Chapter 57 – The 22nd level!

Almighty Sword Domain

Feng Lin arrived once more at Seven Refinement Peak. Qin Feng hadn’t asked him to come here this time, and he himself wanted to instead. At this moment, he was extremely excited, truly excited because someone even more monstrous than the demonic woman had appeared in the Sword Sect!

“Senior Sister Murong, someone has passed the 21st level and arrived at the 22nd level!” Feng Lin spoke towards the Gravity Cavern.

After a short moment, the door to the cavern opened slowly, and then Murong Yao appeared before Feng Lin. As usual, she was still so beautiful and charming. However, Feng Lin didn’t dare look, and he hurriedly lowered his head.

“Really?” Murong Yao gazed at Feng Lin as she asked in an indifferent voice.

Feng Lin hurriedly said, “Senior Sister Murong, I wouldn’t dare deceive you no matter what! Moreover, he’s only at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm!”

“The eighth rank of the Mortal Realm?” Murong Yao frowned and said, “Didn’t you say that he’d advanced into the First Heaven Realm when you came here the last time? Why has it become the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm now? Are you playing tricks on me?” As she finished speaking, Murong Yao’s entire body emanated a formidable fluctuation of Profound Energy, and she seemed as if she was about to attack.

Feng Lin instantly broke out in cold sweat, and he hurriedly explained. “Senior Sister Murong, calm your rage. It isn’t that I’d deceived you. Someone had really advanced into the First Heaven Realm within the Sword Servant Pagoda, but we’d never expected that it wasn’t that fellow at the First Heaven Realm who’d ascended to the 22nd level, and it was that Yang Ye who’d been reduced to a Labor Disciple. On the other hand, that fellow who advanced into the First Heaven Realm had only ascended to the 15th level!”

Murong Yao restrained her aura upon hearing this, and she gazed towards the Sword Servant Pagoda, and then she seemed to have thought of something, causing her beautiful face to instantly turn icy cold. She said, “Damnable old bastard! You actually dared to deceive me! A Profounder at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm ascended to the 22nd level? Interesting! He’s qualified to make me meet him!” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed, and she directly vanished on the spot.

As he watched Murong Yao flash towards the Sword Servant Pagoda, Feng Lin heaved a sigh of relief and said in a low voice, “Junior Brother Yang Ye, good luck surviving that demonic woman!”

More and more people arrived outside the Sword Servant Pagoda, or it could be said that everyone from the outer court and currently within the sect had come. If it was said that some people felt some disdain or lack of interest towards Yang Ye, then since the moment Yang Ye stepped foot onto the 22nd level, not a single person dared to maintain that disdain or calm mentality.

In the last 100 years, there had only been two records in the Sword Servant Pagoda. One was Su Qingshi’s record at the 19th level 10 years ago, and the other was Murong Yao’s record at the 20th level. Yet now, someone had broken both these records and improved it once more. Moreover, it seemed as if this person would continue going up!

So, no one was able to maintain their calm. Even if it was some disciples that were on the verge of breaking through, they’d stopped temporarily and came to the Sword Servant Pagoda to lay eyes on this heaven defying Labor Disciple!

At this moment, Jiang Yuan was extremely displeased, especially displeased. Originally, these people in the surroundings had probably come here for him, yet now, he who was the most outstanding genius from Snow River City in the last 100 years, had been disregarded by everyone. Yes, he’d been disregarded by everyone. No one came to make friends with him or curry favor with him, and even the outer court elders had disregarded him!

When he thought up to here, Jiang Yuan clenched his fists tightly and cursed in a low voice. “That damnable Labor Disciple!”

“What did you say?” right at this moment, a clear and melodious voice resounded by Jiang Yuan’s side.

Jiang Yuan turned around to look, and he noticed a little girl was staring at him with a hostile gaze. At this moment, he was feeling displeased, so how could he bother about a little child?

So, he immediately said angrily, “What does that have to do with you? Don’t bother me!”

“How dare you scold me!” Bao’er glared at Jiang Yuan while she clenched both her small fists tightly.

“So what if I did? Where did you come from little child, get the fuck home and drink some milk, otherwise, I don’t mind teaching you a lesson on behalf of your parents….”

“Shut your mouth!” Jiang Yuan hadn’t finished speaking because Elder Qian had interrupted him from the side. Elder Qian glared angrily at Jiang Yuan and said, “Apologize to Bao’er!” His tone allowed no dispute.

It wasn’t just Elder Qian, even the other elders at the side were glaring angrily at Jiang Yuan, and it seemed like if he dared to say no at all, then they would immediately transform him into ash!

As he gazed at those elders that were glaring angrily at him, Jiang Yuan’s heart went cold. He was unable to figure out why these elders would treat him in such a way because of a little girl. After all, he was at the First Heaven Realm, a First Heaven Realm expert at the age of 16! At this moment, Jiang Yuan was extremely aggrieved in his heart.

Not to mention a 16 year old First Heaven Realm expert, even if he was a 16 year old King Realm expert, these elders would still not hesitate to stand on Bao’er side. Not to mention that Bao’er’s grandfather was a Heaven Talisman Master, even Bao’er’s own value far exceeded Jiang Yuan. Actually, all of these elders didn’t just give in to Bao’er on every occasion solely because of Bao’er’s grandfather, it was also because Bao’er herself was a Grade Five Talisman Master!

When a 16 year old First Heaven Realm expert was compared to a 14 year old Grade Five Talisman Master, then not to mention them, even all the other sects wouldn’t hesitate to choose the 14 year old Grade Five Talisman Master!

“Apologize! I’ll give you one last chance!” Elder Qian’s eyes narrowed slightly while he spoke in a cold voice.

Jiang Yuan’s heart trembled when he heard Elder Qian’s emotionless voice. He knew that if he didn’t apologize, then he would definitely suffer punishment. Moreover, not only did those other elders at the side not speak on his behalf, they glared angrily at him as well. At this moment, even an idiot would realize that this little girl’s identity was definitely not simple.

He didn’t dare hesitate to bow to Bao’er, and he revealed a smile as he said, “So… sorry, I apologize to Senior Sister. I hope Senior Sister can forgive me!”

Bao’er grunted coldly, and then she paid no further attention to Jiang Yuan before looking towards the Sword Servant Pagoda. At this moment, she only hoped that the little laborer would come out quickly and give the little fellow to her!

All the elders heaved sighs of relief when they noticed that the little she-devil hadn’t gotten angry. Because this little she-devil was famous for refusing to let the matter rest, and she wasn’t someone that was reasonable at all. If the little she-devil really insisted on pursuing the matter, then it would be slightly difficult for them. After all, Jiang Yuan still wasn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect, so they didn’t have the authority to punish him. Fortunately, the little she-devil’s mood wasn’t bad, and she didn’t pursue the matter!

After he watched the attitude these elders had towards Bao’er, Jiang Yuan turned around to ask an outer court disciple about Bao’er’s identity. When he found out that Bao’er’s grandfather was the Peak Master of Talisman Peak and the consequences those outer court disciples who offended Bao’er faced, Jiang Yuan broke out in cold sweat from terror.


At the 22nd level, when he saw the scene before his eyes, Yang Ye’s heart couldn’t help but thump violently.

There was no Sword Servant or old man at the 22nd level, but there were numerous symbols on the walls in the surroundings. Obviously, it was a formation, and based on what the old man had said before, Yang Ye was sure that this was that sword formation!

Yang Ye stopped at the staircase and didn’t walk to the center. He was naturally not afraid, and he was just thinking of a strategy. If it was really as the old man had said, and it shot 100 energy swords towards him after every five breaths of time, then he had to think of a method to deal with it. Otherwise, his heart would probably be pierced through as soon as he walked in!

Dodge? Yang Ye’s first thought was to dodge. However, he quickly rejected this method. Not to mention whether he would be able to dodge with his current speed, so what if he could? What about the next batch? He would probably be unable to dodge after less than 2 breaths of time had passed!

Since he couldn’t dodge, then he could only go head-on against them! However, Yang Ye wasn’t confident in his ability to accomplish that!

“Little Fellow, do you have any ideas?” In the end, Yang Ye could only ask the little fellow, and he hoped that the little fellow would give him some help just as it had before this!

However, he was disappointed. The little fellow shook its head within his Vortex Dantian to display that it was helpless as well!

Yang Ye shook his head helplessly, and then he leaped up and lightly descended at the center.

Since he didn’t have any good strategy to deal with the formation, then he could only proceed with caution because strategies are things that are forced out by pressure!

At the instant Yang Ye had just descended at the center, the symbols on the surrounding walls instantly lit up. After that, they flowed swiftly according to a certain pattern, and it wasn’t long before all the symbols in the room had started to flow swiftly. It was even to the extent that the floor beneath Yang Ye’s feet had lit up, and it was flowing as well.

Yang Ye stood at the center, and he had a heavy expression as he gazed at the strange symbols beneath his feet. Moreover, as his golden Profound Energy poured endlessly into the sword in his hand, it gradually started to tremble as if it had come to life.


Right at this moment, 100 energy swords suddenly shot out from the walls in the surroundings, and they shot violently towards Yang Ye from all four directions. Moreover, they were swift like bolts of lightning!

At the center, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while a wisp of a savage expression surged onto his face!

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