Chapter 594 – The Monarch Realm?

Almighty Sword Domain

The sword qi struck against Yang Ye, and then everyone watched with astonishment as it actually entered his body, and then… nothing happened!

“How could that be possible?” Disbelief appeared in the eyes of Jian Kuang and the others.

Yang Ye seemed to be very comfortable as he took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Lan Yun, “Not bad, it’s much more formidable than the Sword Intent and sword qi that I’ve encountered in the past. Come, continue your attack. I guarantee that I won’t fight back!” After he attained 9th level Sword Intent, he was able to absorb the Sword Intent of his enemies. Of course, it was limited to those whose attainments in Sword Intent were below him.

Lan Yun was only at the 9th level while he was at the 10th!

After he absorbed her Sword Intent and sword qi, Yang Ye had a faint feeling that 10th level Sword Intent wasn’t the end, and there should be an 11th level or a completely different realm. Because he’d actually felt a subtle change in his Sword Intent!

“Impossible!” A wisp of coldness flashed through Lan Yun’s eyes, and then she attacked again. A dark blue strand of sword qi that was over 100m long shot down like a shooting star towards Yang Ye. This time, Lan Yun had clearly not held back at all, and her 9th level Sword Intent surged out and enhanced the sword qi, causing even space to be torn apart before it!

Yang Ye still didn’t dodge. Conversely, he even revealed excitement in his eyes.

Everyone watched with astonishment again as Lan Yun’s sword qi shot into Yang Ye’s body, and then there was no sign of it again.

This time, their expressions had changed completely.

Lan Yun seemed to have thought of something, and then astonishment appeared in her eyes, “You…. Your Sword Intent isn’t at the 9th level at all, it’s at the 10th level! How could this be possible? You’ve actually improved your Sword Intent to the 10th level….”

The expressions of Jian Kuang and the others changed drastically when they heard Lan Yun, and Jian Kuang seemed to be driven to distraction as he said, “How could this be possible? How could he possess 10th level Earth Realm Sword Intent!?” As he spoke, he swiftly swung the sword in his hand, and then countless strands of sword qi which were enhanced by his Sword Intent shot down like raindrops towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye still didn’t dodge, and he just allowed it to enter him!

After he absorbed all of it, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “You’re really inferior when compared to her. But it’s still not bad. Continue!”

“Needless to say, we’ve underestimated you!” Lan Yun spoke in a low voice. “Besides the Team Leader of my Sword Team, there isn’t another existence in the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds who has been able to attain 10th level Sword Intent. I never expected that a sword cultivator of this abandoned world actually attained it. I admit that we’ll be suppressed by you, but do you think that you can defeat us with ease by relying on 10th level Sword Intent?”

“Besides you, everyone here from the Hallowed Grounds will die today!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed and transformed into a black ray of light that shot explosively towards Jian Kuang, and the Sword Ruler smashed down like a lofty mountain.

Jian Kuang was astounded, and he hurriedly attempted to block it with his sword.


An enormous explosion resounded as Jian Kuang’s entire body was smashed straight into the ground. Yang Ye was about to follow up with another attack when Jian Xin suddenly appeared before him. Jian Xin didn’t even seem to have moved yet countless swords formed from profound energy had suddenly appeared around Yang Ye, and they moved swiftly to form a circular formation.

“Kill!” Jian Xin roared furiously, and then those swords suddenly started spinning swiftly before they shot down explosively towards Yang Ye who resided at the center of the circle.


A strand of terrifying Sword Intent swept out from within Yang Ye, and the assault of the Sword Intent instantly crushed those swords. But Jian Xin suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye at the same time, and then a sword that flickered with a cold glow appeared at the back of Yang Ye’s neck.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while his figure spun swiftly. He didn’t dodge but smashed the Sword Ruler towards Jian Xin’s head.

Suddenly, Jian Xin vanished on the spot and appeared above Yang Ye. Next, countless ‘Jian Xins’ appeared around Yang Ye, and then countless swords stabbed towards Yang Ye from all directions.

Yang Ye grunted coldly, and the sword in his hand didn’t stop at all and continued down all the way.


A muffled bang resounded, and then those countless figures instantly vanished before a figure moved backward incessantly from right in front of Yang Ye, and it moved backward by around 50 meters.

“You… you’ve attained the Enlightened Sword Heart!” At this moment, there was a wisp of dark red on the corner of Jian Xin’s mouth, and he looked at Yang Ye with an extremely serious gaze.

Jian Kuang who’d just emerged from beneath the surface had intended to attack, but he’d stopped upon hearing Jian Xin. This time, there was no more disdain left in his eyes, and it was replaced by shock instead.

Meanwhile, Lan Yun spoke abruptly, “Perhaps we can have a chat!”

“It’s too late for that!” Yang Ye chuckled as his figure appeared in front of Jian Kuang again, and the Sword Ruler smashed swiftly towards Jian Kuang’s head. Jian Kuang was horrified. He wanted to dodge but couldn’t because Yang Ye’s sword was truly too swift. It was swift to the point he wasn’t able to dodge it in time! So, Jian Kuang had no choice but to raise his Dao Artifact again and strike it against Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler!


The corners of Jian Kuang’s mouth twitched fiercely while his arm felt numb, and his figure was smashed into the ground again.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t give him a chance at all, and he leaped down into the hole. Jian Xin, Jian Yan, and Lan Yun were just about to lend Jian Kuang a hand when a ray of blood red light instantly appeared before them and obstructed their path.

“He agreed to a one on one battle. So, all of you intend to break the rules?” Corpse Ancestor laughed gloomy while the blood red saber in his hand spun about incessantly.

“You’re a demonic cultivator of the Devil Dao!” Lan Yun spoke abruptly.

“What!?” Jian Ao and the others were shocked, and they cried out involuntarily. When the continent hadn’t been abandoned by the experts of the continent, the top-rate experts here weren’t much inferior to the Hallowed Grounds. At that time, all sorts of Daos vied for supremacy, and the Devil Dao was one of them. At that time, Profounder Continent was capable of posing a threat to the Hallowed Grounds.

They didn’t know what occurred in the continent at that time, and they only knew that countless experts had left the Hallowed Grounds for Profounder Continent, and then numerous experts of the continent vanished.

This skeleton is actually a figure from over 15,000 years ago?

“Hehe…. I never expected that I would be recognized!” Corpse Ancestor emanated horrifyingly gloomy laughter as he said, “The Hallowed Grounds? It was all because of your Hallowed Grounds that I became like this. I thought that I would never have the chance to take revenge, but I never expected that you would actually come out yourselves. Even the heavens are helping me!”

As he spoke, Corpse Ancestor swung his blood red saber horizontally, and a ray of blood red light flashed out and shot towards Jian Ao and the others. They were horrified by this sight and didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. All of them hurriedly utilized their respective sword techniques, causing sword qi to surge horizontally and vertically throughout the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly emerged from underground.

“Old bastard, don’t kill that woman!” Yang Ye spoke swiftly when he saw Corpse Ancestor was in battle with them. But in next to no time, he noticed that he was mistaken. Because he noticed that Corpse Ancestor was actually being suppressed by their joint forces, and Corpse Ancestor would have probably been killed a long time ago if it weren’t for his physical defense.

Yang Ye wasn’t worried by this scene at all, and he was delighted instead because it was better for him the stronger they were. Even though the existing Exalt Realm Sword Servants he possessed weren’t bad, they were much inferior when compared to these fellows from the Hallowed Grounds. So, it would definitely be great if he could refine them into Sword Servants!


A dark blue strand of sword qi smashed against Corpse Ancestor’s head, and he was blasted over 50m away. After they blasted Corpse Ancestor flying, Lan Yun and the others didn’t choose to continue their attack, and they gazed at Yang Ye with a vigilant expression instead.

Lan Yun asked in a low voice, “Where’s Jian Kuang!?”

Yang Ye smiled, “He’s dead!”

“You’re courting death!” Lan Yun said, “I know you’re an extremely monstrous genius, but do you really think that you can go against our Hallowed Grounds? It really is a tragedy for our Sword Team to have encountered you because we’re suppressed by your 10th level Sword Intent, and it’s practically impossible to defeat you. But do you know that the Holy Guard doesn’t just consist of the Sword Team, there’s the Saber Team, Shadow Team, Spear Team, and so on and so forth.”

“All of you intended to kill me from the beginning anyway, right?” Yang Ye said, “Moreover, I don’t know what that Holy Guard you speak of is. However, I just want to tell you that I’ll kill all the experts that the Hallowed Grounds sends for me.”

“How arrogant!” Jian Ao spoke furiously, “The ignorant are truly fearless! Yang Ye, once you witness the true strength of my Hallowed Grounds, you’ll realize how laughable your resistance and thoughts are. Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. Open up the city to us, surrender, and follow us to the Hallowed Grounds to offer an apology and seek punishment. My Hallowed Grounds might allow you to live out of consideration for your natural talent, , otherwise you’ll definitely die a graveless death. Not only will you die, everyone related to you will die as well!”

“Moron!” Yang Ye’s figure flashed towards Jian Ao. Meanwhile, Corpse Ancestor didn’t stand by idly, and he flashed towards Lan Yun and the others as well.

Yang Ye really didn’t have a good impression of these fellows from the Hallowed Grounds. Every single one of them was arrogant and haughty. They’re actually threatening me at a time like this and asking me to do all of that? Are they all complete idiots?

The expressions of Lan Yun and the others changed when they saw Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor flash over, and they didn’t dare act carelessly or hold back at all. They hurriedly executed all sorts of top-rate sword techniques. Unfortunately, their Sword Intent and sword qi were practically useless before Yang Ye, and if they didn’t rely on their Sword Intent and sword qi, then their physical strength was utterly incapable of breaking through Yang Ye’s defenses even if it was enhanced by the Dao Artifacts they possessed.

After fighting them for a while, Yang Ye felt even more satisfied with their strengths. The lowest level of Sword Intent amongst them was at the 7th level, and every single one of them had very sharp Sword Intent, an extremely solid foundation, and very formidable combat instinct. If they hadn’t encountered him, then their joint forces would probably be sufficient to go against An Nanjing while she was utilizing Skysplit!

Unfortunately, their Sword Intent was completely suppressed by his 10th level Sword Intent and was completely useless!


In next to no time, a ray of light shot through Jian Ao’s chest before he crashed lifelessly to the ground….

“Leave! I’ll cover all of you!” Meanwhile, Lan Yun spoke abruptly before a terrifying aura suddenly erupted like a torrent from within her!

“The Monarch Realm?” Yang Ye and Corpse Ancestor were astounded.

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