Chapter 591 – Oh No!

Almighty Sword Domain

Countless profounders and Darkbeast at the Exalt Realm appeared on the walls of Ancient Domain City. At the same time, the grand formation which protected the city was activated as well, causing an enormous barrier of light to appear in the sky above the city and envelop it.

Besides that, innumerable soldiers had knocked their arrows on the city walls while the Exalt Realm experts were prepared for battle.

They didn’t know how strong the Hallowed Grounds was, but they knew how strong Luo Jun was. At the very least, Luo Jun had over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts on his side! They were all profounders who could fly without restraint in the air, so it would be a calamity to Ancient Domain City if such an army attacked the city. So, none of them dared to let their guard down!

Ding Shaoyao’s eyes had a solemn expression within them as she gazed at Jian Kuang’s group that stood outside the city walls. Because all of them were at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm, at least. Moreover, the sharp and powerful auras they emanated displayed that besides Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor, Xiao Yuxi was the only other Exalt Realm expert in the city who was capable of going against them!

Is this the Hallowed Ground’s strength? Ding Shaoyao’s brows couldn’t help but knit together.

Right at this moment, Jian Kuang suddenly flew up into the air and gazed at Ding Shaoyao, “You’re the leader of these humans?”

“You’re from the Hallowed Grounds?” Ding Shaoyao replied with a question.

Jian Kuang glanced at the profounders on the city walls and said, “The ignorant really are fearless. You actually wishfully hope to resist my Hallowed Grounds with just such forces? How truly laughable. Don’t say that my Hallowed Grounds didn’t give all of you a chance. Immediately open up the city, surrender, and then bring Yang Ye and everyone related to Yang Ye to me. Then, perhaps all of you will have a chance to survive. Otherwise, all the profounders of the southern territory will be buried alongside Yang Ye!”

“Tsk, are you trying to scare us!? Those fellows who came before you were even more arrogant, but what was the outcome? Weren’t they instantly killed by Yang Ye? See the bloodstains below the walls? The blood of the members of your Hallowed Grounds is mixed in it.”

“Exactly! You fellows from the Hallowed Grounds are really fucking annoying! Every single one of you are so haughty and act like we profounders of Profounder Continent are low-class people while all of you are high-class people! Ptooey! Aren’t all of you just the same as us or even worse!?”

“You’re going to bury all the profounders of the southern territory with Yang Ye? What a fucking joke! Who the fuck do you think you are? You can’t even hold a candle to Yang Ye! Stupid idiot! You look like my son, so I’ll be kind and give you a warning. Fuck the hell off right now, otherwise, you won’t even have the chance to do that once Yang Ye gets here!”

The profounders on the city wall spoke successively, and it infuriated Jian Kuang to the point he started laughing from extreme rage. “Good! Very good! Isn’t he very formidable? Then ask him to show himself! Isn’t he called the Sword Emperor? How about I allow him to swing his sword at me 10 times?”

“How arrogant! Allow me to test your strength!” An Exalt Realm expert on the city wall roared furiously at Jian Kuang, and then he gazed at Ding Shaoyao and said, “Miss Ding, please deactivate the barrier so that I can teach that ignorant fellow a lesson!”

Ding Shaoyao glanced at him and said, “Stand down!”


He intended to say something but Ding Shaoyao shot a cold glance at him. No one in the city dared to look down open this slightly sickly young woman because there were rumors that said she was one of Yang Ye’s women. Of course, they really admired her as well. Because numerous powers had gathered within the city and some of them had enmity between each other, and it was even great enmity. However, they coexisted in harmony under Ding Shaoyao’s management. At the very least, it was like that for now!

So, Ding Shaoyao’s prestige in Ancient Domain City was extremely great, and very few dared to disrespect her.

“What? Yang Ye doesn’t dare show himself?” Meanwhile, Jian Kuang ridiculed, “How disappointing! Is this the so-called Sword Emperor of the Profounder Continent? He doesn’t even have the courage to fight me? Could it be that he has no balls?”

“Hahaha!!” Qing Feng and Jian Ao roared with laughter without any restraint.

The profounder on the city wall were exasperated, whereas, Xiao Yuxi’s beautiful brows knit together slightly. She glanced at Ding Shaoyao but saw Ding Shaoyao shake her head.

Even though Xiao Yuxi’s strength might be sufficient to fight Jian Kuang, Ding Shaoyao couldn’t take that risk. Because once anything happened to Xiao Yuxi, then Yang Ye might even attack the Hallowed Grounds!

Xiao Yuxi hesitated for a moment when she saw Ding Shaoyao shake her head, and then Xiao Yuxi nodded in the end. Yang Ye had once told her to try her best to obey Ding Shaoyao’s orders in the city.

“Tsk, tsk! How disappointing! So the Sword Emperor of Profounder Continent is actually a coward! He doesn’t even dare to fight me! What a disappointment!” Jian Kuang shook his head while disdain and ridicule covered his face.

“Where’s Yang Ye? Quickly get Yang Ye to instantly annihilate that bastard from the Hallowed Grounds!”

“Exactly! Get Yang Ye to instantly kill him and let them know that they can’t compare to the profounders of our southern territory!”

“Yang Ye! Yang Ye! Yang Ye!”

“Yang Ye!”

Countless profounders on the city wall were shouting Yang Ye’s name. In their opinion, Yang Ye was invincible in the same realm of cultivation, so these fellows from the Hallowed Grounds would definitely be obliterated if Yang Ye acted against them.

Luo Jun’s face was gloomy as he watched this scene, and he clenched his right fist so tightly that his nails sunk deep into his palm. Because he noticed that the prestige Yang Ye possessed amongst the profounders of the southern territory was extremely superior when compared to the prestige he possessed amongst his army!

Yang Ye must die! Otherwise, he’ll become my greatest enemy in my path to unify the continent!Jian Kuang and the others were quite surprised as well when they noticed the prestige Yang Ye possessed in the southern territory. However, they still didn’t take him seriously. As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye might possess some ability, but how could he possibly compare to them?

After all, they were utilizing Dao Artifacts, were proficient in Dao Rank techniques, and even cultivated ancient inheritances. What about Yang Ye? He was just a profounder from an abandoned world!

As far as they were concerned, his title of Sword Emperor was only gained because there was no other capable expert here!

After around 15 minutes passed, Yang Ye still hadn’t shown himself!

The voices coming from the city walls had grown softer and softer by now.

Many profounders had gradually started to feel slightly displeased, and some even asked Ding Shaoyao to deactivate the grand formation so that they could fight themselves. However, all of these requests were suppressed by Ding Shaoyao, but it was exactly that which made the countless profounders on the city wall feel even more furious.

On the other hand, Jian Kuang shook his head when Yang Ye still didn’t show himself, and then Jian Kuang glanced at Lan Ling and Qing Feng with slight displeasure. They actually made me rush over here from the Hallowed Grounds for such trash? What a waste of time!

“Why hasn’t Yang Ye shown himself? This isn’t like him at all!” Luo Jun spoke softly while he stood far away in the distance.

Zhuge who stood by Luo Jun’s side frowned and pondered deeply for a moment before his eyes suddenly opened wide, and he said with astonishment and terror, “Oh no! Mortal Emperor! We must return to the army immediately!”

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