Chapter 580 – Bring More Forces With You!

Almighty Sword Domain

Ding Shaoyao, Qin Xiyue, and the others were standing on the city walls, and Ding Shaoyao frowned as she gazed at the three youths. She said, “Who are you!?”

“What beautiful women!” The eyes of the spear wielding man lit up when Ding Shaoyao and the others appeared on the city walls, and his gaze was moving incessantly through the four of them. He said, “Tsk, tsk. I never expected that while the profounders of Profounder Continent aren’t really great, they have quite a huge amount of beauties. Su Wu, I, Lin Tian, want these women. Don’t fight me for them. Haha!”

He seemed to have intentionally enhanced his voice, causing it to sweep towards the surroundings and was heard by everyone here.

The expressions of Ding Shaoyao and the others immediately sank.

The young man in the lead who was called Su Wu glanced at Ding Shaoyao and the others, and then he said, “You can do as you please once we’re done here.”

Lin Tian was overjoyed when he heard this, and then he leaped up into the air and shot an unrestrained gaze at Ding Shaoyao and the others, “Little beauties, did you hear that? All of you are mine from today onward. Haha! Don’t worry, I’ll take all of you to the Hallowed Grounds to cultivate there if you satisfy me.”


A strand of saber qi tore through the air, and it instantly arrived before Lin Tian.

“8th level Saber Intent? Interesting! Haha!” Lin Tian stabbed his spear forward. It was like a raging dragon pouncing forward as it instantly blasted the saber qi into pieces. After that, Lin Tian’s gaze descended onto Xiao Yuxi while he revealed a teasing expression and said, “Cold enough, charming enough as well. Haha! I like women like you. Only such a conquest would be interesting. Haha!”

Xiao Yuxi was just about to attack when Ding Shaoyao stopped her, and then Ding Shaoyao gazed at Su Wu’s group of 3 and said, “You don’t seem to be Luo Jun’s subordinates, right?”

“Smart!” Lin Tian gazed at Ding Shaoyao and said, “Out of consideration for your ignorance and the fact that you’re so beautiful, this Young Master will tell you about our background. We’re from the Hallowed Grounds. We came to bring the elites of the entire continent with us to the Hallowed Grounds in order to help us suppress the defiant profounders. We need the Mortal Emperor’s Karmic Luck, so all of you shouldn’t put up a meaningless resistance and just surrender immediately. Don’t worry my baby, I won’t allow the Mortal Emperor to harm all of you because all of you’ll be mine. Haha!”

“Aren’t you going to stop him?” The woman in a crystal blue dress spoke indifferently.

Su Wu said flatly, “It’s an honor for them that Lin Tian is fond of them, right?”

“Aren’t you afraid that he’ll spoil our mission?” said the woman.

“Who dares disobey the command of my Hallowed Grounds?” said Su Wu in a cold voice.

The woman fell silent and didn’t speak further.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and said, “No matter where you’ve come from or how terrifying your strength is, all I know is that you’ve said something that you shouldn’t have said. So, all of you’ll pay a horrible price for that.”

After all, what kind of person was Yang Ye? He was a complete madman, and he would give no regard to the Hallowed Grounds once he was offended by them!

“Is that so?” Lin Tian roared with laughter. He laughed for a while before he said, “We’ll pay a horrible price? How truly laughable! The inhabitants of this abandoned world actually intend to make us pay a horrible price. Baby, are you talking about doing that in bed? Haha! Don’t worry, my spear never falls. I’ll be able to hold on no matter how formidable you are!”

“How audacious!” Meanwhile, the representative from the Darkbeast Empire roared furiously as he leaped off the city wall, and then he transformed in midair into an enormous fiery red lion as he smashed down forcefully towards Lin Tian.

“You’re courting death!” A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Lin Tian’s mouth while he swiftly stabbed with his spear. An enormous black dragon flashed forward and smashed against the fiery red lion.


The fiery red lion howled with pain in midair while its figure was blasted flying before crashing to the ground.

“How weak!” Lin Tian shook his head with disdain, and then his figure flashed as he descended like a shooting star towards the lion.


Right at this moment, Xiao Yuxi appeared in midair, and then a ray of cold light flashed. A huge strand of saber qi tore through the sky and slashed down at Lin Tian.

“Hmph!” Lin Tian grunted coldly as he swiftly waved the spear in his hand, and then a ray of golden light flashed and collided forcefully with the saber qi.


Both of them exploded in midair.

Lin Tian chuckled and said, “Little Beauty, your strength isn’t bad at all, and that saber of yours is good as well! Come, let me give it a try!” As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Tian gave up on pursuing the red lion and flashed explosively towards Xiao Yuxi.

Xiao Yuxi’s eyes narrowed slightly while Sheerwing swiftly left its sheath, and then a wave of saber qi slashed forward. Everywhere they passed, space was torn apart and a very long rift appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City.

“That woman’s strength isn’t bad!” Su Wu spoke indifferently.

“Unfortunately, she’s bound to not be a match for Su Wu, right?” said the woman.

“Besides that Mortal Emperor, is there any other in the same realm of cultivation throughout this continent who can be a match for us? If that Mortal Emperor doesn’t gather the Karmic Luck of the entire continent, then wouldn’t he still be like an ant before us?” said Su Wu flatly.

The woman remained silent because those were facts!

A wisp of surprise flashed through Lin Tian’s eyes when he saw the terrifying scene created by Xiao Yuxi’s attack, and he said, “Beauty, I didn’t notice that you have some ability. But it’s still insufficient before Big Brother. Alright, Big Brother doesn’t have time to continue playing with you!”

Lin Tian suddenly spun his spear once he finished speaking, and the space at the tip of his spear instantly warped while spear images shot out and covered the sky. In an instant, they blasted Xiao Yuxi’s saber qi into pieces. At the same time, Lin Tian suddenly appeared before Xiao Yuxi, and his spear stabbed towards her. However, he’d used the other end of his spear and not its tip!

“Yuxi, watch out!” Ding Shaoyao’s expression changed. She was just about to send someone to save Xiao Yuxi when a ray of sword energy shot over from the horizon. Ding Shaoyao and the other girls on the city walls instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw that ray of sword energy.

The expression of the woman in a crystal blue dress changed as well when she saw that ray of sword energy. A sword howl suddenly resounded from the sword in her hand, and it started to tremble madly as if it was about to charge out from its sheath.

Su Wu’s expression had changed as well, and a strange symbol started revolving at high speeds in his hand.

The target of that ray of sword energy was Lin Tian!

Lin Tian turned around swiftly when he noticed the strong force pressing down upon him from behind, and he swiftly swung his spear against that ray of sword energy.


Lin Tian was blasted 300m back, and his palm that he held the spear with had split open while fresh blood flowed incessantly down his spear.

Lin Tian’s expression instantly became ferocious.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor appeared here!

“It’s Yang Ye, it’s Yang Ye! My god! He’s still alive! He’s still alive! Haha!”

“Haha! Yang Ye is still alive! He’s still alive!”

“Luo Jun is nothing now that Yang Ye is here! Hahaha!”

“Yang Ye! Yang Ye! Yang Ye!”

As soon as they saw Yang Ye, everyone on the city walls of Ancient Domain City had started to cheer. Actually, they weren’t hopeful at all when they were facing the attack of the Exalted Han Empire’s army before this. But once Yang Ye appeared here, all of them felt that the Exalted Han Empire wasn’t that terrifying anymore!

“Hehehe….” Bizarre laughter resounded from Corpse Ancestor as he said, “Kid, looks like you’re quite popular here.”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Corpse Ancestor. He walked over to Xiao Yuxi and took her hand before he said, “Are you alright?”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head and said, “Their background isn’t simple. You have to be careful!”

“Yang Ye, you’re actually still alive!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun appeared in the distance with a group of people. His expression instantly became extremely colorful when he noticed that Yang Ye was actually still alive. On the other hand, the faces of all the Exalt Realm experts by Luo Jun’s side were unsightly while their eyes were filled with fear.

“You head back in for now. Leave the rest to me!” Yang Ye spoke softly to Xiao Yuxi.

Xiao Yuxi nodded, and then she flew up into Ancient Domain City.

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Luo Jun. He sized up the forces behind Luo Jun, and he immediately said upon noticing that Luo Jun had only brought less than 100 experts, “That’s all the forces you brought? Luo Jun, are you sure that just that small amount of forces are able to protect you?”

“Yang Ye!” Luo Jun’s expression turned savage. In the next moment, he turned around and led his group away. Because he didn’t want these subordinates of his to die for nothing. He had the Faith Energy from 3 territories now, so he was confident in his ability to fight Yang Ye, but Yang Ye still had the Corpse Ancestor and Divine Gold Dragon. So long as any one of them kept him busy, then all of his subordinates would definitely be slaughtered in a very short amount of time!

He’d originally led this group over to witness the strength of those 3 youths from the Hallowed Grounds, but he hadn’t imagined that he would see Yang Ye instead. Even a Saint Realm expert wasn’t able to kill Yang Ye? Luo Jun clenched his fists tightly while his face was horrifyingly savage.

Even though he really wanted to kill Yang Ye, he had to admit besides An Nanjing and himself, there was no other Exalt Realm expert throughout the continent that could stop Yang Ye!

As for those 3 members of the Hallowed Grounds? Truthfully speaking, he didn’t look favorably upon them at all!

“Mortal Emperor, wait!” Right at this moment, Su Wu said, “Could it be that you don’t want to conquer the southern territory? Don’t worry, the three of us are here. Let me see who dares to resist us!”

Luo Jun took a deep breath, turned around to glance at Su Wu, and then he said, “Hallowed Envoys, allow me to give you a piece of advice. Go back and bring more forces with you if you don’t want to die.” As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Jun didn’t stay for a moment longer, and he immediately led his group and vanished from everyone’s fields of vision.

Su Wu’s face fell.

“Looks like your reputation in the human world is really great!” Meanwhile, Lin Tian suddenly said, “But it doesn’t matter because you’ll cease to exist after today. Was that woman from before your wife? Haha! Don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of her once you’re dead! HAHAHA!”

Corpse Ancestor shook his head and said, “I’ve never seen someone so desperate to die!”

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