Chapter 571 – The Saint Realm?

Almighty Sword Domain

There was no trace of life throughout Flower Palace.

An enormous pool of blood resided before Yang Ye’s group, and a few thousand disciples of the Flower Palace were within the pool of blood. At this moment, all of them were howling incessantly. They wanted to fly out from within it, but an invisible force stopped them from doing so.

Qian Huagu, Qian Hui, and Qian Nianci were standing by the pool of blood.

Qian Huagu had an emotionless expression on her face, and it was like she hadn’t seen the scene within the pool of blood. On the other hand, Qian Nianci and Qian Hui had their eyes closed tightly while their faces were covered in an expression of pain.

“Martial Ancestor, why? Why? Why treat us like this?”

“AHH!! You old hag! I’ll never forgive you even if I have to come back as a ghost! I’ll never forgive you! AHHHHH!”

“HAHAHA! I never expected that I, Fu Rong, didn’t die at the hands of Yang Ye, but I died at the hands of my own sect instead. How truly laughable! How laughable! HAHAHAHA!!”

“Karma will come for all of you! AHHHH!”

Qian Huagu remained indifferent while hearing the screams of those disciples within the pool, whereas, Qian Hui and Qian Nianci clenched their fists tightly while their figures were trembling slightly.

In next to no time, the screams quieted down and vanished.

“It’s still not enough….” Qian Huagu sighed lightly as if she hadn’t noticed Yang Ye’s group.

Qian Hui opened her eyes while a trace of resolve could be seen within her eyes. She walked slowly towards the pool of blood but was stopped by Qian Huagu who said, “I watched both of you grow up, and both of you haven’t done anything bad throughout your lifetimes. There are some things which both of you shouldn’t shoulder, and it shouldn’t be done by the two of you as well!”

“Senior Sister….” Qian Hui spoke with a trembling voice.

Qian Huagu shook her head, and then she gazed at Yang Ye’s group and said, “Based on your forces, it seems like you aren’t even willing to let the three of us go!”

Yang Ye glanced at the pool of blood before he said, “I once swore that I would definitely eliminate the Flower Palace from the southern territory while I lived. Now, I’ve come to keep that promise. Don’t worry, even those disciples who’ve fled will be coming to accompany all of you. My mother’s life will be repaid with the lives of everyone from the Flower Palace!”

Qian Huagu said, “Actually, I felt regretful from the moment I found out you’d become the Sword Emperor. I regretted killing your mother because I knew that I’d made a formidable enemy for the Flower Palace. So, I tried my very best to eliminate you, and I even didn’t hesitate to convince both the Origin School and Ghost Sect to side with Luo Jun. But I never expected that even Luo Jun wasn’t able to do anything to you!”

“It’s pointless to say all of that now, isn’t it?” said Yang Ye.

Qian Huagu nodded and said, “It’s pointless indeed. Because regardless of the outcome today, the Flower Palace will cease to exist, and I’m bound to become a sinner of the sect. Right, there really wasn’t anything within the coffin of my Flower Palace’s Founding Ancestor when you opened it up in the Graveyard of Flowers that day. Do you know why?”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as a bad feeling arose in his heart.

Qian Huagu continued. “Because my Flower Palace’s Founding Ancestor isn’t dead. Understand?”

Yang Ye’s expression changed!

The Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace had established it over 10,000 years ago, and she was a Saint Realm expert at that time! Of course, Saint Realm experts were a legend to the current continent, but while they were still rare during the ancient times, there were quite a few of them!

Since the Flower Palace’s Founding Ancestor hadn’t died, didn’t that mean she was still living in this world?

Even the expressions of Xiao Tianji and the others changed when they thought of such a possibility.

“If the Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace was still here, then it wouldn’t have declined to such an extent!” Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao’s voice resounded abruptly.

Qian Huagu suddenly started laughing, and she laughed for a while before she said, “Since the Sword Sect could summon its Founding Ancestor that day, then why can’t my Flower Palace do the same? Yang Ye, you caused the destruction of my Flower Palace, and I’ll make you pay with your life today!” As she spoke, Qian Huagu suddenly flew into the pool of blood.

“Senior Sister….” Qian Hui and Qian Nianci’s expressions changed drastically while the expressions on the faces of Xiao Tianji and the others had become unprecedentedly solemn.

“HAHAHA! Yang Ye, let me see who will be able to save you now. Let’s see who can save you! I offer my blood to summon the soul of my ancestor….” As her voice resounded, an explosion resounded from within the pool of blood. Everyone watched with shock as her figure exploded apart, and then the blood within the pool instantly seemed as if it was boiling and enormous scarlet red bubbles ceaselessly bubbled out from within it.


A pillar of blood shot into the sky.

In an instant, the entire world seemed as if it was dyed red with blood.

The expressions of Xiao Tianji and the others had changed once more because they sensed a feeling of danger!

“Yang Ye, leave before us!” said Ding Shaoyao.

“It’s too late….” Qian Hui spoke softly.


Another enormous explosion rumbled through the horizon, and the world trembled.

After that, countless bolts of multicolored lightning and dark red heavenly flames appeared in the sky. At this moment, even the sun was blotted out by the lightning and heavenly flames, and the countless experts throughout the continent were shocked.

“This is… impossible! This is impossible! Impossible! 10 colored divine lightning and dark heavenly flames…. How could this be possible…. Is a real Saint Realm expert about to make an appearance?” The Founding Emperor’s voice trembled slightly as he gazed at the horizon.

“Founding Ancestor….” Both Qian Hui and Qian Nianci’s eyes burned with a fervent glow.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s eyes were filled with shock. Could it be that the Flower Palace is really able to summon a Saint Realm expert of legend?

If they really summoned a Saint Realm expert, then not to mention Yang Ye, even the demon territory and devil territory could be annihilated in an instant, let alone the Exalted Han Empire!

Right at this moment, an unexpected even occurred.

Countless bolts of nine colored divine lightning suddenly appeared in the horizon. These bolts of divine lightning transformed into numerous enormous lightning dragons that pounced at the 10 colored divine lightning and dark heavenly flames.

Xiao Tianji revealed a slightly delighted expression as he said, “This world is resisting it. Right, if a Saint Realm expert were to make an appearance here, then it would definitely cause the world to be threatened. But I never imagined that the Flower Palace would actually be able to summon a Saint Realm expert….”

Rumble! Rumble!

Rumbled suddenly resounded throughout the horizon as the lightning dragons collided with the dark heavenly flames and 10 colored divine lightning. In an instant, they exploded apart and transformed into countless arcs of electricity that rained down from the sky.

Meanwhile, a ball of dark blue light descended swiftly from the horizon, and then everyone watched with shock as it entered Qian Hui’s body.

A short while passed before Qian Hui suddenly opened her eyes, and a cold glow flashed through them. Moreover, the space before Qian Hua was instantly crushed into powder.

“Who destroyed my Flower Palace…?” A completely emotionless voice resounded from ‘Qian Hui’, and it caused Yang Ye and the others to feel cold.

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