Chapter 590 – Grievances!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as he found out that the members of the Hallowed Grounds had arrived on the continent, Luo Jun had immediately led his army to an area 50km away from Ancient Domain City. On the other hand, he himself took all the Exalt Realm experts in his army to Ancient Domain City. He didn’t order the entire army to come with him because he wanted to see if the members of the Hallowed Grounds could annihilate Yang Ye!

Actually, they didn’t have to be able to kill Yang Ye. He would immediately order his army to attack the city if the forces from the Hallowed Grounds could suppress Yang Ye and the skeleton. Because if the two of them weren’t suppressed and were allowed to charge into his army, then it would definitely be a calamity.

“That’s the Mortal Emperor?” Jian Kuang gazed at Luo Jun who stood in the distance.

Lan Ling nodded and said, “He possesses the Faith Energy of 3 territories and had the Mortal Emperor Sword, so he’s very strong!”

“Very strong?” Meanwhile, one of the men by Jian Kuang’s side spoke with disdain, “If he’s very strong, then be unable to even conquer a city. Lan Ling, I never expected that you actually lost all your pride after coming to Profounder Continent once. Now I understand why your older sister Lan Yun was able to enter the Holy Guard, yet you weren’t!”

Meanwhile, the woman who looked quite similar to Lan Ling glanced at that man who spoke and said, “Jian Ao, watch your manners when you speak to my younger sister, otherwise, I wouldn’t mind making you bleed a little!”

Jian Ao seemed to be quite fearful of Lan Yun, and he just grunted coldly and didn’t speak further.

Lan Ling shook her head and sighed lightly. She was very clearly aware that they hadn’t taken Yang Ye, Luo Jun, or the skeleton seriously. Because Yang Ye and the others were just inhabitants of Profounder Continent to them. What sort of place was Profounder Continent? It was a place that was abandoned by the strong, so how could these inhabitants of such an abandoned world compare to them?

If she hadn’t witnessed the true strength possessed by Yang Ye, Luo Jun, and that skeleton, she wouldn’t take them seriously as well. She wanted to warn them again, but she wasn’t able to say anything in the end. Because she was able to determine their attitudes just from their expressions, and it was the same even for her older sister.

They didn’t take Yang Ye and the others to be existences at the same level as them!

“Qing Feng, tell the Mortal Emperor to not interfere later. I don’t want my battle to be interrupted!” said Jian Kuang.

Qing Feng was delighted when he heard this, and he hurriedly flashed over to Luo Jun’s group.

“Luo Jun, my Senior Brother asks that you don’t interfere when he fights Yang Ye later, understand?” Qing Feng assumed a haughty air as he gazed at Luo Jun and said, “If you dare to interfere. Hmph! My Senior Brother and the others will immediately annihilate all of you, understand?” He didn’t like Yang Ye, but his dislike for Luo Jun was even greater. Because Luo Jun had bluntly disregarded him right in front of Lan Ling, and Luo Jun had even chatted happily with Lan Ling. That made him feel extremely displeased!

The Exalt Realm experts around Luo Jun were furious when they heard Qing Feng. Qing Feng’s eyes were filled with disdain and ridicule when he noticed this, and he said, “What? All of you intend to attack me? Would you even dare? I’m fucking standing right here for all of you to kill me. All of you are pussies if you don’t kill me!”

“Are you really that desperate to die?” said Luo Jun in a cold voice.

“Do you fucking dare to kill me?” Qing Feng pointed a finger at Luo Jun and ridiculed, “If you dare to even touch me, then my Senior Brother and the others will definitely slaughter all of these Exalt Realm experts of yours. Don’t even think that over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts is a big deal, all of you are worse than dogs before my Senior Brother and the others!”

How could anyone endure such insult?

“I’ll kill you!” Right at this moment, a profounder at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm roared furiously, and his figure flashed as he slapped his palm towards Qing Feng’s head. At the same time, over a dozen more Exalt Realm experts at the fifth rank or above attacked in unison.

Luo Jun wanted to stop them but was too late.

At this moment, a few rays of light flashed by, and then all of those Exalt Realm experts were instantly chopped into two.

“How dare ants like you think of touching members of my Hallowed Grounds?” Jian Kuang and the others arrived before Luo Jun’s group. Even though there were over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts here, they didn’t reveal a trace of fear on their faces.

Jian Kuang and the others just gazed at Luo Jun while the Exalt Realm experts behind Luo Jun were looking at him as well. After all, the decision to fight or exercise forbearance was in Luo Jun’s hands.

Luo Jun held tightly onto the Mortal Emperor Sword in his left hand while his expression was extremely gloomy, and there was ghastly killing intent in the depths of his eyes.

A short while later, Luo Jun slowly released his grip on his sword and smiled, “Good luck!”

A wisp of disdain flashed through the eyes of Jian Kuang and the others, whereas, the Exalt Realm experts behind Luo Jun and especially those who didn’t belong to the Exalted Han Empire instantly revealed disappointment. They usually possessed great status, so when had they suffered such humiliation? Now, they had to continue exercising forbearance even after suffering such humiliation, so they felt extremely aggrieved in their hearts!

“Mortal Emperor, could it be that my Senior Brother and the others have died for nothing?” Right at this moment, an Exalt Realm expert suddenly spoke in a cold voice because one of those Exalt Realm experts who’d been slashed into two just now was from his sect.

“Are you telling me that my older brother died for nothing?” Another Exalt Realm expert stepped forward.

“What about my Junior Brother….”

Luo Jun’s expression grew unsightly as he faced their questions. He was very clearly aware that they would lose faith in him if he didn’t give them an explanation. However, giving them an explanation represented that he would have to fight these fellows from the Hallowed Grounds to the death. At that time, he wouldn’t just lose even more Exalt Realm experts, he would even offend a terrifying place like the Hallowed Grounds!

It wasn’t worth it, and it was meaningless!

So, when he thought up to this point, Luo Jun took a deep breath, glanced coldly at all the Exalt Realm experts behind him, and then said, “I know what I’m doing. Step back!”

“Hahaha!!” One of the profounders suddenly roared with laughter and said, “So this is the so-called Mortal Emperor? This is the so-called messenger of the world? This is the so-called Emperor of all territories? Yang Ye was right, the heavens are really blind! You actually intend to exercise forbearance after being insulted right in the face. You really shouldn’t call yourself the Mortal Emperor, you should just call yourself an idiot!”


One of the old men by Luo Jun’s side instantly appeared before that profounder, and then immediately slapped him to death.

“What nonsense!” The old man grunted coldly, and then he returned to Luo Jun’s side.

“Elder Lin, what a show of strength!” Meanwhile, an elder of the Endless Sect stepped forward and said, “An elder of my Endless Sect died at their hands just now as well. Now, I represent the Endless Sect to ask the Mortal Emperor if that elder of my sect has died for nothing just like that? Right, Elder Lin, you wouldn’t kill me for asking this question, right?”

“Elder Wu, is this even necessary?” Luo Jun said, “The Endless Sect is a core ally of my Exalted Han Empire, so we should unite against all adversity, right?”

That elder fell silent for a while before he said, “I understand what you mean, Mortal Emperor. I’ll report this incident to the Sect Master. Regardless of what the Sect Master decides, I’ll still be leaving for now!” He turned around and left while he spoke.

Elder Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he was about to attack yet was stopped by Luo Jun. After all, the Endless Sect had around seven or eight hundred Exalt Realm experts here. If they were to openly annihilate that elder of the Endless Sect, then all of those Exalt Realm experts would definitely fight back. Once that happened, it would definitely cause more and more to follow in their footsteps. At that time, it would probably fall out of his control!

There were even more that wanted to leave, but they didn’t have the courage to do so. Because Luo Jun would give face to the Endless Sect, but he wouldn’t give them any face at all. If anyone were to step forward now, then they would undoubtedly have to bear the brunt of Luo Jun’s rage and be made an example of!

“Hahaha!!!” Meanwhile, Qing Feng suddenly roared with laughter. His laughter was very loud, and it was like a slap that struck against their faces and made it burn with pain.

“Lan Ling, this is the Mortal Emperor you spoke of? Why does he look like a coward to me?” Jian Ao spoke abruptly, and he seemed to have intentionally spoken at a loudness that was just enough for Luo Jun and the others to hear him.

Luo Jun’s expression turned gloomy while the sword in his hand suddenly started trembling. He said, “You’re all members of the Hallowed Grounds, so I didn’t want to form enmity with you. But do you really think my Exalted Han Empire is an existence you can bully?”

“We’re bullying you right now, you….” Qing Feng intended to continue but was stopped by Jian Kuang. Jian Kuang nodded lightly to Luo Jun and said, “You hold reverence towards our Hallowed Grounds in your heart and respect our Hallowed Grounds, so we have no reason to show hostility to you. We came here today for Yang Ye. I heard that Yang Ye is an enemy of yours as well, so we have a common enemy!”

Jian Kuang had given him an opportunity to extricate himself from the situation, so Luo Jun’s face eased up slightly as he said, “Indeed. Perhaps we might even have to join forces against the defiant profounders in the future. So, we really shouldn’t fight and kill each other now, right?”

Jian Kuang nodded.

Luo Jun continued. “Since all of you’ve come to avenge Lin Tian and the others, then please go on ahead. Don’t worry, I guarantee that I won’t interfere at all. Haha, I said something wrong. With the strength all of you possess, wouldn’t killing someone weak like Yang Ye be extremely easy? I’ll just watch all of you from the sidelines!”

“Luo Jun, I know what you’re thinking!” Meanwhile, Qing Feng laughed coldly. “I admit that Yang Ye’s strength really isn’t bad, but that’s only in your world. He’s nothing in our Hallowed Grounds! Today, we’ll allow you to witness how huge the gap between the geniuses of our Hallowed Grounds and your world is!”

“I’ll be waiting!” Luo Jun spoke indifferently. At this moment, Luo Jun suddenly hoped that Yang Ye was stronger because he really wanted to watch them lose face.

Jian Kuang glanced at Luo Jun, and then he led the others towards Ancient Domain City.

“Yang Ye! Get the fuck out here and die!” Jian Kuang’s voice was enhanced by profound energy, and it swept through Ancient Domain City like a storm. For a time, Jian Kuang’s voice rumbled furiously like a thunderclap throughout the city.

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