Chapter 585 – Stop Right There!

Almighty Sword Domain


A wave of energy swept out from the point of collision between their swords, and it instantly blasted countless profounders away.

After a moment of silence, Yang Ye’s 9th level Sword Intent enveloped the Sword Ruler, and then he suddenly swung it forcefully. The formidable force within it directly pushed Luo Jun’s legs into the ground. Yang Ye was just about to launch another attack when almost 1,000 attacks of all sorts covered the heavens and the earth as they assaulted Yang Ye.

Yang Ye grunted coldly and utilized his Sword Domain to resist those attacks while he swung the Sword Ruler again.


Luo Jun was nailed into the ground.

Yang Ye was about to follow up with another attack when a pillar of white light surged out from below, and it made his expression change slightly before he flashed over 30m away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, countless Exalt Realm experts rushed madly in Yang Ye’s direction. At the same time, all of them simultaneously launched attacks against Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched from the sight of this, and he flashed over to stand behind Corpse Ancestor before he said, “Stop them!” Even though the Sword Domain could stop all of these attacks, it couldn’t be utilized without restrain. With the strength he currently possessed, executing it 4 times a day was practically at his limit!

“You bastard!!” Corpse Ancestor cursed furiously before countless attacks enveloped him….

After a little over 10 breaths of time, the aftershock of the attacks had vanished. Even though no harm had been done to Corpse Ancestor, it was obvious based on the blazing flames in his eyes that it hurt.

“We have to retreat, otherwise we’ll be exhausted to death even if they can’t kill us!” Corpse Ancestor’s voice carried a trace of seriousness for the first time.

“Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun suddenly roared furiously while countless strands of white colored Karmic Luck appeared in the sky. These strands of Karmic Luck surged madly towards Luo Jun, and then a pure white glow instantly appeared on the blade of the Mortal Emperor Sword in Luo Jun’s grasp.

“Old bastard, I don’t want to spoil another sword, so I’ll leave him to you. In any case, your physical body is comparable to a Half-Saint, so his Mortal Emperor Sword won’t be able to harm you at all.” Yang Ye seemed truly evil when he spoke these words.

“Kid, I suddenly realized that you’re really fucking shameless!” roared the Corpse Ancestor.

“It’s decided. You keep him busy and I’ll open up a path for you!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed towards the area behind them once he finished speaking. He swung the Sword Ruler swiftly, and countless threads of sword qi drizzled down like rain. In an instant, shrill and miserable howls resounded incessantly.

If he had the opportunity, then Yang Ye really wanted to kill Luo Jun. Unfortunately, it was utterly impossible to do so right now. Because it was just as the Corpse Ancestor had said, even if they weren’t killed, they would be exhausted to death if they stayed here.

The man and woman from the Hallowed Grounds had stopped moving. Because of their origins and coupled with the fact that Luo Jun was in danger, all of Luo Jun’s subordinates didn’t dare attack them without Luo Jun’s orders. So, they could be said to be the most relaxed people here.

They gazed with astonishment at Yang Ye, Luo Jun, and Corpse Ancestor. These are the profounders of this abandoned world? Are they really only at the Exalt Realm? When have the profounders of this abandoned world become so monstrous?

“Slash!” Right at this moment, Luo Jun roared furiously from afar, and then a white strand of sword energy shot explosively towards Corpse Ancestor. Corpse Ancestor didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. He swung his blood red saber horizontally, and a wave of red light shot forward and smashed against the white colored sword energy.


The blood red light was instantly blasted apart before the white sword energy struck Corpse Ancestor.


He was blasted flying, and he flew for over 100m before he finally smashed into the ground.

Meanwhile, a few thousand attacks descended like a storm towards Corpse Ancestor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A string of explosions resounded, and it caused Yang Ye’s heart to jerk. He noticed that more and more experts were moving over to block their paths, so he didn’t dare allow himself to be careless in the slightest. The Divine Gold Dragon appeared with a wave of his hand. Even though the divine gold dragon hadn’t recovered completely in this period of time that it was within the Primordial Pagoda, it was almost there.

“Spatial Cage!” As soon as the divine gold dragon appeared here, a few hundred Exalt Realm experts at the fifth rank or above hurriedly executed the Spatial Cage technique to trap the divine gold dragon, but a ray of violet light flashed and those spatial barriers were instantly blasted into pieces.

Yang Ye leaped up onto the divine gold dragon, and then he said to Corpse Ancestor, “Old bastard, quickly get up here!”

“You’re trying to leave?” Luo Jun revealed a savage smile as he suddenly swung the Mortal Emperor Sword towards the divine gold dragon, and then a ray of sword qi that was over 300m long tore through the air as it shot forward.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. The Nether Ghostflame, Violetcloud Lightning, and Ninth Hell Cold Gale within him instantly surged out and formed an enormous sword that collided with the white sword qi.


They exploded in midair, and then countless strands of sword qi, flames, and lightning sprayed down towards the surroundings.

The pupils of the man and woman in the distance constricted when they witnessed this scene, and they were once again shocked by the strengths revealed by Yang Ye and Luo Jun.


Right at this moment, two rays of blood red light shot into the sky. Corpse Ancestor who’d been struck by countless attacks just now had shot into the air before he said, “AHHHHHHHH!!!! You actually dared to treat your ancestor, I, like that!? I’ll crush all of you!” as soon as he finished speaking, Corpse Ancestor lifted his right palm up before swiftly pressing it down.

An enormous palm that blotted out the sky appeared, and it smashed down forcefully at the army below.

Countless profounders were astounded by this scene!

Luo Jun’s expression changed drastically. The white colored energy within him surged into the Mortal Emperor Sword before he flicked it upward, and then a strand of sword qi that wasn’t inferior to the enormous palm shot violently from the tip of the Mortal Emperor Sword. The other Exalt Realm experts in the surroundings didn’t stand by idly as well, and they hurriedly executed their strongest attacks as well!

White, red, blue…. All sorts of attacks formed a dense mass that smashed against the enormous palm.


A world shaking explosion resounded in the sky. Everyone watched with astonishment as the enormous palm shook slightly, and then it exploded apart.

Luo Jun and the others instantly heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene.

Yang Ye shook his head as he stood atop the divine gold dragon. He’d relied on his Sword Intent and Dao Artifact to resist this very same move on that day, yet Luo Jun and the others had merely relied on ordinary attacks to resist that Dao Rank Technique. So, Yang Ye couldn’t help but sigh with emotion at the sight of it, there really is strength in numbers!

“Old bastard, I’m leaving if you still don’t get on!” said Yang Ye. After all, they would really be exhausted to death if they continued fighting the army.

“AH!!” Corpse Ancestor roared furiously as he flicked his wrist, and then a ray of blood red slight swept forward. He killed those few Exalt Realm experts in front of him before he flashed onto the divine gold dragon.

However, right when Yang Ye was about to leave, that man from the Hallowed Grounds suddenly said, “Stop right there! I think that the death of those 3 members of my Hallowed Grounds is related to you, so you can’t leave for now!”

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