Chapter 588 – Forming An Army!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Demon Emperor, aren’t you worried that you’ll bring eternal damnation upon my demon race by doing that?” The Dragon Emperor spoke with a gloomy expression on his face.

The Demon Emperor said, “I’ll allow the myriad of clans within the demon race to make their own decisions. I won’t stop those who are willing to head to the Hallowed Grounds, and I’ll take good care of all who are willing to follow my Spatial Mink Clan.”

The Demon Emperor was rather doubtful of Yang Ye’s words because it was truly quite inconceivable. But he fully believed the violet mink because he was confident that the violet mink wouldn’t harm him, regardless of her relationship with Yang Ye. He was sure that she would definitely not allow it if Yang Ye wanted to harm him!

The violet mink had told him to trust Yang Ye, so he’d decided to make a gamble!

The Dragon Emperor’s expression grew even more gloomy when he heard the Demon Emperor. In the end, he glared fiercely at Yang Ye and said, “Demon Emperor, you intend to split our demon race apart for the sake of this human?”

“I would really be splitting our demon race apart if I were to forcefully command everyone not to had to the Hallowed Grounds!” The Demon Emperor said, “After all, just your Divine Gold Dragon Clan and the other 3 divine beast clans will absolutely not obey my orders, right? Since it’s like that, then everyone can choose their own clan’s path, and there’ll be no one to blame if that chosen path is mistaken!”

“Then I’ll wish your Spatial Mink Clan good luck!” The Dragon Emperor grunted coldly before he vanished on the spot.

After the Dragon Emperor left, Yang Ye raised his head and gazed at the Beast Emperor and Founding Emperor before he said, “Seniors, the southern territory is our foundation, and we’ll be at the mercy of others if we head to the Hallowed Grounds. I presume both of you should be clearly aware that the members of the Hallowed Grounds look down upon us profounders of Profounder Continent, right? Do you think we would be respected and treated equally there?”

The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor fell silent.

Yang Ye continued. “Seniors, I won’t lead my people to the Hallowed Grounds no matter what. At the same time, I hope both of you don’t go as well. Why would our joint forces have to fear the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders in the southern territory?”

At this moment, the Beast Emperor smiled and said, “Kid, you’ve convinced me. My Darkbeast Empire will stay in the southern territory because I don’t want to head to the Hallowed Grounds as well. Even though your guesses from before were only guesses, they did make sense. Besides that, I really can’t stand the Hallowed Grounds’ attitude. They came here to seek our help, yet they make it seem like they are showing extraordinary favor towards us. It’s truly infuriating!”

“Then my Grand Qin Empire has no other choice!” The Founding Emperor smiled and said, “Since both of you aren’t going, then what’s the point of my Grand Qin Empire going there? We’ll do as Yang Ye said and resist anything that comes for us in the southern territory. Beast Emperor, lets form a cavalry between the profounders at the Spirit Realm and above from my Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeasts of the Darkbeast Empire at the Spirit Rank and above!”

The Beast Emperor pondered deeply for a moment before he nodded, “If humans and Darkbeasts were to join forces, then their combat strengths would definitely multiply.

“Command of this army will be given to Yang Ye!” The Founding Emperor smiled.

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “I’m not skilled in commanding an army, so it’s a tough job for me to do that!”

The Founding Emperor smiled and said, “Firstly, it’s very difficult to form a perfect combination of human and Darkbeast. Because both sides are hostile to the other. Besides that, since both the human profounders and Darkbeasts would be experts at the Spirit Realm or above, do you think that any ordinary person can command them? Of course, you can leave their training to us. We’ll assign people to train them, and you just have to hold a position in the army!”

So that’s why! Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Alright. Right, make the others receive training as well. Especially experts at the Exalt Realm. When I attacked Luo Jun’s army today, they weren’t defeated because they were too weak, it was because they were in disorder. After I charged into their ranks, they themselves fell into disorder and were utterly powerful to concentrate their attacks against me, and that was why I had an opportunity to exploit. If they didn’t fall into disorder at the beginning and were able to group up swiftly, then I presume I wouldn’t just be unable to slaughter my way through their army, even escaping would be a problem for me!”

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that if he were to face an army in a head-on collision, then not to mention over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts, even 500,000 King Realm profounders would be sufficient to give him a huge amount of trouble. The only reason he’d been able to slaughter his way through the army just now was because many experts within the army were hesitant and fearful when he charged into their ranks, and they weren’t able to join forces and deal with him!

The Founding Emperor pondered deeply for a short while before he said, “We have a total of almost 5,000 Exalt Realm experts. Half will form the cavalry with the Spirit Realm experts while the other half will form a flying cavalry with Exalt Rank flying Darkbeasts, and we’ll train them all to become soldiers, alright?”

“We might not have enough Exalt Rank Darkbeasts!” The Beast Emperor said in a low voice, “Even if all the Exalt Rank Darkbeasts on Grand Myriad Mountains are included, there are probably only around 1,500, and that even includes the Darkbeasts from some Darkbeast Clans that live in seclusion.”

“I’ll gift 1,000 Beast Limit Herbs to the Darkbeast Empire so some of your Spirit Rank Darkbeasts will be able to advance into the Exalt Rank.” Meanwhile, the Demon Emperor said abruptly, “I’m sorry but this is all I can do. Because while my Spatial Mink Clan and I can come to the human world, we have to pay a certain price for the members of the other clans to come to the human world. Moreover, we can only bring a small amount to the human world. Of course, the situation would be completely different if Luo Jun utilizes the Mortal Emperor Sword to break open the barrier between the human world and demon territory!”

“Senior, even your strength isn’t sufficient to break open that barrier?” Yang Ye frowned as he spoke because they could definitely annihilate the Exalted Han Empire if the demon race could come to the human world!

The Demon Emperor said, “I can but the price I’ll have to pay would be too huge. At least 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts will have to be sacrificed, and many members of the demon race will definitely not agree to coming over to support the human race. In their opinion, it’s the best if humans fight each other.”

“Looks like the we have to deal with the Exalted Han Empire ourselves!” Yang Ye said, “Seniors, let’s just do as we’ve decided. Immediately gather all the Exalt Realm and Spirit Realm profounders and the Exalt Rank and Spirit Rank Darkbeasts, and then train them into an invincible army as soon as possible. After all, we need an army if we want to destroy the Exalted Han Empire!”

After he finished the discussions with the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor, both of them immediately acted and quickly selected the required experts. At this moment, the southern territory was most in need of time. Fortunately, Yang Ye’s deterrence from just now had caused Luo Jun to show no signs of attacking Ancient Domain City until now!

Outside Ancient Domain City.

Yang Ye was standing within a dense forest with over 100 black clothed figures behind him. All of them were part of that group of assassins which Yang Ye had formed! All of them had been cultivating bitterly behind closed doors within the Sword Sect’s Sword Cave, and Su Qingshi hadn’t notified them when the Sword Sect was in danger of being annihilated. After all, they would only be giving their lives away if they left the Sword Cave!

They were Yang Ye’s subordinates, so she didn’t have the right to make them get buried along with the Sword Sect!

Yang Ye glanced at them and nodded lightly. He noticed that 30 of them had attained the Exalt Realm while the others were at the fifth rank of the Spirit Realm or above. Even though there was a huge gap between them and Luo Jun’s subordinates, he didn’t mind it because he’d never thought of using them to attack Luo Jun!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto one of them who was standing in the front row, and he said, “Get out here!”

That figure stiffened, and then he removed his mask to reveal a face that was very familiar to Yang Ye.

“Ye Yun?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “What are you doing here? Where’s your wife?”

Ye Yun laughed bitterly and said, “Big Brother, I never expected that I would have still been unable to keep it from you. You said that I could come help you if I attained the Exalt Realm. Look, I’m at the second rank of the Exalt Realm.”

Yang Ye’s heart felt slightly warm as he said, “Fine. Since you’ve come, then stay. It just so happens that I need you to do something for me.”

Ye Yun was delighted when he heard this, and he said, “We’ve been wanting to kill those profounders of the Exalted Han Empire for a very long time!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m not asking all of you to do that!”


Yang Ye said, “If I’m not wrong, many clans and small powers within the southern territory have sided with Luo Jun. Your mission is to investigate them, and immediately annihilate them if they’ve sided with Luo Jun. Of course, you have to possess sufficient proof. I don’t want the other powers that have no intent to betray us to feel disappointed!”


All of them left.

Yang Ye gazed towards the Exalted Han Empire, and there was a serious expression in his eyes. Even though he was invincible in the same realm of cultivation, he knew that he was still weak in the eyes of some existences of this world. Now, all of them were abiding by some rules, and Monarch Realm experts weren’t able to act against him. However, be believed that it wouldn’t be long before such rules would be useless in this world!

At that time, it would be simply too easy for them to annihilate him if his strength remained the same!

Besides that, the Hallowed Grounds would definitely not let the matter rest, and there was the threat of the defiant profounders as well. In short, the future was bound to be stormy.

So, he had to attain the Monarch Realm. Because only at the Monarch Realm would he possess strength to face a Half-Saint. Moreover, only by attaining the Monarch Realm could he open the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda and awaken the little girl!

After he returned to Ancient Domain City, Yang Ye had another headache, and it was Qin Xiyue. Because he noticed that she was slightly at odds with Xiao Yuxi. Fortunately, they didn’t get into any fights.

There were some things that he couldn’t avoid and had to resolve.

Yang Ye called both Qin Xiyue and Xiao Yuxi over to his room. However, Ding Shaoyao suddenly arrived when he intended to resolve the problem between them. Ding Shaoyao said something to the two of them, and then they glanced at Yang Ye before they left, causing Yang Ye to feel utterly puzzled….

“My Ding Clan asked me to marry you!” The first words Ding Shaoyao spoke to him made Yang Ye feel even more dazed.

“Qingshi, Yuxi, and Xiyue have agreed to it as well!” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye was utterly speechless.

She continued, “But I refuse!”

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