Chapter 601 – Three Treasures!

Almighty Sword Domain

Along with this step he took, an invisible force suddenly appeared in the surroundings, and then Zuo Dengfeng’s sharp and fierce Sword Intent was instantly suppressed and restrained. At the same time, the swords all around them had stopped moving while the glow they emanated was dispersed. They’d become completely dim!

A ray of violet light flashed….

Zuo Dengfeng’s eyes opened wide as the Sword Seed in his hand fell to the ground, and a trace of envy and enlightenment appeared in his eyes. He said, “So that’s it. So that’s the strength of a Domain. Unfortunately, I….”

He hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when countless stands of Sword Intent suddenly erupted from within him, and then an explosion resounded as his entire body exploded apart into a rain of blood.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned by this scene because he had no intention to destroy Zuo Dengfeng’s body. But he came to a slight understanding when he saw the Sword Intent that had exploded out from within Zuo Dengfeng’s body. He realized that Zuo Dengfeng had probably suffered backlash from the effects of the Sword Seed.

After all, he’d utilized the Sword Seed to forcefully improve his Sword Intent to the 11th level, or in other words, the 1st level of the Heaven Realm. However, he wasn’t able to fully suppress that Sword Intent. The reason it hadn’t exploded out from him right from the start was because Zuo Dengfeng was perfectly fine at the time. But once Yang Ye utilized his Sword Domain and suppressed the Sword Intent within Zuo Dengfeng, it removed the restraints and suppression placed upon the Sword Intent from within the Sword Seed. That was exactly why Zuo Dengfeng suffered backlash!

“Alas, you brought this down upon yourself!” Yang Ye shook his head and felt quite regretful that he’d lost such a good Sword Servant. But it was fine because while he’d lost a Sword Servant, he’d obtained 3 treasures.

Yang Ye waves his hand, and then the Sword Seed, the wooden sword, and the black sword chest flew over to him. His gaze descended onto the wooden sword first because he noticed that it was slightly mysterious. Firstly, it was actually able to resist his Sword Ruler. Secondly, he noticed that it seemed to be capable of enhancing Sword Intent and sword qi….

Yang Ye took it in his grasp and waved it lightly, and then a strand of sword qi shot forward. A wisp of happiness instantly appeared on Yang Ye’s face because his guess was right! The wooden sword wasn’t just able to enhance Sword Intent, it was also capable of enhancing the speed of sword qi and Sword Intent. Yang Ye sensed it for a while and determined that the wooden sword could improve Sword Intent by 30%, and it could at least double his attack speed….

An arc couldn’t help but curl up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. If I utilized this wooden sword with the Critical Strike technique and that Sword Seed…. What if the Intent Ignition technique and Heavenrend were utilized as well….

At this moment, Yang Ye had the impulse to look for a Monarch Realm to engage in a one on one battle….

After a moment of excitement, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the Sword Seed. A strange and profound energy suddenly appeared as he held it in his hand. Yang Ye was slightly stunned by this development, and then he was overjoyed. Because he noticed that the Sword Seed had actually allowed him to instantly attain a calm and clear state while he held it in his palm! Moreover, he even felt that it was actually tempering his own Sword Intent….

No wonder he was always holding it…. So this Sword Seed is actually capable of such things.

“Hahaha!” Yang Ye couldn’t help but roar with laughter. Regardless of whether it was the Sword Seed or the wooden sword, they were extremely useful to him. It could be said that both of them were capable of improving his overall strength by a level!

In the end, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the black sword chest. He’d witnessed its might during the battle just now. After all, 100,000 swords were definitely extremely useful in fights against large numbers of enemies. Yang Ye didn’t know how Zuo Dengfeng had gathered so many Heaven Rank swords nor did he know where Zuo Dengfeng had found a sword chest capable of storing 100,000 swords. In any case, all of that wasn’t important because all of it was his now!

If I make all of these 100,000 swords into Dao Rank…. Yang Ye’s eyes instantly lit up when he thought up to this point. Because if he did that, then he would definitely be able to slaughter Monarch Realm experts like dogs! However, Yang Ye quickly shook his head. Not to mention whether he could obtain that many Dao Artifacts, even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to control that many with his current strength. Dao Artifacts weren’t as easy to control as Heaven Rank treasures were!

Yang Ye was in a state of excitement for quite some time before he started to study the Sword Seed, wooden sword, and sword chest while residing within the ball of swords. Especially the sword chest. He noticed that it was unlike the sword chests he’d possessed in the past. This sword chest seemed to possess a sword formation, so he had to study it….

Yang Ye didn’t know that his actions caused the others in the outside world to be stirred.

When the glow of the swords dispersed and all the swords stopped moving, all the profounders in the outside world had held their breaths and stared fixedly at it. Because they knew that the outcome had definitely been decided. No, it should be said that life and death had been decided. The one who emerged from within would be the victor. So, they stared fixedly at it, and this even included Luo Jun. However, they hadn’t expected that no one would emerge from within….

The sword formation didn’t disperse. In other words, Zuo Dengfeng was still alive within there….

So, when they thought of a certain possibility, the countenance of most profounders from the southern territory had instantly turned pale. It wasn’t just them, even the faces of Ding Shaoyao, Xiao Yuxi, and the other girls had turned grim as well.

On the other hand, Lan Yun revealed a dazzling smile while the excitement in her eyes wasn’t disguised at all….

“Mortal Emperor, has Yang Ye died?” Zhao Zhangfei who stood by Luo Jun’s side spoke with excitement. What would it represent if Yang Ye had really died? It represented that the Exalted Han Empire would be able to unify the human world as soon as possible. So how could he not feel excited?

Even though Luo Jun was trying his best to restrain himself, a wisp of happiness and excitement had still appeared in his eyes. If it was possible, he really wanted to kill Yang Ye with his own hands. Because he’d suffered too many losses at Yang Ye’s hands, and he really wanted to take revenge. However, the gods clearly refused to give him such an opportunity because he was 80% sure that Yang Ye had been defeated!

Based on his understanding of Yang Ye, Yang Ye would have immediately emerged from within the ball of swords and made a show of strength upon attaining victory in the battle. But Yang Ye hadn’t emerged from within there until now. In other words, Yang Ye had definitely lost. No, he should be considered to be dead. On the other hand, Zuo Dengfeng hadn’t emerged from within because he’d probably been injured and was recuperating….

Along with the passage of time, the hearts of the profounders in Ancient Domain City grew heavier and heavier….

Suddenly, the sword formation before them suddenly started moving again….

Xiao Yuxi and the others instantly turned ghastly pale when they witnessed this scene. On the other hand, Luo Jun wasn’t able to restrain himself any longer, and he roared madly with laughter, “HAHAHA! Yang Ye! To think you would suffer such a fate! Hahaha! Immediately gather the army!!”

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