Chapter 573 – The Outer Heavens!

Almighty Sword Domain

“This is absolutely impossible!” ‘Qian Hui’s face had warped. How could she possibly fall in love with an ant at the Exalt Realm? How could that be possible? It was absolutely impossible!

The blazing rage within her caused the petal which was right before Yang Ye’s forehead to move forward by an inch, and the skin on his forehead was instantly split open before a trace of blood flowed out slowly from the cut!

“No!” Suddenly, ‘Qian Hui’ howled madly, and the petal instantly stopped!

Everyone here was shocked!

‘Qian Hui’s’ face was covered in pain as if she was enduring some sort of terrible torture. At this moment, she couldn’t help but feel shocked, and even extremely terrified. Because she actually had the absurd feeling that this man before her was someone she really loved. It was like he was the person she loved the most in her life….

However, she was also very clearly aware that all of this was caused by that little girl. So long as she killed Yang Ye, then she would be able to solve everything. However, she noticed to her shock that she was actually unable to strike the killing blow!

She actually felt heartrending pain when she thought about Yang Ye’s death!

At this moment, Yang Ye had a bitter smile on his face. Because she actually seemed more and more agreeable to him. He was very clearly aware that it wasn’t actually Qian Hui whom he felt was agreeable, and it was the founding ancestor of the Flower Palace, Mu Hanshan, who was within Qian Hui’s body.

What exactly did that little girl do?

“Alright, stop fighting and go give birth to little monkeys!” Meanwhile, the little girl spoke abruptly.

“It’s all your fault!” Meanwhile, Qian Hui suddenly raised her head and looked at the little girl with a ferocious gaze. In the next moment, a petal shot violently towards the little girl!

It was too quick to the point that the little girl wasn’t able to stop it at all!

The little girl’s face turned slightly pale while panic appeared in her eyes for the very first time!

Right at this moment, a figure appeared before her and took her in his arms.

“No!!” The little girl couldn’t help but let out a shrill cry that pierced the sky!


The petal pierced through Yang Ye’s back and was about to shoot through the little girl as well. However, Yang Ye grabbed forcefully onto it, and the support provided by his Sword Domain and Sword Intent allowed him to stop it in his grasp. However, his hands had turned red now, and while the injury on his chest was small, it was extremely strange. Because that injury was slowly spreading and enlarging!

The little girl was stunned, and she didn’t even notice that her scepter had fallen to the ground.

Yang Ye grinned and said, “I said that I would take you home one day. I won’t go back on my word!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye fell down to the ground.

At this moment, the originally thumb sized injury on his chest had spread into the size of a fist, and it was still spreading incessantly.

The little girl sat on her knees before Yang Ye. She held tightly onto Yang Ye’s hands while a strand of light blue energy surged incessantly into Yang Ye’s body, and she slightly choked with sobs as she said, “Idiot! You idiot! You said that you would take me home, so you can’t die. You promised that you would take me home. You absolutely can’t die…. I won’t allow anything to happen to you.”

Besides the little girl, two clear streams of tears had suddenly flowed down ‘Qian Hui’s’ face as well. There was a voice within her head that was ceaselessly saying. It’s good that he’s dead. You won’t be shackled by anything once he’s dead. Isn’t that what you want?”

However, her tears couldn’t stop flowing….

The surroundings seemed to have frozen at this moment.

The Beast Emperor, Founding Emperor, and the others closed their eyes slowly. They wanted to lend a hand and save Yang Ye, but they weren’t able to move at all, and they could only watch as Yang Ye fell to the ground.

‘Qian Hui’ suddenly said, “You can’t save him. He has been injured by the energy of the Laws, so it’s utterly impossible for you to save him!”

The little girl paid no attention to ‘Qian Hui’ at all, and she just ceaselessly transferred the light blue energy into Yang Ye’s body. However, it was in vain because the injury on Yang Ye’s chest showed no signs of turning for the better, and it was growing larger and larger instead. It was almost the size of two fists now.


Right at this moment, a black vortex suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Your time is up!” A voice resounded from within the black vortex.

‘Qian Hui’ raised her head and glanced at the black vortex before she glanced at Yang Ye who was lying on the ground, and then her eyes narrowed. After that, a ball of blue energy emerged from the top of Qian Hui’s head, and then Qian Hui slumped down to the ground.

The blue ball of light floated slowly up into the air, but it suddenly stopped halfway, and then it transformed into a woman in a blue dress.

Mu Hanshan was very beautiful. Her appearance was on par with Yin Xuan’er or even superior. She gazed at Yang Ye’s unconscious body while a trace of indescribable emotions resided within her eyes. It was an extremely complicated expression because she wanted to destroy Yang Ye, but she was struggling to make a decision because of the red threads!

“Your time is up! Don’t blame me for being merciless if you continue to stay here!” Right at this moment, the black vortex started revolving madly, and then countless strands of black energy surged ceaselessly around the black vortex, causing it to seem extremely terrifying.

“I’ll definitely kill you if you’re able to live and arrive at the Outer Heavens!” As soon as she finished speaking, Mu Hanshan transformed into a ball of blue light that shot into the sky and vanished almost immediately.

After Mu Hanshan vanished, the black vortex in the sky vanished as well, and the sky returned to normal. Besides the sky, the Beast Emperor, Founding Emperor, Xiao Tianji, and the others had returned to normal as well!

The first thing they did was to restrain Qian Hui and Qian Nianci. They didn’t kill the two of them because they wanted to let Yang Ye make the decision!

Ding Shaoyao walked over to the little girl and asked softly. “Is he alright?”

The little girl’s countenance grew paler as she gazed at the injury on Yang Ye’s chest which was growing larger without end, and she had a dazed expression in her eyes. She said, “How could this be possible? I’ll definitely not allow anything to happen to you! I absolutely won’t allow it! Right, the Primordial Pagoda!” The little girl’s eyes lit up as she finished speaking, and then she took Yang Ye in her arms and vanished on the spot!

The Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor exchanged glances, and they saw shock in each other’s eyes. Because even with the strengths they possessed, they were actually unable to discover where Yang Ye and the little girl went.

It was like both the little girl and Yang Ye had just vanished into thin air….

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