Chapter 592 – Abandoned World!

Almighty Sword Domain

Luo Jun was stunned for a while, and his expression instantly changed drastically when he understood what Zhuge meant.

He was just about to turn around and return to his army when….


An enormous explosion reverberated from where the army resided over 50km away, and then an enormous pillar of fire shot into the air. Next, a bolt of light crashed down from the distant sky before countless tornadoes appeared in the sky above the area.

Luo Jun’s face turned pale when he witnessed this scene. But that wasn’t the end of it!


Another enormous explosion resounded as an enormous palm that blotted out the sky appeared in the distance, and then Luo Jun and the others watched with horror as it smashed down to the ground.

The entire ground quaked before it!

All the profounders on the walls of Ancient Domain City were stunned when they witnessed this scene. Yang Ye went to attack Luo Jun’s army?

Countless profounders started roaring madly with laughter when they thought up to this point. Because Luo Jun’s army didn’t have any Exalt Realm experts amidst them right now, so Yang Ye would simply be like a tiger pouncing into a herd of sheep. It would be an utter slaughter!

Ding Shaoyao grinned while she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. Because she only knew that Yang Ye had left the city, but she didn’t know where he’d gone. So, she was actually quite nervous when the profounders of the city walls were shouting madly for Yang Ye to show himself. She was afraid that Yang Ye’s prestige in their hearts would weaken!

But now it would seem like her worries were unnecessary!

“Yang Ye!!!”

Luo Jun led his forces to charge madly towards the army. With the strength they possessed, a distance of 50km merely took an instant. However, Yang Ye was nowhere to be found when they arrived before the army. Moreover, the entire army was in a mess and at least 10,000 corpses of both Spirit Realm and King Realm profounders were lying on the ground!

“Yang Ye! I, Luo Jun, will never stop until I kill you!” Luo Jun’s eyes were crimson red as he gazed at everything before him, and his voice sounded like the roar of a beast as it resounded through the surroundings.

Meanwhile, Jian Kuang and the others appeared here as well, and they frowned slightly when they saw the scene here. However, Jian Ao suddenly laughed coldly, “So this is what the profounders of this abandoned world are like? They really are extremely weak! An Exalt Realm profounder was actually able to kill his way in and out of an army of a million troops! Tsk tsk, what a humiliation!”


A sword howl suddenly resounded. The expressions of Jian Kuang and the others changed slightly as they saw the Mortal Emperor Sword in Luo Jun’s hand leave its sheath, and then a strand of white sword qi tore through the sky and instantly arrived before Jian Ao.

“How audacious!” Jian Ao was furious. The sword in his hand swiftly left its sheath, and it emanated a strand of sword qi as it slashed down towards Luo Jun’s white sword qi.


An enormous explosion resounded as countless strands of sword qi dispersed towards the surroundings. However, Luo Jun’s sword qi hadn’t vanished at all, and it didn’t lose momentum at all as it pierced through Jian Ao’s chest. Fortunately, Jian Ao had forcefully moved his body at the critical moment, causing that strand of white sword qi to miss his heart. Even then, a bowl sized howl had still been opened up on his chest!

“You’re courting death!” Jian Ao was both shocked and furious. He was just about to attack when over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts surrounded all of them.

Their eyelids twitched, and Jian Ao’s lips wriggled but he didn’t dare attack anymore. Because he noticed that Luo Jun was on the brink of going berserk.

“Luo Jun, what are you trying to do!?” Jian Kuang spoke in a low voice. After Luo Jun executed that attack, Jian Kuang knew that he’d underestimated this Mortal Emperor a little. He was very confident, but if Luo Jun was really determined to kill them and relied on the army of profounders in the surroundings, then at least a few of them would perish here even if they were able to escape!

Luo Jun took a deep breath, fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “Those fellows in Ancient Domain City were right. All of you pieces of trash can’t even hold a candle to Yang Ye.”

The expressions of Jian Kuang and the others changed while their swords left their sheaths a little. Meanwhile, Luo Jun suddenly spoke coldly, “If you dare to attack, then I’ll definitely slaughter all of you, and no one will be able to save you. Want to give it a try?”

Luo Jun’s words caused the others in the surroundings to feel slightly stunned. When did the Mortal Emperor become so overbearing?

Jian Kuang spoke in a low voice, “Luo Jun, are you aware of the consequences of offending our Hallowed Grounds?”

Luo Jun laughed coldly and said, “The consequences? You’re talking about consequences with me? To be honest, I had quite a bit of respect for that Hallowed Grounds all of you are from. But I never imagined that everyone who came from your Hallowed Grounds would be haughty trash like all of you. Open your eyes wide and have a look. Perhaps Profounder Continent has fallen far behind from your Hallowed Grounds, but the geniuses of this world are absolutely not inferior to your Hallowed Grounds.”

When he spoke up to this point, Luo Jun turned around and walked away. However, he stopped after just taking two steps forward, and he gazed at Lan Ling and said, “Miss Lan Ling, I want to cooperate with the Hallowed Grounds, but the people dispatched by the Hallowed Grounds are truly too worthless. I hope Miss Lan Ling will head back and tell the members of your Hallowed Grounds to send someone sincere if the Hallowed Grounds really wants to work together with my Exalted Han Empire. Besides that, let me give you one final warning. Miss Lan Ling, it’s best to return to the Hallowed Grounds right now. To be honest, all of you will really be courting death if you go looking for Yang Ye!”

After he saw Yang Ye slaughter his army, Luo Jun suddenly understood a principle, and that was he could only rely on himself to eliminate Yang Ye. It was extremely foolish for him to have entrusted his hopes on others. Especially when he entrusted it to these fellows from the Hallowed Grounds, that was beyond foolish!

The resources and reserves of the Hallowed Grounds was extremely terrifying indeed, and it was beyond all doubt. However, it was too arrogant. Even he who possessed the energy of 3 territories didn’t dare be careless or underestimate Yang Ye at all. However, these fellows actually felt that Yang Ye wasn’t qualified to be their opponent!

What a bunch of idiots! Luo Jun led his army away while the swords of Jian Kuang and the others trembled incessantly. But none of them dared to attack. Because once they did, then it would be equivalent to becoming enemies with the Mortal Emperor. If they were enemies with the Mortal Emperor and were enemies with Yang Ye’s southern territory as well, then it meant that almost the entire human world wouldn’t lend a hand to the Hallowed Grounds!

They weren’t able to bear the responsibility for such an outcome!

Luo Jun had left, and he retreated to the Ocean of Anarchy with his army.

“Mortal Emperor, why didn’t you launch a frontal assault against the city?” Zhao Zhangfei was puzzled, “It’s entirely possible for us to conquer Ancient Domain City with the strength we possess. Of course, our losses would be slightly large. However, so long as we annihilate the southern territory, then we would just need to recuperate for a while. After all, the entire human world would be within our control by then, so wouldn’t it be extremely easy for us to gather even more Exalt Realm experts?”

“Even if we conquer Ancient Domain City, would we be able to kill Yang Ye?” Luo Jun said, “If we can’t kill him, then with his strength and potential, he’ll definitely become a formidable enemy of ours if he’s given the time. It’s even to the extent that Half-Saint Realm experts might be helpless against him then. So, our objective isn’t to conquer the southern territory but to annihilate Yang Ye! Only by annihilating him would there be no more latent troubles for my Exalted Han Empire!”

“Yang Ye’s strength is almost invincible in the Exalt Realm. Coupled with the Corpse Ancestor and Spatial Mink, not to mention Exalt Realm experts, even ordinary Monarch Realm experts might not be able to kill him. Of course, it would be different if Monarch Realm experts at the fifth rank or above acted against him, but at least two such experts would be required. However, he has a master at the Half-Saint Realm!” Zhao Zhangfei spoke softly.

Luo Jun fell silent for a short while before he said, “Mister Zhuge, how many more existences like the Corpse Ancestor are you able to summon if my Exalted Han Empire provides you its full support?”

Zhuge’s figure trembled slightly as he said, “Mortal Emperor, such actions truly harm the balance of the world…. Please reconsider your decision!”

“Yang Ye’s existence is the true disruption to the balance of the world. Mister Zhuge, I’ll be troubling you to summon as many as possible!” said Luo Jun in a solemn voice.

Zhuge fell silent for a short while before he sighed lightly, “Fine, even if we have to suffer some sort of retribution, my Zhuge Clan will take responsibility for it all!”

Luo Jun hadn’t noticed that excitement was flickering within Zhuge’s eyes right now….

“Jian Kuang, could it be that I suffered that attack for nothing!?” After Luo Jun and the others left, Jian Ao’s temper flared, and he glared angrily at Jian Kuang.

Jian Kuang glanced at Jian Ao and said, “Do you think we’re really able to go against the 10,000 plus Exalt Realm experts and army of over a million profounders that he possesses?”

“I refuse to believe that he would really dare to attack us!” Jian Ao spoke with disdain.

Lan Yun shook her head and said, “Jian Ao, restrain that terrible temper of yours. That fellow, Luo Jun, is a Mortal Emperor at any rate. How would he possibly be able to endure it after you insulted him like that? Even a rabbit that’s backed in a corner would bite, let alone a Mortal Emperor who commands an army of over a million? Moreover, he isn’t as weak as you think. I know you didn’t reveal your full strength just now, but did he?”

“Lan Yun, why are you acting just like your younger sister and constantly belittling your own while praising the enemy?” Jian Ao was displeased.

“Lan Yun is right!” Meanwhile, one of the men amongst them who hadn’t spoken until now suddenly said, “The inhabitants of this abandoned world aren’t as weak as we thought!”

“Jian Xin is right!” Meanwhile, the last man in the ground who’d similarly remained silent until now nodded and said, “Jian Ao, Jian Kuang, both of you must stop looking down on the people here. Since Luo Jun is so afraid of Yang Ye, then I presume he isn’t a simple figure at all. If all of you still act carelessly, then it might lead to your own destruction!”

The man called Jian Xin gazed at the man who just spoke and said, “Jian Yan, you noticed as well?”

Jian Yan glanced at the ground and said, “Look at the ground here. So long as passed yet a strand of fierce Sword Intent still remains here. If I’m not wrong, then it was left behind by that fellow, Yang Ye. Just this Sword Intent alone displays that his strength is absolutely not weak, and even if he’s weaker to us, the gap is absolutely not large!”

Jian Ao, Jian Kuang, and Lan Yun fell silent when they heard Jian Xin and Jian Yan. Even though Jian Kuang was leading the group this time, they didn’t dare overlook Jian Xin and Jian Yao. Because if it weren’t for the fact that the two of them weren’t good at talking and didn’t like talking at all, it would definitely be one of them who led the group!

“That’s even better. Because only then would it be interesting. Wouldn’t it be a little too boring if he’s too weak?” said Jian Kuang.

“I’ll return those words back to you. I hope you won’t be too weak as well, otherwise it would really be too boring!” Right at this moment, a man appeared before them. Moreover, a strange skeleton stood on the man’s left while a fluffy violet mink was on the man’s shoulder.

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