Chapter 581 – Let’s Just Use Strength To Determine Things!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Be careful, Lin Tian!” Meanwhile, Su Wu suddenly warned Lin Tian because this man before them gave him a dangerous feeling.

“Don’t be careless. He’s very strong!” The woman warned with a solemn expression on her face. She cultivated in the sword, and she’d actually felt her sword tremble when Yang Ye appeared here. She knew that her sword was afraid. She possessed 7th level Sword Intent and cultivated in a sword technique of the primeval times, yet this person before her actually made her sword feel afraid!

She grew even more curious because of this!

Lin Tian laughed with disdain and said, “I have to admit that his ability in the sword seems to be quite good, but if I hadn’t been careless and off guard, then even 10 of him wouldn’t be able to injure me!”

“Are you done?” Meanwhile, Yang Ye walked over towards Lin Tian as he said, “Old bastard, help me keep an eye on those two. Don’t let them escape!”

“Bastard! Call me ancestor! Call me ancestor! Old bastard my ass!” Corpse Ancestor was furious.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Corpse Ancestor. His figure flashed and instantly arrived on the ground in front of Lin Tian before he tapped the tip of his foot on the ground. His figure soared up into the air while the Sword Ruler smashed down like a mountain crashing down upon Lin Tian.

Everywhere it passed, the space before Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler was directly warped, and it formed a very strange arc.

Lin Tian’s pupils constricted. This fellow from this abandoned world is this strong? Lin Tian didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. The profound energy within him surged madly into his spear, and then he leaped up and swung the tip of his spear against Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler.


An enormous bang resounded as the spear in Lin Tian’s hand was immediately curved like a bow, and cracks started to spread swiftly through the ground beneath his feet.

Meanwhile, 9th level Sword Intent surged out from within Yang Ye. Lin Tian’s expression changed greatly, and a bang resounded as his high-grade Heaven Rank spear was instantly broken into two. After that, Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler descended down towards Lin Tian’s head. Lin Tian moved his head aside at the critical moment, causing Yang Ye’s sword to smash down onto his shoulder!


A shrill cry resounded from Lin Tian as his figure was smashed into the ground.

“How dare you!” Su Wu was about to lend Lin Tian a hand when Corpse Ancestor obstructed his path and laughed gloomily, “You should just stand here obediently, otherwise, your ancestor, I, wouldn’t mind killing you!”

“Who do you think you are!?” Su Wu roared furiously as a symbol in his hand shot forward violently and smashed against Corpse Ancestor’s chest.


Corpse Ancestor took two steps back while an indistinct mark appeared on his chest.

“You…. How could you have possibly….” Su Wu gazed at Corpse Ancestor with astonishment and said, “How could you have possibly remained unharmed!?”

Balls of flames suddenly lit up in Corpse Ancestor’s eyes as he said, “You’re from the Hallowed Grounds!”

“You actually know of our Hallowed Grounds!” Su Wu was stunned, and then he said furiously, “Since you know of it, then you actually dared to attack us? Are you looking for death?”

Corpse Ancestor flipped his palm, and the blood red saber appeared in his grasp as he said, “The Hallowed Grounds…. Hehehe…. I would kill you even if that kid refuses to.”

“The Hallowed Grounds? What Hallowed Grounds?” Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded. Everyone looked over towards Yang Ye and saw that he was holding Lin Tian in his hand. At this moment, Lin Tian was still alive, but he was in quite a horrifying state. Firstly, the shape of his mouth had been severely distorted, his face was completely swollen, and his teeth had been completely shattered. Besides that, the bones within his limbs were completely smashed apart, so his entire body was limp and needed Yang Ye to support him up.

“How audacious! You actually dared to treat someone from my Hallowed Grounds in such a way. You and 10 generations of your family will be annihilated!” Su Wu roared furiously.

“Old bastard, teach him some manners!” Yang Ye didn’t even spare a glance at Su Wu, and he just held Lin Tian in his hand as he walked towards the city wall.

“Hehe, I really like your character. HAHAHA!” Corpse Ancestor flashed explosively towards Su Wu while he swiftly slashed with the blood red saber in his hand.

Su Wu’s expression changed, and he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. He circulated all the profound energy within his body and an enormous symbol surged out from within him before smashing down towards Corpse Ancestor.

The woman didn’t just stand by idly and watch the battle. The sword in her hand left its sheath and emanated a blue glow that enveloped down towards Corpse Ancestor.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Corpse Ancestor. After all, Corpse Ancestor’s terrifying defensive ability would even allow him to withstand a few frontal blows from Monarch Realm experts.

Yang Ye brought Lin Tian to the city walls before he slapped Lin Tian’s face with the Sword Ruler, causing his face to immediately swell up even more. Lin Tian gazed at Yang Ye with a resentful faze.

Yang Ye said, “Go on, apologize to them, and then I’ll make your death swift!”

“You’ll die! You’ll definitely die!!” Lin Tian spoke resentfully.


Yang Ye slapped his sword against Lin Tian’s face again, causing the latter to let out a shrill cry while blood sprayed from his face. His face was beyond warped at this moment.


The Nether Ghostflame appeared in Yang Ye’s palm as he said, “I don’t have much patience. If you still refuse, then you might not even be able to die even if you wanted to.”

“Do you know what you’re doing!?” Meanwhile, Su Wu roared furiously while he fought Corpse Ancestor, “We’re from the Hallowed Grounds, yet you actually dare to treat us in such a way. You’ll definitely die a graveless death!”

“We’re from the Hallowed Grounds….” Lin Tian seemed to intend to say something, but the answer he received was a strand of flames. The flames entered through his ear, and then his eyes instantly opened wide as if they were about to pop up from their sockets, and his eyeballs were covered in blood red threads. He wanted to shout but he noticed that he was actually unable to speak….

Right at this moment, the Sword Spirit appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

“You can’t kill him?” said the Sword Spirit in a low voice.

Yang Ye was quite surprised and asked, “Why?”

“They’re those people who’re guarding the Daemon Catacombs, or as they call themselves, the Hallowed Grounds. Killing him will bring you great trouble!” When she spoke up to this point, she described the background of the Hallowed Grounds to Yang Ye.

Corpse Ancestor, Su Wu, and the woman stopped fighting as well.

Su Wu and the woman gazed at Corpse Ancestor with astonishment and vigilance, but they didn’t dare fight him. Because they noticed that their attacks were actually completely useless against this skeleton monster!

A short while later, Yang Ye nodded and said, “So there’s a place called the Hallowed Grounds beyond this world of ours.”

“They are all the descendants of those heroes who protected the continent all those years ago. If you kill them, then it’ll definitely arouse displeasure in the hearts of countless experts who still remember the events of the past!” said the Sword Spirit.

“So could it be that only they can kill me?” Yang Ye laughed coldly.

The Sword Spirit fell silent.

Meanwhile, the woman in a blue dress suddenly said, “We merely came here to ask all of you to head to our Hallowed Grounds and join forces to seal the defiant profounders!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and then he slapped Lin Tian on the head with his sword, “Then what was he doing?”

The woman fell silent.

Su Wu spoke in a low voice, “Do you realize who you’re dealing with?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I tried to reason with you, but you intend to threaten me and use strength to determine things? Alright!” As he spoke, Yang Ye suddenly swung his sword forcefully, and Lin Tian’s head was instantly smashed into pieces.

“Now, let’s talk with our strength!”

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