Chapter 574 – The Heart Changes When One Is Gone!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Are all of you aware that Yang Ye is dead? According to rumor, he slaughtered every single member of the Flower Palace, and it infuriated the Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace to the point she sent her soul down to our continent. My god! It was a Saint Realm expert! It turns out that Saint Realm experts really exist in the world….”

“Hmph! Yang Ye killed too many, so he finally suffered retribution? Haha! Now, let’s see how the southern territory will stop the Mortal Emperor? With the enmity between Luo Jun and Yang Ye, everyone related to Yang Ye would probably suffer calamity as well!”

“Tsk, tsk. I heard the Sword Sect’s Su Qingshi is an extraordinary beauty. Haha! I presume Luo Jun will definitely not let her go. I wonder if Yang Ye would come back from the dead if he found out that someone else took his wife? Hahaha!”

“Alas! Now that Yang Ye is dead, no one will be able to stop Luo Jun’s footsteps anymore. Is the human world really going to be united?”

The southern territory and even the entire human world was stirred, and countless people were spreading the news of Yang Ye’s death!

The Exalted Han Empire.

“Hahaha! Yang Ye! To think you suffered such a fate! A Saint Realm expert! Hahaha! The heavens are really on my side!” After he found out that Yang Ye had died at the hands of a Saint Realm expert, Luo Jun who sat within the throne room completely disregarded his bearing as he roared with laughter on the throne. He really hated Yang Ye to the bone! The words ‘Yang Ye’ could be said to have become a ‘knot’ in his heart, and he wouldn’t be able to overcome it unless Yang Ye died!

For the sake of killing Yang Ye with his own two hands, he hadn’t hesitated and stopped at nothing to launch an expedition against the northern territory with the hopes of conquering it, so that he could obtain the energy from four territories to deal with Yang Ye. However, he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye had actually died….

“Congratulations Mortal Emperor!”

All his subjects congratulated him!

Luo Jun calmed his heart and said, “Send my order for Zhao Zhangfei and Zhang Meng to withdraw the forces. Head directly south and set up camp at the Ocean of Anarchy. Besides that, order the 10 regiments, the Souleater Corps, and the Royal Guard to get ready and set out at once. Besides that, notify the other clans and sects to send their elite disciples with me to the south. Kill all who disobey!”

Once Yang Ye had perished, there wasn’t anyone left throughout the human world who was capable of stopping him, so there was no need for him to continue pretending to be courteous when dealing with the sects and clans.

“Mortal Emperor, aren’t we being a little too impatient?” Meanwhile, one of the others here spoke abruptly.

Luo Jun waved his hand and said, “Yang Ye is dead, so that Half-Saint will definitely not interfere in the matters of the southern territory. At that time, do you think anyone would be able to resist my Exalted Han Empire once I lead my army south? So long as the southern territory is conquered, then conquering the northern territory would take half a month at most. Once that is done, the entire human world will be under my control!”

Luo Jun didn’t conceal the excitement in his voice at all. So long as he unified the human world, he would possess the Faith Energy of the entire human world. At that time, Monarch Realm experts would be nothing to him! He would even be able to go against Half-Saints!

“But Yang Ye’s death is only a rumor….” That subject from before continued. “What if he’s still alive?”

The entire throne room fell deathly silent.

Regardless of whether they were willing to admit it or not, that Exalt Realm profounder, Yang Ye, could threaten their Exalted Han Empire. So long as Monarch Realm experts weren’t able to act against him, then could anyone throughout the entire continent fight him? If he hadn’t died and they sent their army south, then even if Yang Ye was unable to resist the army of the entire Exalted Han Empire, unexpected events would definitely be unavoidable!

At that time, the various powers of the southern territory which were led by Yang Ye would definitely make the Exalted Han Empire pay a heavy price. If the demon race and devil race were to interfere when that happened, then what would the Exalted Han Empire do? In short, if Yang Ye was dead and the army marched to the south, then many of those powers which had sided with Yang Ye would defect. Under such circumstances, it would be absolutely easy to subdue the southern territory!

But if Yang Ye was alive, then the powers of the entire southern territory would be a united front, and the Exalted Han Empire would have to pay an extremely heavy price to conquer it!

The smile on Luo Jun’s face stiffened. If Yang Ye was still alive then he wasn’t confident in being able to deal with Yang Ye even if he possessed the energy of 3 territories now. Moreover, even if he used the strength of the entire Exalted Han Empire to destroy Yang Ye and Yang Ye’s forces in the southern territory to conquer the southern territory, but what next?

How would the Exalted Han Empire deal with the devil race and demon race when it had suffered heavy losses?

Right at this moment, a voice appeared in Luo Jun’s mind. “A Saint Realm expert descended, so Yang Ye is definitely dead!”

A smile appeared on Luo Jun’s face when he heard this because it was from the Half-Saint of the Exalted Han Empire!

“Send the order for the army to march south!”

After they found out about Yang Ye’s death and received Luo Jun’s orders, the clans and sects of the Exalted Han Empire didn’t hesitate to dispatch all the elites of their respective powers. Based upon preliminary estimations, just the Exalt Realm experts of those sects and clans amounted to over 5,000 in number!

They hadn’t held back at all, this time, because their victory was certain!

The experts of the central territory had swarmed out completely!

The southern territory.

“Father, have you really decided?” Mo Qingyue gazed at the middle aged man who was her father and the patriarch which the Mo Clan had sent to meet Yang Ye.

The middle aged man laughed bitterly and said, “Qingyue, Yang Ye is dead, so it’s pointless for our Mo Clan to remain here. Understand?” They’d only come to help Yang Ye because they wanted Yang Ye to acknowledge his ancestors and return to their clan. Now that Yang Ye was dead, they naturally refused to stay behind and be buried along with the other powers in the southern territory!

“But what if he’s still alive?” Mo Qingyue said, “You should be aware that if he is still alive, yet our Mo Clan abandoned him, then it would be impossible for any reconciliation between us. With his character, our Mo Clan might face annihilation then!”

“That’s impossible!” The middle aged man said, “A Saint Realm expert acted against him, so it’s absolutely impossible for him to be alive. Qingyue, you should understand that Luo Jun has mobilized practically all the elites of the central territory, so how would we resist him? We’ll only be giving our lives away by staying here.”

Mo Qingyue took a deep breath and said, “You lead the experts of the Mo Clan back. I’m staying here!”

“You….” The middle aged man was exasperated.

Mo Qingyue paid no attention to him. She just turned around and left the hall.

An hour later, all the members of the Mo Clan besides Mo Qingyue left the southern territory.

The Sword Sect.

Su Qingshi gazed at Shu Xin as she asked, “You’re leaving as well?”

Shu Xin nodded with an apologetic expression, “I’m sorry. I’ve obtained news that Luo Jun is leading the elites of the entire central territory to the southern territory. We aren’t able to stop him at all. I can’t allow my Treant Clan to be destroyed in my hands!”

“You intend to side with Luo Jun?” It was Lu Jianyao who spoke these words.

Shu Xin said, “I’m going to the northern territory. There’s a passageway to the demon territory at the northern border of the northern territory. We intend to give it a try. If it’s really not possible….” Even though she didn’t explain, everyone here understood what she meant.

Su Qingshi sighed lightly and waved her hand. Yang Ye’s fate was unknown, so the torture both she and Xiao Yuxi had suffered in these two days was much greater than any other time. So, it felt even worse to them when all of these people were trying to leave as soon as possible.

Shu Xin nodded apologetically to Su Qingshi and the others once more, and then she turned around and left.

Before long, the Treant Clan left.

“What about the City Governor’s Estate of your Ancient Domain City?” Su Qingshi gazed at Lu Jianyao as she asked this question.

Lu Jianyao stated, “My father said that Ancient Domain City will always be standing on your side until Yang Ye is confirmed to be dead.”

In other words, Ancient Domain City would act just like the Mo Clan and Treant Clan had acted if Yang Ye’s death was confirmed….

Su Qingshi understood it well. She nodded and gazed at Ding Shaoyao, “What about you? The Ocean of Anarchy will bear the brunt of the Exalted Han Empire’s forces when it marches to the south. If you don’t side with Luo Jun, then your dominance over the Ocean of Anarchy will probably cease to exist!”

Ding Shaoyao grinned and said, “I notified the members of my Ding Clan to move all our valuables to the southern territory and destroy all our ships two hours ago. Luo Jun’s army wouldn’t be able to arrive at the southern territory in a short period of time without those ships. However, it would delay him by half a month of time at most. Because it wouldn’t be difficult for the Exalted Han Empire to obtain other ships or use the ships of others with the wealth it possesses!”

The reason Ding Shaoyao had risked everything was that little girl who saved Yang Ye that day. She didn’t know what it meant to be an outsider, but she was very clearly aware that the little girl was extremely terrifying. After all, even that Saint Realm expert had been affected by the little girl’s red threads and was extremely afraid of her as well.

Even though the chances of Yang Ye’s survival was slim, she wanted to make that gamble!

If she won, then she absolutely had reason to believe that the Ding Clan would never be destroyed while Yang Ye was alive! If Yang Ye lived for 10,000 years, then so would the Ding Clan!

It was a huge gamble!

Because if Yang Ye really died, then the Ding Clan would absolutely perish. After all, the Ding Clan’s actions made it impossible for the Ding Clan to side with Luo Jun!

Su Qingshi was slightly surprised when she heard Ding Shaoyao. She’d thought that Ding Shaoyao would leave as well, but she hadn’t expected that Ding Shaoyao wouldn’t just stay, Ding Shaoyao had even abandoned everything her clan had gained over the years to stand on Yang Ye’s side….

Could it be that she likes my husband as well? Such an absurd thought had appeared in Su Qingshi’s mind….

Ancient Domain City.

After they heard the news of Yang Ye’s death, the two An Clans that were ceaselessly moving from Ancient Domain City had stopped. The Northern An Clan stopped for a while before it continued again. Because the ancestor of the Northern An Clan had personally stepped forward and said that An Ku would cease to be the An Clan’s patriarch if he didn’t move the Northern An Clan from Ancient Domain City….

The Southern An Clan.

“The Exalted Han Empire has mobilized an entire 15,000 Exalt Realm experts this time, and there are at least 6,000 plus at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above. As for those at the Spirit Realm and King Realm, they are simply innumerable. Besides that, Luo Jun has dispatched a messenger who said that he’s willing to disregard the betrayal of the An Clan if you’re willing to marry him. Otherwise, our An Clan will cease to exist on this continent! What… is your decision?” The black clothed woman spoke to An Biru within a room.

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