Chapter 584 – Luo Jun’s Aggrievance!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet mink immediately glared angrily at the woman and waved her little claw, and then a strand of violet light appeared before the woman in a white dress.

A wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes as she said, “So it’s a Spatial Mink. Very good!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t seem to have done anything, but that ray of violet light had instantly been blasted apart and transformed into specks of violet light.

What a strange attack! Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly. Her method of attack was quite strange because he hadn’t sensed even a trace of fluctuations from profound energy. So, her attack might have not been executed with profound energy and was like a soul technique.

Luo Jun forcefully restrained the killing intent in his heart when he saw the man and woman, and he indicated that the army in the surroundings should retreat. Obviously, these 2 had come because of the death of those 3 members of the Hallowed Grounds. So, Luo Jun intended to wait for Yang Ye and the members of the Hallowed Grounds to fight and injure each other before he reaped the rewards!

Meanwhile, the man by the woman’s side said, “Lan Ling, you need that little fellow?”

The woman nodded and said, “It’s a Spatial Mink, and it seems to be one that has successfully obtained the inheritance of its race. I really like it.”

The man smiled, and then he gazed at Yang Ye before he tossed a scroll at Yang Ye, “The members of my Hallowed Grounds don’t bully the weak. That’s a high-grade Heaven Rank technique, and it should be something that you’ll never be able to come into contact with throughout your lifetime. From this moment onward, that Heaven Rank technique is yours. Moreover, it seems like you’ve encountered some trouble. Don’t worry, I’ll help you deal with it. On the other hand, you just have to do a small thing for me. You know what I mean, right?”

The violet mink was exasperated and about to wave her little claw, but Yang Ye held her in his arms. Yang Ye felt quite amused as he gazed at the little fellow. Because since she’d suddenly ‘spoken’ that day, she’d started to hide and had never shown herself again. Yang Ye was actually really curious about her appearance when she took human form. However, based on the little fellow’s embarrassed state, he knew that it would take quite some time!

The little fellow’s face turned rose when Yang Ye held her in his arms, but she didn’t resist and just allowed Yang Ye to do so.

The fondness in the woman’s eyes grew deeper when she saw that scene. The man noticed it, and he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “What? You think it’s too little? One can’t be too greedy!”

Meanwhile, Luo Jun spoke abruptly, “You’re both from the Hallowed Grounds, right?”

The man gazed at Luo Jun and said, “How did you know?”

Luo Jun stated, “Because 3 members of the Hallowed Grounds came here before this. Unfortunately, they’re dead now!”

The man’s eyes narrowed, “Who did it!?”

Luo Jun answered, “He’s right before you.”

The man and woman frowned, and the man gazed at Yang Ye as he asked, “Is he telling the truth?”

“It’s a lie!” Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “They were besieged and killed by him and his army, and he’s trying to annihilate us because we bore witness to it.”

The man’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard this, and a cold ray of light flashed within them. He turned around to gaze at Luo Jun as he spoke in a cold voice, “You actually dared to kill members of my Hallowed Grounds and dared to deceive me? Die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man formed a strange seal and pushed it forward towards Luo Jun. A blue ray of light shot out from the seal he’d formed with his hands, and it spiraled down towards Luo Jun!

“Protect the Mortal Emperor!” Zhao Zhangfei roared furiously as he leaped forward and swiftly executed a stab with his spear. A strand of spear energy shot forward violently and collided with the blue light.


An enormous explosion resounded as the spear energy was instantly blasted apart. However, almost 100 attacks of all types appeared behind the spear energy and instantly enveloped the blue light.

Luo Jun’s guards were just about to attack when they were stopped by Luo Jun, and then Luo Jun gazed at Yang Ye as he said, “What’s wrong, Yang Ye? When have you become someone who doesn’t dare to bear responsibility for his actions?”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “That’s none of your business!”

Luo Jun’s face twitched violently while a sword howl resounded from the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand.

“Eh? The Mortal Emperor Sword? You actually possess the Mortal Emperor Sword? You’re the Mortal Emperor?” Meanwhile, both the man and woman had suddenly spoken with surprise as they gazed at Luo Jun.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Look, his army has surrounded us. Do you think that we would be able to stop him if he intends to kill us to keep our mouths shut? Moreover, if he were to kill us here, then would your Hallowed Grounds know that it was he who killed you? I don’t think it would, right?”

The man and woman instantly became vigilant when they heard this. Even though they felt that their strengths weren’t bad, they didn’t think it was sufficient to go against an entire army!

“Yang Ye! You’re such a shameless fellow!” Luo Jun spoke in a low voice. “Those 3 Hallowed Envoys really weren’t killed by me. They died at Yang Ye’s hands. Don’t let him use you!”

Yang Ye said, “Do you think that my strength is sufficient to kill those 3 Hallowed Envoys? How could they have possibly been killed with such ease if the Mortal Emperor hadn’t besieged them with his army?”

The young man’s gaze towards Luo Jun grew even more vigilant, and only the woman seemed to be lost in thought as she gazed at Yang Ye.

“Kill him! Kill Yang Ye with all your strength!” Luo Jun roared practically immediately.

Corpse Ancestor was just about to attack when Yang Ye stopped him, and then Yang Ye flashed over to stand behind the man and woman. He said, “He intends to kill me to keep me quiet. Once I’m dead, then there’ll be no witnesses left, and he’ll definitely push the deaths of those 3 Hallowed Envoys onto me. You must stop him!”

Corpse Ancestor shook his head. When did this fellow become so shameless?

The young man’s expression changed slightly when he noticed that Luo Jun’s subordinates intended to attack, and he shouted, “How audacious! Could it be that you want to kill me as well? Do you know that even if you’re the Mortal Emperor, you’ll still die a graveless death for killing members of my Hallowed Grounds!”

Luo Jun was beyond exasperated as he roared furiously, “It was Yang Ye who killed the members of your Hallowed Grounds. It wasn’t me!” Luo Jun had never felt so aggrieved in his life. If it weren’t for their identities, he would have already given the order to kill them.

“How audacious!” The man shouted furiously, “Do you think that I’m a three year old child? He’s only an Exalt Realm profounder, how could he possibly kill 3 members of my Hallowed Grounds by himself? Moreover, Lin Tian’s group came to the human world to look for the Mortal Emperor and not Yang Ye. Why would they become enemies with him? Even if they became enemies with him, any one of them could annihilate him with ease.”

“What nonsense!” Luo Jun roared furiously, “Do you know how those 3 members of your Hallowed Grounds died? He instantly annihilated each and every one of them with a single wave of his sword. They had practically no strength to resist at all. If we join forces now, then perhaps we’ll have a chance to kill him right now. Otherwise, if we allow this opportunity to slip by, then no one can kill him unless a Monarch Realm expert acts against him!”

The man glanced at Yang Ye, and then Yang Ye instantly revealed a harmless expression. The man took a deep breath and gazed at Luo Jun as he said, “Now, I’m sure that even if those 3 members of my Hallowed Grounds weren’t killed by you, their deaths were definitely related to you. Because you actually used such an absurd reason just to kill him and keep him quiet! They weren’t even able to resist a single attack of his? Do you think that we’re halfwits?”

The woman frowned as well. Even though she felt that there was something strange about all of this, she felt that the Mortal Emperor couldn’t be trusted. She knew the strengths of Lin Tian and the others. Even though they could only be considered as below average in the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds, they were absolutely not existences that an Exalt Realm profounder of this world could defeat, let alone annihilate in an instant!

The woman glanced at Yang Ye while she felt even more confident in her reasoning. Because Yang Ye didn’t seem like an existence capable of annihilating Lin Tian’s group regardless of how she looked at him!

Luo Jun’s face became completely icy cold. After all, even the nicest person had a temper, let alone the dignified Mortal Emperor? The Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand seemed to be unable to hold its back any longer, and it ceaselessly emanated sword howls. Besides that, the army around him glared angrily at the young man, Yang Ye, and the others. So long as Luo Jun gave them the order, they would completely disregard the fact that the young man and woman were from the Hallowed Grounds. After all, they had the numbers in this battle!

The young man’s face fell when he witnessed this scene, and he couldn’t help but form a strange seal with his hands. The woman by his side frowned slightly as well, and then layers of a strange force rippled incessantly through the space around her.

A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he witnessed this scene, and then he nodded to the violet mink. The little fellow understood his intentions, and she raised her little claw and shot a ray of violet light towards the army. In an instant, a few Exalt Realm experts was caught off guard and instantly blasted into bits.

That ray of violet light was like a fuse that instantly lit up the battlefield!

“Kill them! Spare no one!” Luo Jun spoke with a calm expression on his face.

“How audacious!” The young man was utterly exasperated, and he formed a seal with his hands and swiftly pushed it towards Luo Jun. A few thousand rays of blue light flashed forward, and they covered the heavens and the earth as they smashed down towards Luo Jun and his army.

The young woman closed her eyes slightly, and then strange energy overlapped forward like ripples and swept towards the army in the surroundings.

Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor didn’t stand by idly as well. Their figures flashed explosively towards Luo Jun. At this moment, it was a great opportunity to kill Luo Jun, and they weren’t willing to let it slip by.

Corpse Ancestor had completely abandoned any attempts to defend himself, and he just allowed the attacks to strike him. Yang Ye didn’t dare do that, so he made the little fellow ceaselessly form violet barriers of light around him.

Both of them were extremely swift, and they instantly arrived a little over 100m away from Luo Jun. Meanwhile, the latter had an indifferent expression on his face, and there wasn’t even a trace of fear there.

When Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor arrived just 30m away from Luo Jun, 3 old men who had exactly similar appearances appeared in front of Luo Jun.

“Back!” The 3 old men roared furiously as they simultaneously slapped their palms forward. In an instant, countless palms overlapped each other as they flashed forward, and they instantly drowned both Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor beneath them.

After a moment of silence, a ray of light suddenly flashed out from amidst the palms. After that, Yang Ye arrived before Luo Jun, and the Sword Ruler slashed down swiftly.

“Mortal Emperor! Watch out!” The others in the surroundings were shocked and horrified.

A wisp of ferociousness flashed through Luo Jun’s eyes as the Mortal Emperor Sword left its sheath swiftly while a ray of white light shot into the sky. He flicked the Mortal Emperor Sword upward with a slanted swing, and it collided forcefully against Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler.

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