Chapter 583 – Spatial Domain!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was naturally not stupid to the point of going head-on against Luo Jun’s army. After they entered amidst the army, they killed anyone they saw, and normal profounders were utterly incapable of resisting a single strike of theirs. Especially when Yang Ye’s Sword Threads were combined with his 10th level Sword Intent. Only an expanse of corpses laid in his wake!

It was a slaughter, a true slaughter!

In the beginning, there were still some profounders within the army who resisted them, but as time passed, not a single one of them dared to resist, and all of them fled madly towards the surroundings.

The entire army had fallen into chaos.

“Haha!! How satisfying! There’s so much blood here! Hahaha!” Corpse Ancestor’s blood red saber was waved about incessantly, and a few dozen lives would be reaped every single time that it was waved. On the other hand, the blood of those fallen profounders would be completely absorbed by him and Yang Ye!

Yang Ye didn’t intend to absorb the blood, but it couldn’t be helped as he couldn’t stop it from entering him at all. Conversely, he seemed to not feel any aversion towards it. According to Corpse Ancestor, he, Yang Ye, was one who was bound to be a demon.

Yang Ye shrugged with indifference towards that. What was a demon? What was an upright person? He didn’t want to make a clear distinction of it, not did he want to intentionally become a demon or anything else. He was determined to act according to his heart — to repay kindness shown to him and avenge enmity formed with him. He would give hell to anyone who gave hell to him!

Just like this very moment. Luo Jun was causing trouble for him, so he refused to give Luo Jun peace as well!

“Anyone who dares to flee will have nine generations of their family annihilated!” Luo Jun’s voice resounded through the army.

The troops that were fleeing suddenly stopped, and then they took a knee in unison towards a single direction. Luo Jun and a few hundred terrifying ninth rank Exalt Realm experts had appeared not too far away from them.

At the same time, countless experts at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above flew into the sky and formed an enormous net that enveloped Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor. Moreover, more and more troops were enveloping around them from the outside of that ‘net’. In next to no time, Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor were surrounded by numerous layers of profounders.

“Kid, the situation doesn’t look very good. Should we retreat now?” said Corpse Ancestor. Even though his physical body was comparable to a Half-Saint, his strength wasn’t. So, even if such a huge number of experts couldn’t kill him, they could still tire him to death!

Yang Ye shook his head, swept the army with his gaze, and then said, “Old bastard, that technique you executed the other day, that palm of doom or something. Let them have a taste of it. I’ll cover you!”

“Kid, my physical body is practically invincible beneath the Monarch Realm, so I’m quite confident in my ability to escape regardless of how great their numbers are. But you’re not the same. Even though your physical body isn’t bad, it isn’t to the point of being invincible beneath the Monarch Realm. I dare not guarantee that I’ll be able to bring you out of her alive!” said Corpse Ancestor.

Yang Ye said, “It’s fine, just do as I said. Give them a taste of the Palm of Doom!”

“I don’t have sufficient blood and baleful energy, so I can only execute a miniature version of it!”

Corpse Ancestor flashed up into the sky, and then he slowly raised his hand. In an instant, a terrifying aura swept out from his palm.

Zhao Zhangfei saw this scene from afar, and he spoke with shock and terror. “Quickly! Quickly stop him!” He’d personally witnessed how terrifying this technique was, so he could only wonder how many would die if that skeleton were to execute that technique here!

There was no need for Zhao Zhangfei to say that because numerous ninth rank Exalt Realm experts had shot explosively towards Corpse Ancestor. However, they hadn’t even approached Corpse Ancestor when an invisible force enveloped them, and then countless rays of light descended like raindrops and slashed at them. Some of the Exalt Realm experts who led the charge were immediately slashed apart!

“Spatial Cage!” Right at this moment, the over 100 Exalt Realm experts by Luo Jun’s side flew into the air, and then they executed the Spatial Cage technique against Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor. The spatial barrier created by over 100 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts was extremely terrifying. Not to mention Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor, even a Monarch Realm expert would probably need to use his full strength in order to blast apart over 100 spatial barriers that were overlapped together!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. Right at this moment, the violet mink appeared before him, and then she waved her claws lightly. In an instant, a strange scene appeared!

The space around Yang Ye suddenly became quite strange, and strands of faint ripples undulated slowly towards the surroundings. In an instant, the spatial barrier created by over 100 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts collapsed. It vanished just like that as if it had never existed!

Everyone was astounded by this scene.

Yang Ye was shocked by this scene as well. Exactly what inheritance did the little fellow obtain? Why has she become so terrifying?

“Spatial Domain! It’s the Spatial Domain!” Meanwhile, Zhuge suddenly cried out involuntarily, and he gazed at the violet mink as if he was looking at a monster. He’d only heard of Spatial Domain in legends. According to the legends, it could control space. Of course, it wasn’t just a simple form of control but complete and utter control! One who’d comprehended the Spatial Domain could instantly shatter space within the domain or instantly repair the space within the domain. It was like the energy of the Laws!

Zhuge hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s pet demon beast would have actually comprehended the Spatial Domain of legend. Not to mention the spatial energy of Exalt Realm experts, even the spatial energy of Monarch Realm experts would be utter trash before the Spatial Domain!

“Watch out! Protect the Mortal Emperor!” Meanwhile, Zhao Zhangfei flashed over and stood before Luo Jun.

All of the others looked towards the distance, and they saw an enormous palm that blotted out the sky had appeared in midair, and it was carrying terrifying might as it smashed down forcefully from midair.

Luo Jun’s expression changed when he witnessed this scene, and his gaze grew even more ferocious. Why are there so many monsters by Yang Ye’s side? That violet mink is one, that divine gold dragon is another, and that Corpse Ancestor is one as well! Why are all of these existences who are considered to be invincible in the same realm of cultivation following Yang Ye?

Is he the Mortal Emperor, or am I?

“Kill them! Stop at nothing to annihilate them!” Luo Jun’s slightly savage voice resounded amidst the army, and then countless attacks immediately covered the heavens and the earth as they rained down upon Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor.

Right when the enormous palm was about to descend to the ground, two rays of blue light suddenly shot over from the distant horizon. The blue lights shot through the enormous palm, and then an explosion resounded as the enormous palm was blasted apart by the blue rays of light before it could even fully take form.

Meanwhile, a man and a woman appeared in the sky above the army.

Yang Ye frowned because the style of their dressing was similar to those 3 members of the Hallowed Grounds which he’d just killed.

They’re from the Hallowed Grounds?

Meanwhile, the gaze of the woman in a white dress suddenly descended onto the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then she pointed at the little fellow and said, “I want it!”

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