Chapter 595 – Fight! Fight! Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

Lan Yun’s aura rose steadily, and it wasn’t long before her aura was terrifying and deep like an ocean. Yang Ye frowned from the sight of this because he really did sense that her aura wasn’t something which an Exalt Realm expert should be able to possess, but it seemed to lack something in order to be considered as comparable to the Monarch Realm.

“Big Sister, stop right now. Executing that technique will damage your foundation!” Lan Ling spoke with horror when she saw Lan Yun’s aura rising incessantly.

“Lan Yun, stop! He won’t be able to do anything to us!” Jian Yan’s voice carried a trace of anxiousness.

“It’s too late!” Jian Xin spoke in a heavy voice.

On the other hand, a wisp of excitement and ferocity flashed through Qing Feng’s eyes instead, and he said, “Lan Yun, let’s join forces right now! We’ll definitely be able to kill this fellow!”

“All of you leave right now! Quickly return to the Hallowed Grounds!” Lan Yun was staring fixedly at Yang Ye yet was speaking to Jian Xin and the others. If she were facing Yang Ye alone, then perhaps she would be confident in her ability to join forces with the others and kill Yang Ye. However, Corpse Ancestor was by Yang Ye’s side, and there was also that violet mink which was constantly sizing her up from atop Yang Ye’s shoulder!

“All of you want to leave?” Yang Ye shook his head and said, “No one will be able to!”

“How arrogant!” Qing Feng roared furiously. However, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and his speed was at least two times swifter than before. Next, Jian Xin and the others saw Qing Feng’s head fly up into the air while Yang Ye had returned to where he stood just a moment ago.

“What an annoying fellow!” Yang Ye shook his head, and then he rubbed his head against the little fellow and said, “Don’t let them escape later!”

The violet mink nodded, and then faint violet light appeared on her little claws.

The pupils of Lan Yun and the others constricted when they saw Qing Feng being annihilated in an instant, and then their gazes descended onto Yang Ye’s shoes. Lan Yun said, “I never expected that even your shoes were actually Dao Artifacts.” When she spoke up to this point, Lan Yun turned around to gaze at Jian Xin and the others before she said, “Didn’t all of you hear me? Leave right now!”

“Old bastard, don’t destroy their bodies!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Corpse Ancestor chuckled slyly as his figure flashed explosively towards Jian Xin and the others. At the same time, the violet mink flew into the air, and then a strand of dark violet light suddenly flashed from her little claw and shot towards Jian Xin and the others.

At the same time, Yang Ye waved his hand, and then 10 Exalt Realm Sword Servants appeared here. The Sword Servants immediately flashed over and surrounded Jian Xin’s group, causing their paths of retreat to be completely cut off.

Lan Yun’s expression changed slightly. She was just about to lend them a hand when Yang Ye obstructed her path, and it made her face turn grim. She said, “Yang Ye, do you really intend to fight my Hallowed Grounds to the death?”

“Earlier, I wanted to make peace with all of you, yet all of you weren’t willing to. It can’t be helped now. Since that was your decision, then I have no choice but to fight all of you until one of us is annihilated!” Yang Ye shrugged.

“Since it’s like that… then die!” Lan Yun suddenly slapped her left hand towards Yang Ye, and then an enormous palm instantly shot through space and slapped down towards Yang Ye. At the same time, her figure flashed explosively towards him, and the sword in her hand emanated a ray of light that swept towards Yang Ye’s neck. This time, her speed and strength were at least 5 times stronger than before!

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged. The Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning shot out from within him, and then they transformed into a ball of flames and a pillar of lightning that smashed against the enormous palm. At the same time, the Sword Ruler swept forward and smashed against Lan Yun’s sword.


The enormous palm she created was blasted apart by the Violetcloud Lightning and Nether Ghostflame, and it transformed into bits of energy that rained down from the sky.


After that, another enormous bang resounded. Yang Ye’s sword had smashed against Lan Yun’s sword, and sparks sprayed from the collision. Surprisingly, Lan Yun merely took half a step back while Yang Ye took over 10 steps back.

However, Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief because it proved that Lan Yun wasn’t at the Monarch Realm. While her strength had improved and was infinitely close to the Monarch Realm, she wasn’t a true Monarch Realm expert. Of course, he wouldn’t fear her even if she were a true Monarch Realm expert because he’d been wanting to fight a Monarch Realm expert since he advanced into the sixth rank of the Monarch Realm!

The seriousness in Lan Yun’s eyes grew deeper. Because she noticed that she’d still underestimated Yang Ye’s strength. After all, she had actually been unable to gain any advantage over Yang Ye even after she’d risked everything and utilized a secret technique to improve her strength to the Artificial Monarch Realm!

Now, she understood why Luo Jun feared Yang Ye that much!

“AH!!!” Right at this moment, a shrill cry resounded from afar, and it horrified Lan Yun. She looked over towards the source of the cry, and she saw that Jian Yan was lying on the ground. After that, Lan Yun watched with shock as Jian Xin collapsed amidst the joint forces of Corpse Ancestor and the others. Now, only she and her younger sister remained here.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Don’t kill that woman!”

Lan Ling was Lan Yun’s younger sister, so he needed her alive because he really wanted to obtain that divine technique, Critical strike, and this secret technique which had allowed Lan Yun’s strength to rise abruptly. He felt that the secret technique she executed was definitely much more superior to the secret technique which the Sword Spirit had utilized to help him gain an explosive rise in strength. After all, the Sword Spirit’s technique couldn’t allow him to attain the Monarch Realm!

Lan Yun’s face became ferocious as she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, perhaps you had a chance to make peace with my Hallowed Grounds before this, but you’ve practically ruined that possibility now. You’ll pay an unimaginable price for your actions!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Your Hallowed Grounds actions are truly unsightly. You have to get something straight. It has always been all of you who wanted to become enemies with me. It was your Hallowed Grounds that came to Ancient Domain City and offended me first. Fine, I’m a magnanimous person and didn’t intend to make a fuss about it with all of you, and I even wanted to make peace. However, all of you refused and still insisted on killing me. Now that you can’t kill me, are weaker than me, and are being killed by me instead, you act in this way as if I’m going against your Hallowed Grounds on purpose? Do you have no shame?”

Lan Yun intended to speak further, but Yang Ye waved his hand to interrupt her and said, “In any case, it’s pointless to discuss all of that. I’ll be frank. I’ve kept both of you sisters alive until now because I hope to obtain that divine technique, Critical Strike, and this secret technique you utilized to improve your strength. You can refuse, but don’t worry, I have ways to make you speak. Of course, the exception is if you detonate your own Dantian!”

“Dream on!” That was Lan Yun’s answer.

Yang Ye laughed coldly as his profound energy surged into the Stellar Shuttle, and then he transformed into a ray of black light that shot explosively towards Lan Yun. Lan Yun’s pupils constricted, and she was just about to launch an attack of her own when a terrifying force suddenly appeared around her. Her Sword Intent was instantly suppressed, and it stunned her for a moment before she cried out involuntarily with astonishment, “The Sword Domain! You’ve actually comprehended the Sword Domain!”

Lan Yun had just finished speaking when Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler struck her shoulder, and the enormous force within it caused her to fall weakly to the ground.

“How audacious! How dare you kill the members of my Hallowed Grounds!?” Right at this moment, a furious roar resounded from the horizon, and then an enormous palm that blotted out the sky suddenly appeared in the air. It carried monstrous and terrifying might as it smashed down in Yang Ye’s direction.

An actual Monarch Realm expert! Yang Ye’s expression changed. He didn’t have any time to think, and he instinctively gestured with his right hand. Jiao Ao’s Dao Artifact and the ancient sheath appeared in his hands, and then he sheathed the Dao Artifact within the ancient sheath. After that, the profound energy within him surged madly into the ancient sheath while his 10th level Sword Intent erupted without reserve, and then he swiftly drew the Dao Artifact with his right hand.

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