Chapter 599 – Clash!

Almighty Sword Domain

A green clothes man was standing on a sword outside Ancient Domain City. He was around 20 years old, had starry eyes, sharp and slanted brows, long hair that hung down to his shoulders, and carried a black sword chest on his back. He held a strange rock in his left hand while he kept his right behind his back, and there was a wooden sword in its grasp!

The man’s face didn’t reveal any disdain or arrogance that the other members of the Hallowed Grounds from before had shown, and there was only a carefree and composed expression there. His Sword Intent was restrained within him as he stood in midair, and his entire body didn’t reveal a shred of an aura that caused discomfort in others.

At this moment, all the profounders in Ancient Domain City had a completely new understanding of the members of the Hallowed Grounds!

When he heard that the Hallowed Grounds had dispatched more forces against Yang Ye, Luo Jun had intended to watch the battle between them. After all, he felt extreme aversion towards the Hallowed Grounds as well, and he felt that it was definitely another arrogant and haughty fellow. However, Luo Jun was rather surprised when he saw this man, Zuo Dengfeng. Because Zuo Dengfeng’s bearing and disposition was something he’d only witnessed on one other person — An Nanjing!

As for Yang Ye…. Yang Ye had no bearing and disposition. All Yang Ye had was bloodthirstiness and a little shamelessness….

Looks like the members of the Hallowed Grounds aren’t as terrible as I thought! Luo Jun revealed excitement from his eyes, and he felt slight anticipation towards the battle.

Yang Ye immediately noticed Zuo Dengfeng upon flying out of the city. Needless to say, this fellow was much more pleasant to look at when compared to those other members of the Hallowed Grounds. At the very least, he wasn’t haughty or acted like he was almighty because he was from the Hallowed Grounds.

After he saw Yang Ye, Zuo Dengfeng sized Yang Ye up for a moment before he said, “Your Sword Intent is fierce, and it’s actually able to arouse emotions in the swords within my sword chest. I presume you’re the Sword Emperor of Profounder Continent. No wonder the entire Sword Team was annihilated at your hands. They really aren’t able to go against you.”

Yang Ye said, “You’re the second person in the younger generation who’s able to make me feel threatened. Needless to say, I’ve really underestimated the Hallowed Grounds until now!”

Zuo Dengfeng revealed slight surprise in his eyes as he said, “Even with the 10th level Sword Intent you possess, there’s actually someone in the younger generation of Profounder Continent that can threaten you? Of course, I’m not looking down upon Profounder Continent, but the spirit energy here is really scarce while it has lost most of its inheritances. As far as I’m concerned, it’s extremely rare for someone like you to be born in this continent!”

“You might be able to meet her if you don’t die today!” said Yang Ye.

Zuo Dengfeng was slightly stunned, and then he smiled. “I came to Profounder Continent today because I was ordered by the Hallowed Grounds to take your life. Truthfully speaking, I don’t really want to kill you. Because as far as I’m concerned, having a formidable sword cultivator as a rival would be able to help temper my Sword Dao. Unfortunately, you’ve killed many members of my Hallowed Grounds, and your master even heavily injured an expert of my Hallowed Grounds. So, reconciliation is out of the question. The honor of the Hallowed Grounds tolerates no disrespect!”

“Then let’s begin?” Yang Ye flipped his palm and the Sword Ruler appeared there.

Zuo Dengfeng nodded lightly, and then he pointed the wooden sword at Yang Ye as he said, “I started cultivating in the sword at the age of 5 and 17 years have passed until now. During this period, I’ve never lost a single battle against a sword cultivator. Being invincible in the Sword Dao is a lonely life, and I presume you definitely feel the same. So, I hope you don’t disappoint me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone watched with astonishment as a strand of sword qi suddenly arrived in front of Yang Ye. It trembled slightly upon arriving just 3m away from Yang Ye, and then it split into 10, 100, and then finally stopped at 1,000 strands of sword qi. In just an instant, Yang Ye was completely enveloped by them.

How formidable!

Just this attack had caused countless profounders in the surroundings to be visibly moved!

Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression in his eyes as well. Because Zuo Dengfeng’s utilization of sword qi had arrived at an extremely terrifying state.

Yang Ye swiftly swung the Sword Ruler horizontally, and then a strand of crescent shaped sword qi shot forward violently and collided with Zuo Dengfeng’s sword qi. An huge bang resounded as the sword qi dispersed towards the surroundings while slicing the surrounding space apart, causing countless pitch black rifts to appear!

“Swords!” Right at this moment, Zuo Dengfeng’s voice resounded.

Suddenly, a strange energy sword appeared in the air above Yang Ye, and then a second and third appeared. In less than a breath of time, more than 10,000 energy swords had suddenly appeared. All of these energy swords were seemingly material as they were enhanced by 10th level Sword Intent, and they formed a dense mass that filled the sky. It was an extremely horrifying sight!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly. Zuo Dengfeng’s sword technique was at the Heaven Rank at least. Most importantly, every single one of those energy swords contained terrifying energy, and it was probably capable of injuring an Exalt Realm expert with ease!

Luo Jun who was watching from afar revealed a solemn expression as well. Because the strength Zuo Dengfeng revealed right now was something that perhaps only he, Yang Ye, and An Nanjing could resist!

However, he’d heard that Zuo Dengfeng was barely able to be ranked at just the 10th position amongst the Holy Guard of the Hallowed Grounds….

“Kill!” Zuo Dengfeng’s voice resounded again, and then the 10,000 energy swords suddenly transformed into rays of light that rained down towards Yang Ye, and they completely enveloped Yang Ye in an instant.


Meanwhile, a strand of violet sword qi suddenly flashed out from within the envelopment of the energy swords. After it charged out from amidst the energy swords, it instantly arrived before Zuo Dengfeng! However, Zuo Dengfeng’s expression remained unchanged.

“Sword Guard!” As soon as he spoke, a vortex formed from swords floated up into appearance before Zuo Dengfeng, and Yang Ye’s violet sword qi was instantly sucked in upon coming into contact with the vortex. After that… nothing else happened. It was like Yang Ye’s violet sword qi had never existed.

However, Zuo Dengfeng brows had knit together slightly.

Everyone in Ancient Domain City was shocked!

Yang Ye frowned as well when he witnessed this scene. Because Zuo Dengfeng’s sword techniques were so numerous and so formidable that it truly exceeded his imagination.

Zuo Dengfeng nodded slightly when he saw Yang Ye emerge completely unharmed, and he said, “As expected of the Sword Emperor of this world. You’re much stronger than I expected. Besides that, your violet sword qi is quite strange. I might not be able to stop them with such ease if you swing a few more at me!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He activated the Stellar Shuttle and instantly arrived in front of Zuo Dengfeng instead. At the same time, the Sword Ruler warped the space before it as it struck down from above Zuo Dengfeng.

A wisp of surprise flashed through his eyes when he noticed the terrifying strength carried by Yang Ye’s sword. Because he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s pure physical strength would actually be able to fill his sword with such might!

Zuo Dengfeng didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest, and he lightly stabbed his wooden sword against Yang Ye’s Sword Ruler.


Countless strands of sword qi sprayed from the point of collision while space rippled like a crumpled piece of paper.

They split apart as soon as they collided.

“What strength!” Zuo Dengfeng gazed at his hand which was trembling slightly, and he was quite shocked. However, his eyes revealed excitement as he said, “Very good. You didn’t disappoint me. You’re qualified to make me utilize my sword chest. Haha….”

As soon as he finished speaking, an enormous ray of light suddenly charged out from within the sword chest on Zuo Dengfeng’s back, and it pierced the sky….

An ancient sheath appeared in Yang Ye’s hand, and then he slowly sheathed a sword within it….

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