Chapter 59 – An Utter Humiliation!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye shook his head forcefully and then opened his eyes. The first thing that entered his gaze was a few old men, and he knew all these old men, they were the elders of the outer court. However, there was something off about them. Because these old men were staring at him with excited expressions at this moment, and their gazes seemed like that of a scoundrel who’d laid eyes on a peerlessly beautiful woman that was completely nude!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye felt a wave of disgust. He was just about to speak when Elder Qian took a step towards him, and then he asked with a slightly trembling voice. “Little, Little Yang, you… you passed through the 22nd level?” Elder Qian clenched his fists as soon as he finished speaking. It wasn’t just him, even the other elders at the side had done the same. Obviously, all of them were nervous, or perhaps it could be said that they were excited and delighted! 

When he heard this, Yang Ye thought of the voice he’d heard in the room earlier, and he said truthfully, “Elder Qian, I don’t know if I passed through it. However, it said that I can come to cultivate within the Sword Servant Pagoda in the future, and I can challenge the remaining levels after I attain the King Realm!”

When they heard Yang Ye, all the outer court elders glanced at each other, and their eyes carried undisguised shock! After a short while, Elder Qian hesitated for a moment and asked. “Little Yang, is… is what you said true? Did someone really speak to you?”

If it was any other elder that doubted him like that, then Yang Ye would definitely feel displeased. However, he wouldn’t feel this way when facing Elder Qian. He immediately nodded and said, “Elder Qian, even if I deceived others, I wouldn’t deceive you. There’s a sword formation on the 22nd level. After the energy swords of the sword formation posed no further threat to me, that voice appeared, and then I arrived outside!”

The elders exchanged glances once more. This time, they didn’t doubt him any longer. Actually, they hadn’t doubted him in the beginning. They’d asked him for a second time only because they wanted to confirm it, and they had now. So, besides Elder Qian, all the other elders didn’t say another word before turning around and leaving with solemn expressions. This matter was extraordinary, and they had to notify the Grand Elder!

Yang Ye paid no attention to the unusual actions of the old men, and he was just about to stand up and stretch his limbs. Right at this moment, a woman that wore a red dress suddenly arrived before him. When he saw this woman’s appearance, Yang Ye was instantly dazed, and his breath was taken away.

The woman was extremely beautiful, truly extremely beautiful. In Yang Ye’s life, only Su Qingshi’s appearance could compare with this woman that stood before him. Even though their appearances were on par, their dispositions were completely different. Su Qingshi’s disposition was simple, elegant, and cold. She was like an otherworldly celestial maiden!

On the other hand, this woman before him was different. This woman was beautiful because she was provocative. Yes, no matter if it was her appearance or dressing, they were extremely provocative. Even if she didn’t speak or do anything as she stood there, it caused one’s blood to surge.

Yang Ye suppressed the feelings in his heart, and right when he was about to speak, the woman before him had sized him up and said, “You passed through the 21st and 22nd level?”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this, and then he nodded before he asked. “You’re?”

The woman didn’t answer Yang Ye. She raised her head and looked towards the Sword Servant Pagoda instead, and then a cold glow flashed in her eyes. After a long time, her gaze descended once more onto Yang Ye, and she said, “Can you tell me what sort of tests were on the 21st and 22nd levels? I’ll owe you a favor for it!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “You don’t have to owe me a favor. It’s only a trivial matter. The 21st level was a test of the mind, and if there was no problem in one’s mental state, then it was very likely that one can pass directly through it. As for the 22nd level, it’s a sword formation. 100 energy swords will attack the challenger after every five breaths of time, and it’s extremely difficult!”

The woman’s beautiful brows raised, and she sized Yang Ye up once more before she said in a low voice, “The 22nd level isn’t an illusion?”

Yang Ye was right about to say something. Right at this moment, a breeze blew by. Yang Ye felt chilly throughout his body, and he lowered his head subconsciously to look. After that, Yang Ye froze. In less than a breath of time, Yang Ye cried out loudly with a voice that tore through the sky, and then he hurriedly covered a certain spot with both his hands before he executed Gale Steps to the limit and vanished on the spot while roaring laughter resounded from the surroundings.

As they watched Yang Ye’s naked figure vanish into the distance, all of them roared even louder with laughter, and even Elder Qian had started laughing. Yes, Yang Ye was completely naked when he arrived outside. Actually, everyone had noticed this since the beginning, yet they didn’t tell him because they were still in shock.

All of them had recovered from their shock when Yang Ye spoke with the woman in a red dress. As they watched Yang Ye talk with a beauty while completely naked, for some unknown reason, all of them including Elder Qian hadn’t warned Yang Ye.

Elder Qian laughed for a while, and then he turned around to look at everyone in the surroundings as he said with a serious expression. “Those that aren’t participants of the Outer Court Exam, go do what you’re supposed to be doing. Those that are participants of the Outer Court Exam and passed through the fifth level of the Sword Servant Pagoda, congratulations, you’re already an outer court disciple of the Sword Sect. Those that win the top 10 positions in the competition tomorrow will obtain rewards from the sect! Now, all of you go rest!”

When he spoke up to here, Elder Qian glanced at those youths in the surroundings and said, “As for those that were unable to pass through the exam, all of you can rest for a night in the Sword Sect. But all of you must leave the Sword Sect tomorrow. If you’re found to be still within the Sword Sect in the afternoon tomorrow, then the Sword Sect will drive you out by force!”

All the youths cheered when they heard Elder Qian. No matter what, they were disciples of the Sword Sect from now on, and they would have cultivation resources. On the other hand, some youths sighed with dejection, and their disappointment was utterly obvious for everyone to see. All of them weren’t just entrusted with the hopes of their family, they were even shouldering their own future. Unfortunately, they’d failed!

As it was said, while some are happy there are always some that are sad!


At a place that no one paid attention to, Su Qingshi seemed to be lost in thought as she watched Yang Ye flee. She’d arrived here when Yang Ye passed through the 20th level. However, she didn’t allow anyone to notice her.

Truthfully speaking, Yang Ye’s performance had exceeded her expectations. She was very clearly aware of exactly how terrifying the 19th and 20th level of the Sword Servant Pagoda was.

At that time, she’d been defeated in the battle with the King Rank Darkbeast. But she’d never imagined that Yang Ye would actually defeat the King Rank Darkbeast and even pass through the 22nd level!

This had really exceeded her expectations!

After a long time, Su Qingshi withdrew her gaze, and then she gazed at the scroll in her hand. The content of the scroll was — Yang Ye, male. 17 years old. From Southpeace City in the Grand Qin Empire’s State of Jing. He possesses a steady disposition, and he placed great importance on his ties with others. However, he’s extremely vengeful. Because of his mother and younger sister, there’s irreconcilable enmity between him and the Southpeace City’s Liu Clan. 20 years ago, his mother….”

Su Qingshi gazed at the scroll for a long time, and then she sighed. After that, she exerted slight force with her hand, and the scroll instantly transformed into pieces that scattered in the air.

“You’re the Sword Sect’s….”


Cool Breeze Gorge.

“I completely lost face, it was an utter humiliation. Those damnable elders actually didn’t tell me about it! How am I supposed to face others in the future! It was such an embarrassment….” After he wore a set of clothes, Yang Ye cursed without end. When he recalled that he’d actually been naked in front of so many people, and he’d even chatted with a woman for that long, Yang Ye was simply embarrassed to death. How am I supposed to face others in the future?

“What’s so embarrassing about that? Isn’t it just a few kilograms of flesh? So, what if others took a few glances at it?” The woman in a red dress had suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart when he heard the woman, and he turned around to look at the woman while revealing an extremely heavy expression! He’d actually not noticed when the woman had arrived behind him. So, if the woman launched a sneak attack against him, then… Yang Ye didn’t dare continue on this train of thought.

“Who’re you!?” Yang Ye asked in a low voice.

“Murong Yao!” The woman smiled and said, “All of them like to call me a demonic woman. Yes, I’m that person that passed through the 20th level!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye was slightly surprised, and he said, “You’re that demonic woman that’s ranked at the top of the Outer Court Rankings?”

Yang Ye had heard of this demonic woman in the past. However, he’d never met her. Moreover, because he was reduced to a Labor Disciple, he hadn’t paid any attention to those people on the Outer Court Rankings. But he’d heard of this demonic woman’s reputation.

Supposedly, this demonic woman was an extremely monstrous genius, and she was invincible in the outer court. It was even to the extent that some outer court elders weren’t a match for her. In the past, Yang Ye doubted this slightly, but he believed it slightly now. Not to mention anything else, just this demonic woman’s movement technique and ability to conceal her auras were something that Elder Feng Yu and Elder Qian couldn’t compare to.

Murong Yao didn’t answer Yang Ye, and she asked instead. “All the other participants of the Outer Court Exam that were teleported out from the Sword Servant Pagoda, and me included were only mentally exhausted, yet your entire body was covered in injuries. So, the 22nd level isn’t an illusion but reality?”

When he heard this, Yang Ye went silent for a moment, and then he said, “I feel that it’s real. Not to mention anything else, the injuries that cover my body can prove it!”

Murong Yao went silent, and then she asked after a long time. “Why didn’t you continue?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “After I overcame the sword formation at the 22nd level, I was directly teleported out. As for why this happened, I’m not very sure as well!” Yang Ye didn’t tell her everything because he wasn’t familiar with this demonic woman after all!

“Oh,” said Murong Yao. After that, she glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t continue asking this question. She said, “You can be considered to be a real outer court disciple now, so let’s spar if you have the time in the future!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t wait for Yang Ye’s answer before she turned around and leaped, and then she vanished at the entrance to the gorge.

What a strange girl! Yang Ye shook his head and smiled as he gazed at the spot where Murong Yao vanished. After that, he walked towards the entrance of the gorge. He still remembered that some people owed him a Profound Rank sword and the Vermillion Spirit Fruit that the little fellow wanted to obtain at all costs, even if the little fellow had to seize it by force!

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