Chapter 58 – Sword Control Technique

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye let out a low shout as he executed Gale Steps to the limit, and the sword in his hand slashed down fiercely towards the over 30 energy swords before him.

Yang Ye didn’t dare hold back. Under the amplification provided by the golden Profound Energy, Yang Ye’s full force attack caused the sword in his hand to seem as if it had stabbed through the air. Everywhere his sword passed, an extremely obvious wave of air seemed to appear, and a sharp and ear piercing whistle resounded through the air as well.


An energy explosion rumbled and resounded through the surroundings. The energy swords that collided with Yang Ye’s sword instantly dispersed into the air, whereas, Yang Ye’s speed didn’t reduce at all as he brushed past the remaining energy swords. Yang Ye’s figure stopped, and then he turned around and didn’t even look before he charged swiftly and stabbed with the golden sword in his hand!


Another energy explosion resounded. Yang Ye’s stab had shattered a few of the energy swords at the front, and then he brushed past the remaining energy swords once again. In the next moment he turned around, and then he turned again….

Since the moment the formation activated, Yang Ye had ceaselessly repeated these movements, and he could only do this. The energy swords were too swift and too numerous. So, if he wanted to dodge them, it was utterly impossible to accomplish with his attainments in the Gale Step technique, and he could only go head-on against them like he was at this moment!

Of course, he had to pay a heavy price to accomplish this. In next to no time, Yang Ye’s entire body including his face was covered in dense bloody marks. Besides his fierce eyes, there was practically not a single uninjured spot on his body, and it was still increasing….

At this moment, Yang Ye believed the old man. This sword formation was utterly not something someone below the First Heaven Realm could go against. If he didn’t possess a physical body that was on par with a ninth rank Darkbeast and the heaven defying recuperative ability of the golden Profound Energy, even he would be unable to persist for 15 minutes within this sword formation!

Yes, it was entirely because of his physical body that he was able to persist now! Even though he was unable to dodge those energy swords, those energy swords couldn’t do much to him as well. Because besides tearing open some injuries on his skin, those energy swords were utterly unable to deliver any lethal harm to him!


Yang Ye slashed apart over 10 energy swords with a single strike of the sword, and the remaining 10 plus collided with his shoulder and limbs.

The intense pain from his entire body caused the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth to twitch, and he said in his heart, If this continues, then I’ll definitely be ground to death by this sword formation! I must think of a way to overcome it.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye casually stabbed apart a few energy swords that arrived before him, and then his gaze hurriedly swept through the surroundings as he said in his heart, There’s definitely a way, there definitely is. I just have to find the method to deal with these energy swords, and only then would I be able to overcome this level!

Yang Ye truly desired to sit down and slowly think of a method to deal with the sword formation, but would the sword formation give him that chance? 100 energy swords would arrive after every five breaths of time, and it would absolutely be on time! So, Yang Ye had to deal with the energy swords while swiftly contemplating a method to overcome the sword formation! Needless to say, this really tested the quickness of his mind!

After another hour passed, not only had Yang Ye not thought of a good method, he didn’t seem like a person any longer. At this moment, his clothes had already vanished completely since a long time ago, and his entire body was exposed in the air. It wasn’t just that, his entire body was covered in blood, and it seemed as if he’d bathed in blood. It was an extremely terrifying and hideous sight!

What a freakish sword formation! Who the fuck made such a formation! Is this really used to test disciples and not to torture? As he felt the intense pain and discomfort that came from his entire body, Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Since the sword formation was activated until now, this period of time could really be considered as torture for him, and if it was an ordinary person in his place, that person would have probably been struck down by the energy swords and then perished on the spot.

However, he didn’t! Since the beginning, he felt truly fortunate that his physical body was formidable, and it could resist these energy swords. However, at this moment, he wished for nothing more than to have a slightly weaker body! Why? Because it was precisely the strength of his physical body that created his current appearance.

If his physical body was comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast, then these energy swords would be like scratching an itch for him! However, the problem was his physical body wasn’t that strong! His physical defense carried a certain amount of resistance towards these energy swords, yet it wasn’t able to fully resist them. So, it had created the current circumstances where the energy swords could cut open his skin yet were unable to cause any lethal harm to him.

To put it simply, it would hurt, yet it wouldn’t take his life! If this wasn’t torture, then what was?

In the past, Yang Ye had heard about the punishment of death by a thousand cuts. He hadn’t witnessed it, but he’d experienced it himself right now!

However, Yang Ye noticed an occurrence that could be said to be favorable to him, and it was that at the same time his entire body was sliced apart, the tiny vortex within his body seemed to really approve of his body’s current state. Because the tiny vortex took the initiative to ceaselessly send gold Profound Energy through his entire body, and it repaired the injuries his body sustained!

Why did he feel like the tiny vortex approved of his current state? Because Yang Ye had observed carefully in the past. So long as his body suffered extremely great harm, then the tiny vortex would automatically repair his body, and he didn’t have to circulate his Profound Energy by himself at all. Moreover, if the golden Profound Energy within his normal Dantian was insufficient, then the tiny vortex would allow the golden Profound Energy within it to flow out, and it was extremely generous at such moments!

This caused Yang Ye to be extremely puzzled. However, he didn’t have the time to care about all of this now. Presently, he was facing an even greater problem, and it was how he should deal with these energy swords.

Yang Ye’s mind spun swiftly. He had to think of a way right now, otherwise, if this continued, then he would definitely be tortured to death. Even though the tiny vortex had taken the initiative to repair his body, it was obvious that he received injuries more swiftly than they were repaired, and if this went on, then not only would it be a form of inhuman suffering to him, it would probably endanger his life. Because Yang Ye didn’t dare guarantee whether this was still within an illusion. The formidableness and some other characteristics of this sword formation coincided extremely well with what the old man had said, so the old man might not have been formed from the illusion realm or even if he was formed from the illusion realm, the old man’s words were true.

In short, no matter what, Yang Ye didn’t dare take this gamble, so he had to survive even if it was really an illusion!

Another hour passed. Yang Ye already showed signs of exhaustion. No matter if it was his strength or speed, they’d obviously decreased. This discovery caused the hairs on Yang Ye’s entire body to stand on end. Because when he fought the Sword Servants earlier, he would at most be tired in the heart and exhausted in spirit, but the various aspects of his body were completely fine. Yet now, problems had arisen in his body, so what did that mean? It meant that it might really not be an illusion….

Yang Ye took a deep breath while he tried hard to calm himself down. If he still didn’t calm down in such a situation, then he would be truly courting death. Suddenly, Yang Ye’s eyes lit up as he’d thought of a method!

He acted as soon as he thought of it! Right when those 30 plus energy swords arrived before Yang Ye, he didn’t collide forcefully with them as he had in the past! He abandoned his defense and offense instead, and then he executed the Sword Control Technique towards those 30 plus energy swords that had arrived before him.

When those energy swords that were on the verge of stabbing into Yang Ye’s face, chest, and various other vital points, a strange scene appeared. Under the control of Yang Ye’s will, those energy swords suddenly moved a few centimeters to the side!


The 30 plus energy swords collided with Yang Ye’s body, and then fresh blood flowed once more from his body. However, Yang Ye seemed as if he hadn’t felt the intense pain that came from his entire body, and he was excited to the point he almost leaped up with joy. Because the Sword Control Technique could actually control energy swords that had no owner!

This discovery caused Yang Ye to feel as if he’d suddenly found a fire in a bottomless abyss. So, how could he not be excited and delighted?

After this, it was comparatively more relaxed for Yang Ye. He first utilized his entire strength to shatter a few energy swords, and then he executed the Sword Control Technique to control the remaining energy swords and changed their directions. Needless to say, this method was really good. Under such circumstances, the harm he received from the energy swords grew lesser and lesser!

One’s potential while residing in a hopeless situation was enormous. When Yang Ye practiced the Sword Control Technique in the past, his improvement could be described as being as slow as a tortoise. Yet now, Yang Ye’s improvement could be described as being as swift as a hawk. In the beginning, he could only control a few energy swords, but four hours later, he was already able to affect over 10 energy swords. After eight hours, he could already control almost 20 of the 30 plus energy swords!

Time passed by gradually. After a day had passed, Yang Ye was already able to affect over 50 energy swords. However, he could only accomplish this in a certain area. But this was already sufficient for him. Presently, so long as an energy sword entered into an area of 30m around him, it would be forcefully redirected by him, and then it would collide with other energy swords. It could be said that he was extremely relaxed now!

Three days passed. At this moment, besides being covered in blood and seeming to be slightly terrifying, Yang Ye wasn’t in a sorry state any longer. At this moment, he sat cross-legged on the ground while there wasn’t a trace of a solemn or anxious expression on his face, a relaxed expression had appeared in its place!

The symbols in the surroundings trembled as a new round of energy swords attacked. The 100 energy swords shot violently towards Yang Ye from all directions, and they were swift as usual.

As he gazed at those energy swords that shot explosively towards him, Yang Ye’s face that was covered in blood had a smile that was practically impossible to notice hanging on it. When those 100 energy swords entered into an area of 3m around him, they suddenly and mysteriously made a turn and shot explosively towards a different direction.


The 100 energy swords collided with the wall, and the collision emanated an enormous explosion.

Right when Yang Ye waited for the next round of attacks, a voice suddenly resounded in the spacious room. “Good strength, good sword technique, good physical ability. You’re very good. You can come here and cultivate in the future, and you can challenge the remaining seven levels after you’ve attained the King Realm!”

As soon as this voice finished speaking and before Yang Ye could say anything, Yang Ye felt the heavens and the earth spin around him, and then a strand of dizziness came from his head. After an unknown period of time, Yang Ye suddenly heard people seeming to be shouting his name from the surroundings.

“Yang Ye has come out! He has come out!!”

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