Chapter 586 – The Holy Guard!

Almighty Sword Domain

The young man originally believed Yang Ye because everything Luo Jun said was truly too absurd in his opinion. But at this moment, he noticed that the strength of this man called Yang Ye was truly terrifying and actually possessed 9th level Sword Intent! So, he felt that if Yang Ye were to join forces with that mysterious skeleton and the violet mink, then it was really sufficient to kill Lin Tian’s group of 3!

Of course, he hadn’t excluded Luo Jun from suspicion because Luo Jun had the strength to kill Lin Tian’s group as well. In short, so long as he suspected them, then he wouldn’t let them go!

However, the woman by the young man’s side frowned when he spoke those words, and she glanced at him with displeasure. At this moment, regardless of whether it was Yang Ye or Luo Jun, they were clearly not existences that the 2 of them could go against. So, they should remain silent and allow both Yang Ye and Luo Jun to fight each other to the point both sides are injured.

But this fellow was actually asking for trouble!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the young man before he said, “Are you sure that you want me to stay behind?”

The young man’s expression changed. What is he trying to say? Is he threatening me? The young man was furious and was about to attack. However, his heart jerked when he noticed Yang Ye’s icy cold expression, and he didn’t attack for some unknown reason.

“Let’s go!” Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, and then the divine gold dragon roared as it transformed into a golden ray of light that charged out of the crowd and vanished in the horizon.

No one dared to pursue it and all of them stopped on the spot!

Luo Jun’s expression was extremely gloomy as he held tightly onto the Mortal Emperor Sword, and the white energy in the sky above him surged violently. This battle today could be said to be a truly huge humiliation to him! Yang Ye had attacked his camp and annihilated so many experts of his, but the elites of practically the entire central territory weren’t able to kill Yang Ye!

It was a true humiliation!

“Why did you let them go?” Meanwhile, the young man suddenly roared furiously at Luo Jun. “You had such a huge army and over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts. Can’t you even stop two Exalt Realm profounders from leaving?”

What an idiot!

The woman by his side moved over 300m away, and the young man was puzzled by this action.

Right at this moment, Luo Jun suddenly stabbed the Mortal Emperor Sword at the young man. “You idiot! If it wasn’t for you, then we could have killed Yang Ye a long time ago. Yet you’re making noise in front of me now? Fuck off!”

A strand of white sword energy tore through the sky and instantly arrived before the young man. The young man was shocked by this. He hurriedly formed a seal with his hands, and then pushed it forward towards Luo Jun’s attack. A ray of blue light flickered out before it smashed against the white colored sword qi.


An enormous explosion resounded before the young man moved almost 300m back!

“How audacious! We’re members of the Hallowed Grounds, yet you actually dared to attack us? Don’t you even think that we wouldn’t dare to kill you just because you’re the Mortal Emperor!” The young man’s eyes were crimson red. He’d thought that he could throw his weight about once he was at Profounder Continent, but never had he imagined that the inhabitants of this abandoned world actually dared to treat him like this. This made him almost go mad with rage.

Killing intent surged through Luo Jun’s eyes but he didn’t attack in the end. He wasn’t a madman like Yang Ye who dared to do anything he could think of. Luo Jun was very clearly aware that all sorts of problems would be waiting for him if he were to kill the 2 of them. So, he didn’t want to cause such trouble for himself before he unified the entire continent!

When he thought up to this point, Luo Jun concealed the killing intent in his eyes and gazed at the woman, “May I know your name?”

The woman pondered for a moment and said, “Lan Ling!”

“Miss Lan Ling, you should be clearly aware that I have no ill intent towards the two of you. If I really killed those two members of your Hallowed Grounds, then it would probably be impossible for you to be standing there and talking to me while completely fine. You don’t deny that right, Miss Lan Ling?” said Luo Jun.

Lan Ling frowned and said, “Those members of my Hallowed Grounds were really killed by Yang Ye?”

“Miss Lan Ling, do you think he doesn’t possess the strength for that?” When he spoke up to this point, he described what had occurred….

Lan Ling fell silent when she finished listening to him, and her expression grew even more solemn.

However, the young man by Lan Ling’s side ridiculed, “The Sword Emperor? What a huge joke! Someone from an abandoned world actually dares to call himself the Sword Emperor! In my opinion, it isn’t that he’s too strong, it’s the people of your world who are too weak!”

“Then why didn’t you reveal your invincible martial prowess and stop him from leaving just now?” said Luo Jun in a flat voice.

“You….” The young man was exasperated by this.

Lan Ling waved her hand and said, “Qing Feng, regardless of whether we’re willing to admit it or not, Yang Ye’s strength is superior to our own. Not to mention us, he would be one of the top existences even if he was at our Hallowed Grounds. Most importantly, he acts entirely according to his own emotions and doesn’t give face to our Hallowed Grounds at all. So, unless our Hallowed Grounds dispatches even more experts, otherwise, we’re utterly incapable of dealing with him with the strength we possess.”

Qing Feng’s lips wriggled yet he didn’t refute it and just grunted coldly.

Lan Ling said, “His strength is that formidable, so we could have recruited him into our Hallowed Grounds to become one of us. But now it would seem like we can give up on that thought. Regardless of how great a genius he is, he has to pay a horrible price for killing members of our Hallowed Grounds.”

Luo Jun revealed a slight smile when he heard this.

Meanwhile, Lan Ling said, “Qing Feng, return to the Hallowed Grounds and notify them to dispatch the Holy Guard.”

“Miss Lan Ling, allow me to give you a slight reminder!” Meanwhile, Luo Jun said, “It would probably be useless if you dispatch just any ordinary person. Because Yang Ye has a master at the Half-Saint Realm, so it’s best if you ask for a Half-Saint Realm expert. I presume the Hallowed Grounds should have no lack of such experts, right?”

Lan Ling shook her head and said, “The Half-Saint Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds can’t leave with ease, and they’ll have to pay a huge price if they leave by force.”

Luo Jun frowned and said, “If Half-Saints can’t come over, then are you going to get Monarch Realm experts? But his master will definitely not stand by idly if you dispatch Monarch Realm experts against him! I presume no number of Monarch Realm experts is sufficient to deal with a Half-Saint Realm expert, right?”

Lan Ling smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the Holy Guard isn’t formed from Monarch Realm experts, it’s Exalt Realm experts instead. Don’t you have an agreement with him that Monarch Realm experts can’t act against him? We won’t break that agreement!”

Luo Jun’s brows knit together even more tightly as he said, “To be frank, Exalt Realm experts are probably useless before Yang Ye. You’ve witnessed his strength just now. Not to mention that he has that skeleton and violet mink by his side?” After all, Luo Jun would have annihilated Yang Ye a long time ago if Exalt Realm experts could pose a threat to him.

“How ignorant!” Qing Feng grunted coldly and said, “Do you think that the Holy Guard of my Hallowed Grounds are like these trash army of yours?”

The soldiers in the surroundings were furious when they heard Qing Feng, and some even wanted to attack. However, they could only use their gazes to display their anger unless they received Luo Jun’s order.

At this moment, Luo Jun’s expression was slightly gloomy. Truth be told, he really wanted to kill this man as well. After all, this fellow was terribly weak yet arrogant to the extreme. So, Luo Jun felt that he really didn’t have to fear the Hallowed Grounds if all of them were like him.

Lan Ling frowned as she glanced at Qing Feng, and then she said, “Perhaps Young Master Luo isn’t aware of it but while the Holy Guard only has less than a hundred members, every single one of them is absolutely an elite amongst elites. Let me put it in this way. Just randomly picking 5 from amongst them would be sufficient to kill a Monarch Realm expert of your world. Trust me, I’m not joking at all!”

Luo Jun was visibly moved and said, “Are they really that strong?”

Lan Ling smiled and said, “My older sister is a member of the Hold Guard. She’s only 21 years old now but her Sword Intent has already attained the 9th level, and she even possesses the Enlightened Sword Heart. Moreover, she possesses at least 3 Dao Rank sword techniques while the sword she utilizes is a top-rate Dao Artifact that was forged from Stellar Iron which only my Hallowed Grounds possesses!”

Luo Jun nodded lightly. After all, even though such figures couldn’t compare to Yang Ye, they weren’t much inferior.

“Young Master Luo, you know… my sister’s strength isn’t even sufficient for her to be ranked in the top 50 of the Holy Guard,” said Lan Ling with a smile on her face.

Luo Jun’s heart shook. At this moment, he finally understood why his ancestor was afraid of the Hallowed Grounds. Not to mention its Monarch Realm and Half-Saint Realm experts, even the Exalt Realm experts of the Holy Guard were extraordinary terrifying existences. If those fellows were to come to Profounder Continent, then it might only be possible to go against them if all the Exalt Realm experts of the entire continent joined forces!

“Only 10 are needed. No, only 5 members of the Holy Guard are needed, and then Yang Ye, that skeleton, and that violet mink will definitely be annihilated!” said Lan Ling.

“I hope so!” said Luo Jun.

Just like that, Qing Feng and Lan Ling returned to the Hallowed Grounds to get backup. On the other hand, Luo Jun’s group retreated to the Ocean of Anarchy. The lesson he learned just now made Luo Jun set up an all-encompassing net around the army, so it would be activated and issue a warning as soon as an outside approached. Moreover, for safety’s sake, he even utilized the Exalted Han Empire’s Heavenly Net and Earthly Net to observe Ancient Domain City.

So, he would immediately be notified even if a single mosquito flew out from Ancient Domain City.

At this moment, Luo Jun’s army was in a state of extreme anxiety. They were extremely afraid that Yang Ye’s group of three would charge into their ranks and carry out another slaughter.

Compared to the situation in Luo Jun’s army, Ancient Domain City was in a state of joy instead. Because the news of Yang Ye’s group killing their way into Luo Jun’s army and slaughtering Luo Jun’s troops had arrived at Ancient Domain City, and it was definitely a boost of confidence to everyone in the city.

Without them even realizing, Yang Ye had become their mental support. Because countless people felt that so long as Yang Ye was amongst them, then they would be confident in gaining victory even if they faced the Exalted Han Empire and the extraordinary powers of the central territory!

It was an age where the strong were respected and revered.

Yang Ye held the violet mink with both his hands as he stood on the divine gold dragon, and he prevented her from running off and hiding in the tiny vortex.

“Little Fellow, you’re definitely able to take human form, right? Transform for me, alright? I guarantee that I won’t take advantage of you!” Yang Ye said that he wouldn’t, but he immediately kissed the violet mink on her forehead once he finished speaking, causing the little fellow’s face to flush red. She pressed her claws against her face and seemed extremely embarrassed.

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