Chapter 598 – Zuo Dengfeng!

Almighty Sword Domain

Misty Shadow City was a medium-sized city in the Exalted Han Empire and possessed over 50 million inhabitants. At this moment, Misty Shadow City was completely devoid of any signs of life as the air, and the air above the city was covered in a strange red colored screen of light. Moreover, the sky above the red screen of light was filled with numerous small blood red lanterns. It was an extremely strange sight.

The skeleton of an enormous centipede resided at the center of the city, and numerous rivers of blood surrounded it. These rivers of blood were ceaselessly converging towards the skeleton, and the constant glow of blood caused the centipede skeleton to gradually undergo a subtle transformation.

Zhuge and Luo Jun were not too far away from the skeleton.

“Mortal Emperor, this is a Soaring Centipede, and it fed on dragons and black tortoises during the ancient times. It’s a mortal enemy of those two clans. All those years ago, one of its clansmen offended someone from the Hallowed Grounds, so the Hallowed Grounds descended to our continent and slaughtered all the elites of its clan. After that, the Dragon Clan and Black Tortoise Clan took advantage of the situation and annihilated the entire Soaring Centipede Clan. This soaring centipede before us can be considered to be the last one of its kind throughout our continent!” said Zhuge.

“How does it compare to Corpse Ancestor?” said Luo Jun in a low voice.

Zhuge pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Both of them aren’t able to do anything to each other because both their physical bodies are at the Half-Saint Realm. So, unless one of them attains the Monarch Realm, otherwise it’s impossible for one of them to defeat the other. However, the soaring centipede has an advantage, and that is its speed. Even Monarch Realm experts can’t catch up to it at its full speed!”

Luo Jun nodded lightly and said, “I obtained news that the Hallowed Grounds sent a ninth rank Exalt Realm expert to meet my ancestor. I think that it’s most definitely because Yang Ye’s master heavily injured a Monarch Realm expert of the Hallowed Grounds. If I’m not wrong, the Hallowed Grounds might be intending to act against Yang Ye’s master.”

Zhuge said, “Congratulations, Mortal Emperor. If the Hallowed Grounds really annihilate that Half-Saint, then our Exalted Han Empire will be able to unify the entire human world in a short period of time.”

Luo Jun said, “Awaken the Primeval Titan, Heaven Devouring Roc, Daoist Venom, and this Soaring Centipede as soon as possible. I hope to work with the Hallowed Grounds and annihilate the southern territory’s forces while they deal with that Half-Saint. My Exalted Han Empire will only possess the strength to face the Hallowed Grounds once we unite the human world. I don’t want my Exalted Han Empire to be forced to submit to the Hallowed Grounds!”

“But the blood here isn’t sufficient…,” said Zhuge.

“Then continue killing until it’s enough!” Luo Jun spoke with indifference on his face.

Zhuge was delighted and said, “Understood!”

Luo Jun ordered the slaughter of over 10 cities for the sake of reviving some formidable demon beasts and profounders from the ancient times. Almost 100 million of the population throughout the central territory was sacrificed. Some of the clans and sects within the central territory felt extreme disgust and aversion towards Luo Jun’s actions, but they didn’t dare to voice out their anger. Because a sect had stepped forward and objected to such actions. Now, that sect had ceased to exist.

At this moment, everyone understood that the Exalted Han Empire possessed absolute strength in the central territory, and it wasn’t something that any clan or sect could resist.

So, they only had two paths. The first was to side with the southern territory, and the second option was the Exalted Han Empire. No one chose to side with the southern territory because non looked favorably upon it. Yang Ye wasn’t just mortal enemies with the Exalted Han Empire, he had the same relationship with the Hallowed Grounds now. So, siding with the southern territory was equivalent to becoming mortal enemies with the Hallowed Grounds….

They weren’t Yang Ye! They didn’t dare to go against the Hallowed Grounds!

Even then, Luo Jun’s actions had still caused the inhabitants of the central territory to be filled with resentment. But Luo Jun didn’t care at all. In his opinion, if he could sacrifice some people to unify the entire human world, then not to mention 100 million, even a billion would be worth the sacrifice!

Ancient Domain City.

An army of Exalt Realm and Exalt Rank experts were standing on an enormous training grounds within the city. There were only 2,000 humans and Darkbeasts here, but the overall strength of this army was extremely formidable, and it was the strongest army amongst the entire army of the southern territory.

At this moment, all of them were looking at a single person before them with excitement, Yang Ye!

Needless to say, Yang Ye’s reputation in the southern territory had arrived at an extreme height, and it was even to the extent that it even surpassed his master, the Half-Saint Realm expert of the southern territory. Because he’d accomplished something that only the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had accomplished throughout the annals of history, just he and his sword were able to horrify all the profounders of the central territory.

The glory of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor was a legend, but Yang Ye wasn’t. They’d witnessed everything that he’d done, and it could be said that even the disciples of the Sword Sect felt that Yang Ye had surpassed the attainments of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. At the very least, he’d done so at this age bracket.

The Darkbeasts had profound respect towards Yang Ye as well. After all, they were clearly aware of the strength which he possessed. Of course, they were even more respectful towards the little fellow on his shoulder. Because her bloodline had improved by a level after she received her inheritance, and it was extremely terrifying to low level Darkbeasts and demon beasts!

Yang Ye glanced at then, and then he nodded lightly. Even though the combination of these Exalt Realm profounders and Darkbeasts couldn’t resist Luo Jun’s elites for now, he believed that they would definitely not be inferior if they were given the time to grow!

Because after they received the assistance of the Talisman Master’s Association and the Demon Emperor, both the equipment and resources of this army could be said to be endless.

Yang Ye said, “Everyone, I presume all of you are clearly aware who our enemies are. They are the Exalted Han Empire, all the elites of the central territory, and the formidable and mysterious Hallowed Grounds. The Exalted Han Empire has come to the southern territory to conquer us, and to make us submit to Luo Jun and be his dogs. How can we agree to that? The Hallowed Grounds has come here for us to surrender to them and even take our own lives to atone for the death of their members. How can we agree to that?”

“We can’t!” Their voices shot into the sky!

Yang Ye said, “There has always been quite a bit of enmity between the human race and Darkbeasts, but we must put our enmity aside and join forces wholeheartedly. Because only then would we be able to go against the Exalted Han Empire and Hallowed Grounds. Otherwise, once the Exalted Han Empire conquers the southern territory, then everything that belonged to us would belong to someone else, and it’s even to the extent that we’ll lose possession of our own lives. Understand?”

“How can any eggs remain intact when the nest is overturned? If Luo Jun’s forces were to conquer our southern territory, then all the territory that belonged to us would definitely be seized by the clans and sects of the central territory. Don’t worry, Sword Emperor, the reason we’re standing here is because we understand that principle.”

“Exactly. Our presence here represents our determinations. Sword Emperor, you’re the hope of our entire southern territory. We’re willing to follow you and fight the Exalted Han Empire until the end. Even if we lose in the end, we firmly believe that you’ll definitely be able to avenge us in the end!”

“My ass! How could we possibly lose? Even if Luo Jun is the fucking Mortal Emperor, would we lose to him? Dream on! Sword Emperor, can I make a request? Can you bring me along if you’re going to launch another surprise attack against Luo Jun’s army? Don’t worry, I’ll absolutely not be a burden to you….”

“Bring me along as well. I’ve been wanting to kill that pussy, Luo Jun, for a very long time!”

“Take me along! Don’t leave me behind!”


The Exalt Rank Darkbeasts had started to howl and roar….

Yang Ye felt his blood boil as he gazed at them. He was fighting Luo Jun and the Hallowed Grounds because he wanted to protect those that he cared about, and these fellows were fighting the Exalted Han Empire and Hallowed Grounds with him because they had things they wanted to protect as well. They were actually all the same!

Some cultivated for the sake of immortal life and some for the sake of rising to the peak. But all of them were living beings, they had feelings, and they had things which they cared about and wanted to protect.

Profounders were cold and heartless, and even the path of cultivation wasn’t a heartless path!

“I never expected that you would actually be so skilled at moving the hearts of others!” An Biru and the black clothed woman suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned around and glanced at them before he said, “I thought that you would have left Ancient Domain City to side with Luo Jun.” After he refused to meet An Biru that day, he hadn’t heard any further news of the Southern An Clan, and he’d thought that they’d left for the central territory to side with Luo Jun.

“Can we speak in private?” said An Biru.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Alright!”

Both of them walked side by side through an alley. Yang Ye was holding the little fellow who was sound asleep, and he lightly rubbed her little head.

“That little fellow has a very high position in your heart, right?” An Biru gazed at the violet mink as she spoke softly.

“A unique and irreplaceable position!” said Yang Ye.

An Biru glanced at the violet mink, and then she withdrew her gaze and said, “I received news that Luo Jun is planning something big. I presume he won’t underestimate you at all after the last few defeats he suffered. If he acts again, then he’ll definitely be over 90% confident in his ability to succeed. You must remember that he only has to kill you or your master, and then the southern territory won’t be able to obstruct his footsteps!”

Yang Ye fell silent because what she said was the truth. So long as he or Elder Mu was killed, then no one in the southern territory would be able to stop Luo Jun’s footsteps. Luo Jun wasn’t a fool, so he was definitely aware of it as well. In other words, if Luo Jun acted again, then Luo Jun’s target would either be him or Elder Mu!

Regardless of who it was, Luo Jun would have definitely made sufficient preparations. If he was the target, then Luo Jun was very likely to dispatch numerous experts to keep Elder Mu busy, but if Elder Mu was the target….

Yang Ye turned around to look at An Biru as he said, “Do you have any ideas?”

“Ask all the Monarch Realm experts and your master to gather at Ancient Domain City!” An Biru continued, “Of course, that’s only a temporary measure. You are the key to everything, and you must attain the Monarch Realm. Otherwise, your master might really be unable to stop them if both the Exalted Han Empire and the Hallowed Grounds are determined to kill you!”

“Do you think that attaining the Monarch Realm is very easy!?” Yang Ye shook his head.

An Biru was just about to say something when a voice suddenly resounded in the air above Ancient Domain City. “I’m Team Leader Zuo Dengfeng of the Sword Team in the Hallowed Ground’s Holy Guard. I’ve specially come here to seek guidance from the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye. Please leave the city and meet me in battle!”

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