Chapter 600 – 11th Level Sword Intent!

Almighty Sword Domain

Dazzling rays of light shot out incessantly from within the sword chest on Zuo Dengfeng’s back. Those who were comparatively stronger were able to discern that there were at least a few tens of thousands of swords amidst the rays of light. Moreover, their number was increasing without end. After around five breaths of time had passed, those rays of light had converged into almost 100,000 swords, and the weakest amongst them was at the Heaven Rank!

The enormous ray of light formed from 100,000 swords pierced through the sky and simply seemed as if it was on the verge of tearing the heavens apart. The fierce and terrifying Sword Intent emanated from it caused the swords of many profounders within Ancient Domain City to tremble, and some swords of comparatively low quality even exploded apart on the spot.

Countless people in the surroundings were astounded!

Ding Shaoyao, Xiao Yuxi, and the others revealed extremely serious gazes!

At this moment, Luo Jun and the others revealed extremely serious expressions as well because Zuo Dengfeng’s strength had far surpassed their imagination!

On the other hand, Lan Yun who stood atop the city walls with the others seemed to be filled with excitement. Zuo Dengfeng was the team leader of the Sword Team, and while his overall strength might not be on par with the members and team leaders of the other groups, his accomplishments in the Sword Dao was the best throughout the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds. That was something that even those monstrous geniuses who stood at the top of the Hallowed Grounds’ rankings had no choice but to admit!

It could be said that Zuo Dengfeng’s natural talent in the Sword Dao was even greater than the Unfettered One whom even the Hallowed Grounds had feared all those years ago. Of course, it was only in terms of natural talent. After all, natural talent wasn’t the only factor that determined a person’s future. The Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor hadn’t relied on his natural talent alone to shock the entire continent!

In short, she absolutely refused to believe that Yang Ye’s accomplishments in the Sword Dao, natural talent, and strength were greater than Zuo Dengfeng!

Zuo Dengfeng held that strange rock in his hand as he gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, this sword technique is called Sky Burial, and it’s a low-grade Dao Rank technique. I once utilized this technique to heavily injure an expert who’d just advanced into the Monarch Realm. Come, let me witness your strength. Execute your strongest attack. Otherwise, you might not have the chance!”


A sword howl resounded as Yang Ye drew the sword within the ancient sheath, and then a strand of violent sword qi tore through the sky as it shot right towards Zuo Dengfeng.

The sword qi was like a meteor that flashed through the sky, and some comparatively weaker profounders weren’t even able to catch sight of it. On the other hand, the stronger profounders were merely able to faintly distinguish its trajectory. If it wasn’t for the spatial rift that it tore through the sky, there would probably be many who weren’t even aware that Yang Ye had attacked!

Zuo Dengfeng’s pupils constricted when he sensed the might carried by this attack, and he didn’t dare to act carelessly. The enormous ray of light descended from the sky with a single command, and it collided forcefully against Yang Ye’s violet colored sword qi.


An explosion that shook the world resounded by the ears of all the spectators, and it shook them to the point their eardrums hurt.

Innumerable strands of sword qi were raining down from the horizon. Every single fine strand of sword qi left a tiny gap in space wherever they passed, so the entire sky was filled with fine and pitch black rifts. It was like an enormous spider web, and it was an astounding sight to behold.

Yang Ye and Zuo Dengfeng were blasted over 300m back by the aftershock. But only a moment passed before they shot explosively towards each other again. At the same time, their swords emanated countless rays of light which shot violently towards each other.

At this moment, the sky was filled by the glow of swords!

As they watched the battle in the sky, the hearts of countless spectators were filled with extreme shock. Because the battle between Yang Ye and Zuo Dengfeng didn’t seem like a battle between Exalt Realm experts at all, and it was like a battle between Monarch Realm experts instead.

Luo Jun held tightly onto the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand while he watched Yang Ye fight in the sky. For the very first time, he noticed that he’d made a mistake. He felt that he really shouldn’t have underestimated Yang Ye in the beginning, and he shouldn’t have become enemies with Yang Ye for the sake of the Flower Palace. It was precisely that mistake which made him pay a horrible price, and he had to continue paying such a price!


The Sword Ruler in Yang Ye’s hand smashed against Zuo Dengfeng’s wooden sword, and then they immediately split apart. Zuo Dengfeng’s hands were trembling and felt numb while Yang Ye seemed to be completely fine.

“Awesome! Let’s continue!” Yang Ye roared with laughter as his figure shot forward explosively. Yang Ye had always wanted to look for someone to spar with because only then would he be able to notice his flaws and the aspects of himself which needed improvement. Moreover, he could utilize the battles to draw experience from the way various sword cultivators fought. Unfortunately, besides An Nanjing, there wasn’t anyone in the younger generation of the southern continent who could allow him to fight to his heart’s continent.

The worst part was that An Nanjing wasn’t a sword cultivator!

Yet now, Zuo Dengfeng just happened to be a suitable candidate!

Zuo Dengfeng’s pupils constricted when he saw Yang Ye shoot forward explosively. Yang Ye’s sword techniques were inferior to his own, but Yang Ye’s physical strength and defense far surpassed him. Moreover, Yang Ye’s speed wasn’t inferior to his at all. So, he wasn’t able to gain even the slightest advantage from a close-quartered battle with Yang Ye, but he couldn’t increase the distance between them as well!

So, Zuo Dengfeng had no other choice but to fight Yang Ye in close-quarters over and over again.

Yang Ye smashed the Sword Ruler at Zuo Dengfeng time and time again. He didn’t utilize any sword techniques or combat techniques, and he just focused on smashing the Sword Ruler down with all his strength, forcefully and ruthlessly.

Because instead of all these techniques and skills, he preferred pure strength!

In the beginning, Zuo Dengfeng had been able to barely resist Yang Ye’s strength, but it wasn’t long before he was gradually ‘smashed’ into a disadvantaged position. The countless profounders throughout Ancient Domain City roared with cheers upon noticing this, but Ding Shaoyao, Xiao Yuxi, and the others still had frowns on their faces while the worry in their eyes hadn’t lessened at all!

Because while Zuo Dengfeng had fallen into a disadvantaged position, he was still calm and composed. His rhythm hadn’t been thrown into disorder at all. In other words, he was still concealing his strength!

“Sword Step!” Suddenly, Zuo Dengfeng shouted as he moved a little, and then he mysteriously vanished on the spot. He was 300m to the left when he appeared again.

Yang Ye was just about to pursue him when he appeared 600m to the right. Just like that, Zuo Dengfeng’s figure flickered incessantly through the surroundings, and it was extremely strange and mysterious….

It’s a Dao Rank technique at least! Yang Ye shook his head as he said to himself, The members of the Hallowed Grounds really are unlike us. Dao Rank techniques are like water to them, they have as much as they want.

“Sword Union!” Right at this moment, Zuo Dengfeng’s voice resounded in a very strange way because it could be heard from all directions.

As soon as he spoke, those swords which had descended from the sky earlier had suddenly transformed into rays of light that flew towards him. In just a moment, they formed a completely round ball that seemed like a cocoon, and it completely enveloped both him and Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye seemed to have no intention to attack, and he was curiously sizing up this ball of swords.

Everyone else in the outside world was shocked by this scene, and the hearts of Xiao Yuxi, Ding Shaoyao, and the other girls even shook while solemn expressions appeared on their faces. Because they were very clearly aware that the outcome was about to be decided, and that meant that life and death was about to be decided as well….

The most carefree existence here was the little fellow. Only she had practically blind confidence in Yang Ye. In her heart, Yang Ye was invincible within the same realm of cultivation…. Perhaps Yang Ye might lose, but he would absolutely not die. Because no profounder in the same realm of cultivation was capable of killing him, not even An Nanjing!

However, the little fellow wasn’t aware of the influence Yang Ye’s defeat would have on the southern territory….

Luo Jun stared fixedly at the ball of swords. If Yang Ye died…. No, even if Yang Ye lost, it would be extremely great news for him because Yang Ye’s undefeated status would definitely crumble, and it would make the southern territories morale plummet. On the contrary, the morale on his side would definitely soar because Yang Ye wasn’t invincible. He was just a man, and he could be defeated as well….

Of course, it was even better if Yang Ye just died….

Within the ball of swords.

Zuo Dengfeng gazed at Yang Ye as he said, “I’m aware that you’ve comprehended the Sword Domain. Actually, I’ve always been curious about its might. Would you allow me to experience it?”

Yang Ye glanced at the swords in the surroundings and said, “This still isn’t enough!”

Zuo Dengfeng nodded and said, “Do you know why I still dared to fight you by myself when I knew that you’d comprehended the Sword Domain?” When he spoke up to this point, his gaze descended onto the strange rock which he held in his left hand, and he said, “It’s because of it. This is a Sword Seed, and it contains the Sword Intent of all the previous sword cultivators of my Hallowed Grounds. It provides its possessor with invincibility to evil. It’s a counter to all who cultivate on the path of evil. Of course, its most important ability is that it can improve one’s Sword Intent for two hours!”

As soon as he spoke, countless strands of different Sword Intents suddenly surged out from within the Sword Seed, and they surged into him.


A terrifying aura that wasn’t inferior to a Monarch Realm expert exploded from within him….

At the same time, those swords in the surroundings seemed as if they’d come to life, and then sword howls resounded incessantly. It was cheers of excitement and joy….

11th level Sword Intent!

Yang Ye tightened his grip on the ancient sheath and said, “I never expected that there really was an 11th level Sword Intent above the 10th level. I really was quite ignorant.”

“During the primeval times, Sword Intent was divided into the 10 level of Earth Realm Sword Intent and Heaven Realm Sword Intent. Heaven Realm Sword Intent comes after the 10 levels of Earth Realm Sword Intent, and it only has 3 levels. Attaining 1st level Heaven Realm Sword Intent represents that one’s Sword Intent can rely on the strength of the world, and that’s something which only Monarch Realm experts can accomplish. At this moment, I’m equivalent to a Monarch Realm expert!” Zuo Dengfeng slowly pointed his wooden sword at Yang Ye and said, “Come, allow me to experience the strength of the so-called Sword Domain!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “Allow me to ask one last question. Will the Hallowed Grounds still dispatch more forces for me once you’re dead?”

“Hahaha!” Zuo Dengfeng roared with laughter, and he laughed for quite some time before he said, “If I die, then the Hallowed Grounds will truly take you seriously, and no one will be opposed to the Hallowed Grounds decisions to deal with you. In short, if I die at your hands, then the Hallowed Grounds will definitely not allow a latent threat like you to exist. On the other hand, if you die, then the Hallowed Grounds’ order is to slaughter everyone related to you!”

“Alright. Then you can go to hell….” Yang Ye took a step forward.

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