Chapter 60 – A Letter From Home

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye arrived at the Outer Court Peak, and after inquiring for a while, he finally found Jiang Yuan’s residence. After he found Jiang Yuan, Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath and directly asked for Crimson Red.

At this moment, Jiang Yuan’s expression was extremely unsightly. The Crimson Red Sword was the present his grandfather had given him on the day he became a First Heaven Realm expert, and it was his one and only Profound Rank Dark Treasure. Besides for the sake of showing off, the reason he’d utilized it to make a bet that day was because he was confident in his own ability, and he felt that he would absolutely not lose. However, who would have expected that this fellow before him would actually break the Sword Sect’s records from the past 100 years!?

As he gazed at Jiang Yuan, Yang Ye frowned and said, “Concede defeat and quickly hand it over. I still have to go look for that woman!”

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already brought it over!” Meanwhile, a woman’s voice sounded out from behind Yang Ye.

It was none other than Qingxue who made the bet with Yang Ye and Jiang Yuan that day. She walked over to Yang Ye and didn’t speak a word before her index finger which she wore her ring on shook lightly, and then an exquisite little box appeared in her hand. After that, she passed it over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye received it from her before he opened it to have a look. A strand of fragrance assaulted his face, and he saw the fruit from that day. Yang Ye smiled as he nodded lightly to Qingxue, and then he put the box away before he turned around to look at Jiang Yuan. He said in an indifferent voice, “Hand over the sword, don’t make me look down on you!”

Jiang Yuan hesitated for a moment before he said, “Yang Ye, this Crimson Red Sword is a treasure passed down in my Jiang Clan. How about….”

Yang ye glanced at Jiang Yuan, and then he said, “I’m not an unreasonable person. How about this? You can give me something of equivalent value to the Crimson Red Sword!”

When he heard Yang Ye, Jiang Yuan hurriedly withdrew some things. There were Dark Treasures, techniques, and spirit herbs. However, their value was simply like the difference between the heavens and the earth when compared to the Crimson Red Sword which was at the Profound Rank!

As he gazed at those things, a wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of his mouth. Is this fellow trying to act shamelessly?

Meanwhile, Qingxue ridiculed from the side. “Jiang Yuan, if you want to go back on your word, then be frank about it! You’ve even withdrawn all of these pieces of trash? Do you think Yang Ye’s a three year old child?”

She truly didn’t have a good impression of Jiang Yuan, or it could be said that she didn’t have any good impression of arrogant and haughty people like Jiang Yuan!

Jiang Yuan glanced at Qingxue with a gloomy expression, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, even though the value of these things isn’t on par with the Crimson Red Sword, they’re useful to you right now. How about this? Keep all of these things and take it as a form of friendship, alright?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t want to form any sort of friendship with you. I’ve changed my mind. I only want the Crimson Red Sword. Accept your defeat and hand it over.”

A wisp of a cold glow flashed past Jiang Yuan’s eyes, and he said in a low voice, “Yang Ye, don’t act in such an uncompromising way!”

Yang Ye shook his head at Jiang Yuan, and he didn’t waste his breath any longer. He directly executed the Gale Steps technique and instantly arrived before Jiang Yuan, and then he suddenly launched a punch at Jiang Yuan’s chest.

Yang Ye wasn’t one that liked to waste his breath. This fellow, Jiang Yuan, obviously didn’t want to hand the Crimson Red Sword over, so he would only be wasting his time if he continued wasting his breath on Jiang Yuan. Since it was like that, then it was better to directly make a move against Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan and Qingxue had both never imagined that Yang Ye would actually attack directly. Jiang Yuan didn’t have the time to think, and he instinctively smashed his fist towards Yang Ye’s fist.


A clear and melodious sound of bones breaking resounded. Jiang Yuan let out a shrill cry, and he was just about to retreat and increase the distance between him and Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye had suddenly grabbed onto his fist that had become weak from having its bones broken, and then he pulled Jiang Yuan’s fist towards him before his left hand moved forward and grabbed, allowing him to directly grab ahold of Jiang Yuan’s neck!

“I’ll count to three. If you still don’t hand the Crimson Red Sword over, then I’ll kill you!” As he held Jiang Yuan’s neck, Yang Ye’s voice that didn’t carry any emotion sounded out, and he said, “One!”

Jiang Yuan’s countenance was ghastly pale, and he was astounded in his heart. Never had Jiang Yuan imagined that Yang Ye’s physical strength would be so formidable, and his speed would be so swift. Jiang Yuan didn’t even have the time to react before his neck was already in Yang Ye’s hands.

“Two!” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while a strand of ghastly killing intent flashed within them.

Jiang Yuan’s countenance grew even paler when he noticed the killing intent in Yang Ye’s eyes, and a strand of terror instantly filled his body. Right when Yang Ye was about to shout ‘three’, Jiang Yuan subconsciously withdrew the Crimson Red Sword and said in a hoarse voice, “I, I concede!”

After he took the Crimson Red Sword in his hand, Yang Ye let go of Jiang Yuan’s neck, and then he didn’t even spare a glance at Jiang Yuan as he placed the Crimson Red Sword into his spatial ring before turning around and leave. He took a few steps before he suddenly turned around to look at Jiang Yuan as he said, “Actually, I forgot to tell you that unless it’s on the Life and Death Arena, killing is prohibited in the Sword Sect. Mmm, you’re new, so it’s normal that you’re unaware of that.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t spare another glance at Jiang Yuan who had a livid expression, and he turned around and left.

On the other hand, after she recovered from her shock, Qingxue glanced at Jiang Yuan with disdain, and then she ran off in Yang Ye’s direction.

Jiang Yuan clenched his fists tightly with a livid expression, and his eyes seemed as if they could spray flames! Since he was young, he’d never suffered such a humiliation. No, it was a disgrace, it was his disgrace!

“Yang Ye, just you wait!” Jiang Yuan roared in a low voice as he gazed towards the direction Yang Ye took.


At the training grounds, Yang Ye gazed at the woman called Qingxue who stood before him, and he said, “Miss Qingxue, if you have something to say, then be frank!”

Qingxue gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The disciples of clans are extremely proud, and they’re mostly narrow minded. Since you treated Jiang Yuan in that way just now, then if he has the chance in the future, he’ll definitely not let you off!”

Yang Ye smiled when he heard this, and he said, “Firstly, thank you for your advice. You’re right, with Jiang Yuan’s proud disposition, he’ll absolutely not forget this matter. But, so what about that? I should give up the Crimson Red Sword out of fear that he would take revenge? If it’s mine, and if I have the strength, then I don’t mind forcefully reclaiming what belongs to me!”

“You’re very domineering and extremely arrogant!” Qingxue gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m not domineering or arrogant. Miss Qingxue, you’ve just arrived at the Sword Sect, so I’ll give you a suggestion. When facing people like Jiang Yuan who ask for insult, you shouldn’t reason with them because if you do, then they’ll think you’re afraid of them, and they’ll act even more shamelessly. You can only utilize your fists to make them take the initiative to reason with you!”

Qingxue thought for a moment, and then she started smiling before she said, “Thank you for your suggestion, I think it’s extremely useful! Right, may I ask if you’ve already attained the First Heaven Realm?”

Yang Ye shook his head.

“Then why were you able to subdue Jiang Yuan who’s at the First Heaven Realm with a single move?” Qingxue spoke with astonishment.

“The First Heaven Realm?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “Miss Qingxue, you think that Jiang Yuan advanced into the First Heaven Realm by normal means? In any case, I think he definitely utilized external forces to attain the First Heaven Realm. Do you think that someone who attained the First Heaven Realm through the use of external forces would possess the strength of a true First Heaven Realm expert? Moreover, I’d launched a surprise attack against him and caught him off-guard as well!”

“So, that’s how it is!” Qingxue nodded, and then she said, “Right, some of the new outer court disciples have established a small group, and I’m temporarily acting as the leader of this small group. Are you willing to join us? Right, Jiang Yuan has probably established another small group with some other outer court disciples!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he shook his head and said, “I won’t be joining it.”

As if he’d thought of something, he added. “Of course, it isn’t because I’m proud or something like that. The main reason is that there’s enmity between me and someone on the Outer Court Ranking, and he probably has a small group of his own. If I join your group now, then it would only be harmful to all of you.”

Qingxue went silent for a moment, and then she said, “The group has only been established now. Even though I’m the leader of it, but I still don’t have any authority yet. If that person that has enmity with you targets our small group, then it’s very likely to cause our small group to immediately fall apart. How about this? I’ll invite you to join after I establish a certain level of authority in the group. What do you think? Let me declare in advance that I’m not afraid of that enemy of yours!”

Yang Ye nodded with a satisfied feeling in his heart. The reason he’d spoken with this woman for so long was that he would rather have another friend than another enemy. Now, when he heard what Qingxue said, he felt that it was worth making friends with this woman.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye smiled and said, “Let me reintroduce myself, I’m Yang Ye, from Southpeace City.”

Qingxue was stunned when she heard Yang Ye, and then she revealed a smile and said, “Song Qingxue, Martial Proclamation City!”

She’d personally witnessed Yang Ye’s natural talent and strength, and she didn’t hate his character and disposition, so she didn’t feel any aversion towards becoming friends with such a person!

Just like this, Yang Ye had one more friend in the Sword Sect.

“If Jiang Yuan shows signs of taking any actions against you, then I’ll notify you at the first possible moment!” As soon as she finished speaking, Qingxue turned around and left.

Right when Qingxue had just left, a Labor Disciple ran over to Yang Ye, and the Labor Disciple passed an envelope to Yang Ye and said, “Big Brother Yang, this is your letter from home!”

Yang Ye withdrew some gold coins and passed it to the Labor Disciple. After that Labor Disciple left, Yang Ye opened the envelope, and his expression changed abruptly when he read the content of the letter!

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