palace have some sort of formidable trump card?

Xiao Tianji frowned, and then he shook his head and said, “I can’t determine what exactly that bad feeling points at, and it’s just a very bad feeling. We must be careful after we break open the grand formation. Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor, please help me protect Yang Ye later. Because my intuition tells me that he might be in danger!”

The Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor nodded with solemn expressions on their faces.

“Senior, since it’s like that, then why don’t we retreat for now?” Ding Shaoyao had a solemn expression on her face. They absolutely couldn’t allow anything to happen to Yang Ye right now. Because once something did, then the united front he’d just formed would instantly crumble apart.

Xiao Tianji shook his head and said, “Some things can’t be avoided. Come, let’s go in and have a look. Let’s see what sort of tricks the Flower Palace is playing!”

As he spoke, Xiao Tianji gazed at the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor before he said, “Please lend me a hand!”

They nodded in reply.

The three of them smashed their fists forward, and then three enormous fists flashed over and smashed directly against the light barrier of petals.


An enormous explosion resounded as it exploded into pieces, and then an extremely dense aura of blood drifted out from within the Flower Palace.

All of their expressions changed!

Ding Shaoyao spoke in a low voice. “Why is there such a strong aura of blood? What exactly is the Flower Palace doing?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Let’s go. We’ll naturally find out once we head in and have a look!”

After they entered the Flower Palace, all of them were shocked by the scene that laid before their eyes.

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