Chapter 587 – He Intends To Defy The Heavens!

Almighty Sword Domain

No matter how Yang Ye asked and begged, the little fellow was unwilling to take human form, and it simply made Yang Ye grit his teeth with dejection. After all, he’d been really looking forward to seeing the little fellow after she’d taken human form!

Yang Ye had just returned to Ancient Domain City when the world around him spun, and then he’d arrived high above the clouds. The Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor, Demon Emperor, and Dragon Emperor were standing before him.

“Kid, you’re in trouble now!” The Dragon Emperor laughed coldly when he saw Yang Ye, “I really don’t know if you’re fearless from your ignorance or if you’re as stupid as a pig. Do you know who those 3 people you killed were from? They are members of the Hallowed Ground! Are you aware what the Hallowed Grounds is? It’s a place that’s filled with Monarch Realm experts. Even that Half-Saint Master of yours won’t be able to save you this time!”

“You’re a divine dragon at any rate, why are you such a coward and so afraid of the Hallowed Grounds? Could it be that you’ve even inferior to me?” Yang Ye countered.

The Dragon Emperor was exasperated, “Do you know what sort of power you’ve offended? That isn’t something that the Exalted Han Empire can compare to! If all their forces were to swarm out, then even the joint forces of all the profounders throughout our continent would probably be unable to defeat them. Understand!? Moreover, do you know why the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor didn’t annihilate the Exalted Han Empire all those years ago? It was because experts of the Hallowed Grounds were dispatched. Even the Unfettered One was afraid of the Hallowed Grounds. Who do you think you are!?”

“I’ve already killed them, so what’s the point of saying all of this now?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Could it be that you intend to use my life to ask for forgiveness from the Hallowed Grounds?”

The Dragon Emperor’s mouth twitched with fury. Meanwhile, the Demon Emperor said, “Kid, we’d promised the Hallowed Grounds that we would dispatch experts to the Hallowed Grounds and assist them to suppress the defiant profounders. But now, you’ve killed members of the Hallowed Grounds, so they’ll definitely not let you go, and we’re your allies. So, we specially came here to ask you exactly what your intentions are? Besides that, do you realize what the Hallowed Grounds represent or not?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I do!”

“You still dared to kill them when you knew!?” The Dragon Emperor spoke furiously, “Do you know what sort of calamity our demon race would suffer if the Hallowed Grounds were to vent its anger on our demon race because of you?”

The Demon Emperor spoke in a low voice. “What’s your plan? Truthfully speaking, our demon race won’t go against the Hallowed grounds for your sake if it really intends to annihilate you. I think that the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor are of the same mind as well. So, we came here just to ask you exactly what you’re trying to do!”

“He intends to defy the heavens!” The Dragon Emperor grunted coldly.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he said, “Senior Demon Emperor, would you believe me if I told you that you wouldn’t be able to stop the defiant profounders from escaping the seal even if all of you head to the Hallowed Grounds?”

Everyone here frowned when they heard this, and even the Demon Emperor reacted in the same way. Even though he really disliked Yang Ye, he didn’t feel that Yang Ye would try to deceive them when it came to such a matter. Because once Yang Ye had no proof, then he would lose everyone’s trust. That would be very disadvantageous to Yang Ye. So, he felt that Yang Ye wasn’t that stupid!

“What do you mean?” It was the Founding Emperor who asked this question.

Yang Ye said, “The defiant profounders can’t be stopped. We’ll only be giving our lives away if we lead our forces to the Hallowed Grounds. Or perhaps it can be said that we might be used as cannon fodder instead. Of course, that’s just a guess of mine. After all, we wouldn’t have any right to decide anything once we’ve entered the Hallowed Grounds!”

The Demon Emperor spoke in a low voice, “The reason!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he waved his right hand, and then the ancient sheath appeared before them. He said, “Seniors, are you aware of this ancient sheath’s true origins?”

The Demon Emperor said in a low voice. “It has existed since the records of my demon race were written. My demon race has studied it in the past, and anyone who obtains it will become the Sword Emperor because it seems to be capable of suppressing other swords. Besides that, there’s nothing else special about it. Why? Is the ancient sheath related to the defiant profounders?”

Yang Ye said, “Since there’s a sheath, there naturally is a sword. Senior, do you know where its sword is?”

The Demon Emperor’s eyes narrowed as he said, “It’s at the Hallowed Grounds?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Its sword is suppressing the defiant profounders at the Hallowed Grounds. The descent of that Saint Realm expert from the Flower Palace severely damaged the seal at the Daemon Catacombs, so the seal created by the ancient experts of the continent and the ancient sheath’s sword aren’t able to suppress the defiant profounders any longer. The only reason those defiant profounders aren’t breaking through the seal right now is merely because they are waiting for more of their comrades to awaken.”

Yang Ye paused when he spoke up to this point, and he continued, “Actually, I think those fellows from the Hallowed Grounds are clearly aware of it as well. Otherwise, why would they ask for all the elites of our continent? It’s even to the extent that I feel they are looking for cannon fodder. Of course, all of this is just a guess of mine.”

“If what you said isn’t true and your guesses were wrong, then we wouldn’t just offend the Hallowed Grounds by refusing to go, it would even allow the defiant profounders to escape. At that time, we’ll really become sinners of the entire continent!” said the Demon Emperor.

“But what if it’s true?” said Yang Ye.

All of them fell silent. They wanted to protect the continent, but if it was impossible to stop the defiant profounders from breaking out of the seal, then they didn’t want to be cannon fodder for the Hallowed Grounds.

The Demon Emperor spoke in a heavy voice, “Even if what you said is true, we wouldn’t be able to resist the defiant profounders if we don’t join forces with the experts of the Hallowed Grounds and just rely on our own strength!”

Yang Ye said, “Seniors, decide for yourselves if you intend to go there or not. In any case, I won’t be going.” So long as he attained the Monarch Realm, then he would dare to allow profounders to live within the Primordial Pagoda. So, he didn’t care about the defiant profounders or the Hallowed Grounds. He couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to them so long as they didn’t offend him. But if they did offend him, then he’d kill both the defiant profounders and members of the Hallowed Grounds without any hesitation!

“My Divine Gold Dragon Clan has decided to head to the Hallowed Grounds!” Right at this moment, the Dragon Emperor suddenly said, “Demon Emperor, you should realize that we would be helpless if we offend the Hallowed Grounds and it dispatches its experts against us! Fight the Hallowed Grounds to the bitter end? What a joke! Moreover, even if what Yang Ye said was true, we have a greater responsibility to head to the Hallowed Grounds and lend a hand. Otherwise, would we be able to survive once the defiant profounders annihilated the Hallowed Grounds?”

The Demon Emperor was still slightly hesitant. After all, he was naturally willing to join forces with the Hallowed Grounds to deal with the defiant profounders if the Hallowed Grounds’ intentions were sincere. But what if the Hallowed Grounds merely intended to use them as cannon fodder? Even though everyone had the responsibility to protect the continent, was anyone willing to serve as cannon fodder and be used by others?

Right at this moment, the violet mink suddenly appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then she flew over to the Demon Emperor. No one knew what she said to the Demon Emperor but the hesitance in his eyes instantly vanished.

“My demon race won’t be going!” The Demon Emperor spoke abruptly, and it immediately made everyone here feel extremely puzzled.

What did that violet mink say to the Demon Emperor?

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